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White Gold Mens Band Ring

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How To Clean Your Wedding Rings

Classic Luxury: Men’s White Gold Wedding Bands and Rings in 18K

Your wedding rings are a symbol of your love, and represent the special bond you share with your partner. Maintaining the beauty and longevity of your How to clean your wedding rings will ensure its heirloom status.

The accumulation of dirt, oils and other particles is inevitable, especially on jewellery worn every day. Restore its lustre and breathe life back into your wedding ring with a simple clean you can complete in minutes at home. For your most precious pieces, we recommend bringing them to your nearest Michael Hill store for professional, complimentary cleaning.

If your wedding ring is crafted from precious metals such as gold, platinum, or silver, submerge it in warm, soapy water and gently brush it with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Do this every few weeks and your ring will shine. For extra shine, try polishing your ring with a polishing cloth every few months.

Should The Wedding Band Be Thicker Than An Engagement Ring

Dainty or bold, the thickness of your wedding rings need only be dictated by one person: you. A narrow band will elongate the fingers and create an elegant, refined look. While a thicker wedding ring will create a stronger effect and allows for a statement diamond or gemstone setting. While tradition says wedding bands should be thicker than engagement rings, it ultimately comes down to your personal preference.

What Do Wedding Rings Symbolise

A wedding is a joyous occasion a merging of two spirits in a promise to live their lives together as one. Extending this love into something tangible, such as diamond wedding rings, naturally absorbs this romantic declaration and enhances this promise. The wedding ring is a real and wearable symbol of this vow.

Precious metal represents strength and durability a symbol of an unbreakable bond. While coloured gemstones allude to many different things, such as enhanced intuition, bringing abundance, and strengthening family bonds. The shape of the ring is round to fit the finger, but it also holds its own meaning. Much like the promise of forever, the circular shape of the wedding ring represents eternity, with no beginning or end.

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Plain Band Ring Thickness

When sizing a wedding ring, we first look at the cross-section image where its measured with millimeter units. Most ring widths are around 1.5mm.

For a womans ring, the width is usually between 1.5 to 3.5mm. For a man, the recommended width is 2.7 to 6.0mm.

The thickness of the ring directly affects the beauty. Aside from any personal aesthetic preferences you might have, its always worth considering the characteristics of your fingers as well. For example, if your fingers are big but short, a ring that is too wide may tend to make the fingers look solid. In that situation, choosing a wedding ring in a slimmer profile will tend to make your fingers look balanced.

Men’s White Gold Wedding Bands

Eternity Wedding Bands
  • LOVE CLOUD 10k White Gold 1/3 Carat T.W. Round Cut Diamond Wedding Band

  • Love Always 10k Gold 3 mm Men’s Wedding Band

  • Men’s 14k White Gold Satin Stripe Wedding Band

  • Stella Grace Men’s 10k White Gold Sapphire & 1/4 Carat T.W. Diamond Wedding Band

  • $640.00sale

    Men’s 14k White Gold Rope Wedding Band

  • Men’s 14k White Gold Brushed Wedding Band

  • Men’s 14k White Gold Wire Finish Wedding Band

  • $940.00sale

    Men’s 14k White Gold Wire Finish Wedding Band

  • Men’s 14k White Gold Hammered Wedding Band

  • $1,560.00sale

    Men’s Two Tone 14k Gold Satin Wedding Band

  • $1,880.00sale

    Men’s 14k White Gold Milgrain Wedding Band

  • Men’s 14k White Gold Diagonal Brushed Wedding Band

  • $650.00sale

    LOVE CLOUD 10k White Gold 1/3 Carat T.W. Pave Diamond Wedding Band

  • $600.00sale

    Men’s 14k White Gold Textured Wedding Band

  • $760.00sale

    Men’s 14k White Gold Wedding Band

  • $1,640.00sale

    Men’s Two Tone 14k White Gold Satin Stripe Wedding Band

  • $780.00sale

    Men’s 14k White Gold Rope Wedding Band

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White Gold Band Ring Men

Which Wedding Band Goes With My Engagement Ring

Youre in charge of the final pairing. Keep things simple and sweet with a plain metal band and a statement colour stone, or lean into whimsy with a lavish diamond bridal set. If sumptuous elegance is more your style, mix rose, white or yellow gold and create an air of individuality that showcases your essence.

The journey to pairing a wedding band with your engagement ring should be an unforgettable fairy-tale experience. This is an exciting time, where the outcome is dependent on your unique vision and nuptial wish list. For expert help in choosing your perfect engagement ring and wedding band, book your Virtual or In-Store Appointment at Michael Hill.

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Discover mens rings to make a statement at Warren James. Whether youre making a statement of commitment with a mens wedding band or you want to showcase your personality with a touch of bling, weve got mens rings for every occasion.

Summer Style And Color For Him

Mens Diamond Eternity Ring 14k White Gold

Celebrate your individuality this seasonwith amulets, chains, rings, and beads.

  • Explore these radiant designs that celebratethe fiery beauty of diamonds.

  • The perfect present for everyoneand any occasion.

  • Celebrate your union with wedding ringsand bands designed by a family of artists.

  • A restoration project in support ofthe Musée du Louvre.

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    Plain Band Ring Shape

    At Above Diamond we offer these different shapes and styles of plain bands:

    D-ShapedThe D-Shaped ring has a slightly convex shape on the outside and gives a simple and classic feel. Its comfortable to wear and suitable for people who are also very traditional.

    Flat CourtThe Flat Court ring sports a convex shape inside, while the outer ring is smooth. Its a great choice, as the ring will always feel comfortable on your hand. Its the perfect choice for those who love to do activities outside the home as, no matter how challenging the activity is, you can wear it all the time.

    Bevelled EdgeThe Bevelled Edge ring has a straight upper cross-section and a convex shape below the ring face. Its a very comfortable choice, has huge flexibility and is suitable for any outfit and lifestyle as well.

    Paris GrooveThe Paris Groove ring has a slightly rounded shape. The face of the ring and small grooves are not very deep, adding dimensionality and showing refinement, suitable for those who prefer to add a touch of elegance to their style.

    Which Hand Does The Wedding Ring Go On

    Traditionally, wedding rings are worn on the left hand on the ring finger . The left hand is closest to the heart, and the ring finger was believed to internally connect to the heart, creating the ultimate symbolism for ever-lasting love and affection.

    Early Romans believed the ring finger had a vein that connected to the heart, and called it Vena Amoris the vein of love. This symbolism has held strong for generations, even when modern anatomy proved this singular vein didnt exist, and instead is present in all fingers.

    During the wedding ceremony, the engagement ring is temporarily shifted to the right hand. Once the wedding ring is placed on the left hand, the engagement ring is moved back to sit neatly above the wedding band .

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    Polishing Characteristics And Ring Surface

    The outer surface of the ring is the last step of the ring-making process. We believe this is a detail that should not be overlooked as it will give a unique identity to your wedding ring. We offer a highly polished finish, matt polishing, as well as sandblasting the outer surface to create a rough finish. Another choice is hitting the ring with small dents around the edge, called the Hammered style.

    What If

    Jewelry For Less

    Its simple. You can return it and we can make you a new jewellery piece or give you a full refund.

    Short answer. You wont. Since we make all our jewellery ourselves, our prices are over 40% cheaper than high-street jewellery stores, who are merely jewellery retailers. However, in the extremely rare occasion that you do, call us and we will beat their price by 5%.

    Again, you can exchange it for another Temple and Grace master-piece or simply return it for a full refund.

    Were fully insured until the jewellery sent is received by you. We guarantee that we only use the best and most trusted Australia-based logistic services so everything is trackable and traceable.

    Its not just our price, its our after-sales-service that is un-matchable too. We want you to love us for a lifetime. We want you to recommend us to your family and friends. And to make this happen, we offer a free ring-resizing service and free jewellery polishing service. All of this, for a lifetime!

    Yes, we sure can. Send us a picture of the ring. Not only will we beat their price by 5%, you can even avail of our lifetime guarantees!

    Once you have selected the ring, please select unsure in the finger size option and place your order. We will send you a ring sizer which you can use to measure your finger size. Then, just call/email us and we will make your ring to your exact finger size.

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