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Yellow Gold Pear Engagement Rings

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What Is A Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

1.5 ct Pear Shape Diamond Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

A pear diamond is a precious stone carved in an elegant teardrop with one rounded and one even point. Being the golden mean between oval and marquise, it gained extreme popularity and became Internet famous. Even celebrities like Cardi B, Emma Stone and Victoria Beckham chose a pear shaped engagement ring over the traditional round.

Ct Gold Diamond Pear Shape Dress Ring

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Best Selling Diamond Dress Ring in Goldmark. This Stunning Diamond Cluster Ring Showcases a Pear Shape Design and & #194 & #189 Carat of Diamonds Set in 9ct Yellow Gold. Centred with a Cluster of Round Brilliant Diamonds, The Design is Enhanced with a Glittering Halo and Split Shoulders. Also Available in White Gold and Rose Gold.

Rings are Size O unless otherwise stated, if size O is not available the next nearest size will be sent. Not all rings are available in all sizes or can be resized. If your ring requires resizing contact your local store. This may incur an additional charge.

Pear Shaped Diamond Rings At Michael Hill

Explore our beautiful range of pear shaped diamond engagement rings at Michael Hill.

Pear cut diamonds are one of the most popular and timeless shapes for engagement rings. Combining vintage elegance with a touch of individuality, pear cut diamonds are a favourite alternative to the classic round brilliant and princess cuts.

What is a pear cut diamond?

Named after their shape resembling a pear fruit, pear cut diamonds sometimes referred to as teardrop diamonds – have a round edge and a tapered tip, for a unique and elongated look. Pear shaped diamonds are a type of brilliant cut, meaning they are cut for maximum sparkle.

Pear cut diamonds have an old-world romance , but are on-trend to this day thanks to their unique, pointed shape, large look, and the ability to elongate your fingers.

How do you wear a pear cut diamond?

Pear cut diamonds are unique because they can we worn in two different ways according to your preference. It is most common for brides to wear a pear shaped diamond ring with the tapered end, or tip of the diamond, pointing away from the hand and towards the fingernails. However you can also wear your ring with the tip pointing towards your hand. By flipping the way these rings are usually worn, you will instantly have an individual and modern appearance. Its entirely up to your personal style and which look you prefer.

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Pear Shaped Engagement Ring Yellow Gold

Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

In Praise of Yellow Gold Pear Shaped Engagement Rings
  • Pear shaped engagement rings, also known as the teardrop shape, are the perfect ring if shes looking for a unique and stunning center stone ring that will make her stand out. The beautiful sparkle of this pear shaped engagement ring style is nothing short of brilliant, while the uncommon pear shape is the perfect symbol for the strong, bold, independent woman in your life. The rounded stone shaped ring is also a romantic way to show your everlasting love.

    Whether she prefers a yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold band, your bride will love this pear cut engagement ring style. The teardrop engagement ring comes in many different bands so that she can also pair her wedding band with the color of her engagement ring. No matter the style or carat weight you pick, its important that you find your partner an engagement ring that she will be proud to wear for years to come with her other jewelry.

    At Diamond Nexus, we offer a wide range of fine jewelry with diamond alternatives and gemstones. Whether you are searching fordiamond alternative earrings, solitaire rings, diamond alternative engagement rings, diamond alternative necklaces, and more, we have it! We will help you find the perfect pear shaped jewelry for you and your loved ones. Get a teardrop engagement ring to say, I do.

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    Gold Engagement Ring Settings

    If youve been searching for a gold engagement ring setting that will look beautiful with your current center diamond, look no further than the designs crafted here at Verragio. Handcrafted in New York City by our jewelry designer with over 25 years of experience, our engagement rings feature customized prong settings and unique details unlike any other ring.

    Upgrade your current center stone with one of our many unique gold engagement rings. A metal thats known for its durability and symbolism, gold has served as the metal of choice for rings for many decades. Whether youre looking for yellow gold, rose gold or even white gold, we have a variety of ring setting designs that meet your design needs.

    Beyond our ring metals are our ring settings. Whether you need an engagement ring setting to accommodate an oval shape diamond or a brilliant round cut stone, we can customize any of our settings to meet your needs. Create the ring of your dreams in just a few simple steps, all right here on our website. With a Verragio ring, youll have something tangible to symbolize your eternal love story that will be passed down for years to come.

    Bespoke Pear Engagement Ring At Sydney Gs Diamonds

    At GS Diamonds, we put your comfort first. Therefore, we have introduced a special feature. You can put yourself in a jeweler’s shoes and devise your own pear-shaped diamond ring from scratch. To do that, follow our quick and straightforward guide:

    • Find the “engagement rings” section at the top of the screen and press on it. So, you can start by picking out a setting or a diamond. We advise you to begin with a setting and discover what’s left of your budget for the central diamond.
    • After you press the “start with a setting” button, we will present you with countless products. You can limit the assortment by indicating preferred metal, shape, size, style and price. Once you see something to your taste, click on the “view” button. If you are pleased with the search, transfer to the “choose diamond” page.
    • Here you can explore various pears and their characteristics. To limit the choice, you’ll find the filters . Look through, and repeat the procedure with the “view” button. Now you can complete your pear-shaped diamond ring, examine it once more, and add it to the cart.
    • The cart icon is located at the top right corner of the screen. You’ll see your pear shaped engagement ring there and pay for it conveniently.

    If you are not in Sydney and the nearest cities you can go to another page where we present our pear shaped engagement rings in Brisbane.

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    What Hand Do Engagement Rings Go On

    Traditionally, an engagement ring is worn on the left hand. However, in many countries and cultures around the world this may differ.

    • Experience James Allen

    1. The first months installment is charged to your credit card. To ensure all debts are paid off, the entire purchase amount is held in reserve on your card at no cost to you.

    2. Your credit card will be charged on a monthly basis and the same amount will be deducted from your credit line hold.

    3. Monthly payments will appear on your credit card statement, but the remaining amount on hold will not show up as debt.

    Recommendations For A Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

    2.2 ct Pear Shape Diamond Yellow Gold Engagement Ring
    • The pear diamond is distinguished by its cut. Don’t make sacrifices select either excellent or very good one.
    • As for the colour, we advise going for an H+ grade to ensure an even tone.
    • The clarity range from VVS1 to FL will guarantee an almost crystal clear diamond so that no blemishes are visible to the naked eye.

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    What Size Diamond Is Best For An Engagement Ring

    The most popular diamond size chosen for engagement rings is a 1.0 carat center stone. However, couples can opt for both smaller and larger diamonds. Another great and more affordable option at James Allen is lab-created diamonds. Lab-created diamonds are the next generation of diamonds that give you the benefit of purchasing a larger size diamond at a more affordable price.

    Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

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    Where Buy Pear Cut Engagement Rings

    GS Diamonds provides free insured shipping on all Jewellery to Customers in Australia and New Zealand.Our stores are located in the biggest cities of Australia:

    • Sydney, NSW, Shop 34-36 on Level 2 of the Queen Victoria Building
    • Surfers Paradise, QLD, Level 13/50 Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217.

    Our Company accepts the following payment options for purchases of Goods:

    • Alipay, AMEX, Visa, MC, Bank Transfer, Eftpos, Chinese Union Pay in-store.
    • Alipay, AMEX, Poli Payments, Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer, HUMM Finance online.

    We give you a 30-day money-back guarantee on all fully-paid items bought in-store and online. This is up to the value of A$15,000, excluding GST. Simply return your jewellery within this timeframe for a refund or exchange.

    Visit GS Diamonds Sydney showroom Est 1986

    Help Me Choose The Right Engagement Ring


    Not sure where to start? Our talented jewellers can walk you through everything you need to know in a 1-on-1 consultation, or you can read our helpful engagement ring guide online. More…

    Larsen Jewellery specialises in custom made engagement rings, including pear cut diamond rings. As we make all of our rings to order, your choice of design is not limited to the selection shown above. Each pear shaped diamond ring design shown on our website can be made with your choice of diamond, picked from a selection of loose pear cut diamonds, and in any metal, including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum.

    Whether you want to choose from one of our classic styles, or create something completely unique, Larsen Jewellery can make a pear cut engagement ring to suit any style and budget. You can use our many display rings to help you choose a style, or alternatively, you can bring in your own ideas or pictures and our jewellers can help you design something special and truly unique.

    We welcome you to come in for an obligation-free design appointment with one of our jewellers who can advise you on choosing a pear cut diamond ring design to suit your individual style. We can also help you understand the 4 Cs of diamonds to ensure that you make an informed decision when choosing your pear cut diamond.

    Melbourne Jeweller

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    Yellow Gold Pear Engagement Ring

    Finding The Right Engagement Rings For You

    Shopping for the right antique, new or vintage engagement ring can prove daunting.

    Whether youre looking for that perfect Art Deco engagement ring, an antique Edwardian period engagement ring or a fashionable contemporary alternative, its important to choose a style that speaks to you.

    Rings have long been signifiers of marriage and committed relationships. The modern diamond engagement ring can be traced back to 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria commissioned an expensive diamond ring for his betrothed. Diamond rings subsequently became extremely popular among the European aristocracy. Later, during the Victorian era, the popularity of diamond engagement rings had filtered down to the middle class, owing to the increasing accessibility and affordability of gold and diamonds.

    Victorian-era engagement rings were simple, frequently set in rose or yellow gold. The diamonds were five-set in a band or solitaire. In 1886, Tiffany debuted its innovative six-prong diamond solitaire engagement ring, while Cartiers Solitaire 1895 engagement ring resembled delicate lace. Victorian-era engagement rings also saw other gemstones accompanying diamonds small seed pearls and moonstones were popular. Other sentimental and romantic motifs such as hearts and stars took hold as well.

    When you’re ready to mark your momentous occasion, find a vast collection of engagement rings on 1stDibs.

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    Pear Shaped Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

    Pear Engagement Rings Handcrafted By Diamonds Factory

    Pear Shaped Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold – F4044

    Diamonds Factory are specialists in all things diamond, so if youre looking for pear engagement rings, we can handcraft one just for you.

    When youre shopping for engagement rings, one of the key things to focus on is the centre stone, and at Diamonds Factory we let you choose from a number of options to get the pear cut diamond of your dreams. This includes:

    Carat one advantage of pear cut diamonds is that their elongated shape means they look bigger than a round cut of the same carat weight. You can customise our engagement rings with a smaller carat for an understated look, or a large carat weight for lots of sparkle

    Clarity diamond clarity refers to the presence of imperfections on the stone, with an IF being the most desirable. However, pear cuts are good at hiding small imperfections

    Colour a D grade diamond will be 100% colourless, which is what many buyers desire, while G or H diamonds will have a small amount of colour, which is hard to detect. Diamonds Factory also offer yellow diamonds, if you want something different, as well as pear cut sapphires and other coloured stones for a unique style

    Simply choose one of our pear engagement rings, and youll find lots of options to customise it to suit you. You can then order your ring online and enjoy great prices when compared to boutique jewellers.

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    Cons Of Pear Cut Diamond Ring

    • Fragile corners. Fancy shape can be of disadvantage too, the sharp tip of a pear engagement ring is prone to damage and chipping. However, a suitable setting with protective prongs can fix this downside.
    • Asymmetry’s image. While the captivating cut is a plus, some customers find the pointed side unbalanced and the rounded side too heavy.
    • Bow-tie effect. Like step-cuts, pear cut can reveal dark spots in the centre. These tiny imperfections prevent the light from hitting the central diamond. Nevertheless, the bow-tie effect is not necessarily a bad thing. It depends on your taste. The degree of bow tie differs in pear-shaped diamond rings from barely visible to severe. You can choose the one that fits the budget and meets your expectations.
    • Colour disclosure. Fancy shapes aren’t good at masking colour, and pear cut is not an exclusion. So, you might have to splurge on a higher grade to get a see-through stone.

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