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What Is 14k Gold Filled

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The Complete Guide To Gold Jewelry

Finishing a 14k Gold Filled Necklace in less than 20 Mins

Have you ever wondered why some jewelry turns colors, loses its shine, or turns your skin green? Did you know that a lot of “gold” jewelry doesn’t contain any gold at all? There is a lot of confusion about the different types of gold jewelry that one can buy these days. Some of it is good, and most of it not so good. Long story short, everything we sell here at KOZAKH is the good kind!

We guarantee you’ll love the quality of your KOZAKH jewelry!


Gold Filled

Gold Filled is the best alternative to fine gold. It is a hybrid metal that is essentially a thick layer of gold filled with another metal, like brass or copper. It has a layer of gold that is 50-100x thicker than other more commonly used metals, like gold plated and vermeil. Additionally, the filling process creates a much stronger bond between the gold and base metal, so the gold layer is very durable and will not come off for decades.

Will my Gold Filled jewelry tarnish?

We are often asked, will my Gold Filled jewelry tarnish? Before we answer that, we need to clear up a couple things that confuse a lot of people:

What is tarnish?

So, what’s the real real problem you should be thinking about?

This is where Gold Filled really shines!

So, the final answer is, Gold Filled can tarnish over time, however, it can easily be cleaned! The best part is, you can wear it every day for many many years without worrying about the gold layer coming off.

Sterling Silver

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So Which Type Of Jewelry Should I Choose

If youre looking for the highest-quality, demi-fine jewelry, a vermeil collection with thick plating in 18k gold would be a good choice. If you dont mind a lower base metal, gold filled pieces are probably your best bet when it comes to long-lasting and durable jewelry. Although gifts for loved ones, bridal jewelry and commemorative pieces are all best suited as vermeil, gold filled or fine jewelry, your casual fashion wear can work great with just a thin layer of gold plating.

While pure 14k or 18k gold or platinum pieces are always the best choice for high-quality, permanent pieces of your collection, vermeil and gold filled can always be a good alternative for the budget-conscious fashionista.

Where To Find Gold

Unfortunately, unless youre versed in jewelry making or metals, it isnt always easy to identify gold-filled jewelry just by looking at it. When jewelry is new, it often appears the same, although you can sometimes tell if the gold has an orange or white tone that seems off. Its with wear and tear that the quality reveals itself.

A good rule of thumb is to consider where you are purchasing jewelry and the price point. The lower the cost of the jewelry item, the more likely it is to be gold-plated. Remember that gold-plated uses only the smallest amount of gold that is bonded to another, less expensive metal. The less gold, the less expensive the piece.

Another red flag is if the store you buy from has racks of costume jewelry, theres a good chance its selling gold-plated jewelry. Gold-plating is commonly used for costume jewelry to mimic more expensive pieces. Sometimes, the label will make reference to it, but dont count on it.

On the other hand, if you purchase jewelry from a local jewelry designer or from a local store that supports local jewelry artists, youre probably looking at gold-fill items and not gold-plated. Gold-plated jewelry is typically mass produced in factories, whereas local jewelry artists will often use higher-quality gold-fill or other metals, such as sterling silver.

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What Is 12k White Gold

12k, also known as White Gold, is used on gilding projects which require a silver color that is warmer than silver. It is commonly used for indoor architectural projects, picture frames, and artwork. Because of the high silver content of this leaf, all 12k leaf MUST be sealed to keep it from tarnishing.

Gold Plating And Allergies

What Is 14K Gold Filled?

If you happen to have allergies to lower base metals like brass, copper or nickel, its best to either choose vermeil jewelry or gold filled jewelry. The gold layer on plated jewelry is usually too thin to cover the lower metal, and if any gold begins to wear down, you might get an allergic reaction.

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How 14k Gold Is Made

First lets address what 14K gold is and how its made.

  • 14K gold purity – Gold is measured by purity, or karats. The scales general spectrum is between 10 karats and 24 karats. The higher the karats, the more pure gold is included in the mixture. What mixture, you ask?

  • 14K gold composition – When gold is used in jewelry and accessories, it is not pure. This is due to the fact that pure gold is simply too soft. When a metal is soft, it damages easily and loses its shape. In order to harden gold, retain quality, and make it a suitable material for daily wear, it needs to be mixed with another metal. The mixture of metals is called a metal alloy. 14K gold alloy is a mixture of 58.3% gold and 41.7% silver, copper, zinc or nickel.

  • What is 14K gold? To summarize, 14K gold is a metal alloy with roughly 60% pure gold. The higher the gold, the higher the karatage. 14K gold is more durable compared to 18k gold, due to the higher percentage of alloy which hardens the metal.

  • What is 14K gold jewelry? Essentially, jewelers use 14K gold to create a vast array of gorgeous fine jewelry items, most popularly: 14K gold engagement rings.

Is 14k Gold Real

14k IS real gold, but it isnt PURE gold. As I mentioned a little earlier, pure gold is a soft metal. It isnt suitable for jewelry because it would get scratched and worn out too quickly. To solve this problem, other metals are added in specific ratios to increase the hardness of gold thats used for things like jewelry.

Not being ENTIRELY gold, doesnt it make it FAKE gold. Again, other metals are added to make the gold mixture more practical for wearing as jewelry daily.

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What Is Gold Filled And How To Calculate Its Scrap Value

We can see many deals being offered at different auctions sites, offering us anywhere from scrap Gold Filled watch cases/bands to pins and other decorative ornaments. In many cases a confusing or plain wrong weight measurements are used to describe the items in order to get the buyer to base his calculations on inflated numbers.This article was written to prevent that.
We should probably get familiar first with the known Gold Filled standards and how it’s made:Basically and without going through the entire production process, Gold Filled is a thin sheet of karat gold which is fused to a thicker sheet made out of base metals of different alloys such as Brass/Bronze. Sterling Silver is also used, though less common.The process usually involves rolling the two sheets together to a desired thickness .Together, these sheets are formed into fairly rigid, hollow shapes and enjoy a protective cover of a noble alloy but at a fraction of the price of an actual Gold jewelry.

1/20 12K – What is that??

1/20 = 0.05 100g x 0.05 = 5g12K = 12/24 = 0.5 5g x 0.5 = 2.5gThe answer will be: 2.5g of pure gold.These are the exact steps our Gold Filled Calculator uses.

From theory to practice.

Sometimes pieces of Gold Filled are soldered together, the solder adds weight of base metals to the piece and effecting the standard gold to base metals ratio.
To summarize, buying scrap GF jewelry can be very lucrative if you know how to price it correctly Never trust blindly on the seller description.

Should I Buy 14k Gold Jewelry

What is GOLD Filled Jewelry | Jill Maurer

Now that you know all about 14K gold jewelry, should you buy it? Buying 14K gold is a great option if your priorities include affordable fine jewelry that is also durable. Though the karatage is lower than say, 18K or 24K, youre actually saving money and getting a more durable gold jewelry piece.

For jewelry pieces that youll wear every day, 14K gold is a perfect choice that wont damage or tarnish easily. Youll also save money, for example a 14K gold ring price should be roughly half the price of 24K gold ring.

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Is Gold Filled The Same As Gold Plated

Its much better– gold fill jewelry contains literally 100x more gold than plated pieces. Gold plating is paper thin and often chips or wears through after a few uses, revealing the fast-tarnishing base metal underneath. In contrast, the thick gold layer on gold filled pieces is securely bonded to its core, ensuring that your jewelry remains in pristine condition for many years of regular wear.

Nope! The term gold filled means that a piece is 1/20th or 5% gold by volume, as opposed to 100% in a solid gold piece. And we’ll let you in on a secret- even solid gold pieces arent pure gold! Gold in its purest form is far too soft to make practical jewelry- it can very easily be bent and scratched. Instead, alloys that we know as 10k, 14k, 18k, etc are used to create real gold pieces that can stand up to daily wear.

Quality vs cost: In our experience, using solid gold instead of gold fill raises price more than it raises quality. With proper care and storage, your gold filled pieces will be with you through decades of love and wear.

Wearability: Unlike gold plated fashion accessories, gold filled jewelry will remain stunning and bright with minimal care. On the flip side, you dont have to be afraid to wear it unlike your grandmas heirloom fine diamond brooch.

The Difference Between Gold Plated And Vermeil Jewelry

As vermeil jewelry is composed of two precious metals , its usually thought of as being closer to fine jewelry and tends to fall under the category demi-fine. The higher the karat weight and thickness of the gold layer, the more expensive and valuable the piece will usually be. However, if a vermeil ring or necklace only has the minimum layer of gold, its likely to start wearing away soon after purchase. At the very least, a thinly plated vermeil place will need a replating every so often.

Essentially, gold plated jewelry is the same thing as vermeil jewelry, only the base metal is of a lower quality than silver, such as copper or brass. In contrast to vermeil, there are no specific requirements for gold plated jewelry. The gold can be of any quality, and the electroplated layer can be any thickness.

In general, unless specified otherwise, gold plated jewelry is usually going to have lower quality gold and a thinner gold layer. Because of this, as a consumer, its important to pay close attention to the jewelrys quality if its listed as gold plated. While it does have a layer of gold, this doesnt necessarily mean the jewelry is high-quality and durable!

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The Difference Between Vermeil And Gold Filled Jewelry

While gold plated jewelry is usually not an ideal choice, gold filled jewelry can be a high-quality addition to your collection. Gold filled jewelry isnt created through electroplating, but rather through bonding with heat. Since two or three thick layers of gold cover the base metal inside, the jewelry is protected from tarnishing and discoloration. Authentic gold filled jewelry should have a minimum of 5% gold weight, so make sure the outer gold layer is at least this thick.

Since vermeil pieces are usually created from electroplating and the minimum required gold is much lower, youll want to keep this in mind when trying to decide between vermeil and gold filled. Make sure to compare the golds karat weight, the thickness of the layer and the quality of the base metal. By looking at the individual qualities of the piece, youll be able to determine if it matches your standards. While certain vermeil pieces can tarnish easily, others with thick plating may last as long as a gold filled piece.

Which Center Stones Work Well With 14k Jewelry

20â? 14k Gold Filled Figaro Chain 3.0mm (S3831CLC)

14 kt gold can work well for any kind of center stone. You may choose yellow, white, or rose gold to pair with various gem colors, but you should be able to find a great match that complements the stone well. White Diamond, Moissanite, Sapphire, Morganite, and Cubic Zirconia can all look beautiful set against 14-karat gold!

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What Does It Mean When Jewelry Is Set In Gold

Gold-filled jewelry is made by wrapping a very thin sheet of gold around a base made of another material such as nickel or brass. Solid gold jewelry, in contrast, is made entirely of one material usually, an alloy that contains gold mixed with other metals to make the compound harder and more durable.

What Does Set In 10k Gold Mean

10-Karat Gold

10k gold is the lowest solid gold alloy used for jewelry. Its composed of 41.7% gold and 58.3% alloy. Appearance: 10k gold is pale yellow in color. Its the least yellow of all the karat types since it contains the least amount of gold. Advantages: The primary advantage of 10k gold is its durability.

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Why Don’t You Stock A Gold

First, there is no such thing as a gold-filled solder. Your best bet is to color match the solder joint to the surface metal by using 14kt gold solder. Second, we do not recommend soldering gold-filled jewelry supplies without specific equipment and specialized training.

Usually, gold-filled soldering at the manufacturing level is done with laser welders that make precision joins. If you attempt to solder it with a torch and normal gold or brazing solder you can alloy the surface layer of gold with the brass beneath it. Overheated joins will leave a dark solder stain that is markedly different than the neighboring gold. Any exposed brass will quickly tarnish to black to be even more distinct. Then, the only way to repair it is to plate the entire item in gold to cover the join and match color all over the piece. Similarly, do not sand or file gold-filled since you will remove the gold portion of the product and decrease the surface layer integrity.

K Gold Filled Explained

Your basic guide to gold jewelry (14k, 18k, 24k, plated, vermeil, filled) | hiypauline

14K Gold filled jewellery has become a popular choice for many jewellery lovers in recent times, thanks to its quality, beautiful luster of Gold and its lower price point than solid gold. Not to mention it looks just like solid gold and with a little care it can last a lifetime of wear. But what exactly is it?

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Sleeping With My 14k Gf

Sleeping with your jewelry wont damage the gold-filled surfaces, but for delicate pieces such as stone bracelets or necklaces, snagging on the fabric of your sheets or nightclothes can be an issue. I recommend you to take your pieces off before bed. It’s also nice if you can to give them a wipe down after a day’s wear just to get body oils off the surface.

What Is 14k Gold Jewelry 4 Reasons Its Better Than 24k

by Dave Greene | Jan 8, 2020 | Metals

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Youll see lots of abbreviations as you shop for gold jewelry! 14K is one example. Understanding what it means and how it differs from 10k, 12k, 18k, and other options is important.

What is 14k gold jewelry? 14 karat gold is an alloy containing 58.3% yellow gold. The rest is made up of other metals, like Copper and Zinc. These metals make the gold harder and influence color. Higher purity gold is softer than lower purity gold, so 14k is less hard than 10kbut its more durable than 18k, 22k, or 24k.

Now that you understand some of the basics, Ill share some other important information on what 14 karat jewelry is, how its used, and why its FAR BETTER than 24k gold for jewelry. Before getting to that, I need to give you a little context.

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Learn More About Gold

At Oxford Gold Group, we can tell if an item is gold-plated, gold-filled, or pure with a single glance. Oxford Gold Group should be your first-choice destination to learn more about gold-filled items or invest in gold stock to hedge against inflation. Dial and learn how we can build a gold-filled future together.

How Is 14k White Gold Made


White gold is NOT a natural product. All gold starts out yellow. Various metals can be added to a gold alloy to not only make it more durable, but also to lighten the color.

While the shade of white gold may be lighter than classic yellow gold, its still a far cry from actually being white. The color and finish that youre used to seeing on white gold jewelry actually comes from Rhodium. Rhodium is a metal from the Platinum family .

Rhodium isnt mixed into White Gold, its plated on top. The plating means that the finish is temporary. Plating eventually wears through and needs to be reapplied. Because of this, White Gold IS NOT a low maintenance ring to own.

White Gold is made in a wide variety of purities. You can get 14 karat White Gold, but you can also get in 10k, 12k, 18k etc. What you CANT get is 24k White Goldit doesnt exist! The reason that you cant get 24 karat white gold, is that white gold always has to have other metals mixed in, so by definition, it CANT be pure gold .

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