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1/4 Ounce Gold Britannia

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Why Buy The Uk Gold Britannia

1/4 Oz Britannia Gold Coin. Security and beauty…a perfect match!

The United Kingdom Gold Britannia is an excellent choice for collectors and investors wanting to buy a sovereign-minted gold coin at a low premium. It is also popular as the only gold bullion coin carrying a face value denominated in Pounds Sterling. The coin is also well-liked for its beautiful and iconic design.

What Is The Benefit Of Fractional Ounces Gold Coins

One of the main benefit to buy fractional ounce gold coins is the price. Simply they are more affordable compared to a one ounce gold bullion coin. An 1 ounce gold coin can be an important financial investment if you have a small budget. If you are a coin collector, it can also be a downturn and restrain you from your hobby. Therefore, budget is an important aspect of fractional gold. It is easier to save money to buy a quarter ounce gold britannia than waiting until you have saved £950 to acquire a full ounce gold coin.

The great benefit of fractional ounce is the flexibility that these coins offer. You can purchase more coins at lower prices, and make your portfolio more flexible, in the sense that you can sell smaller part of your investment. Produced in smaller quantities than the traditional ounces, they are ideal if you want to convert your gold into small amounts of cash to pay for small expenditures. In fact, fractional gold coin makes your portfolio more liquid compared to holding traditional 1 ounces gold coins or bars.

Why Buy Britannia Gold Bullion Coins

Britannias are the most famous gold bullion coins in United Kingdom. They are legal tender in their country of origin and are therefore, are highly liquid, both in UK and Europe. Gold Britannia are a popular bullion coin internationally, because of its low premium above spot. Therefore, it is a gold bullion coin relatively easy to trade and sell. In addition, british gold britannia coin are highly demanded by gold investors, because of their low premium, the beauty of their design and their longstanding minting history. As a highly popular british gold piece, the Gold Britanniais a great bullion coin that add diversity to investor portfolios.

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Buy Gold Britannia 1 Oz

Buy 1989 Great Britain 1/4 oz Proof Gold Britannia

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United Kingdom Gold Britannia 2022

Limited Time Offer

Weight: 0.25 troy oz

Tax Status: No Tax/No GST

This 1/4 oz gold Britannia bullion coin for 2022 is minted by Britains national mint, The Royal Mint.

Minted in 99.99% pure gold, the Gold Britannia takes its name and inspiration from Britannia, the classical female warrior figure which embodies Britain’s strength and seafaring tradition.

The reverse of the 2022 Gold Britannia features a Philip Nathan designed imagery of Britannia standing strong with shield, trident, and olive branch in hand. A latent image, surface animation, tincture lines, and micro text have been included into the design for added security.

The obverse of the gold coin portrays Queen Elizabeth II, in a design by the Royal Mint´s chief engraver Jody Clark. The obverse imagery also contains an intricate guilloche design.

Gold Britannia bullion coins have an official face value of £25 and are non-circulating legal tender in the UK.

The Royal Mint is fully owned by Her Majesty´s Treasury, and each year the Treasury attests to the authenticity and quality of all bullion coins that the Mint produces.

/4 Oz British Britannia Gold Coin


Tavex is proud to present the flagship gold coin of The Royal Mint – the 1/4-ounce British Britannia Gold Coin. Nearly 2,000 years ago, a figure was shaped to symbolise a nation and its people. The Romans imagined a noble, graceful warrior and placed her on coins with the name Britannia, the new province they had claimed. Britannia has been reimagined many times as she has appeared on the coins of every British monarch from Charles II through to Her Majesty The Queen. The artists of each age have depicted her in ways that reflect the ideas and style of their time. Through every incarnation, Britannia has taken on more layers of meaning and has come to embody the spirit of a nation.

When Britannia coins were added to The Royal Mints Bullion portfolio in 1987, in response to a growing global Bullion market, Philip Nathan created an interpretation of Britannia that was perfect for the new coins. He presented the icon with a strong maritime influence, standing windswept in a classical gown, waves at her feet trident, shield and olive branch in hand instantly recognisable in an international market, the modern face of British Bullion and a symbol of strength and tradition.

UK gold coins offer British people one of the most tax efficient ways to purchase gold. Our most popular gold coin is the gold Britannia coin, which is a 1/4 ounce 999.9 pure fine gold coin.

Why Buy

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British 1/4 Oz Gold Britannia Coin

Quantity Card When you pay with a credit card you will recieve our industry leading retail list price. Check/Wire/eCheck 4% discount.When you pay with a check, money order, or bank wire, you will receive a 4% discount.

The British 1/4 oz Gold Britannia Coin features the very popular Britannia design. Britannia looks epic in bullion quality .9999 fine gold. The Britannia series is a very popular series for the Royal Mint.

  • Recognized as legal tender backed by the British Government.
  • Blister packaging
  • Four new design elements added in 2021 as security features
  • 1/4 Troy Oz with .9999 fine gold BU Grade
  • 25 British Pounds face value
  • Obverse: Jody Clarks bust of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Inscripted with Elizabeth II, D.G., REG, F.D., 25 Pounds
  • Reverse: Phillip Nathans Brittania design holding a trident and shield. Inscripted: Britannia, 2022, 1/4.oz, 999.9, Fine, Gold

The obverse of the coin has the classic Jody Clark design of Queen Elizabeth II. The queen is shown here in her diadem crown and royal jewels. Above her head is Elizabeth II, D.G. REG F.D. which are initials for a Latin phrase that translates to By the grace of God, queen. Defender of the faith, and 50 Pounds. Below the queens image are the initials JC for Jody Clark.

The 2022 British ¼ oz Gold Britannia coin is a superior coin that everyone should have in their collection. They are super popular and sure to sell out.

About The Royal Mint Of The United Kingdom

2022 1/4oz Gold Britannia Coin I Buy Now

The Royal Mint is the facility permitted to manufacture the coins of Great Britain. It produces both the countrys bullion and circulating coinage. The Royal Mint, in addition to issuing currency for the United Kingdom, also mints coinage and medals for other countries. The institution, amazingly, traces its roots back to the year 886 with the establishment of the London Mint. It has survived countless wars and changes in British rule. Famously, Sir Isaac Newton served as the Warden of the Mint in the 1700s.

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Britannia 1/4 Oz Gold Bullion Coin 2022

The Britannia gold coin was the first European investment coin in gold. Now you have the opportunity to buy this traditional gold coin in denominations of 1/4 oz and with new security features. From the year 2021 there will be four very fine micro-engravings on the picture side: The shield has heraldic micro-tinctures, the background is shown with the finest wavy micro-engravings, the slogan “DECUS ET Tutatem” is hidden in the edge of the picture, and in the lower left part there is a circle with a trident / lock. These extraordinary security features are particularly noteworthy as they are fully represented on these relatively small denominations . Otherwise, the 1/4 oz Britannia also shows a lot of tried and tested. You can see the Algerian mother of the country with a shield, trident, helmet and olive branch. The year, purity and weight oz are also engraved on the picture side. On the back you can see the bust of Elizabeth II designed by Jody Clark. The official face value of 25 GBP is also shown here as well as the royal motto “Dei Gratia Regina, Fidei Defensatrix” as a cipher.

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    Beautiful coin, very happy to diversify the stacks! Hero Bullion has blown me away, EASILY my favorite online dealer Ive ordered from. I speak highly of you on my YouTube Channel SilverSurfer!Recent review of this purchase from you here:

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    Buying Gold Items Means Low Risks And Maintaining Wealth

    Gold’s value has grown over the years making it good to maintain or grow wealth.

    • Product value
    • Your risk now £41,59

    Fact: gold price in GBP has risen 34.37% in the last 10 years. The lowest price was GBP/oz672,86 and the highest GBP/oz1 580,40. Current world market price is GBP/oz1 464,72


    First struck in 1987, the Britannia gold coin became an instant classic. Today it marks one of the flagship coins of The Royal Mint and one of the most popular Bullion products. Philip Nathans craftsmanship and design reimagined an instantly recognisable icon. His interpretation of the Britannia is commanding and powerful, yet feminine, peaceful and elegant. The design still endures over 30 years later.

    2017 commemorates the 30th year since Britannias bullion design was launched to market. Sculptor Philip Nathan, the designer of the first Britannia bullion in 1987, envisaged her as a classic and evolving icon.

    In these brand new additions to the bullion collection, the iconic design has been updated and now features a speckled radial sunburst at her back.

    Britannia gold bullion coins are renowned for their beauty and reliability, with their weight and quality verified at the centuries-old annual Trial of the Pyx.

    The Royal Mint




    About The 1/4 Oz Gold Britannia

    Buy Great Britain 1/4 oz Gold Britannia BU/Proof (Random Year)

    With fractional gold coins like 1/4 oz Gold Britannia, you can add additional designs to your gold coins collection. With its iconic design, the 1/4 oz gold Britannia combines collectibility and bullion investment appeal.Buy quarter ounce gold britannia make it easy for new and experienced investors to own gold bullion coins in smaller units. For people looking to invest small amounts in physical gold, the 1/10 ounce is a great option. As a new investor or collector, you can allocate easily a monthly budget of £120 by buying 1/10 oz Britannia. Tenth Britannia gold coins enables you to invest in gold through smaller regular purchases. Therefore, 1/10 ounce gold Britannia offer greater liquidity for your gold portfolio.

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    What Will I Receive

    If you choose delivery:

    Your 1/4oz Britannia Gold Coin | Mixed Years | The Royal Mint will be dispatched, fully insured in a sealed, fully secure, nondescript package, there are no identifiable markings to suggest the contents.

    Your products will be securely sealed with a secondary internal packet, then again within a further plastic sleeve.

    If you choose storage:

    These items are stored in high tech and secure vaults that reside in the UK and are fully insured at all times. Should you wish to have these items delivered to you from storage at any point in the future, simply give our storage team a call and they will make arrangements for you.

    Please note that delivery of items from storage will incur vault administration, post and packaging fees. The storage team will do their best to keep these costs as low as they can by negotiating the best deal they can with the vaulting providers.

    Please Note: Packaging and design may vary from the image shown.

    Review the 12 month price performance of a 1/4oz Britannia Gold Coin | Mixed Years | The Royal Mint.

    What Are Fractional Gold Coins

    Fractional coins are bullion coins made of less than one troy ounce of gold. The most common denomination are 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz and 1/20 oz. Most of the fractional ounces gold coins are produced by world renowned mints and therefore, recognised worldwide. These include the British Royal Mint, The United States Mint and the South African Mint.

    Even though fractional gold coins contain less gold, they are a great alternative way to invest in precious metals. Buy quarter ounce gold britannia offer the benefits of fractional ounces gold coins, as explained below

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    About The Gold Britannia 1 Oz

    With the minting year 2021, the classic design of the gold coin Britannia by Philip Nathan was supplemented by new design elements and security features called “Bullion Security”. The Gold Britannia is a British gold coin that has been minted by The Royal Mint since 1987 and at that time was the first European gold investment coin. The face value of the Britannia gold coin is denominated in British pounds. In Great Britain it is the official means of payment. Since 1987 the gold coin has been available in the sizes 1/10 ounce, 1/4 ounce, 1/2 ounce and 1 ounce. The fine gold content of Gold Britannia has been 999.9 since 2013. Before that, it was given as 916.7 – that’s 22 carats. Until 1989, one twelfth of copper was used as an alloy, which gave the coin a reddish hue. After that, copper and silver were used in the same proportions. Since 1997, a silver coin has also been launched alongside the Britannia gold coin.

    About 2023 Half Oz Gold Britannia Coin Royal Mint Uk


    A symbolic representation of the British Empire with the figure of a helmeted woman holding a trident and shield is what the world calls Britannia. Britannia, being a historical icon, is being given a modern homage since 1987. This homage is continuously being paid to Britannia in the form of the Britannia bullion coin series released by the Royal Mint, United Kingdom. Have a look at this amazing 2023 half Oz Gold Britannia Coin.

    With a fineness of 999.9, the 2023 Britannia quarter-ounce gold coin holds a lot of worth. The 2023 quarter-ounce Britannia gold coin is going to be one of the latest additions to the Britannia bullion coin series by the Royal Mint, United Kingdom. It is estimated that the 2023 1/4 Oz Gold Britannia Coin by the Royal Mint, United Kingdom, will be released in the market in late 2022.

    The 2023 Britannia gold coin will have a weight of 1/4 oz., and the face value of this amazing 2023 1/4 oz. Britannia gold coin is going to be £ 25. Moreover, this Britannia bullion coin is said to have a diameter of 22.05 mm.

    Furthermore, the 2023 1/4 Oz Gold Britannia Coin will be exempted from the Capital Gains Tax due to its status as a British legal tender.

    Coin Highlights

    Coin Specifications

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    Sell Your 1/4oz Britannia Gold Coin

    As one of the UK’s leading precious metal dealers, the Gold Bullion Company are able to offer extremely competitive rates to customers wishing to sell their gold and silver products.

    If your 1/4oz Britannia Gold Coin | Mixed Years | The Royal Mint was purchased from us, we are currently paying up to:

    97% of spot

    If your 1/4oz Britannia Gold Coin | Mixed Years | The Royal Mint was NOT purchased from us, we would still be happy to purchase it at up to:

    96%of spot

    If you would like to sell this item, please call our customer service team on 01902 623 259.

    When sending your items please print off and fill in our sell form which can be found here.

    Please note

    • The price paid is based on the spot price on the day we receive the goods.
    • To take advantage of our preferential rate, all items purchased from The Gold Bullion Company must be returned in the same condition and, if applicable, in the original packaging.
    • All goods are tested on receipt to verify both the weight and purity of the metal.
    • We reserve the right to change the buy back rate at our discretion.

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