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What Does Carowinds Gold Pass Include

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Coming in 2017 at Carowinds

CHARLOTTE, NC The chance to get a 2018 season pass at the lowest price of the season at Carowinds and Carolina Harbor has been extended until June 4.

With this years season pass, guests get unlimited visits to Carowinds and Carolina Harbor, free visits to SCaorwinds and WinterFest, free parking and more for as low as five payments of $16.75 after an initial down payment of $24.25.

With the parks Silver Pass, guests can enjoy unlimited visits. It does not include free parking or admission to SCarowinds and WinterFest. It costs $102 or five easy payments of $15.75.

The Gold Pass pays for itself in less than two visits. It covers unlimited visits to Carowinds and Carolina Harbor, free visits to SCarowinds and WinterFest, and free parking. There are also discounts for friends. It costs $108 total or five easy payments of $16.75. A special discount is also available for military members.

With the parks Platinum Pass, guests can enjoy all the benefits of the Gold Pass with the added benefit of enjoying all exclusive privileges at all Cedar Fair Parks across the country, including Kings Dominion, Cedar Point, and more.

For additional information or to take advantage of the season pass extension, click on over to

Is The Fast Lane Worth It At Carowinds

Carowinds Fast Lane Its called a Fast Lane wristband and it lets you skip ahead on Carowinds rides that tend to have the longest wait times. If youre going on a weekend during the summer and your time is limited, its worth considering, as waiting in lines can eat up much of the day during peak hours.

The Roar Of Coasters The Smell Of Funnel Cakes The Hot Sun Beating On Your Shoulders As You Stand In Line Weve Missed It All In The Year And A Half That The Pandemic Kept Carowinds Closed

Need to know: The amusement park opens Saturday, May 22, but youll have to wait until June 12 for the Carolina Harbor waterpark.

  • Reservations are required so book your tickets in advance.
  • Masks arent required if youre outdoors and/or fully vaccinated. Be sure to bring a mask for any unvaccinated member in your party when going indoors or whenever social distancing isnt possible.

Cost: Day passes cost $42 . You can also opt for a season pass, which costs $99 and includes unlimited visits.

  • Fast Lane pass: Season Fast Lane passes are sold out, but you can add one onto a day trip for $65 to spare yourself the time spent standing in line for every ride.

The rides: Carowinds has over 50 rides at varying thrill levels. Scan Carowinds full list of rides here and sort by attraction type, thrill level, minimum height and fast lane accommodations.

  • Kid-friendly: There are a number of kid- and family-friendly rides, including the Flying Ace Balloon Race and the Kiddy Hawk coaster.
  • The coasters: Carowinds is home to 14 roller coasters, including the worlds top-rated steel coaster, Fury 325. Copperhead Strike is the parks newest coaster.

When Copperhead Strike opened in 2019, I rode next to the Observers Théoden Janes who kept a straight face throughout the entire ride as a joke. The videos pretty funny.

Food: Grab food from any of Carowinds 30 food stalls and restaurants, including the newest addition: a milkshake booth called Shake Central.

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How Much Does It Cost To Get In Carowinds After 4

Carowindswouldgo after 44after 4Here are some easy ways to get your hands on Carowinds discount tickets:

  • Buy online. So how much are Carowinds tickets?
  • Purchase a Carowinds Season Pass.
  • Score a FREE Pre-K Pass.
  • Stay for two days.
  • Take advantage of discounts for military members.
  • Look for special savings.
  • Look For Special Savings

    Does Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Include Gold

    AAA members can save up to $15 per ticket when they pay for their visit through the clubs site. You can also stop by a Bojangles restaurant in the Charlotte area to receive a $20 coupon thats good at the gate. The park has also offered special Coca-Cola promotions in the past, which gave guests $15 off daily admission with specially-marked Coca-Cola cans sold locally.

    The American Red Cross is currently partnering with Cedar Fair to offer free park tickets to those who donate blood. These free vouchers are valid at Carowinds, as well as Cedar Point, Dorney Park, Kings Island, California Great America, Kings Dominion, Knotts Berry Farm, Michigan Adventure, Valleyfair and Worlds of Fun.

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    Season Passes Are Just Awesome

    Whether its Carowinds or the Riverbanks Zoo or Discovery Place for Kidsseason passes are the way to go.

    Much like how your toddler will request that you read the same book 10,475 times in a row every night for the next 394,239 nights, kids are totally down with re-experiencing many of the same places over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

    The good news with destinations is that the experience can change from visit to visit. And, thankfully with Carowinds, its a massive place. So, no single visit ever has to be totally the same.

    Plus, for many of you, the summertime means the kids are home with you all. dang. day. Girl, you know you need a little excitement come mid-July after youve survived the 254th time going to your developments pool.

    Can You Bring A Bag Into Carowinds

    The safety of our guests and associates is our number one priority, and we have implemented several enhanced security procedures at the front gate. As part of the process: Guests arriving at the park will go through metal detection every public operating day. All bags, purses, backpacks, waist packs, etc.

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    My History With Cedar Point

    Growing up, I couldnt wait for school to end and summer to arrive. One of the main reasons for this was that our family would make the trek to visit Cedar Point and Kings Island almost every summer. These were some of my greatest memories as a kid, which formed my love for roller coasters, thrill rides, and all of the other sights and sounds that amusement parks offer.

    My family moved to the Cleveland area the summer before I entered 8th grade. With a short one-hour drive, we found ourselves visiting more than once a summer. In high school, my brother and I bought season passes one summer and spent most free weekends in Sandusky riding The Magnum XL-200 and The Mean Streak. I even spent one summer during college working at Cedar Point in the games and arcades department. I still remember Jimmy King, a member of The University of Michigans Fab 5, playing skee ball while I scrambled to find something for him to autograph .

    Awesome Park Poor Communication

    How to Add Your Carowinds Pass to Your Mobile Device

    First, let me begin by saying that my family really enjoys visiting Carowinds! However, I am reviewing the app which I believe fails to deliver on basic information that are essential while visiting a theme park during a global pandemic. We are at the park today and there is a sign at the entrance that reads limited attractions available today. Yet the app does not accurately display which rides and attractions are closed! This is our 5th trip this summer and each time, many of the attractions are closed without accurate communication to the guests as to which ones are closed and which ones are open. So basically this results in walking extra and then enjoying the disappointment on my kids faces when they discover that the ride is closed. You can sense my sarcasm, but seems like a simple communication fix between Carowinds and their guests that will allow guests to better enjoy and plan out their day at the park during a worker shortage and a global pandemic. Wait times on the app seem to be off as well and not in accurate live time. We will continue to support Carowinds and enjoy the awesome memories that it helps facilitate, however, I expect better communication.

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    Most Fun In The Carolinas

    Carowinds is the only amusement park in the country that is actually in two states: the park sits on the North Carolina South Carolina state line! As you walk through the park, you criss-cross back and forth over the state line and some of the rides take you over the line, too, so it truly is the most fun in the Carolinas!

    Fury 325 opened in 2015 and it is the worlds tallest giga coaster and it holds the record for the fastest non-launched roller coaster in the world. Its the tallest and fastest ride in the park and definitely a favorite for our family! As youre going down the 320-foot drop at 95mph, you can see the Charlotte skyline in the distance .

    In addition to the height and speed of Fury 325, Carowinds offers more thrills with Nighthawk, one of 13 coasters in the park. Nighthawk is a flying coaster with five inversions and offers incredible views of the park.

    Interestingly, the ride originated as Stealth at Californias Great America and was relocated to Carowinds in 2003 I cannot imagine how much it cost to disassemble, move, and reassemble all that track on the other side of the country!!

    While it doesnt have any inversions and isnt the tallest or fastest coaster, the Intimidator is our familys favorite thrill ride in the park because of all the negative-G airtime. The out-and-back track provides a smooth but totally thrilling 75mph ride and is a standout at the park.

    Reasons Our Family Loves Carowinds

    Posted on by Jennifer Curry |

    Did you know your preschoolers can visit Carowinds theme park for FREE all year long? Kidding Around contributor, Jennifer has all the scoop about how to do Carowinds with little ones. Read on to find out how to get this magical preschooler pass and take a day trip to Carowinds.

    Dont Forget if you had a season pass last year all 2020 Season Passes will be honored during the 2021 season.

    My family loves theme parks, and Carowinds is our favorite. It is a super family-friendly theme park with tons of rides designed for their littlest visitors. As a parent, I am perfectly content to spend hours in the kids area of the park it has shaded areas, food, drink, and rides that both my kids enjoy. And, the lines for these rides are not nearly as long as those for the high-impact thrill rides.

    Carowinds will open for the 2021 Season on Saturday, May 22nd.

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    Everyone In Your Family Loves To Ride Thrill Rides

    Cedar Point has entertainment options for people of all ages, but its hard to justify the cost if you have several non-riders in your family. The rollercoasters are the main attraction at Cedar Point. If most of your family isnt going to ride rollercoasters, there are other entertainment options much cheaper than Cedar Point.

    If you are going to purchase season passes to Cedar Point, Platinum Passes are the only way to go. The jump in perks between the two pass types is massive. Early entry, free parking, and access to other Cedar Fair parks are all only available with the Platinum Passes. If you are going to make the investment for season passes, you might as well spend a little more and get the full benefits.

    Always check with Cedar Point for the latest info before visiting the park. The information presented above is subject to change at any time.

    What We Dont Love About Cedar Point Season Passes

    Coming in 2017 at Carowinds

    While we love Cedar Points season passes, many of the parks offered are discounts we would never use. For instance, they offer a 10% discount on merchandise bought at the park, but we rarely buy any souvenirs. Also, we typically dont eat at the restaurants outside the park, so the 10% discount doesnt provide much value. We dont get airbrush t-shirts and we arent taking an antique photo. Those types of experiences are probably more popular among people only making one trip to Cedar Point per season.

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    There Is A Waterpark At Carowinds

    During the summer months, Carowinds guests can also spend some of their theme park time at the Carolina Harbor Waterpark . This waterpark has a kiddie section, but it also has several waterslides for older thrill-seekers. Carolina Harbor is scheduled to open for the 2021 season on Saturday, June 12th.

    Purchasing Regular Carowinds Tickets Online

    If you are looking to buy a regular Carowinds ticket, its better to purchase online in advance through an authorized ticket seller or the park directly.

    There are two types of 1-Day tickets: date-specific tickets and good any day tickets. Date-specific tickets are valid on the exact day the ticket is purchased for. These are necessary to take advantage of any promotions the park offers that are valid on specific days. Good any day tickets can be used on any day of the week and do not require reservations.

    While no reservations are required for Carowinds, unless you hold a date-specific ticket, you will need a reservation for Carolina Harbor Waterpark.

    Kids under the age of 3 are free and do not require an admission ticket.

    Bother Carowinds and Carolina Harbor Waterpark are seasonal theme parks so if you do hold a good any day ticket, make sure that the park is open on the day youd like to visit.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Having A Carowinds Season Pass

    If you are a Carolina native or plan to tour the Carowinds multiple times in one year, there are numerous benefits included in the Carowinds Season Passes. There are two types of passes, the Gold Pass and the Platinum Pass.

    Both passes allow for one Bring-a-Friend ticket . Season Pass holders can also enjoy free parking all season long and receive unlimited trips to Carowinds and Carolina Harbor Waterpark.

    Savings and deals will also be available at the onsite hotel and campground, and pass holders can revel in a 10% discount on select food and merchandise. Additionally, pass holders are eligible for Pass Perks and can attend all Carowinds exclusive upcoming events, including SCarowinds and WinterFest.

    A Platinum Pass offers one additional benefit: access to all 17 Cedar Fair Parks.

    What Is A Season Pass

    How to Activate Your Carowinds Season Pass

    A season pass allows a pass holder to visit the park an unlimited number of times throughout the ‘season’ in a year, on all days that are open to the public.

    These passes offer benefits including early access to Carolina Harbor water park, access to special events, and discounts, which we will all cover later.

    You’ll notice that it is called a ‘Season Pass’ rather than an ‘Annual Pass’ and that’s because Carowinds is not open year-round.

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    Carowinds Season Is Looking Fun

    In 2017, the park premiered four new rides in a completely re-themed section of the park. Called County Fair, this section of the park is themed like an old-fashioned Carolina State Fair with new food options, as well as classic rides like the swings and the rock and roller.

    On top of that, Winterfest will open at the park in November. The event will feature millions of twinkling lights, holiday tree displays, dozens of shows, caroling, hot chocolate, and even a couple of rides. This event is FREE with a gold pass.

    Also next year, you can continue to enjoy the new Carolina Harbor, which opened this past May. This massive waterpark extension includes more than two acres devoted to families.

    To learn more, visit

    Season Passes Can Save You Money

    So, lets say you plan to go to Carowinds three times next year. Maybe once shortly after opening day, then again after the waterpark opens, and perhaps a third time during the fall.

    Guess what? A gold pass will pay for itself in just two and a half visits. Thats kind of bananas. And, really, once you have the actual pass, youll likely go A LOT. Trust me. Case in point: When I got my pass, I thought we might go three or four times. In actuality, we went seven times this year.

    Want to get the best deal on Carowinds Season Passes? Do it before Oct. 31. Best prices of the season, dude. The gold pass is the way to go. Most perks. Best price.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Get Into Scarowinds

    how muchCarowindscostiscost

    . In respect to this, how much does a SCarowinds ticket cost?

    SCarowinds tickets are now on sale for as low as $29.99. Keep in mind that price on admission changes depending on the day you visit, and as always, the best place to find the cheapest Carowinds tickets is a

    Beside above, what age is appropriate for SCarowinds? 13 years

    People also ask, how much does it cost to get in Carowinds after 4?

    I love Carowinds, and have been a life long season pass holder, but for some one just passing through, I would suggest go after 4 if money is an issue. Admission is 49.99 at the gate prior to 4, and 23.99 after 4. You can still ride and see all there is in six hours without being hurried.

    Does SCarowinds include rides?

    Fear rises when darkness falls as Carowinds is transformed from a theme park into a scream park during the annual haunt of SCarowinds. Experience the thrills of your favorite rides and the chills of terrifying haunted attractions and shows. Whatever you fear is here during SCarowinds, returning fall 2020.

    When Should I Get A Season Passreport This Ad

    Carowinds on Twitter: " Get FREE admission to #SCarowinds ...

    If you’re planning on visiting the park at least 2 times in a season, a season pass may be a good option for you. You’ll receive countless perks, and save plenty of money along the way.

    A Gold Pass in particular, pays for itself in under 2 visits.

    Additionally, the free parking along with access to Carolina Harbor, and special events, such Scarowinds and Winterfest, will allow you access to these limited time events.

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