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How Much Is Gold Gym Membership Fee

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How Much Does 24 Hour Fitness Membership Cost

Gold’s Gym Guest Pass, Membership Fees, and Exclusive Deals / Discounts

24 Hour Fitness has provision for three types of memberships: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. While the Platinum and Gold memberships can be availed at both a monthly and yearly basis, the Silver membership is only available for those who are looking forward to opting for a monthly membership.

If you opt for the Silver Monthly membership, you will have to pay a monthly fee of $9.99. If you are willing to opt for the Gold memberships, a monthly fee of $24.99 will be charged along with an initiation fee of $299.88 in case of yearly membership and $49.99 for a monthly membership.

If you are purchasing a monthly platinum membership, you will not be charged an initiation fee. The monthly fee for Platinum membership amounts to $39.99. However, for the Platinum yearly membership, an initiation fee of $479.88 will be charged. This is nothing but the monthly fee for all the 12 months paid in advance!

How Much Does A Gym Membership Actually Cost

Ready to get in shape?

Woohoo! Awesome choice!

Now lets talk about how youre actually going to do it.

You can work out at home, which is free .

But I really love the accountability and structure of joining a good commercial gym. The downside is, they arent free!

So how much does a gym membership actually cost on average?

A gym membership can cost anywhere from $10 a month to well over $100, plus annual fees. Its common to pay somewhere around $40-50 per month to join an average gym, or around $500-600 per year plus initiation fees, annual fees, etc. bringing the total average cost of a commercial gym membership to somewhere around $600-800 per year.

Private gyms, or locally-owned boutique gyms that have fewer members and include hands-on instruction from coaches and trainers, will cost more than big box gyms expect the average cost of a private gym membership to often be billed per one-hour training session, at around $50-100 per hour or more.

But lets take a closer look at what to look for when youre joining a gym, what makes some gyms more expensive than others, and how to get the best deal on the cost of a gym membership.

Can I Freeze My Golds Gym Membership

Yes, You can freeze your Golds membership for up to 30 days at no charge.

This article provides the complete information about Golds Gym Membership Cancellation and its Cost.

For more Information About Golds Gym Visit their Official

Check out all the information I have provided to easily To cancel membership.

For more information about other gym prices and membership cancellation visit our website

Disclaimer: We gather actual Golds Gym membership cancellation information from sources such as on-site visits, and phone interviews. The information reported on this webpage derive from one or more of those sources. To obtain more information contact the individual Gym location.

Fitness is my passion, and I have worked as a personal trainer in popular gyms for the past six years. And love to explore different gyms and their features. As a result, I decided to create a blog that tells people about the various clubs and their memberships, pricing, etc.

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Actual Cost To Join 24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness is another super convenient gym that, not surprisingly, is built on the premise of being open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

That makes it a fantastic option for gym-goers who workout late at night, super early in the morning, or who otherwise have weird schedules.

Id call 24 Hour Fitness a mid-tier gym on par with LA Fitness in terms of equipment and amenities.

Pricing, as such, is similar . You can get a full breakdown from your local club, but expect to pay in the ballpark of $30-40 per month plus initiation and annual fees.

Going to 24 Hour Fitness will cost you around $500 per year.

Alternatives To Golds Gym

How much is Gold

If youre not sure if Golds Gym is right for you, there are other options to consider.

Anyone who wants to pay as little as possible for a solid gym experience should look into Planet Fitness.

The company markets itself as a Judgment-Free Zone, so you may not feel as intimidated by all of the bodybuilders if youre just looking to tone some muscles.

Additionally, Planet Fitness is a lot more affordable across the board. A basic membership plan will cost $10 a month, or you can upgrade to the premium package for $19.99.

If youre looking for a place you can be confident has all the amenities you want, then try my personal favorite mid-range gym LA Fitness.

Amenities also vary by location, but for the most part, you can expect to find a pool and spa at most locations. It may cost a little more per month, but its worth it if you get the workout you want.

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Cost Of Other Services At Golds Gym

Aside from their regular gym equipment and classes, the Golds Gym also offers a lot of other services to their local patrons. They also offer personal training if you want a one-on-one session with a personal trainer. If you are a first-time PT client then the gym offers a 3-session personal training program for only $150. If you want to continue the program then you can pay $60 for a 1 time per week PT session. If you opt to go twice a week then the pay per session is only $57.50. You can also meet your personal trainer thrice a week and that will cost you $55 per session but if that is not enough for you and would like to meet your PT 4 times a week then the session cost is cheaper at $50 per sessions.

Golds Gym also offers a Kids Club if you want to have your kids start early in staying fit and healthy. If you are already a member then you will only pay $5 per month for your Kids membership.

Cost Of A Golds Gym Membership

If you want to stay fit or want to start getting back in shape then knowing the Golds Gym prices would definitely be helpful for you. They offer a diverse set of amenities that will surely fit your need. Each area will have various amenities as well as calorie-crunching group classes which are taught by the best instructor in the region.

It is easy to become a Golds Gym member, they offer no commitment with an easy-to-cancel policy. They have three types of membership with different inclusions. They have the Golds Basic, Golds Plus and Golds Complete.

The Golds Basic includes the use of Cardio equipment, circuit weights, and free weights and this costs only $9.99 per month which is fairly cheap than other fitness centers. If you want to add other facilities such as the use of the massage chair, access to 4 Golds Gym clubs in the state, Basketball, the use of the Tanning equipment as well as special guest privileges then you opt to choose the Golds Plus for only $19.99 a month.

But if you want more options to your gym experience then choose the Golds Complete membership for only $29.99 a month. Aside from the listed amenities above, you can also join the following classes: TRX Classes, GFIT Functional Training, International Travel Plus as well as the Unlimited Group Exercise Classes and Spinning which includes Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Flow, Body Jam, Body Attack Aerobics Classes, Zumba and a lot of other classes you can join.

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Does Golds Gym Offer A Guest Pass

Golds Gym allows you to bring a guest depending on the membership level you have. It will vary by location, but a gym in Southern California offers unlimited weekend guest privileges for Passport Gold members.

Some locations will also let you bring a friend with a free pass as long as they havent been a member or used a free pass in the past six months.

How Much Does A Planet Fitness Membership Cost

Gym Membership Costs

Planet Fitness is considered to be the most affordable gym on this list. A Planet Fitness membership costs between $10-$25 per month, with a $39 annual fee. Your exact cost depends on whether youre signing up on a no-commitment plan, or for a full 12-month plan.

While Planet Fitness offers a great value for the cost, you will want to be aware that there are a few limitations to Planet Fitness. The first is that there are no barbells here. You can still bench, squat, and deadlift, but you have to do it on a smith machine. For beginners, Planet Fitness is a great first gym.

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Golds Gym Amenities For Members

Any member at any other Golds Gym can use any Golds Gym location worldwide for free. All you need is your membership card!.

You may keep your hours without disturbance from staff members as long as you dont disturb other members.

The gym equipment is very high quality and maintained in excellent condition.

Many great classes to take, including Zumba, Yoga, Cardio Boxing, Total Body Transformations, etc. There are also free weights available for individual usage at all Golds Gym locations.

Membership rates tend to be slightly lower than the national average of $40 $60 per month. The minimum cost at most gyms is usually around $30/mo or more, making Golds Gym a superb deal!

Personal trainers can be accessed for an additional fee if wanted . These trainers will help create unique workout regimens for clients and push them to succeed and work harder.

The staff at Golds Gym locations are friendly and will always help members with questions or concerns they may have. They also give referrals for personal trainers if needed.

Membership cards can be purchased for $25 each if desired . You dont need a membership card to use the free guest pass, however.

Clothing and accessories from Golds Gym can be purchased at many stores nationwide, including Dicks Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, Target, Kohls, etc.

Most locations are open 24 hours, making it easier for people who work late to get some workout time in during the night.

Golds Gym Prices & Golds Gym Membership

The Golds Gym Prices are reasonable considering the state-of-the-art physical fitness equipment, world-class personal trainer services, and upscale facilities that come with your Golds Gym Membership.

If you are a fitness lover and love going through hours at the gym centre for a solid body, then certainly you know about Golds Gym. Gold Gym is the most popular chain of fitness centres headquartered in the US and operates in various parts of the world.

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Golds Gyms Policies Around Covid19

When Golds gyms reopened, the company focused on protecting their members health.

This meant that periodic cleaning will be done throughout the day, as well as putting a threshold to the number of people allowed to workout at any given time.

Aside from sanitation, Golds Gym highly encourages people to observe social distancing, and for them to wear face masks.

Most of these policies are based on health guidelines imposed by the government, thats why its important for customers to check with their local Golds Gym for more information.

For more information about Golds Gym, visit their official website.

Golds Gym Membership Deals

Gym Membership Rates in the Philippines

Golds does offer discounts and specials at certain times of the year. If you time it right, you can score no or a reduced processing fee or monthly rate. You can also find special packages on Groupon, like discounts on personal training packages.

Golds Gym also offers military, teacher, and first responder discounts. These can be no processing fee or a percent of your monthly membership dues.

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Who Does Golds Gym Cater To

Golds Gym caters to a wide variety of audiences with different training goals.

If youre a bodybuilder, I believe that Golds Gym is one of the best gyms to join. They have a large selection of resistance machines as well as treadmills, bikes, and stair climbers. Theres also a large selection of dumbbells, plates, and benches.

I believe that non-competitive powerlifters would enjoy working out at Golds Gym, but I dont think its the right place for competitive powerlifters. They dont have a ton of squat racks or deadlift platforms, and they are very adamant about not dropping weights. You also cant use chalk or lift barefoot.

For individuals who come from a CrossFit background, I think youd enjoy working out at a Golds Gym. Some locations have separate classes called Golds Fit that are similar to CrossFit. They include box jumps, kettlebell swings, and other functional fitness movements.

Golds Gym is also a good gym for general gym-goers and individuals who like to do HIIT workouts and take group classes. Classes vary by location, but you can typically find yoga, kickboxing, spinning, Zumba, and boot camp classes.

Golds Gym also offers one-on-one personal training. Many locations offer a free personal training session with your membership when you first join, but youll need to pay an additional fee for subsequent sessions. These can cost anywhere from $60 $100 per session.

Hour Fitness Monthly Cost

Whether you choose a monthly or yearly membership of either of the three membership plans, namely Platinum, Gold, and Silver, the monthly charge remains the same. The monthly fees for a platinum membership is $39.99, that of Gold membership is $24.99, and Silver membership is available at a rate of $9.99 per month.

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How To Cancel Golds Gym Membership

Golds Gym offers the best services & a huge variety of classes, but if you want to cancel your membership for any reason, you need to know how to cancel golds gym membership.

Below is all the information you need to know to cancel golds gym membership.

After your Golds Gym contract expires, your membership automatically changes from month to month, which you can cancel at any time of your choice. But to cancel the membership from the middle of the contract, you may have to pay a cancellation fee to terminate the membership.

You can only cancel the initial contract due to a medical condition. Otherwise, you may have to pay the remaining amount of the contract.

Golds Gym membership only has to be canceled in person it cannot be canceled by email or phone.The best advice is to go to your nearest Golds Gym and talk to the gyms manager and explain to them why you want to cancel Golds Gym membership and ask them how to cancel golds gym membership They will make further arrangements for you.

For Golds gym Membership Cancellation Portal

  • Golds Gym Cancellation Fees $89
  • Golds Gym Cancellation Fees $80
  • Golds Gym Cancellation Fees $50
  • Golds Gym Cancellation Fees $20
  • 50% off cooler drinks daily.
  • Travel Pass to Express Gyms.
  • Unlimited tanning

Golds Gym Annual Membership Cost

Gym membership vs Home Gym: Which is BEST for YOU?

In Golds Gym Annual Membership, there is no Startup or Facility Maintenance Fee if we talk about Golds Gym Annual Membership for Individual, it is $ 384 annually, and Golds Gym Couple membership costs you $648 with the second person need to pay only $ 300.

  • Individual Membership $384

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Actual Cost To Join The Ymca

Hey, I know what youre thinking. And dont sleep on the YMCA!

The Y is actually a really solid gym, depending on location, with lots of good equipment and a friendly, family atmosphere.

The downside? Its a little expensive if youre joining solo.

Youll get equipment, some classes, and usually a pool, but expect to pay about $50 per month for a single adult plus an initiation fee. Thats about $650 per year.

Joining with the whole family, however, at $75 per month total, is a far better deal.

Does Golds Gym Have Deadlift Platforms

The Golds Gym I visited has two deadlift platforms. Neither of them was occupied while I was there, but depending on how many platforms your location has, you may have to wait to use one if you go at a busy time.

If there are no Golds Fit classes going on, you can also do deadlifts there, but youre only allowed to use bumper plates in that area.

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How Much Does A Personal Trainer Cost At Golds Gym

Golds Gym does have expert, experienced personal trainers whom you can hire. Speaking of the price, the cost of hiring a personal trainer at Golds Gym is generally between $60 and $100 per hour.

Also, most clubs offer discounts on personal trainers. For more information regarding final prices and offers on hiring a personal trainer, contact the club near you.

Is It Hard To Cancel Golds Gym Membership

How Much Is Golds Gym Membership Per Month

To be frank, cancelling Golds Gym membership can be a bit hard.

The hardest thing about cancelling Golds Gym membership is, there is no way to submit the request through telephone, email or websites. That means, you need to go there in person and submit the request.

Also, you will have to pay some fees in order to cancel your membership.

If you opt for a contract and the contract period is over, you can cancel your Golds Gym membership at no extra fee. However, if you want to cancel your membership before the duration period, you will have to pay a cancellation fee.

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Is There A Dress Code

The dress code at Golds Gym varies by location. I asked the staff at the Totowa, NJ location, and they told me that shirts, shorts or pants, and shoes must be worn at all times.

So, if youre a female who likes to work out in just a sports bra and shorts or leggings, Golds Gym may not be the gym for you. There were a few women wearing crop tops while I was there, though.

If youre a powerlifter who likes to squat or deadlift barefoot, you may want to look elsewhere. The Golds Gym near me wouldnt let me deadlift in just socks, and I suspect that they may even have an issue with deadlift slippers.

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