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Anniversary Bands For Her Yellow Gold

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Since 1934, Bevilles has been unmatched in quality and value when it comes to our wedding rings. From vintage-inspired styles to unique contemporary designs, youll find a stunning collection of our womens and mens wedding bands online or in-store.

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When Should You Give An Anniversary Ring

There are no set rules on giving anniversary jewelry, meaning youre free to gift your partner an anniversary ring or other jewelry whenever you feel like it.

Because giving an anniversary ring after every year of marriage can quickly become impractical, most couples opt to celebrate their major anniversaries with jewelry, like with a 20 year anniversary ring.

The most common anniversaries for anniversary rings include your one year anniversary since its a major milestone for you as a newlywed couple. Most couples also celebrate their milestone years, such as their fifth, 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th anniversaries.

Its also common to give anniversary rings in years in which you and your partner have added to your family. If youve recently discovered that youre expecting, or if youve just welcomed a new member to your family, its completely appropriate to give an anniversary ring.

In general, there are no specific rules on giving anniversary jewelry. If you feel like giving a ring to your partner on your second, third or other minor anniversary, feel free. Theres also nothing wrong with only giving anniversary jewelry to celebrate major, milestone anniversaries.

Anniversary Ring Etiquette: How To Wear An Anniversary Ring

Theres no set rule about which finger to wear your anniversary ring on. Your partner can wear their ring on any finger they like and on either hand. Some wear their anniversary ring alongside their wedding and engagement rings, while others place the ring on the opposite hands ring finger. Some choose to forgo their engagement and wedding rings and just wear the anniversary band. You can also trade in your wedding band and put the value toward the anniversary ring.

So what finger do you wear an anniversary ring on? There isnt a rule, but most commonly, people wear their anniversary ring on their right-hand ring finger . This allows the anniversary ring to stand out without distracting from the beauty and original design of their engagement and wedding rings.

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Create Your Rings And Wedding Bands

Our goal is to design a ring that is as unique as your love. We have a wide profile and you can either tweak from our collection or create something new. We have vintage and modern styles and are confident that our jewellery will be cherished forever. If you want to add that extra sparkle to your personality and looking for skilfully crafted rings and wedding bands, speak to us. Our rings are an emblem of your love and commitment and we assure you that you will get the finest.

If you have a vision in mind, book an appointment with us. Our designers will listen to your ideas and create weddings rings that reflect your personal style. In case you have doubts or would like to find out more about the wedding band choices that we have here, feel free to reach out to us. We will guide you with useful tips to make the perfect start.

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A Guide To Buying Rings

Eternity Wedding Bands

There are many occasions for buying rings, whether you are buying for yourself or for a loved one. Whether it be for a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, or something as significant as a wedding ring, Michael Hills extensive range of precious rings are all crafted to be treasured.

What ring metal is the most durable?

At Michael Hill, our Gold Standard means that our jewellery is crafted with quality, precious metals including sterling silver and gold. Our gold jewellery is always 10ct gold or higher. Gold rings are durable and the most popular choice for jewellery meant to last a lifetime, such as engagement rings and wedding rings. White gold rings are often plated with rhodium – a naturally shiny, silver-white and corrosion-resistant metal – to enhance their white colour, and over the years re-plating may be required to keep your ring shining as beautifully as the day you bought it. For men, we also offer tungsten and titanium rings, both of which are extremely hard and durable metals, and perfect for everyday wear if you work with your hands. We recommend you bring your precious jewellery to Michael Hill for regular complimentary cleaning, to keep it shining.

Can you mix and match ring metals?

How do you stack rings?

How do you find out your ring size?

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Choose Your Gemstones And Precious Metal

Check that your partner likes the specific metals or gemstones recommended for each anniversary year. This can be as simple as asking your partner about their favorite gemstones, or taking them window shopping for jewelry and observing their comments.

There are no absolute rules when it comes to anniversary rings, meaning you dont need to choose the recommended gemstone or metal for each year. You can select an entirely different gemstone and style than the traditional option.

Overall, its best to stick with a style that you know your partner will like. If a specific metal or gemstone has sentimental value to you, theres nothing wrong with choosing it instead of a traditional choice.

A Stunning Selection Of Womens Wedding Rings

At DG & Co. Jewellery, our collection features wedding rings in a range of styles and designs to create the perfect bridal set. A wedding ring is a symbolic piece of jewellery and a celebration of your love and commitment. This makes it important to choose a wedding ring that signifies your story and reflects your style. Whether you are looking for wedding rings with understated beauty or those embedded with gorgeous stones, the possibilities are wide. Check out our collection of diamonds melbourne today.

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What Is An Anniversary Ring

An anniversary ring is a ring that symbolizes a milestone in the marriage and is usually a band with many diamonds or gemstones. Anniversary rings are most commonly gifted at major anniversaries, like 5, 10 and 20 years, but can be given at any time. They symbolize a lifelong bond and the joys the couple has experienced together.

The right anniversary ring commemorates the time, love and memories shared by you and your partner. Its a unique memento thats completely yours a piece of jewelry that signifies how far youve come and what youve accomplished together. This 10 year anniversary band from Blue Nile is a perfect example of a stunning ring that represents a decade of love.

Just like buying the right engagement ring, choosing the right anniversary ring for your partner can be a serious challenge.

Below, weve covered everything you need to know about shopping for an anniversary ring for your partner . Well walk you through:

  • When you should consider buying an anniversary ring
  • The best anniversary rings for your silver, pearl, golden and platinum jubilees
  • What type of ring to get for each anniversary year
  • How to choose the best anniversary ring for your partner
  • Anniversary ring etiquette & the finger you should wear the ring on

Weve also listed example rings, earrings and other jewelry for every anniversary year to help you choose the best options, regardless of how many years of marriage youre celebrating.

Yellow Gold Anniversary Bands For Women

2mm FAB Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite 3/4 Eternity 14K Yellow Gold Wedding Anniversary Band

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Opt To Match Or Contrast Other Wedding Jewelry

Consider whether youd prefer a complementary or contrasting ring. A complementary ring has a similar design to your partners engagement and wedding rings. This gives them the option of wearing their anniversary ring on the same finger as part of a matching set.

A contrasting ring features gemstones or precious metal that contrasts with your partners engagement and wedding rings. For example, maybe their 20 year anniversary ring features an emerald, while their engagement ring and wedding band has diamonds. Normally, your partner will wear their unique anniversary ring on a different finger or hand than their other wedding jewelry.

The Best Rings & Bands For Major Anniversaries

As you begin to move towards your silver, pearl and golden jubilees, anniversary rings change from being a fun, friendly gift into a special symbol of your love, memories and commitment to each other.

Beginning with your 25th anniversary, each jubilee is connected to a different traditional metal or gemstone. Weve listed each jubilee below, along with other major anniversaries and each ones traditional type of jewelry.

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The Best Annieversary Rings & Bands By Year

While there are no specific rules for when you should give anniversary jewelry, there are some established traditions regarding what type of jewelry you should give.

Each anniversary is associated with a different type of metal or gemstone, from gold and silver to pearls, sapphires and other gemstones. For example, 10 year wedding anniversary rings usually include diamonds and 20th anniversary rings often involve emeralds.

Below weve listed anniversary rings by year, along with the traditional jewelry given out as each years anniversary ring.

Women’s Anniversary Rings & Bands

Anniversary Rings For Her Yellow Gold

Discover breathtaking diamond anniversary rings which can be stacked or stand alone. Whether your anniversary is large or small, let a brilliant anniversary band add extra sparkle to your special day – and every day after – for now & forever. Find the special gift to celebrate the first with a gold anniversary ring, the fifth with a sapphire ring, or twentieth with an Emerald Ring. No occasion is required! Whether you want to express your love or get one just because, our collection of unique anniversary rings and wedding rings is sure to impress.

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Intricate Designs For Every Personality

JCPenney’s anniversary bands are tiny works of art. Each band has its own unique characteristics and exquisite beauty unlike any other. Choose a narrow band with one row of diamonds for a simple, understated look or go for something flashier with several rows of dazzling gems. If you love jewelry with a vintage feel, a ring with a repeating pattern of diamonds in the center trimmed with milgrain is a beautiful option. Looking for something a bit more modern? Try a white gold band adorned with a row of emerald-cut diamonds.

You won’t have any trouble choosing the perfect ring for your anniversary at JCPenney. Elegant designs and sparkling diamonds combine to create truly charming pieces. These lovely rings are a delightful gift for any anniversary, whether you’re celebrating your first year of marriage or you’ve spent your whole lives together. Be sure to browse JCPenney’s online collection of anniversary bands to find exactly what you’re looking for at affordable prices.

Functional And Stylish Wedding Bands For Men

Seal the deal with a wedding band that epitomises both style and commitment for the modern man. Take the traditional route with a slim fit 9ct yellow gold Diamond Channel Mens Ring that features 10 diamonds dotted in a brilliant channel setting its both minimalist and stylish. Or if youd prefer to make a statement, our 9ct two toned gold Single Diamond Mens Ring is sure to turn heads.

With a wide variety of metals to choose from, including white gold, yellow gold, sterling silver and tungsten, you are sure to find a wedding band that wont compromise your lifestyle.

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Th Anniversary: Golden Jubilee

Its called your golden jubilee for a reason this important milestone is the perfect opportunity to commemorate your love with gold jewelry. 50th anniversary rings range from yellow gold to rose gold, usually with inset diamonds and other gemstones.

Recommended: This beautiful 14k Rose Gold Riviera Pavé Diamond Eternity Ring from Blue Nile.

Th Anniversary: Silver Jubilee

Dutch Marquise Moissanite Anniversary Gift Ring For Her In 14K White Gold

Your first major celebration, your silver jubilee marks 25 years of marriage. As youd expect from the name, the focus here is on silver. A silver sterling band with your partners favorite gemstone can be the perfect gift here, especially if it matches their engagement and wedding rings.

Recommended: Any silver jewelry is a good choice for this anniversary. Blue Nile offers a wide range of sterling silver pieces, from timeless pendants and lockets to bracelets, silver earrings, engravable silver gifts and more. If youre looking for a 25th anniversary ring for your wife, consider a classic luna diamond ring that resembles silver.

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Th Anniversary: Pearl Jubilee

Pearls are a traditional gemstone for your third and 30th anniversaries, making this date a great time to consider a pearl stacking ring for your partner. Both cultured and natural pearls can look fantastic, particularly when set in yellow or rose gold.

Recommended: Looking for a 30 year anniversary ring? This beautiful 14k Yellow Gold Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Trio Ring from James Allen will be a good inspiration for you.

The Perfect Symbol Of Your Love

Love, honour and faithfulness publicly declare your commitment to one another with a collection of stunning wedding rings from Bevilles, one of Australias most enduring jewellers. For over 80 years, our wedding rings have been worn by couples seeking a stylish and functional way to express their eternal love to one another.

Find wedding ring inspiration within the walls of our jewellery stores in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Every design has been expertly crafted to suit your life and style, and in a range of carats to meet your means. Or if youd prefer to buy your wedding jewellery online, we also provide a seamless experience.

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Wedding Rings For Women That Dazzle

The very essence of both glamour and sophistication, allow our stunning wedding rings to redefine your commitment. Our striking 18ct White Gold Diamond Circle of Love Eternity Ring exudes both grace and beauty in its design. Encrusted in 1.00ct of diamonds, it is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Prefer a more understated style? Our 9ct Yellow Gold 0.50ct Diamond Eternity ring will be yours to treasure for a lifetime. Its intricate claw design is bold enough to hold its own or can be the perfect accompaniment to your Bevilles engagement ring.

Our wedding rings for women are as every bit remarkable as they are endearing. Find your dream wedding band at Bevilles.

Shop For Gorgeous Anniversary Bands At Jcpenney

1.25 ct Ladies Round Cut Diamond Anniversary Ring 14 kt Yellow Gold

What better way to celebrate years of blissful marriage than with a stunning anniversary band? On your next anniversary, browse JCPenney’s impressive collection of unique anniversary bands. These rings boast glittering gems in fabulous settings that will take her breath away. Bands are available in white, yellow, and rose gold, making it easy to find that perfect piece for your loved one.

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What If

Its simple. You can return it and we can make you a new jewellery piece or give you a full refund.

Short answer. You wont. Since we make all our jewellery ourselves, our prices are over 40% cheaper than high-street jewellery stores, who are merely jewellery retailers. However, in the extremely rare occasion that you do, call us and we will beat their price by 5%.

Again, you can exchange it for another Temple and Grace master-piece or simply return it for a full refund.

Were fully insured until the jewellery sent is received by you. We guarantee that we only use the best and most trusted Australia-based logistic services so everything is trackable and traceable.

Its not just our price, its our after-sales-service that is un-matchable too. We want you to love us for a lifetime. We want you to recommend us to your family and friends. And to make this happen, we offer a free ring-resizing service and free jewellery polishing service. All of this, for a lifetime!

Yes, we sure can. Send us a picture of the ring. Not only will we beat their price by 5%, you can even avail of our lifetime guarantees!

Once you have selected the ring, please select unsure in the finger size option and place your order. We will send you a ring sizer which you can use to measure your finger size. Then, just call/email us and we will make your ring to your exact finger size.

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