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How To See Tinder Likes Without Gold

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How To See Who Likes My Tinder Account For Free

How to UNBLUR LIKES On Tinder Without Tinder Gold – Tinder See Who Liked You Without Tinder Gold
  • First of all, open any default browser in your desktop
  • I suggest you open Google Chrome
  • Then, visit the Tinder website and make Log in your account
  • Now, click on the My profile and tap on ‘Matches’
  • Then, you will see your matches image are blurred
  • Now, then move your cursor to that blurry image and right-click on it
  • After that, you have to tap on ‘Inspact’
  • You will see something like that
  • Tap on it and press Ctrl +f and search for Blur
  • You can see Yellow spot in the above image now just change Blur to Blur
  • You will see that, your image will be clean now
  • Done! Now you are able to see who like you without a Gold membership
  • Thanks for choosing us!

Can I See Who Has Right Swiped Me On Tinder Without Paying For Tinder Gold Or Plus Subscription

Yes. You can unblur the images of people who have liked you on your computer or laptop. We have given you a step-by-step guide to it. Please scroll up and read our article for this wonderful hack. You do not have to be tech-savvy. You can find out for free Tinder likes on your profile, and we recommend you give it a shot.

How To See Who Likes You On Tinder Without Tinder Gold

Due to the sensitive nature of this type of how-to, images will be at a minimum, but if you follow the step-by-step guide, youll be good to go.

  • First things first, open Tinder on a web browser
  • Youll see potential matches on the left side of your screen
  • The top left spot should show a blurred image and text that says something like X Likes
  • Now its time to bust out your elite hacking skills
  • Right-click on one of the images and click Inspect down at the bottom

    Image: KnowTechie

  • Once you have that open youll see a bunch of nerd stuff , look for the Styles section about half-way down
  • In that section, type out the world Filter in the search box
  • Youll see some text that says filter: blur

    Image: KnowTechie

  • Change that 12px text to 1px
  • Thats it! Youre done, now you can see the people who like you without having to drop some serious cash on a Tinder Gold subscription. Yes, there is still going to be a bit of a blur, but from our testing, it is still very easy to make out the profile picture.

    What do you think? Plan on using this simple Tinder trick? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our or .

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    To See Who Likes You On Tinder Is A Difficult Thing Tinder Always Wants To Sell You

    How to see who liked you on tinder without gold 2021 on pc. You will notice a blurred icon, which tells you how many people have liked you. Lets first look at the best way to find out if a woman liked you on tinder. After signing in, you see your matches list in the sidebar on the left.

    The tinder blur hack allows. This is definitely not the case and neither is the way the platform works. See a list of people who have already swiped right on you and choose if you want to match.

    Another method to see who liked your profile on tinder for free is by using the secret admirer card. But dont worry, we now have an answer you to see who liked your profile for free without paying for tinder gold for you: Besides that, you also receive the following:

    Now to goto console tab on the top. How to see who liked you on tinder without paying for tinder gold subscription recommended: One of its main features is to see who liked you.

    Tinder gold app free 2021. There really is something for everyone on tinder. Now proceed to the installation.

    Kbunnyjoel commented on feb 6 edited. The idea behind is similar to any of the dating apps you can come across. Table of contents 1.via web browser2.

    Here are the three main ways in which you can see who likes you on tinder. Tinder goldconclusion tinder is one of the most popular online dating platforms in the world. The easy hack to unblur tinder matches in bulk without buying gold.

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    Dont Explain Everything In Your Profile Description:

    Tinder Hack: The EASIEST way to see who likes you on ...

    Generally, the most complete profiles are those of the most desperate people. Those who think that investing a lot of mental effort in this point will offer them more matches or the relationship they are looking for. Well, I have bad news: its all down to Tinders algorithm. Take advantage of this text to capture the attention of those who, in addition to enjoying your photos, spend a second reading your profile. A funny or witty phrase can be key for them to slide you to the right. Dont explain everything about yourself. Show yourself a little mysterious and invite them to talk to you in addition to sliding. Some information like saying that you have a dog or that you have abs, but you have lost them somewhere, can help. Remember that if you are looking for matches you have to look for the maximum number of available users. So most of them like you. You will have time to spoil it in private.

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    Tinder Blur Gold Hack On Desktop In 2020

    Here are some legacy methods that used to work in 2020 but not not might work in 2021.

    There is a way to see all profiles that already liked you by using the Tinder desktop app in a Chrome browser and using the Inspect element function.

    If you prefer a video demonstration check out this video about the Tinder blur hack:

    If you are fine with written instructions, here are all the steps you can unveil the profiles with the blur hack:

    • Step 1.: Open a Chrome browser on your desktop computer and go to
    • Step 2.: Click the little gold star at the top of your screen. If you see any number there that shows how many profiles have already liked you that you didnt swipe left or tight yet.
    • Step 3.: Right now you can only see the blurred photos yet, so first right-click on a profile photo you would like to blur out and choose Inspect element
    • Step 4.: A window will pop up at the bottom of your screen or at the right with the front end code of the website. Here click into this then search here for blur and the pixels, or find it by going through the code
    • Step 5. Drop the number of pixels down to zero or close to zero. This way the photos will lose their blurriness and you will see all the profiles who liked you for free.

    You still wont be able to start a conversation with them or swipe them, but now you can see all the profiles who liked you without paying for Tinder Gold.

    Happens To Be Tinder Coins Essential To Determine All Loves

    Being look at your personal loves on Tinder, a remunerated membership happens to bent required. Even in this example, games could be indicated but you wont manage to notice these people in case the controls will not correspond to. Suits appear when someone more wants your appearance, the meaning your page as well as the hobbies you take character in. Basically, the cost-free standard model of Tinder is useful enough if youre searching for new associates while producing suits and times.

    The chances of you achievement enrich in the event that you expand the radius and change this reduce. Youll knowledge a lot more matches Tinder will display. It is possible to look at Tinder desires and quickly get acquainted with someone.

    One more thing worth focusing on are a suitable pic. Youll only have one initial opinion, a splendid odds given by your own profile picture. As opposed to investing in the benefit or coins membership, buy good photographs.

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    Tinder A Brief History

    You know that with Tinder we are talking about a location-based app that helps you meet and date people online and/or transfer your relationship into the offline real world.

    The idea behind is similar to any of the dating apps you can come across.

    In essence, we can say Tinder is an all-in-one dating app, unlike BeNaughty or Ashley Madison that focuses more on casual dating, or eHarmony that focuses on people seeking soul mates.

    Still not sure how to get your own Tinder profile up & running?

    Well, then lets show you how to use Tinder.

    First things first: register, create a profile, provide personal details, gender preferences, add a bio and an appealing photo.

    After this, the app shows people nearby based on shared interests.

    Swipe left for dislike and swipe right for like.

    Once they swipe your profile right as well, you got a match and you can start communicating.

    More or less.

    Tip: Keep the location settings on your device ON so it can show you the people in your vicinity.

    Otherwise, the app will not be able to perform its rightful function.

    Although it exists for almost a decade already and is available in over 40 languages, distributed around 196 countries, Tinder constantly offers new possibilities to its users.

    Among these, you will find the super feature such as Rewind that does an amazing job by allowing you to correct your mistake of swiping left instead of right.

    The next cool option they introduced was Super Likes.

    Thus answering your question is Tinder free?

    Alternate Method: Secret Admirer

    How to UNBLUR LIKES On Tinder Without Tinder Gold – Tinder See Who Liked You Without Tinder Gold

    Another method to see who liked your profile on tinder for free is by using the secret admirer card. This card is only available to you if you have more than 4 likes from your area.

    Once you are eligible tinder will show the secret admirer card in the app. When you click on it you will get a screen where you will find 4 question marks.

    Behind each question mark contains a hidden profile who has liked you. You need to click on a card to reveal the profile

    It will be an instant match if you like the profile. If you dont like it you can just swipe left.

    To be frank this feature is just to push you to buy a tinder gold subscription. Once you have the satisfaction of seeing who likes you and matches with you, you cant resist yourself from signing up for tinder gold. This feature will show once per week.

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    How To Check If Someone Is Active On Tinder

    When you started to run a research on the person to check if the person has a Tinder profile, you may have prepared yourself for the result. So dont panic when you do see existing accounts affiliated to that persons name. And even if he or she does have an account, it doesnt mean theyve been active on it and nor is it a smoking gun of his or her infidelity they may have created the account ages ago and forgotten it long since . Regardless, you can do further snooping if you want to.

    Again, Tinder doesnt show last active or online status, but once youhave found out their Tinder profile, you can try the following clues to figure out if someone is at least recently active on the app:

    Why Am I Unable To See Who Has Liked Me On Tinder

    You can see who has swiped right on your profile or liked you over a million others only by paying for Tinder Gold membership. The fees are at par with the industry average cost of dating platforms, but it is slightly high for people above 28. We have given you the detailed price list and Gold membership premium features in our guide in detail. However, there is a simple trick to find out who has liked your profile on Tinder. Do not miss out on the free value bomb above.

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    Tinder Hack Lets You See Who Has Liked You Without Paying For Gold Membership

    Bored and in self isolation? Here is a Tinder hack that allows you to see who has swiped right for you, without having to pay for a Gold subscription

    Now that the whole country is stuck inside because of the coronavirus pandemic, dating apps such as Tinder are seeing a resurgence.

    While social distancing rules mean we cant go out and date, it does mean singletons can chat and flirt away on dating apps.

    Social distancing doesnt have to mean disconnecting, as Tinder users were reminded of last week.

    Dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and Plenty of Fish lets you connect with single strangers near you.

    While most of these apps are free, some of them limit the amount of matches you can have unless you pay for an upgrade.

    Read More

    For example, Tinder gold lets you swipe as much as you want, change your location, and to go through a list of people who swiped right for you.

    In the free version the Liked list is blurred and the way to unblur them is to pay for a Tinder Gold subscription.

    But a sneaky hack that lets you see who has liked you without paying for an upgrade has been discovered, thanks to The Next Web.

    Read More

    First, simply log in to your Tinder account on your desktop.

    You need to do this in a browser, not an app, so head to

    When you sign in you will see all your Matches in the sidebar on the left.

    Read More
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    How Can I Get A Tinder Gold Subscription

    How to Unblur Likes on Tinder Without Tinder Gold

    A Tinder Gold subscription update is the simplest four-step procedure you can get done within a couple of minutes.

  • Open the Tinder application on your device.
  • Head on the application Settings bar next.
  • Select the Tinder Gold plan that is in your budget. Click on that plan to choose your favorite payment option. Make the payment, and after it is successfully processed, you will be immediately upgraded.
  • Are you wondering what the pocket pinch is for Tinder Gold? The price is at par compared to the average subscription rate of the dating industry. Here is a detailed Tinder Gold subscription price chart for you:

    Tinder Gold if youre younger than 28

    Term/ Duration
    • Boost
    • Super Boost

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    What Is The Purchased Version Of Tinder Or Tinder Gold

    Tinder has become one of the best free dating apps in world in its own right. Well, it provides the user with tools that allow him to rank possible appointments more specifically .

    However, like many other apps, Tinder offers a more exclusive paid service for those who can purchase it, and that is the Tinder Gold app.

    This service offers more attractive features such as unlimited likes, a boot that allows you to appear more quickly in searches of users who are near you, which improves your statistics to find matches.

    Likewise, one of the most attractive features of this version of the app is that it gives you the possibility to find out who loves you . In other words, you have access to the information of the profiles that gave you a Like or swipe to the right. This allows you to do some premeditation and better observation of the profile of the person who gave you the likes before deciding where to slide.

    Go For Gold And See Who Likes You

    It doesnât matter if youâre looking for love, a date, or something casual. When there are only so many hours in a day for dating, a little intel goes a long way. Tinder Gold⢠saves time by letting you see who Likes you. Match, pass, and expand photos to view full profiles with a simple tap and get more efficient with your time online. With all your admirers in one place, itâs the best way to get a free confidence boost while you meet new people.

    Likes You


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    Tinder Blur Hack In 2021 How To See Who Liked You On Tinder Without Gold

    The most valuable feature of Tinder Gold is the See Who Likes You feature. The main problem with Tinder Gold that the other exclusive feature, Tinder Top Picks is pretty much useless, and the price is way too high for this one extra feature. But dont worry, we have a solution for you: the Tinder Blur Hack allows you to see who liked your profile for free without paying for Tinder Gold.

    In this blog post, we are going to show you how you can do this hack in a desktop computer or in your Android phone step by step.

    Is Tinder Gold Needed To See All The Likes

    See Your Tinder Gold Likes On PC — FOR FREE!

    In order to see your own Likes on Tinder, you do not need a subscription, which is associated with costs. In this case you will be shown matches, but you wont be able to see them if your settings dont match. Matches arise when you like someone visually, the description is like able or the hobby applies to both. Basically, the free basic version of Tinder is quite sufficient if you are looking for new contacts and want to generate matches and dates.

    Your chances increase if you expand your radius and change the age limit. You will see,there are many more matches displayed, you can see the Tinder Likes and get to know someone quickly. An important point at this point is the right photo. You only have one first impression, one chance, and thats in this picture. Instead of spending money on the Plus or Gold subscription, invest in good photos.

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