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2 Carat Gold Diamond Ring

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2 Carat Diamond Rings – Ultimate Buying Guide!

Although there are many gem laboratories around the world, there are only a few of them that have a strong reputation. 3 carat diamonds should come with certificates provided by reputable organizations like the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society.

Besides GIA and AGS, you can rely on certificates issued by the International Gemologist Institute or the European Gemological Laboratory.

How Much Does A 2 Carat Diamond Ring Cost

A 2 carat diamonds price can vary depending on its shape, cut quality, clarity, color and a range of other factors. On average, you can expect to find a 2 carat ring for sale for anywhere from $5,000 to $60,000 or more.

For example, you can find a stunning stone like this 2.02 carat Princess Cut Diamond from James Allen for a price of $15,540. This 2 carat diamond price tag gives you an ideal cut, a near-colorless G color grade and a great overall appearance.

You can also easily find a poorly cut, dull 2 Carat Diamond for 60-80% less than the cost of an Excellent cut, exceptionally brilliant diamond.

For instance, this Princess Cut in 14K white gold from James Allen is listed for $8,040. Its cut grade is Very Good and its slightly included. While it may seem like a good deal, this diamond lacks beauty and brilliance.

Because no two diamonds are exactly the same, we recommend evaluating the 4cs of diamond quality for each stone you look at. Focusing on quality over specific carat weight will get you the most beauty for your budget, especially for a larger stone like a 2 carat diamond.

Think Youre A Diamond Pro?

Think youre a Diamond Pro and can save 25%? Choose the diamond that you like better. Is it the J color for $4,082 or the G color for $5,500?

How To Get The Best Value For A 2 Carat Engagement Ring

If youre in the market to purchase a diamond of considerable carat weight, quality should be more important than anything elseeven if you need to slightly reduce your carat weight to stay within your ring budget. The increased brilliance, fire and overall radiance of a high quality diamond in a lesser Carat will outweigh and outshine any money spent on a poorly cut 2 Carat Diamond.

To ensure your diamond is exactly what the diamond dealer is stating, ensure the diamond comes with either a GIA or AGS certificate. The GIA and AGS are the two renowned and well-respected diamond grading entities that issue accurate and consistent reports for diamonds. Although certification isnt one of the 4cs of diamonds, it is extremely important.

If a diamond seller is trying to convince you to purchase a diamond with any other lab grading entity, politely decline their invitation. The actual quality of those diamonds are much less than what theyre portraying to be true.

To select exquisite 2 Carat Diamond rings at an exceptional value, follow our expert recommendations:

Pro Tip: Dont get too focused on one of the Cs. Buying a diamond is a zero-sum game. If you decide you absolutely must have a flawless diamond, you can get one. But, unless you have an unlimited budget, you are going to sacrifice on size, brilliance or color. Would you rather have this flawless 0.81 ct diamond from James Allen or this 1 carat diamond from JA that is eye-clean and the same price.

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How Does Shape Affect 2 Carat Diamond Prices

Round brilliant cut diamonds are consistently in the highest demand, and because of their very appealing qualities, they will very likely be the most expensive diamond shape to consider. All other fancy-shaped diamonds will be less expensive in comparison for roughly the same weight and quality. Pear-shaped and oval-shaped diamonds cost roughly 10-15% less than an equivalent quality round diamond. Cushion cut, princess cut and emerald cut 2 carat diamonds could cost as much as 30% less than an equivalent round diamond.

These shapes are less expensive, even with similar or equivalent quality grades, for a couple of reasons. First, there simply isnt the same demand for fancy-shaped diamonds as compared to round brilliant cuts. Secondly, all of these shapes retain much more of their original diamond rough. This means that there is less waste of the precious diamond material.

2 carat round brilliant diamond

2 carat oval diamond

Affordable 2 Carat Diamond Rings

White Gold 2 Carat Cushion Style Halo Diamond

There are many reasons why I hate the phrasing cheap rings Aside for the fact that cheap is a relative term cheap makes it feel sleazy in a way. And there is no reason to go that route if you are willing to step outside the comfort zone of what everybody else is buying – there are plenty of options to save, even more than the 30% I showed you with the princess cut diamonds

Here are a few untapped opportunities:

  • Settle on Diamonds quality – Not my favorite solution but of course you can reduce the quality of certain attributes and the price will decline. I did recommend the 4 Cs I think you should go for, but there are more options. An example – buy diamonds with fluorescence – the discount can be 5-15%. My recommendation – in a two carat diamond its not where I would save
  • Get Below Two Carats – Instead of buying a 2 carat diamond, buy a 1.90 carat diamond. Even though you dropped the weight by 5%, you can expect a cost drop of 10-15%
  • Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds – Not many know but diamonds come in all shapes, sizes and colors. There are natural diamonds that come in colors such as pink, brown, yellow and more. Most of the colored diamonds are more expensive than colorless ones. BUT, brown diamonds, black diamonds and even yellow diamonds are cheaper than colorless diamonds.
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    Why Is A 2 Carat Diamond Desirable

    2ct diamonds are bold, big and beautiful. They flatter larger hands and command attention on petite fingers. Like all other diamonds, they also come in a variety of shapes. The most popular shapes for 2 carat diamonds are round, oval, emerald, and pear.

    Everyone has heard of the magic One carat diamond size. This is usually seen as the golden standard for an engagement ring. The size of any smaller or larger diamond is usually described in reference to 1 carat. A 2ct diamond weighs twice as much as a 1ct diamond.

    Two carat diamonds are not as obtainable as one carat diamonds. Recent research correlates the size of a diamond crystal to how deeply under the Earths surface it grew millions upon millions of years ago. We have to dig deeper for larger diamonds, so to speak. The rarity of 2 carat diamonds makes them highly sought after. We have an impressive range of 2ct diamond options at Larsen Jewellery, guaranteed to stop the show!

    The Most Popular Setting For 2

    The top-wanted style for 2-carat engagement rings is solitaire. It maintains its popularity by its simplicity, as the viewers eye will be drawn to the center stone, the place you want the eye to go without getting distracted. In this setting, the natural gemstone stands alone and is free from distraction showing its full beauty and size. If youre looking for a timeless ring that sends a message of power and simplicity, a solitaire engagement ring will certainly do it.

    TIP: the slimmer the band of your ring, no matter if it’s 14k white gold or 18k white gold, the more the center stone stands out and appears larger in size.

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    The Difference Between Diamond Carat And Diamond Size

    Many people confuse the terms Diamond Carat and Diamond Size. But theres a big difference.

    Diamond Carat specifically refers to the weight of the diamond. Carat weight doesnt impact table surface area, depth or any other shape feature. A larger carat does not mean a larger size.

    Size, on the other hand, has to do with the visual appearance of the diamond. For example, an Oval Shaped Diamond will likely appear larger than a Round Brilliant Cut in the same carat only because of its elongated shape. Take a look at our comparison image below:

    Various components, such as surface area and depth play into the diamonds size. Two diamonds of the same carat usually appear different in size depending on their shape design and cut quality.

    Carat Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring In 14k Yellow Gold

    2 carat Oval Lab Diamond Yellow Gold Halo Engagement Ring

    When looking for a timeless symbol of your love to your lady, this contemporary ring might be the right choice.

    Simple, yet elegant.

    Its made of a 14k yellow gold 3.3 mm wide band and a single 3.00-carat princess cut diamond.

    What makes this ring unique is its one-of-a-kind cross-prong basket design which can accommodate a princess or a round shape diamond.

    Its flattened band is bold, but not heavy, thus offering a great combination of classic and modern styles.

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    How Much Is A 2 Carat Diamond

    The average price of a well-cut 2 Carat Round Brilliant Diamond ring is around $20,000. Various factors impact the price of diamond engagement rings, including Diamond Shape, type of setting, and Clarity grade. For example, heres a beautiful 2.20 Carat Round Cut in a Channel Setting from James Allen that costs $20,840 and a gorgeous 2.20 Carat Pear Cut in a Halo Setting from James Allen for $24,560.

    To find the best value, compare several 2 Carat engagement rings before making a final decision. You can also check our guide to a 20K Diamond Ring to find inspiration.

    What Features To Focus On With A 2 Carat Diamond

    If youre planning on purchasing a 2 carat diamond, make the most of your budget by focusing on the cut and the clarity. As diamonds get larger, it is easier to notice imperfections with the naked eye. A diamonds cut refers to the angles, proportions, and facets of a diamond that will reflect light back to your eye. When a diamond is cut very well, the light being reflected back will showcase the diamonds brilliance, fire, and scintillation. All that accounts for the level of sparkle it exhibits.

    Aside from an excellent cut, evaluating clarity is essential for larger diamonds. Compared with a 1 carat diamond, 2 carat diamonds generally have a larger table the flat top part of the diamond meaning youre able to see more inside the diamond. The clarity grade of the diamond indicates how many inclusions or blemishes are present and visible under magnification. For clarity, youll want to look for an eye-clean diamond. Eye-clean means that a diamonds imperfections cant be seen to the naked eye really important for a larger table.

    On the GIA diamond clarity scale, its best to focus on diamonds in the VVS1-VS2 range. Its likely that those in the VVS range will appear eye clean. With some time and effort, you may also be able to find a 2 carat diamond in the VS range that could appear eye-clean to you, or maybe has inclusions near the edges that can be covered by a prong.

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    Carat Diamond Size Chart

    Below is our 2 carat diamond size chart for round diamonds. One common misconception regarding diamond sizes and carat weights is that double the carat means double the size . Whereas, what double de carat means is simply that the diamond weights twice as much but because of the shape of the diamond much of that additional weight goes to below the surface and hence it does not look proportionately bigger.

    As you can see in the table below, the 2 ct is twice the weight of the 1 ct but it has 58% more surface area and is only 1.66mm wider in diameter. Checkout the full diamond carat size chart here.


    What Is A 2 Carat Diamond

    2 Carat Cushion Halo Diamond Engagement Ring 14K White Gold

    Diamonds weight is measured in carats. A diamond carat is one fifth of a gram . When speaking of 2 carat diamonds, usually we speak of diamonds weighing from roughly 2.00 to 2.20.

    I would like to repeat and emphasize something because it is important to understand a carat is a weight unit, not a size. True, there is a strong correlation between the two, but its not a must. Just like you can encounter a 120lbs man that would look bigger than a 130lbs man, you can find a 1.90 carat diamond that would appear bigger than a 2 carat diamond.

    But, if the diamond is cut by the book to the ideal cut of its shape, then yes. A bigger carat weight would also be interpreted to a bigger diamond.

    Here are the sizes mm of 2 carat diamonds in the different shapes:

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    Does 2 Carat And 2 Carat Tdw Mean The Same Thing

    A term to be aware of when researching ring designs is the TDW, or Total Diamond Weight. This abbreviation qualifies that the carat weight stated refers to the total weight of all the diamonds in a piece of jewellery, distinct from the weight of a single diamond. 10 diamonds equalling 2ct in Total Diamond Weight looks very different to a single 2ct diamond. The price also looks very different. TDW is often seen in cluster, halo, three-stone and side diamond designs.Other ring styles which often refer to TDW can be diamond bands, such as wedding or eternity rings. It may be simpler to express how much all the diamonds weigh in total.

    Carat Round Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring

    Another ring that shows the power of simplicity, elegance, and minimalism.

    Combining a 14k white gold band and a 3.08-carat round cut highly fluorescent diamond, this ring is a womans dream come true.

    We believe that the ring is a reflection of two peoples love and this ring will show yours sparkling brightly even in the dark.

    Leave no feeling untold.

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    How 4cs And Shape Impacts The Diamond Cost

    4Cs are the parameters that indicate the diamond quality, meaning carat weight, color, clarity, and cut grades. They influence the price the most. In its turn, the main change shape does is size, meaning that the gemstone can seem larger or smaller in certain appearances. You can disregard shape in your calculations and think of the 4Cs instead.

    How Does Shape Affects The Price Of 2 Carat Diamonds

    2.7 carat Oval Lab Grown Diamond Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

    The price table above shows you the prices of round brilliant diamonds as their sales make more than all other shapes combined. With that said, there are gorgeous designs made with other diamond shapes and a big advantage they are way cheaper

    Pear shaped and oval 2 carat diamonds cost roughly 10-15% less than an equivalent round diamond. Cushion cut, princess cut and emerald cut 2 carat diamonds can cost as 30% less than the equivalent round brilliants.

    The meaning is that while an average good quality round brilliant 2 carat solitaire diamond ring would cost $20,000 – thinking outside the box will get you a beautiful 2 carat princess cut ring for less than $15,000!

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    Carat Engagement Rings At Helzberg Diamonds

    A 2 carat diamond ring is big enough to make a fashion statement and to satisfy even the most discerning bride-to-be. Choose a solitaire if you want a ring with a timeless look, but there are also many other settings, which feature smaller diamonds to create a 2 carat diamond equivalent. These settings may be a cost-effective solution for couples who want something affordable without sacrificing on style.

    A halo engagement ring setting consists of a larger diamond in the center of the ring, and a circle of smaller diamonds around the larger stone. The smaller gemstones reflect light on the larger stone, enhancing its beauty and creating the illusion of an even larger diamond. A three-stone ring setting, features three diamonds in a row which symbolize the past, present and future of your love story. Typically, the diamond in the center is larger. If you really want to sparkle, choose a side-stone setting where the band of the ring features many small diamonds that enhance the center stone.

    Diamond Engagement Ring 2 Ct Tw Round

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    Plan Terms and Electronic Delivery.

    4Allow ring sizing up or down two sizes.

    5Costs may vary depending on specific service, size and material type.

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