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United States Flag Gold Fringe

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Standard Proportions For The United States Flag

The Yellow Gold Fringe US Flag MEANING

The Mystery of the Forgotten U.S. Flag Revealed.

A little known fact about the history of Old Glory, is her sister, the almost forgotten Civil Flag of the United States.

The first authorization of a U.S. flag came about on June 14th, 1777, when Congress directed that a U.S. flag consist of 13 stripes, alternating red and white that a union be 13 stars, white in a blue field, representing a new Constellation. Through usage, horizontal stripes were adopted for use over military posts and vertical stripes adopted for use over civilian posts. Most flag purchase orders were for the military version by the Federal government. Out paced by military purchases, civil flag orders were almost non-existent as the cost was far more than most Americans could afford. Sightings of the Civilian Flag were rarely seen until U.S. Customs adopted the Civil Flag in it’s enforcement of tax collection and inspection in ports as opposed to acts of war against merchant ships.

In 1790, Alexander Hamilton proposed armed shipping vessels to enforce customs duties in the nations shipping ports. Congress agreed and appropriated $10,000 to maintain 10 revenue cutters to be placed under the charge of customs collectors.

Civilian Merchant Appraisers from 1919

In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s book The Scarlet Letter, published in 1850, the introduction, titled “The Custom House,” includes this description:


Flag Of The United States

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United States of America

Design Thirteen horizontal stripes alternating red and white in the canton, 50 white stars of alternating numbers of six and five per horizontal row on a blue field

The national flag of the United States of America, often referred to as the American flag or the U.S. flag, consists of thirteen equal horizontal stripes of red alternating with white, with a blue rectangle in the canton bearing fifty small, white, five-pointed stars arranged in nine offset horizontal rows, where rows of six stars alternate with rows of five stars. The 50 stars on the flag represent the 50 U.S. states, and the 13 stripes represent the thirteen British colonies that declared independence from Great Britain, and became the first states in the U.S. Nicknames for the flag include the Stars and Stripes,Old Glory, and the Star-Spangled Banner.

What Does The Gold Fringe On The American Flag Mean

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There are several possible interpretations of why the gold fringe is decorating the Old Glory. The gold fringe on the American flag is oftentimes seen in courtrooms and similar institutions, so does that mean it is reserved for special occasions only? Not really. Here are some explanations about what purpose the gold fringe on the American flag serves.

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Should You Buy An American Flag With Gold Fringe

Gold fringe American flags are designed for use by the U.S. military. The U.S. military has been displaying for over a century. With that said, neither the U.S. Flag Code nor any other legislation prohibits civilians from displaying American flags with gold fringe.

According to Army Regulation 840-10, American flags with gold fringe should only be displayed indoors and for ceremonial use. This makes sense considering that gold fringe is typically susceptible to weather-related damage. When displayed outdoors, the gold fringe will soak up the rain and humidity, thus making it vulnerable to damage. And when an American flag is damaged beyond the point of repair, it must be retired in an honorable and respectable manner.

Gold fringe is simply a decorative addition to the American flag. It doesnt change the American flags actual design. As previously mentioned, it consists of a fluffy gold-colored fabric thats added to the edges or border of an American flag. Gold fringe American flags were introduced in the 1800s for use by the U.S. Army.

Tax Protester Conspiracy Arguments

USA Republic Now In Charge

Tax protesters in the United States advance a number of conspiracy arguments asserting that Congress, the courts and various agencies within the federal governmentprimarily the Internal Revenue Service are involved in a deception deliberately designed to procure from individuals or entities their wealth or profits in contravention of law. Conspiracy arguments are distinct from, though related to, constitutional, statutory, and administrative arguments. Proponents of such arguments contend that all three branches of the United States government are working covertly to defraud the taxpayers of the United States through the illegal imposition, assessment and collection of a federal income tax.

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When Did We Begin Using Ceremonial Flags

Though the use of fringe as decor on flags dates as far back as flag history itself, the earliest recorded instance of fringe on the United States flag, according to the Department of the Army, is 1835. The Army began to officially define and apply terms of use for ceremonial flags in 1895. Ceremonial military flags are available for purchase individually and in complete sets.

Some early practices have now become the norm. For example, flags that are carried in parades, used in official ceremonies or displayed in offices are now more apt to be trimmed with gold fringe than not.

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What Is A Ceremonial Flag

All year long, Americans attend a litany of celebrations. People all over the nation take part in events ranging from holiday observances to high school and college graduation ceremonies, from business meetings to dinner excursions and many, many more. Every one of these occasions will be marked with one beautiful thing in common ceremonial flags .

Can I Fly My Ceremonial Flag Outdoors

What Does Every U.S State Flag Mean?

It is not an accepted practice to use fringe on flags that are displayed from a stationary, outdoor flagpole. Ceremonial flags may be used outdoors only briefly during parades or outdoor observances for example. A parade carry belt is required for outdoor display. Likewise, interment flags are not typically ceremonial fringed flags.

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That Was Then This Is Now

The cord and tassels is not necessary. Keeping it as a traditional/historic reference, I can definitely understand. Most likely the gold colored cord is there because the color matches the fringe. The red, white, and blue cord and tassels is required on all national colors for the Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard . I prefer this tri-colored cord and tassels, referred to as a rope and tassels by the Marine Corps.

§8. Respect for flag The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature.

Flag Code

Fringe could be described as a figure or possibly a design. Dont attach anything to the flag. There is no argument that is acceptable for fringe that I can see.

Nowhere in the Flag Code is fringe authorized to be attached to it anymore . Its not necessary since we do not carry it into battle anymore, which would require creating something to keep it clean.

For information on star size, read here.

A Brief History Of Fringe

According to DeVaughn Simper, a respected member in the vexillology community and a vexillologist for Colonial Flag of Sandy Utah, provided me with an interesting aspect of the original use of fringe, as far as the American flag is concerned.

Fringe was attached to the flag because it created static electricity and attracted dirt keeping the flag itself clean longer.

Perfectly reasonable.

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What Does A Gold Fringed Flag Mean

While golden fringe adds a timeless and versatile elegance to any flag, it serves only that purpose. The fringe is used on flags solely as formal, ornamental decoration. Though a ceremonial flag definitely adds to overall decor, fringe is never regarded as an integral part of the flags design and stands apart from any images or lettering.

The use of ceremonial golden yellow fringe is at the discretion of the owner, and it carries no other meaning or implications.

Why Does The American Flag Have A Gold Fringe

Gold Fringe US Flag, 3

To sum up, the gold fringe on the American flag is an honorable enrichment and it is in line with the military tradition. The fringes are purely decorative, but when you read between the lines, you will normally avoid flying such a flag in front of your home or business. The yellow fringe is more commonly seen on the indoor American flags, typically used as ceremonial flags for veterans day affairs or Memorial Day celebrations, typically carried by the American legion groups. Some flag sets come standard with gold fringe, and on others, it is an option to be added at no additional cost.

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Flag Resolution Of 1777

On June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress passed the Flag Resolution which stated: “Resolved, That the flag of the thirteen United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation.”Flag Day is now observed on June 14 of each year. While scholars still argue about this, tradition holds that the new flag was first hoisted in June 1777 by the Continental Army at the Middlebrook encampment.

The first official U.S. flag flown during battle was on August 3, 1777, at Fort Schuyler during the Siege of Fort Stanwix. Massachusetts reinforcements brought news of the adoption by Congress of the official flag to Fort Schuyler. Soldiers cut up their shirts to make the white stripes scarlet material to form the red was secured from red flannel petticoats of officers’ wives, while material for the blue union was secured from Capt. Abraham Swartwout’s blue cloth coat. A voucher is extant that Congress paid Capt. Swartwout of Dutchess County for his coat for the flag.

An Even More Brief History Of The Cord And Tassels

The cord and tassels were used to tie the flag after it was furled and stored. When the flag was unfurled for display or to be carried, the place to store the cord was to tie it around the top of the staff just below the finial.

For the military, the gold cord and tassels is not authorized in any display nor for a color guard. However, the red, white, and blue twisted cord and tassels is authorized specifically for the Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard .

Again, perfectly reasonable.

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Civil War And The Flag

Our Banner in the SkyFrederic Edwin Church

Prior to the Civil War, the American flag was rarely seen outside of military forts, government buildings and ships. During the American War of Independence and War of 1812 the army was not even officially sanctioned to carry the United States flag into battle. It was not until 1834 that the artillery was allowed to carry the American flag the army would be granted to do the same in 1841. However, in 1847, in the middle of the war with Mexico, the flag was limited to camp use and not allowed to be brought into battle.

This changed following the shots at Fort Sumter in 1861. The flagflying over the fort was allowed to leave with the Union troops as they surrendered. It was taken across northern cities, which spurred a wave of “Flagmania”. The stars and stripes, which had no real place in the public conscious, suddenly became a part of the national identity. The flag became a symbol of the Union, and the sale of flags exploded at this time. In a reversal, the 1847 army regulations would be dropped, and the flag was allowed to be carried into battle. Some wanted to remove the stars of the southern states that seceded but Abraham Lincoln refused believing it would give legitimacy to the Confederate states.

Designer Of The First Stars And Stripes

That Admiralty flag. Military Government, De Facto, Color of law, Allegiance to who?

On 10 May 1779, a letter from the War Board to George Washington stated that there was still no design established for a national standard, on which to base regimental standards, but also referenced flag requirements given to the board by General von Steuben. On 3 September, Richard Peters submitted to Washington “Drafts of a Standard” and asked for his “Ideas of the Plan of the Standard,” adding that the War Board preferred a design they viewed as “a variant for the Marine Flag.” Washington agreed that he preferred “the standard, with the Union and Emblems in the center.” The drafts are lost to history but are likely to be similar to the first Jack of the United States.

The origin of the stars and stripes design has been muddled by a story disseminated by the descendants of Betsy Ross. The apocryphal story credits Betsy Ross for sewing one of the first flags from a pencil sketch handed to her by George Washington. No such evidence exists either in George Washington’s diaries or the Continental Congress’s records. Indeed, nearly a century passed before Ross’s grandson, William Canby, first publicly suggested the story in 1870. By her family’s own admission, Ross ran an upholstery business, and she had never made a flag as of the supposed visit in June 1776. Furthermore, her grandson admitted that his own search through the Journals of Congress and other official records failed to find corroborating evidence for his grandmother’s story.

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Conspiracy Theory Regarding Government Employees And Tax Forms

One group, calling itself “We the People”, has stated that government personnel are engaged in a conspiracy in connection with Federal tax forms and “OMB control numbers” in connection with a criminal tax case involving a tax protester:

In sum, the PRA requires that all government agencies display valid OMB control numbers and certain disclosures directly on all information collection forms that the public is requested to file. sole defense was he was not required to file an IRS Form 1040 because it displays an invalid OMB control number.Government officials knew that if the case went to trial, it would expose the fraudulent, counterfeit 1040. They also must have known that a trial would expose the ongoing conspiracy between OMB and IRS to publish 1040 forms each year that those agencies knew were in violation of the PRA. That would raise the issue that the Form 1040, with its invalid control number, is being used by the Government to cover up the underlying constitutional tort — that is, the enforcement of a direct, unapportioned tax on the labor of every working man, women and child in America.

What Does The Gold Fringe Flag Symbolize

Are you aware, that the flag hanging in the courtroom is a gold fringe flag? Have you ever noticed it and wondered what is symbolizes? Have you ever asked, why is this flag different than the one we were taught to praise, love, and be loyal to? We never questioned it.

What does the gold fringe flag mean?

The gold fringe flag is historically used during times of war in maritime admiralty law. So in other words, the gold fringe flag symbolizes maritime law.

The gold fringe flag is not the same flag that is approved for our Constitutional Republic in USA code Title 4 Ch 1 & Ch 2. The fourth color is not approved in the code. Youll notice the tassles hanging from the flag. These are also symbolic of admiralty law, which is the law of the sea.

So, the flags that are hanging in our government buildings and court rooms are actually representative of war-time in the law of the sea/admiralty law?? Yes. We are in fact, functioning in maritime admiralty law, and our court system is actually upholding a corporation that goes by the name of UNITED STATES. In other words, we are not in a republic, and we are not dealing with the constitutional United States of America. Well, actually, the UNITED STATES does have a constitution but it is not the same as the original Constitution that was drafted for the republic. This is why the gold fringed flag controversy is such a big deal, because it symbolizes war.

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Military Flag And Color Guard Flagstaff Sizes

The US Army, Air Force and Space Force display and carry 3 x 4 flags on eight foot staffs and 44 x 56 flags on 96 staffs. The army can also attach the smaller flag to the taller staff. The Air Force authorizes 7 staffs but only for posting colors indoors and at no other time.

The Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard display and carry 44 x 56 flags on 96 staffs only.

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