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How To Buy Gold Bullion Coins

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Buy Gold Bars & Bullion

How to Buy a Gold Bullion Coin on eBay

Buying gold bars and gold ingots are the most popular way to invest in gold and generally the form of gold bullion that most people think about. You can buy gold bars in a variety of sizes from 1 gram to 1 kilo. Actually, a gold bar can be as big as someones imagination. Currently, the largest gold bar in history was produced by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation. The bar weighed 551 pounds and would be worth over $11 million with a spot price of $1275.

How To Choose A Gold Dealer

In the gold dealing business, the best thing to look for is a good reputation. Consistently positive customer reviews should be a good indication that the dealer you’re looking at is a respectable one. And the more reviews a dealer has, the better.

Make sure that any gold dealer you choose has physical offices or walk-in stores. If a dealer only lists a P.O. Box rather than an address, you should consider it a red flag.

They should have transparent pricing, ideally without commissions or extra fees, which you’ll need to check for before you make any purchases. And since the price of gold changes from moment to moment, you’ll want to be sure their prices are current.

Try to find a gold dealer with payment options that match your preferences. In general, you’ll be able to pay via credit card, wire transfer, PayPal, check, money orderâand sometimes even Bitcoin.

Certain payment methods, like credit cards, may incur a fee that you should watch out for.

And last, you’ll want to know what their return and buyback policies are. It’s normal to accept returns within three days of purchase, but look out for restocking fees. Since most good dealers will also buy gold back from you, look for their listed buyback prices.

Where Can I Buy Gold Coins Or Gold Bars

If you want to get the best return on investment from your gold products, youll want to buy from a merchant who charges the most competitive gold premiums on their products.

In this regard, The Gold Bullion Company has you covered. Since the prices of our gold bullion products are automatically updated in line with the live gold price on our website, you can always be sure that our prices are going to be amongst the best around.

Browse our selection of gold bars and gold coins to start your gold investment plan.

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Do You Have To Pay Taxes On Gold

Profits from trading securities like stocks and bonds are known as capital gains and are taxed at special long-term and short-term capital gains rates. But the IRS looks at profits you earn from trading gold and other collectibles differently.

Gains from physical gold are taxed as ordinary income if you own it for a year or less and a maximum 28% tax rate if you own it for longer than a year.

Its important to note the profits from trading gold ETFs are taxed as collectibles trading profits, not as capital gains like other stocks.

Important Dont Forget To Stash It Like Buried Treasure

How and where to buy gold bullion coins and bars

One of the unexpected pros of buying physical gold is that it makes you feel like a pirate. Investments on a computer screen sure seem boring when youre fondling a shiny loot of gold coins!

But this also opens up one of the larger cons about physical gold bullion you have to protect it. Yes, gold undoubtedly presents some increased risk of loss, theft, or a horrible fire.

Also note that most home owners insurance policies dont cover precious metals.

On the plus, this means you now have an excuse for building out the top-secret hiding spot of your childhood dreams.

Think secret room accessed by a door hidden in a bookshelf, discrete bricks wrapped like a kilo of cocaine and then taped in hard-to-find areas, and the true doomsday preppers preference buried in the backyard.

Oh! And I almost forgot the grossest yet most genius hiding spot for gold Ive ever read about in the freezer, frozen inside ground beef.

Photo courtesy of BullionStars 26 ways to store gold article

Just dont accidentally throw out that two thousand dollar an ounce beef!

What do you think, is stashing gold a smart financial decision or a crazy preppers idea?

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Buying Gold Bullion Vs Gold Coins Which Is The Best Investment Product

1. Premium

This refers to the amount of money that will be charged to an investor for the product over the value the coin or bar contains. This premium represents the cost that is involved in the production, shipping, handling and the profit of the seller. Reputable dealers usually charge investors a very small percentage premium.

This is done in order to stay competitive. The smaller the coin or bar, the higher premium it will attract. This can be attributed to the fact that it will cost the manufacturer more money to make like say 500 one-ounce perfectly shaped, designed and in scripted pure gold coins than it will cost him or her to produce a single 400 ounce gold bar.

In addition, gold coins have in the past demanded additional premiums depending on the market factor at that time. A good example of this was in the 60s when there was a premium of up to 40 percent associated with buying and selling gold sovereigns.

2. Custody

Some investors may decide to hold their bullion gold or coins themselves therefore they may require personal delivery. This is good enough for gold coins and small bar investments as they will not require an assay in the event that they will be sold. Large bars on the other hand can be easily manipulated and altered in such a way that professionals may not even be able to visually detect it easily.

3. Flexibility

4. Small investors, large investors and first time investors

5. Storage

Buying Physical Gold Bullion Bars & Coins

Buying gold bullion bars can be an effective method to acquire physical gold at a relatively low cost per troy-ounce. Bars are available in a variety of sizes ranging from a standard 1-troy ounce to 400-ounces. Gold ingots are generally pure gold, with an industry standard minimum fineness of .995 fine, ensuring the highest quality, purity and clarity. Gold bullion bar prices include a small premium to cover manufacturing costs.A popular alternative, gold bullion coins are easy to buy, hold, divide and trade. They are issued by government mints and are legal tender in the country in which they are produced and thus, the coins’ face value, metal purity and content are guaranteed. Most modern gold bullion coins contain exactly one-ounce, half-ounce, quarter-ounce or tenth-ounce of pure gold, while older issues contain other fractional amounts.

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Bullion Vs Collector Coins

Investors need to distinguish between bullion coins whose values generally fluctuate according to the current price of gold, silver or platinum, and “rare coins” that can carry a significant collector premium based on historical supply and current market demand.

Some U.S. gold and silver coins may be readily available in circulated condition for a modest premium over their bullion content, but those same coins in superb condition may have a significantly higher value. The numismatic premium can exceed thousands of dollars above the coin’s melt value. The market for accurately graded, high-quality rare coins has always been strong.

Buy Gold Bullion Coins From Jm Bullion

American Eagle Gold Bullion Coin – How to Buy

If youre looking to buy gold as an investment option, then gold bullion coins offer a great place to start. Gold coins offer beautiful designs known the world over and many come with gold purity and weight backed by central governments and issued by sovereign mints. Youll find no shortage of gold bullion coins available to purchase when you shop online. In fact, the most difficult task youll face may just be choosing which coins you want in your portfolio! Below is an overview of the some of the most popular gold bullion coins available today.

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How To Use Your Gold Investments

Once youve purchased gold in some form, what are the best ways to use it? Many investors plan to keep their gold, allowing it to continue to accrue value. Gold tends to hold value very well, as its one of the rarer minerals on our planet.

You may also purchase because you want to collect certain coins or pieces of jewelry. Over time, the value of your collection may increase, so make sure that you set up appropriate security precautions.

Finally, some investors plan to resell their gold in the future to make a profit due to changes in the price of this precious metal. You have several options if you want to sell your gold. You may sell to:

  • Jewelry stores

Should You Buy Coins Or Bars

You can buy bullion in two main forms: coins or ingots . The advantage of gold coins over gold barsis that they allow you to be more flexible. After all, it’s easier to sell 20% of your gold if you ownten gold coins rather than if your whole investment is in one gold bar. By the same token, given this flexibility, you’ll probably find that coins are that bit more liquid than big bars. That said, if you want to buy a sizeable amount of gold, then bars might make more sense from a practical point of view.

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Etfs That Own Mining Stocks

Dont want to dig much into individual gold companies? Then buying an ETF could make a lot of sense. Gold miner ETFs will give you exposure to the biggest gold miners in the market. Since these funds are diversified across the sector, you wont be hurt much from the underperformance of any single miner.

The larger funds in this sector include VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF , VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF and iShares MSCI Global Gold Miners ETF . The expense ratios on those funds are 0.51 percent, 0.52 percent and 0.39 percent, respectively, as of July 2021. These funds offer the advantages of owning individual miners with the safety of diversification.

Risks: While the diversified ETF protects you against any one company doing poorly, it wont protect you against something that affects the whole industry, such as sustained low gold prices. And be careful when youre selecting your fund: not all funds are created equal. Some funds have established miners, while others have junior miners, which are more risky.

Check Current Gold Spot Prices

Demonetization of Gold Bullion Demand in India Deemed Temporary

It’s a good idea to follow the price of gold for some time before deciding it’s the right time to invest. You dont want to buy at the peaks, so you’ll want to understand what factors affect the price of gold. For instance, gold coin dealers maintain that numismatic coins are worth more than just the metal contained inside of them, which is how they can justify charging a premium when you buy. There’s really no getting around this, so be cautious of any dealer that claims it isnt charging a premium.

Shop around dealer websites to make sure you’re paying a fair price for gold. Check exchange sites to find out what the spot price is, and expect to pay a 5% to 8% premium above the spot price for a gold coin.

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Buying Gold Bullion Online With Apmex

Throughout history, Gold has maintained a constant presence and value. The yellow Precious Metals significance cannot be exaggerated, as there is no other metal in the world with its prominence in both history and present-day value. Whether Gold bullion was used in international trade between nations or as a traditional commerce unit, its influence has continued to be the standard by which affluence is measured. Gold bullion transcends language and cultural barriers.

The value of Gold is consistent across the globe. Today, investors buy Gold as a hedge against inflation and market volatility. APMEX carries a large selection of Gold bullion products from bars, coins and rounds, there is something for every investor or collector within our assortment.

Buying Gold Bullion Vs Mining Stocks

While many people prefer to have a tangible asset such as gold bullion or jewelry, investing in mining stocks can be a more lucrative investment opportunity that sometimes leads to greater wealth.

Investing in mining stocks is riskier than buying physical gold bullions or coins, but the payoffs can be more significant and include dividends you wont get when you buy a piece of gold. According to Durrett, Mining stocks are potentially the investment of a lifetime opportunity because of the cash flow.

Still, this option may not be for everyone. During our interview, Durrett described successful investors of mining stocks as contrarian and speculative. He further noted that a successful investor would pay attention to their particular mining stock’s daily and external factors, such as oil prices, geological events and natural disasters that can affect the price of gold.

You can have total control over it If something crazy happens in the world you still have your gold bullion.

Because of the risk involved, some investors recommend starting small: Investors really want to start out using money they can afford to lose until they get an understanding of how mining stocks work and what causes their prices to rise and fall, according to Durrett.

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How To Purchase Gold Coins From A Bank

As you can see, you can buy gold coins from a bank. Once you find a bank willing to sell gold, you may have several other steps to complete before finalizing your purchase.

Some banks only make sales to members. Therefore, you may need to join the bank before you purchase. Expect to pay a membership fee to join most banks around the country, though some do not charge these fees.

Many banks also impose fees on the sale of gold, which may raise your overall bill for your purchase. Finally, many banks do not keep gold directly on hand. This means that you may have to wait sometime after making your order to receive your gold.

The Many Reasons For Buying Gold Coins

How to Buy Gold Bullion

Gold offers benefits far beyond the fact that its price can rise.

Considerable all the advantages you gain by buying gold coins. Gold is

A tangible asset. You can hold $50,000 of gold coins in your hand, which you cant do with most any other investment. It cant be destroyed by fire, water, or even time. And unlike other commodities, gold coins dont need feeding, fertilizer, or maintenance.

Free of counterparty risk. Gold coins require no paper contract to be made whole. Gold is the only financial asset that is not simultaneously some other entitys liability. It doesn’t require the backing of any bank or government.

Highly liquid. Gold coins can be sold virtually anywhere in the world. There are gold dealers in just about every major city on the planet. And in a crisis, gold will be in high demand. Other collectibles, like artwork, take longer to sell, have a smaller customer base, and will likely entail a big commission.

Value dense. You can hold $50,000 in gold coins in the palm of your hand. Gold coins take up such little space that you can store more value of them in a safe deposit box than stacks of dollar bills.

Private and confidential. How many assets can you say that about in todays world? You must pay taxes on any gain, of course, but if you want a little privacy or confidentiality, just buy some gold coins!

Portable. You can take gold coins with you wherever you go in the world.

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Buying Local Vs Online

Is it better to buy gold coins from a local dealer or buy from an online dealer? Both come with their pros and cons, and its important to know the strengths or weaknesses of each.

Local dealers give you the ability to take immediate possession of your coin with no shipping or insurance fees. Once you buy your coin, you can walk out of the shop with it in your hand. However, local dealers typically have higher premiums when youre buying and have a limited stock to choose.

Online dealers help you avoid pushy salespeople and typically provide a greater selection of gold coins. Because there is less overhead for online dealers, the total cost is typically lower than local dealers, and rather than walking out with a gold coin in your pocket when you buy from a store, online dealers ship your gold discreetly to your door via insured express carriers.

Whether youre buying locally or online, look at customer reviews and see how reputable the vendor is. If you cant find any reviews or the majority of the reviews are negative, choose a better vendor.

How To Buy Bullion

While entrepreneurs have numerous options at their disposal, the simplest way to invest in precious metals is to buy bullion. Bullion can be bought as bars or as coins. The advantage when you buy bullion coins is that it is easier to store and sell. On the other hand, if you’re interested in acquiring a sizable amount of gold or silver, then those who buy bullion bars are doing so in a more cost-effective way. This is because bars tend to have lower premiums than coins.

Certain dealers and investors complicate the process when you want to buy bullion, but the truth is that the transaction is actually very simple. Let’s explore the steps to take when making a purchase!

Understand when to buy

If you want to make a profit, then you will need to educate yourself on the matter and find the perfect moment for the investment. To be more precise, you should purchase goldor silver bullion when the prices are low. Then, you should sell these commodities when their value is high. You can keep an eye on timing the market right here with ourlive spot price charts.

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