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How To Buy Raw Gold

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Buy Raw Gold Cheaply In Big Quantities

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Our raw gold prices are definitely the lowest. This is owed to the fact that we have access to cheap gold from the poorly developed DRC. Whether you want some quantity that you will hand-carry back into your country or want haulage of several kilograms make your order now and we will supply it. To be specific, we can deliver up to 50 kilograms of gold to whoever wishes to own some gold. Contact us now and you will have yours. Have you been looking for the highest quality raw gold at the best raw gold prices? Get in touch with us now and claim yours.

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How To Buy Gold Direct From Miners

There are now many sophisticated ways to invest in gold, from gold-backed electronic accounts, to gold futures, to exchange-traded bullion on the stock market. Still, for some, there is nothing quite as satisfying as holding a real gold nugget, straight from the Earth. Luckily for these folks, there is a way to buy gold directly from mines, or even from individual prospectors. The market for gold in raw form is different than that of refined gold or gold coins, so it’s important to understand that this is a different sort of investment.

Bonus Tip: Use The Lbma Ecosystem

One final tip from J. Rotbart & Co. is to only procure bullion that was refined by members of the London Bullion Market Association or the London Platinum and Palladium Market .

Look for providers that only ship and store goods with secure logistics companies that are members of the associations. This provides peace of mind as to the authenticity of the goods, as well as reassurance that the security standards are on par with the market.

When it is time to liquidate your assets, bullion procured via the LBMA will take less time to liquidate and the whole process will cost you less. Items that were removed from the LBMA/LPPM ecosystem will need to be tested or assayed before deposited back into the system.

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Build Up Liquid Stocks

Gold is monetary insurance as well as a means of building up savings over a longer period of time. For example, a person who invested $100,000 in physical gold in 1970 would be able to buy roughly 1800 ounces of gold. Today, that would be worth $2 million. Even if you purchased an ounce of gold in 2004 at a price of $500, it would now be worth over $1900.

As with anything related to gold, you need to know what youre doing. In this case, that means you need to have an investment horizon. Dont look at it as your trading vehicle. Instead, ensure that you are buying and then putting the gold to the side. Its your insurance. It acts as a store of value.

You cannot print wealth out of nothing. It is impossible.

You can do it for a certain period of time, but one day the debt has to be repaid. The world financial system had 140 trillion of credit in 2008 today, we are standing on almost 258 trillion of credit. Thats massive. Everything has an end and this debt orgy that we have been witnessing for the last 50 years is going to end as well.

We dont know exactly when, time is always slow, but it will end. That is why you should be putting liquid gold on the side. You want to have access to your gold in a crisis and you dont want to be running around with a kilo of gold. You will want it to be liquid.

How Much Are Gold Flakes Worth

Sparkling and Unique Triangle Shaped Raw Gold Nugget ...

Gold flakes are also a form of high-purity raw gold, but it takes a lot of gold flakes to reach a substantial amount of gold.

Some experts suggest selling gold flakes in vials or jars on sites like eBay because they often have a higher value as a souvenir or keepsake than they do based solely on gold content.

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Where Can I Buy Raw Gold

You can buy raw gold from miners and gold dealers at trade shows such as the Elko Mining Expo in Nevada or the annual conference of the Northwest Mining Association. You can also join a local prospecting club and bid on raw gold owned by other members. Dealers also sell raw gold on Internet marketplaces such as eBay.

How Pure Is Raw Gold

Raw gold is 100% pure gold in its natural state, and always contains some kind of impurities.

When these impurities consist of other metals, the gold is considered to be an alloy. The most common metal to be found with gold is silver, but gold can also be found with copper, iron, and lead impurities.

Raw gold is commonly found as 18 karat gold. It can be as low as 14 karats in purity.

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Our Gold Nuggets Are 100% Natural Never Man Made

Quality Placer Gold Nuggets are available from California, Alaska, Idaho, Nevada, Canada, and Australia. We offer flakes and pickers, all the way up to large nuggets and rare specimen gold.

Our placer gold nuggets are sold according to size, shape, and weight and purity. To understand mesh and screen sizes, and to see more nugget pictures please see our how to buy gold nuggets section. Rare gold with unusual structures, like wire gold and crystalline gold, are priced differently. Browse rare crystalline and quartz gold nuggets for sale Placer gold is sold by the gram below.

Gold Nuggets for sale are listed below – please scroll down page to view

Sell your placer gold! Do you have placer gold you want sell or trade? We buy natural gold nuggets too. Prospectors from around the country regularly sell us their gold because we can be trusted to pay top dollar. Click here to learn how to trade or sell gold nuggets to us.

Gold Nugget Pricing: high quality natural gold nuggets typically sell for a premium over spot gold price because they are valued similarly to gem stones and are much more rare than fine gold dust. Much of the gold bullion traded on the stock market is made from refined and melted down gold dust to form coins 95-98% of the world’s native gold is actually in the form of dust and not gold nuggets. Gold prices are subject to change without notice. Sale price is contingent on availability and recent spot market action.

How To Buy Gold Nuggets

Uncovered $1,500 of Raw GOLD in Paydirt!! (huge gold nugget)

If you have any amount and type of unprocessed, natural condition, raw, mined gold, most likely you are asking your self how much would a gold buyer such as me pay for it. In this article, I will explain how I make my cash offers when making such acquisitions.

There are a lot of variables in raw gold samples. Thus, there is an art and science to doing it. To be effective at this, it is necessary to be well learned and experienced. On top of that, there needs to be sufficient error margin latitude to both pay as much as possible, and still be safe. The offer needs to be such that if the outcome is of lower than expected, it is still profitable. However, the offer also needs to be such that it is better than most competition.

Natural state, raw, unprocessed condition gold is never pure. It is a naturally occurring gold-bearing alloy. As explained in my other articles in this site, a reasonable expectation for a raw gold sample is for it to be of 18K / 75% / 750 parts per thousand in fineness. Learn more.

The focus of this article is how to make an effective gold buying offer, present a good real-life gold nugget acquisition example, and explain how it works. To better understand, I recommend knowing the needed gold buying concepts and terms definitions. To make it easier to explain, and keep the article less wordy, I will refer to gold-bearing alloy as gold.

How to Buy Raw Gold Process

How to Buy Raw Gold Real Life Example

How to Buy Raw Gold Conclusion:

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Is White Gold Cheaper Than Yellow Gold

There is no price value difference between the actual gold in white and yellow gold jewellery, as long as it is hallmarked at the same carat weight. However, white gold jewellery can be slightly more expensive than yellow gold jewellery, because of the manufacturing process it undergoes while being mixed and coated.

Gram Gold Bars Make A Great Investment

Investors generally buy gold 20 gram bars as part of a diverse investment portfolio. We source our bars from the most respected mints in the world: including Australia’s Perth Mint, Switzerland’s Valcambi, Instanbul Gold Refinery and others. Our focus is on delivering the highest quality and most beautiful bars at the lowest possible price. Discover why 20 gram gold bars are reputable and highly trusted in the precious metals community.

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Buy Gold In Workable Sizes

Gold bar buyers should consider the ease with which they can liquidate the bars as part of the buying process.

For example, if gold is selling at $1,400 per ounce and an investor has $14,000 with which to buy gold bullion, they will usually have an easier time selling the gold down the road if they buy 10 one-ounce bars rather than one 10-ounce bar. They can sell the one-ounce bars one at a time as needed, while they might have a harder time finding a buyer for the 10-ounce bar if they need to sell quickly.

Conversely, considering the tiny size of one-gram gold bars, investors sometimes save up to buy bars of a more substantial size.

How & Where To Buy Gold Bars


Jeff Clark, Senior Analyst, GoldSilver

If youre looking to invest in physical gold at the lowest possible price per ounce, theres no better choice than gold bars. Coins may be more attractive, but all that manufacturing and packaging comes at a price. Gold bars, on the other hand, are the stalwart of the industry, what everyone from average investors to central banks buy and store. In other words, you cant go wrong buying gold barsprovided you follow four tips including where to buy gold bars.

In this gold bar buyers guide, well cover:

  • Why buy gold bars?
  • How to buy gold bars?
  • Where to buy gold bars
  • Which gold bars to buy

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Gold Bar Brands Matter Choose Wisely

Tip: Buy only gold bars with a recognized hallmark and proper stamping.

Proper stamping and a recognized hallmark mean youre getting a reputable gold bar. There are some private mints in the world that dont include all of this information, which could mean its not a pure gold bar or has low quality. Its important that you know how to make sure your gold is real.

Stamping: a reputable gold bar should have its weight, purity, refiner, and a registration number stamped on it.

Its important to buy gold bars with these markings. Without them you dont know what youre getting, and a future buyer will probably demand an assay.

Theres an easy way to assure your gold bar has proper stamping, and thats to buy bars with a

Reputable hallmark: A hallmark simply refers to the brand of the barthe refiner or manufacturer that minted the bar. You want a well-recognized hallmark so that you know youre getting a high quality bar, and also so that youll have no difficulties someday selling it. A good hallmark will allow you to sell the bar virtually anywhere in the world. It is highly liquid.

Here are some of the worlds most highly regarded refiners:

There are others, such as the Sunshine Mint and Republic Metals .

Buy Equipment For Gold Business

If you dont want to be cheated into bankruptcy, it is wise to buy important tools use in the gold business and ensure they are well maintained. Some of this equipment include those used in gold smelting, molding, weighing, testing, etc.

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It Must Be Under Your Direct And Unencumbered Ownership

There is an old saying, If you cannot hold your gold, you dont own it.

This is important to understand, especially when it comes to the average person on the street who doesnt have that much money to invest in gold.

If that is your situation, you should buy small gold coins directly and store them nearby where you live so that you have quick access to your gold storage in a harsh crisis scenario.

If you have more money and you really want to allocate parts of your wealth into physical gold, then it makes sense to go into jurisdictions that have strong private property rights. The best jurisdictions you can find these days are still Switzerland and Liechtenstein, especially when it comes to physical precious metals stored outside the traditional banking system.

Just make sure that whenever you select a gold storage company, you know that you are the owner of the gold, that the gold belongs to you directly, and that the company you are dealing with cannot pledge it, hedge it, or lease it out. That is vital.

The 50 Gram Gold Bar As A Collectible

WOW RAW Gold Farm Tutorial Garrison – EASY GOLD

The 50 gram gold bar is not a collector’s item as they are produced in larger quantities and are intended to be sold at low prices. The potential for bar prices to appreciate well beyond the value of the gold content may be limited, but that does not mean collectors avoid them. The 50 gram bar is visually appealing and its larger size makes it stand out. The low price makes it easy to add to personal collections.

Gold bars come in a wide range of sizes. Those who seek to have the full range won’t skip getting a 50 gram gold bar.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to have items in a collection that are easier and less subjective to value. It takes timing and luck to find a buyer willing to pay top dollar for a rare coin. Bullion bars, such as the 50 gram, can be bought or sold very close to gold’s spot price at any moment by contacting a dealer such as Money Metals Exchange.

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Best Raw Gold Buyer: Cashforgoldusacom

CashforGoldUSA is our top choice for selling raw gold. In addition to paying within 24 hours, CashforGoldUSA offers a 10% bonus if you ship your raw gold within a week of receiving your mailer.

Here are some more reasons we put CashforGoldUSA at the top of our list:

  • Better Business Bureau Review of A+
  • TrustPilot 4/5 stars
  • Free door-to-door, trackable FedEx shipping
  • Insurance with Lloyds of London up to $100,000
  • Buys any sum of gold or silver no minimum
  • CashforGoldUSA is one of the oldest and largest online gold buyers, with more than $156 million paid out since its 2005 founding
  • Family owned
  • Highest-price guarantee :

Here is a list of other raw gold buyers:

  • Liberty Gold and Silver

Check out this post for a comprehensive review of these gold buyers.

Always Store Outside The Banking System

Physical gold is the antidote to the current system. The current banking system is based on credit, paper, and computer digits. The crisis that we are expecting the reason so many people are buying gold to protect themselves will be a huge banking crisis. Therefore, if you decide to purchase physical gold, its only logical to store it outside of that banking system.

Property rights in the banking system are of a temporary nature. Banks in the past have confiscated physical gold and cash, and there is always the possibility of a bail-in where all assets will undoubtedly be confiscated.

Some might argue that you could have a safe deposit box, but most of the time those are not insured. Besides, during harsh crises in the past, the bank was either closed or didnt have the amount of gold they claimed to have.

This problem started back in the 1980s when banks brought mathematicians into the system who argued that they didnt need all the gold on hand. They surmised that banks probably only needed 25% on hand. So, banks began to lien out or even sell 75% of their gold. Some invested it into government bonds where they received a guaranteed return on the investment. Little by little, much of the gold in the banking system disappeared.

The bottom line: dont put your gold in the banks. You dont want to take that risk.

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Where To Get 100 Gram Gold Bars

100 gram gold bars are available through most dealers who trade in bullion products. Buyers can also find them listed at online auction sites and perhaps even the classifieds. It isn’t hard to find PAMP bars, at least for anyone with an internet connection.

It is important to note that where you choose to purchase may be a bigger consideration than getting a low price. The fact is that pricing is very competitive in the bullion markets and most reputable dealers will be close to one another. If you don’t get the lowest price, you probably won’t be out more than a few dollars.

However, if you buy a counterfeit bar from an unknown source or someone not properly equipped to test and guarantee purity, you could be out your entire investment.

While comparing prices, be sure to also do some due diligence on the vendor. Choose a firm with a track record of delivering promptly and standing behind their products. A quick internet search to see what clients have to say about the dealer can reveal a lot.

100 gram gold bars from PAMP Suisse offer low cost, assurance and the highest quality. You can buy with confidence, knowing these bars will be in high demand when the time comes to sell. There is no better brand when it comes to gold than PAMP. And there is no better time to make a gold investment than now.

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