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How To Make Gold Necklace

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How To Make Your Own Locket

Make Gold Coin Necklace – Keum-boo Jewellery Making

Before photography, lockets were decorated with miniature, handpainted portraits a luxury few could afford. The advent of affordable photographic miniatures propelled the locket to the forefront of jewelry fashion during the sentimental Victorian era. Between 1890 and 1920, ornately crafted lockets were suspended from bracelets, necklaces, brooches, belts, and chatelaines. Ladies of fashion were not seen without one, and men wore them on their watch chains. During World War I, many soldiers wore lockets into battle as a reminder of loved ones at home.

Lockets have since fallen out of fashion, and distinctive lockets are hard to find. With this project, you no longer have to rely on a fashion trend to have a high-quality locket you can create your own. You will learn how to make the traditional hinged locket and an easier slide locket.

Is It Profitable To Make Jewelry

Every jewelry artist has started as a beginner at some point, so you too can become a successful jeweler with experience and business savvy. Like any business, there may be high startup costs to invest in equipment, studio space, and materials. It will likely take some time before you can turn a profit. If you are interested in being your own boss, perfecting your technical skills, and spending time developing your brand, you can be a profitable jeweler who adds beauty to peoples lives through your creations. The Crucible partners with Centro Community Partners in their Basic Entrepreneurship Program, which empowers artists to build a sustainable business and be their own boss.

Prepare Photos For Locket Use

Lockets can safely hold images of loved ones, but to make sure they fit and dont get ruined, use these easy guidelines.

  • Never cut up the only copy of a prized picture. Have copies made, or have them scanned at a copy center.
  • Use photo-processing software to manipulate a digital image, making it just the right size for your locket.
  • Use a high-quality photocopier at an office-services store to reduce the image, then cut the photocopy to fit.
  • Use wide, clear cellophane tape to laminate the image on both sides. Rub the tape with a burnisher, and trim the edges to fit.
  • Visit ourBusiness Directory to see supporting businesses and their featured jewelry makingproducts and services.

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    Look Effortlessly Chic With Layered Necklaces

    Designed to be worn together, layerednecklaces create laid back looks with an eclectic edge.Creating a one-off style has never been so simple. When you can’tdecide on one, pile them up – the more the merrier! Picking a mixof different length pieces is the way to make this look work.Beautiful chokers, lariats,and longnecklaces, allow you to flaunt your personal style.Occasionally choose just one for a pared down statement.

    How To Make A Coin Necklace Pendant

    Gold Filled Beaded Jewelry by Dara T

    If you’ve recently traveled to a foreign country and brought back some of the currency with you, this is a great way to create a memento. Have you been bitten by the travel bug? Start with one coin, and add another for every trip you take! In a few years, you’ll have a beautiful piece of jewelry that serves as a storybook for your world travels.

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    Removing Dirt And Grime

  • 1Use rubbing alcohol. This method can be a bit abrasive, so it is not suggested for antique or fragile gold chains. Create a 50/50 mixture of rubbing alcohol and warm tap water in a bowl. Soak your jewelry for a few minutes. You do not need to rinse the chain again with this method, although you can if you prefer.XResearch source
  • One good thing about using rubbing alcohol is that it will disinfect the chain while also cleaning it.
  • 2Use ammonia. In a small bowl, make a mixture of 6 parts warm tap water to 1 part ammonia. Leave your chain soaking in this mixture for a minute maximum. Ammonia is a very powerful cleaner, so you should only use it for newer, undamaged gold chains. You will also want to rinse the chain out thoroughly under water when you are finished.
  • Using ammonia as a regular jewelry cleaner can break down the pieces over time. Therefore, it is best if this method is only used on occasion and for deep-set grime and residue.XResearch source
  • 3Use beer. With this method youll need to pour a bit of beer onto a soft cloth. Place the chain within the cloth and rub up and down the links. You can also dip a soft toothbrush into beer and use it to lightly scrub the chain. You can use any beer with the exception of dark ale.XResearch source
  • Before you use an ultrasonic cleaner, it may be a good idea to talk with a jeweler to see if it is appropriate for your type of gold chain. Otherwise, it could result in damage to the chain.
  • How To Make A Coin Necklace 2 Methods

    There are two different ways that you can use to make a coin necklace:

  • You can punch a hole in the coin Using this method, youll essentially be chiseling a hole into your coin.
  • You can drill a hole in the coin This method requires a hand drill or a drill press.
  • Either method works well, it just depends on the materials you have on hand. Choose the method that suits your fancy.

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    S To Make A Coin Necklace

    Step 1: Lay the piece of wood or metal on a flat surface. This will act as a barrier and protect your countertop or worktable from the drill bit.

    Step 2: Decide what side of the coin you want to display. Most coins are designed with two faces, so choose the side you want to face right side up, because the backside may face upside down when you turn it.

    Step 3: Once you’ve decided, lay the coin on the block with the side you want showing facing you.

    Step 4: Fasten the bottom half of the coin down with a piece of the tape to prevent it from moving around or slipping once you start drilling.

    Step 5: Once your coin is secured, it’s time to drill your hole! Don’t worry, it’s not illegal to drill a hole in currency. It goes without saying, but if you try to use it to pay for something after you’ve drilled, then you may become an outlaw. Instead, keep this pendant on your necklace for show, not to pay for your coffee.

    Step 6: Line the drill bit up with the top-center of the coin, and go for it! Press down firmly but gently and keep drilling until you feel the bit hit wood.

    Step 7: Use the needle-nose pliers and open the jump ring. Slip it through the newly-drilled hole in your coin, then squeeze it shut. If you don’t want to purchase a jump ring, you can steal one from an old necklace you won’t use anymore. Recycle, reduce, reuse!

    Now that youve made a classic coin necklace pendant, ready to add another to your collection?

    How Much Does It Cost To Start A Jewelry Business

    DIY Fashion | Make Your Own Gold Necklace | Fashion How To

    Again, this cost is relative to the complexity of the production model you choose. You can start a business with a couple hundred dollars to cover basic supplies and make jewelry from your kitchen table. Or, you can invest tens of thousands in equipment and expensive raw materials and start a fine jewelry business from a dedicated studio.

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    Guide To Jewelry Making

    Jewelry making dates back thousands of years and crosses many continents, with a rich history in personal adornment and symbolism. It encompasses many materials, from beads to wire, gemstones to precious metals. You may choose to embark on jewelry making as a hobbyist or even as a professional jeweler. This guide will cover different types of jewelry and how you can make jewelry at home.

    Ready To Create Your Own Jewelry Business Start Your Free 14

    Choose a theme that complements jewelry, putting the photography first. Here are a few theme suggestions for jewelry businesses:

    Clean themes are designed to let your products and brand shine and most options allow you to easily customize the experience, even if youre not a designer or developer. Have a little more budget? A Shopify Design Expert can help you tweak any theme even more, customizing it to your specific needs.

    Rahul Patel

    Website copy should reflect your brand voice and inspire emotion while also being detailed and helpful. Product descriptions should reflect your brand story and include details like sizing, materials , and, if applicable, material sources. Your About page is a dedicated place where you can tell your brand story and talk about your processbut your personality should shine wherever you write copy on your site.

    Essential reading:

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    How To Make A Gold Cuban Link Chain

    Since we released our YouTube video demonstrating how gold Cuban link chains are made , it has gone viral and become our best performer since our channel was launched back in 2013 !

    Why did we release this video? Its really quite simplewe wanted to show our customers how much work goes into the making of a quality Cuban chain and the skilled craftsmanship thats involved.

    On this particular video, the gold chain does not include a box clasp. This is because the particular client who ordered this chain preferred a continuous design. Nevertheless, a lot of clients order their chains with a clasp . Its simply a matter of preference.

    NOTE: The Cuban links we make, also known as Miami Cuban links, use flattened type links. This is achieved during the filing process that we discuss below and it doesnt mean that gold is removed or wasted during this procedure. On the contrary, the powdered gold that you see being filed away is collected to make other chains later. After filing, the chain will meet the desired specifications in terms of weight and quantity of gold . Heres a summary breaking down the major steps involved in the making of a 14K yellow gold 1-kilogram Cuban link chain thats 30-inches long and 22-millimeters wide.

    Set Up Your Workspace

    The best gold coin necklaces to shop now

    Set up a clean table space in an area with lots of light. Jewelry making tends to happen on a much smaller scale, so it is a good idea to have plenty of light and even a magnifying glass if necessary. Your workbench should be solid so that when you hammer, stamp, and work your jewelry, it doesnt wobble. A comfortable seat is critical as a jeweler because you may end up sitting in it for hours at a time. Consider a chair that supports your back and neck. Set up your seat so that you are eye level with your bench peg, so you dont find yourself hunching over your work. If you plan on sanding, soldering, or polishing, make sure you have plenty of ventilation, as well as safety goggles, a mask, and proper fire safety equipment.

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    Gold Jewelry With Colored Gemstones

    Due to the characteristics of many colored gemstones, we advise asking your jeweler about the safest at-home cleaning method for any pieces with stones other than pure diamonds. Many natural gemstones are treated or enhanced after extraction, impacting how you should clean your jewelry.

    If you need a quick polish before youll have a chance to visit your jeweler, skip the ammonia and give your piece a quick dip in the soap and water mixture. This method is safe for almost all colored stone jewelry.

    Polishing Chain & Final Weigh

    The final part of the Cuban link making process begins with the polishing and buffing of the chain. We showed sections of this on the video. When this procedure is almost complete, one of the end links is sliced open so that it can be attached to the opposite end of the chain. Once both ends of the chain are attached together and the cut link is welded shut, the surrounding links are polished once more before the entire chain is submerged in a 24K electroplating solution. Please note that most clients opt to have their chains electroplated. This adds a livelier gold color to the final chain . Some clients choose not to have their gold Cuban link chains electroplated, especially if they go with 18K gold or higher. The one-kilogram chain on the video was electroplated.

    At the end of the video, the gold chain is weighted on a calibrated/certified scale to show that its approximately 1000 grams in weight.

    Chain is polished and buffed to maximize luster.

    End links are attached, soldered and polished.

    Chain is electroplated in 24K gold .

    Gold chain is weighted one last time .

    Final 1-kilo chain. Specifications: 14K, 30-inches, 22 millimeters.

    To play around with our Cuban Link Calculator and get real live prices for chains of different lengths, widths and types of gold, .

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    Mixing The Gold With Other Stuff

    What other stuff?you may ask. After reading through some of the comments on our how-to video above, we realized that many people are a bit misinformed when it comes gold chains. Some of the comments complained that the chain was not really gold because it had a mix of other metals in it. This little lesson should clear this up

    Gold goes by a karat-scale. A karat is a unit of purity that represents how many parts of gold are in a piece of gold jewelry. That is why pure gold is referred to as 24K gold that is, 24 out of 24 parts in it are gold!

    When making Cuban link chains or other gold jewelry, 24K gold is just not practical to use because its too soft and gets easily scratched up and damaged over time, even with regular wear! That is why other metals are alloyed with the gold. These metals make the jewelry stronger and longer lasting. The chain showcased on the video above is a 14K-chain, meaning that its approximately 14 out of 24 parts gold and 10 parts other metals. The most common gold jewelry in the United States is 14-karats, but this varies for other countries.

    When the melted gold is molded into a the bar near the beginning of the the video and the bar is scanned , the reading shows traces of gold , silver , zinc and copper . You can also notice these different materials by their color as the pellets are being poured onto the scale when the video starts.

    Mixing in pure gold and other metals to make 14K gold.

    Jewelry Equipment And Tools

    How to Make Gold & Silver Jewelry | Jewelry Making

    There are several online resources for how to make jewelry online, including wholesale jewelry making equipment, tools, and supplies, including precious gemstones and raw metals.

    Gillian relies heavily on word of mouth when it comes to her wholesale suppliers. Dont be afraid to ask other designers where they find their supplies,” she says.

    She also attends trade shows and industry events to continue to expand her network and discover new materials. My favorite place to source the newest stones and silver findings is the Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show, Gillian says. There are thousands of vendors from all over the world.

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    How To Start A Jewelry Business Online

    If you want to know how to make jewelry into a profitable small business, this post is for you. Well explore jewelry making businesses from conception and design to production and marketing. This go-to guide for how to start a jewelry business online includes advice from the pros, tactical takeaways, and inspiration from established designers and business owners.

    We consulted two jewelry designers and asked them to share their own personal experiences in building a brand from scratch. Here, youll meet:

    • Corinne Anestopoulos, founder of Biko
    • Gillian Johnson, founder of Hawkly


    • Made with excellent craftsmanship, usually not mass produced
    • For the luxury/wedding/special occasion customer

    Fashion or costume jewelry

    • Usually trendy
    • Made of inexpensive or less expensive metals and materials
    • A lower price point
    • For the everyday customer

    Other/in between

    • This category covers everything else, from jewelry made with mid-range materials to jewelry defined as art or highly skilled craftsmanship
    • Emphasis on design and uniqueness
    • Price point varies but usually mid-range
    • Occasion/statement, design-savvy/collector/gift-giving customer


    Once youve narrowed down the broad category for your startup jewelry business, its time to carve out a niche for your products. Start by defining your ideal customer and decide whether your products are occasion specific . This will determine how you market them to your audience.

    How To Make A Gold Monogram Pendant Necklace

    April 25, 2017 by Katie Adams

    Create a Round Monogram Pendant Necklace. Beautiful handmade jewelry to give as a gift or keep for yourself. An easy DIY craft tutorial idea.

    This tutorial is adapted from a Facebook Live. To watch a live tutorial .

    Have you ever made your own jewelry? Making jewelry can be so much fun. Especially when you are making it for someone else!

    Recently, I attended SNAP! which is a creative blogger’s conference. It is an AMAZING conference filled with inspiring classes, meeting other passionate bloggers and lots of fun activities. One of the activities is called Secret Sisters. You are assigned another conference attendee that you get to stalk and buy or make a couple of gifts for them. You find out who gave you the gifts on the last day of the conference.

    This Monogram Pendant Necklace is just one of the gifts I made for my Secret Sister.

    Supplies Used: Some links may be too similar items when exact items couldn’t be found online.

    Like videos? I do have a video tutorial if you would prefer to watch the tutorial. Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you don’t miss out on any future video tutorials!

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