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Rose Gold And Silver Engagement Rings

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Pros And Cons Of Rose Gold In Engagement Rings

Rose Gold Halo Pear Cut Engagement Ring For Women In Sterling Silver

As undoubtedly pretty as rose gold is, it often struggles to achieve the appreciation levels of other metals. Not because of the color, which everyone loves, but because of the snobbery which can sometimes be involved in the jewelry world. Some experts see rose gold as cheap, partly due to its association with consumer products, and this influences the public perception of it. That shouldnt put you off, if you like the idea of a rose gold engagement ring, of course. At the end of the day, its your ring and your choice.

You also need to be a little more careful with rose gold in an engagement ring as to your choice of stone. Almost all colored stones look great in rose gold, particularly those in the red spectrum themselves. Rubies, pink sapphires or garnet, for example, look stunning in rose gold. Diamonds look great, but usually when accompanied by pink or red stones to create a halo.

Rose gold also might not be as hypoallergenic as other metals. Copper, although not a high-risk metal for skin issues, can occasionally cause problems. For that reason, more rose gold rings are now starting to appear with 18K gold. This reduces the amount of copper in the alloy. It also, though, changes the color. At 18K gold, the color will be a pale pink. At 14K, it will be a much richer color.

Shop Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Rings At Helzberg Diamonds

A delicate balance of silver, yellow gold and copper, rose gold has become a favorite fashion trend in recent years. It has also emerged as a popular force in the jewelry world, where unique rose gold engagement rings are increasingly in high demand.

With a romantic connotation and vintage appeal, this beautiful precious metal makes a fine jewelry statement, especially when paired with a stunning diamond gem. Its rosy nuance is also flattering on virtually every skin type, which makes it a safer option if you’re unsure how to match jewelry to a person’s skin tone.

Because they are so versatile, rose gold diamond rings never clash with yellow and white gold pieces. They also provide a lovely contrast with platinum, white gold and sterling, so your partner can flawlessly layer their jewelry to create alluring ensembles that make a vibrant, striking fashion statement.

Rose gold jewelry gives everything your partner wears an inspiring touch of romance. Gemstones like garnet, citrine, green amethyst, fire opal and blue topaz have an alluring glow when set in rose gold. Tanzanite, aquamarine, pearl and diamond look equally stunning in this warm, pinkish metal.

Rose Gold Engagement Ring

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Pros And Cons Of White Gold In Engagement Rings

White gold actually has a lot going for it. It looks similar to platinum, for a lot less money. It is pretty hard wearing, thanks to the metals in the alloy, and it suits lots of different gemstones. But those advantages do come at a cost elsewhere. The rhodium plating on white gold is not particularly durable. For rings, which see a lot of contact when worn every day, the plating can wear off quickly. It can be as little as two years before the yellow gold alloy underneath starts to show through. Re-plating isnt expensive and is a quick and easy job for many jewelers. It is, though a consideration for the wearer of any white gold ring.

You will also need to make sure that the ring really doesnt contain any nickel. Nickel causes a form of contact dermatitis on some people, and you should buy rings containing it with caution. Even if you dont believe you are allergic to nickel, you should think long term. Engagement rings are wonderful things to pass down through generations. Whilst you may not be allergic to nickel, whose to say your daughter or granddaughter wont be?

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

925 Sterling Silver Rose Gold Tone Wedding Engagement Ring

A rose gold engagement ring contains a gorgeous tone, synonymous with elegance, style and glamour. We have a sensational selection of sapphire or diamond engagement rings in round or princess cuts, sitting on a 4 or 6 prong setting, encrusted with rows of diamonds along the band frame. Clarity and colour options range, ensuring theres a customisation thats just perfect for your bride-to-be. Rose gold engagement rings are the ultimate choice for anyone who loves vintage jewellery.

How to buy an engagement ring

Engagement ring shopping can be a lengthy process, so its important to understand each individual step. First, set a budget based on what you can afford. Then, pick the setting style , and choose the metal and type of diamond you would like, considering cut, clarity, carat, and colour.

Make sure to get an accurate measurement of the wearer’s ring size to avoid the hassle of resizing down the line, and look into obtaining ring insurance. If you would like a bespoke ring, book a consultation with a jeweller to discuss design ideas and receive a quote.

Remember that getting your ring can take four to six weeks, so give yourself plenty of time when ordering! If youre unsure where to start with choosing an engagement ring, check out our engagement ring guide or get in touch with us.

How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

What finger does an engagement ring go on?

Why buy an engagement ring online with Diamonds Factory?

How much is engagement ring insurance?

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What Is Rose Gold

Rose gold metal is made using gold, silver metal alloys, and copper metal alloys. The amount of copper in this alloy determines the color of this metal. For instance, a rose gold engagement ring that has a deep blush color contains less gold and more copper than a rose gold ring that has a light red color.

Pros And Cons Of Silver In Engagement Rings

Silver is about 1/90th the price of platinum, and 1/60th the price of gold. It doesnt take a Harvard scholar to realize that this makes it a very good option for those on a budget. Although slightly different in appearance to platinum, a quick glance probably wouldnt expose the difference. Silver also maintains its brightness if cleaned regularly. The beautiful patina doesnt occur with silver.

Silver needs the same gemstone considerations as platinum, especially for setting diamonds. Colorless stones look wonderful, but diamonds with obvious color can be a hit or miss. True colored stones, such as sapphires or rubies work with silver very well.

The biggest problem with the sterling silver used in most jewelry, including engagement rings, is tarnishing. If jewelry is worn regularly, tarnishing will occur much more slowly. But, regardless, over time, unless properly cleaned, the effect is almost inevitable. But home cleaning doesnt necessarily make tarnishing the non-issue you might hope for. Unless cleaning is done very carefully and very properly, the hard to get to places will still tarnish slowly. Over an extended period of time, this leads to silver engagement rings having a dark edge in some areas. Some people like the extra definition this can bring in some intricate designs, others hate it. Its not inevitable, but it is a real possibility. Professional cleaning is the only way to make sure silver engagement rings stay as close to as-new as possible.

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Rose Gold Engagement Rings From Shane Co

The metal in our rose gold rings is made from pure gold mixed with both copper and silver alloys. Because of this mix of metals, rose gold is stronger than white or yellow gold. Rose gold engagement rings are also especially beautiful because of their stunning blush pink color, which alludes to the love and devotion engagement rings represent. Every engagement ring from Shane Co. is crafted by expert designers, and our team of jewelry consultants is available online and in-store to help you find the perfect ring. Shop all engagement ring styles.

  • What styles are included in Shane Co.s collection of rose gold engagement rings?

    Shane Co. is proud to have a wide selection of rose gold engagement rings available in our collection. In fact, some of the most popular engagement ring styles, like our halo rings, vintage rings, and solitaire rings, are available in rose gold. Other styles featured in rose gold include pavé, two-tone rings, and tri-tone rings. In addition to this, rose gold engagement rings can be customized with many different diamond shapes and styles. They can also be paired with colorful gemstones such as rubies or sapphires.

  • Devotion Diamonds Bianca Solitaire Engagement Ring

    Elegant Rose Gold Radiant Cut Engagement Ring In Sterling Silver

    Courtesy of Devotion Diamonds

    An effortlessly elegant diamond solitaire is set in 18k yellow and white gold. The standard four-prong setting complements the understated split-shank band in the best possible way.

    This sweet engagement ring truly takes advantage of the mixed-metal look. An accent-flanked center stone is adorned by a cluster of diamonds on either side while rose and white gold take center stage.

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    Rose Gold Silver Engagement Ring

    Rose Gold Engagement Ring Settings

    Rising in popularity in the past few years, rose gold rings are more than just a trend. With its pink hues and blush undertones, rose gold reminds us all of intense romance and brilliant love. Our rose gold engagement rings are designed with vintage details that look beautiful on any finger and emulate warmth, joy and eternal love.

    If youre looking for a rose gold engagement ring setting only, look no further than our selection of rose gold rings. Whether youre in need of a three stone engagement ring setting or a pave ring setting, we have the design thats just right for your love story. Accentuate a beautiful round cut center stone thats been passed down for generations with one of our rose gold rings. Add unique details to your current stone shape with one of our many rose gold engagement ring designs. With stones and settings meticulously hand placed, our vintage inspired rose gold rings will last for generations to come.

    Because we provide you with the setting only, youre free to place the center stone of your choice into your unique ring setting. Our rose gold engagement rings look beautiful with a center stone shape of any choice, such as the vintage pear shape or the unique emerald cut. Create a cushion cut design with our double band halo setting designs, or turn your ring into a beautiful vintage floral pattern. With so many customizable options available, you can easily turn the ring of your dreams into a reality.

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    Is Rose Gold Durable

    Yes, rose gold is durable! In fact, rose gold is actually more durable than white and yellow gold. The inclusion of copper in the creation of rose gold is actually what gives rose gold its durability edge.

    If you do opt for a rose gold engagement ring, youll notice the way it develops a petina over time, which gives the metal a vintage feel to it. We truly love the character that adds to a ring. However, if the petina look isnt your vibe, you can simply have your ring professionally polished.

    Surely Gold Wedding Band With Silver Engagement Ring Arrive In Many Models

    Lotus Flower Style 4CT Excellent Diamond Engagement Ring For Lady Solid ...

    Rose gold wedding band with silver engagement ring. Add to Wish List. Women and men might choose to get matching models or patterns that show the character and personality. Tiffany Co Band Ring.

    Our collection also has a variety of rose gold opal rings in various settings including heart-shaped opals a prong-set floral design and brilliant clusters enhanced by frames of sparkling diamonds. Ad A Smarter Way to Buy a Luxurious Diamond Ring w Easy 30-Day Returns. Rose gold is an alloy of two metals usually 75 gold and 25 copper that results in a romantic blush tone.

    The durability of copper is a major benefit for rose gold engagement bands. Every Tacori rose gold engagement ring is handcrafted by our artisans in California. Shop beautiful rose gold wedding rings from Ernest Jones available in a range of stunning designs.

    Showing 1-2 of 2. Silver engagement ring with rose gold wedding band. Diamond Anniversary Band with Milgrain Beads in 10K Rose Gold 13 ct.

    It is stylish durable attractive affordable and matches nearly all skin tones making it a great option. Check out some of our favorite rose gold engagement ring and rose gold wedding band pairings. Tiffany ClassicWedding Band Ring.

    Add to Wish List. Diamond Anniversary Band with Seven Stones in 14K Rose Gold 12 ct. 32599 48699 23299.

    High quality Wedding ring band Ring 4mm for women. Please try again or call 800 843 3269. Rose Gold Engagement Rings.

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    How To Clean And Care For Rose Gold Engagement Rings

    Cleaning and caring for a rose gold engagement ring doesnt have to be complicated! With how often youll end up wearing your engagement ring, its no wonder it builds up all kinds of residue from everyday life. So how do you maintain that rings beauty for years to come?

    Every few months, give your lovely little ring a warm soaking bath of soap and water to reduce buildup. Simply soak for a few minutes, rinse off the soapy mixture , and then dry your ring off with a jewelry cloth.

    While other cleaning mixtures can work as well, youll also need to consider the gemstones on your ring. Cleaning protocol will be different for different stones, depending on how porous and durable they are. When unsure, we always recommend consulting with your jeweler. Many jewelers offer professional ring cleanings, too!

    Help Me Choose The Right Engagement Ring

    Not sure where to start? Our talented jewellers can walk you through everything you need to know in a 1-on-1 consultation, or you can read our helpful engagement ring guide online. More…

    Design something truly special with Larsen Jewellery. We specialise in custom-made rose gold engagement rings, as well as other metals of your choice. Our gallery is full of rings that are there to inspire you feel free to choose from one of our classic styles or create something completely unique and meaningful to you. Regardless of your budget or style, you can rely on our dedicated jewellers to handcraft a ring that truly speaks to your heart.

    Please visit us at either our Melbourne or Sydney showrooms, where one of our master goldsmiths will sit with you to discuss your ideal rose gold engagement ring design. Our obligation-free consultation gives you the freedom to make an informed decision based on our information regarding the 4 Cs of diamond quality.

    Meet the talented team at Larsen Jewellery who turn your ideas into stunning pieces. With decades of hands-on experience, our creative team are leading the way in Australian jewellery craftsmanship.

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    Zales 1/2 Ct Tw Emerald

    Courtesy of Zales

    A diamond center stone is flanked by graduated diamonds as a 14k yellow gold band holds 14k white gold. For the bride seeking an effortless yet eye-catching piece, this one may be the perfect pick.

    The dainty allure of this trillion-cut diamond solitaire is practically magnetic. Set in 18k yellow and white gold, a piece like this makes a statement without even having to try.

    Pros And Cons Of Platinum In Engagement Rings

    Unique Rose Gold Radiant Cut Black Diamond Engagement Ring In Sterling Silver

    Platinum is also a very durable metal, far more so than pure gold or silver. Although not immune from scratching or becoming misshapen, it is tough enough for everyday wear. Despite this, it is also easy to work with so designers and manufacturers dont see its increased hardness as an issue. Most advanced jewelers will only agree to handcraft complicated jewelry using platinum.

    For us, as buyers, it does seem like platinum is the only sensible option, but there are some things to think about. Platinum, without any question, is more expensive than gold or silver. Even though gold is more expensive per ounce, the high density of platinum means the setting is much heavier than it would be in gold.

    Platinum is also not suited to all gemstones. It isnt suitable, even, for all diamonds. Because of its inherently bright appearance, diamonds with even a hint of color can be left looking a little exposed in a platinum setting. Any colorless or near-colorless diamond is absolutely fine. In fact, as far as J color on the grading scale, any diamond will look amazing in a platinum setting. Beyond this, though, any color starts to look obvious even to the naked eye and is probably best avoided. By definition, the necessity for better diamonds coupled with using platinum makes engagement rings more expensive.

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