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How To Get Gold Name In Clash Royale

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In General You Can Change Your Account Name When You Reach Level 4

Clash Royale – How to get a Golden Name – Color changing name – Chromatic Name

How to change your name in clash royale for free. Otherwise, if you are about to create a new account, you can enter the colored name after finishing the first tutorial in game. Subreddit for all things clash royale, the free mobile strategy game from supercell. Make sure to enter your new clash royale name twice then type confirm in order to change your name.

After that, tap on more settings then press the change name button. Yeah, you can change your name color, there are some videos about it. While playing clash royale, you may have noticed some of your opponents have colorful names, and may be wondering how to change the color of your name.

Use colored name in clash royale. You just can do that one time! If youve changed your name before, youll also need to prepare 500 gems.

Ask i recently got back into clash royale and i know i made an account on launched and i remember i couldn’t put the name i wanted since there was a super small character limit to name some reason and my friend who plays has a way longer name. However, be extremely careful that a future game update may remove this feature, and your name may get permanently corrupted, because you can’t change your name again! It is accomplished exactly how you change chat text colour:

Each name change, after the first, costs 500 gems. Today, we will take you through what is the procedure to change name in clash royale. share.

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Are There Any Hacks Or Glitches To Get Free Gems

Theres a lot of conflicting information out there regarding this question. Many bots bombard threads and forums with the temptation of hacks and exploits for free Gems without effort. For F2P players who cant or wont spend money, this is extremely attractive.

However, some users claim that these are only scams. Supercell, the developers of Clash Royale, have implemented security measures that prevent cheats and hacks. As such, many dreams of getting free Gems through hacks were crushed.

Any claims of glitches and hacks for the game are likely websites that can give your computer viruses. We dont recommend clicking them for your safety.

Even if you give in to the temptation to use a working hack, it may come with repercussions, including a ban from the game. Remember that any Gems you have are gone forever if you lose your account due to a ban.

Other users also report that cheating software also makes you play against other cheaters, defeating the purpose of cheating. Since everyone has overwhelming advantages, you wont get a leg up on the others there.

Icipating In Clan Wars

Clan Wars involves five Clans fighting each other in various events. Youll get better rewards and Clan Trophies when you rack up wins. All Clan Wars last for four to five weeks.

If you participate enough times during a Clan War and your Clan reaches the Finish Line, youll get plenty of rewards. Even not reaching the Finish Line still rewards you with some loot. Occasionally, you can get Gems from participating in Clan Wars, but you wont receive the rewards until the end of the War.

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How To Change Name Color In Clash Royale

With how incredibly popular and profitable Clash of Clans was, it was only natural for it to expand into spin-offs that keep the atmosphere but introduce new gameplay. Thats where Clash Royale came in and swept mobile gamers off their feet, featuring the aesthetics and characters from CoC that we knew and loved but in gameplay that offered a faster pacing and intense gameplay.

While the game is full of unique features and gameplay mechanics, one thing players often miss is that you can change the color of your name! If you dont know how to do it or forgot, then youre in the right place! Heres a simple guide with pictures that will show you how to change your name color in Clash Royale.

You need to be level 4 minimum in the game before you can begin changing your color, so finishing the tutorial is a good way to get there. Once youre eligible, here are the steps to take.

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UPDATE: 06/14/2021With recent updates to the game, while the method to change your color remains the same, it no longer works unless you have the Pass Royale. Not only that, the name color will go away as soon as your Pass ends too which essentially makes it a premium feature now that needs you to have an active subscription at all times.

Why Can You Only Change Your Name One Time For Free

Clash Royale Gold Name / Clash Royale Season 4 Update New ...

The main reason why Supercell charges additional name changes is to avoid confusion. Users who select a different name repeatedly make it difficult for other players to survive in their clans. They may get confused about who owns the village since the game doesnt show an update if a player changed their username.

On top of that, allowing just one name change for free helps ensure that players dont make rash decisions when selecting their username. It makes them consider their choice carefully to help prevent the use of inappropriate and offensive language.

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How To Change Name In Clash Of Clans First Time

Do you want to change your name for the first time in the Clash of Clans game, and you are looking for a guide about How to change the name in Clash of Clans 1st Time, then you can follow the steps given below.

  • First, Open Your Clash of Clans Game
  • Then Open the in-game Settings window
  • After that, tap on More Settings then press the Change name button
  • Now enter your new name, which you like
  • Tap on Continue, and re-enter your new name
  • Now again tap Continue,
  • Then type CONFIRM and press the okay button.
  • Thats It

If you have to change your name again, you will have to wait for 7 days after that you will be able to change your name again, but it will not be free because you are allowed to change your name only once in this game.

The second time you will need 500 gems to change the name, you can achieve this by completing Achievement Points in the game so that you can change the name without spending any money.

Checking Out The Shop Every Day

The Shop occasionally gifts free Gems to players just for checking in. You may have to wait for a week or so before you reencounter this offer, though.

Sometimes, the Gems are part of in-game offers, but youll have to pay money for these Gems. If youre a free-to-play player , you wont be able to take advantage of this.

Try to check the Shop every day because you never know when the game will decide to bless you with some free Gems. Ten Gems is enough to start a Tournament, and saving up will eventually pay off.

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How To Get Clash Royale Gold With Ease

In Clash Royale, you can earn Gold for free by:

  • Opening Chests.
  • Donating Cards.

Assuming that you are a casual player in Arena 10

Firstly, the easiest way to earn Gold in game is opening Chests . Try to open them whenever you can by playing a few battles every day to take all of that easy money. You can get about 80 Gold from every free chest, this means you can get about 320 Gold every day from opening Free Chest .

Donating is the other way to earn Gold in Clash Royale. Find an active Clan at here to reach your daily request/donate limit.

Some players think its stupid to give the hard-earned cards away, especially Epic cards. Yes, its pretty hard to get them but you can get XP and 5 Gold for every donated common card, 50 Gold for every Rare and even 500 Gold for every donated Epic card. Also, you can get those donated cards back whenever you want. The Gold is not taken from the player getting cards from you. Its just like you are selling cards but the buyers dont have to pay. Life is sharing guys!

Assuming that every day you donate 8 Rares, which takes 80 spaces in total of the daily donation limit. The rest should be 160 commons . Which means, you can get up to 8×50 + 160×5 = 1,200 Gold every day by donating card.

Assuming that you are just a normal player, who donates 5 Epic cards every Sunday, you can earn 2,500 Gold from those Epics . Besides, you can donate 8 more Rares and and 110 Commons, which gives you 8×50 + 110×5 = 950 more Gold.

Playing The Trophy Road

Best Ways to Get GOLD Quick in Clash Royale! (2021)

You could earn Trophies from winning battles, and Trophies eventually yield Gems. These Trophies are obtained from your opponents Trophy count, and the number of Trophies you gain or lose depends on your opponents count compared to yours. If your opponent has more than you, then you lose fewer Trophies.

With this basic idea, you can keep fighting other players for Trophies. Fighting starts off your Trophy Road career. The more Trophies you get, the better the rewards you receive. If you can earn enough Trophies, you can get some Gems when you reach specific benchmarks.

For example, earning 900 Trophies will net you 50 Gems. The next Gem reward is also 50 Gems, but you can only claim this reward after earning 2,900 Trophies. Once you reach 5,000 Trophies, you can get more Gems as a repeatable reward. You have to keep looking for their locations since they change slightly, though.

If you manage to climb beyond 5,000 Trophies, youll likely be able to get more Gems than weaker players. The path is long, but with some practice and luck, you can make it.

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Use Colored Name In Clash Royale

In game, go to the Settings menu then choose Change Name If you want to use colored name. Otherwise, If you are about to create a new account, you can enter the colored name after finishing the first tutorial in game.

Use this form to paint your name < cXXX> < /c> XXX is the color code you want to use .If you want to use more than 1 color in your name, it should be like this: < cXXX> Will< cXXX> iam< /c>


  • < c9> Will< /c> = Will


  • When you type < c2> , you will only see 2> . Just dont worry because its just a visual glitch. Keep typing and you will see your colored name after that!
  • Also, dont confirm the new name If it still doesnt change the color. As you can see in the screenshot above, you even can see my new name before I press the Continue button.
  • You can test and use this colored trick in Clan chat.
  • People have reported that this method only works if you have the golden name. Change at your own risk!

Thanks for reading guys! I hope you like this trick! Also, please share it with your friends If you like it! Make sure to check out the rest of our guides!


About Clash Of Clans Game

Clash of Clans is one of the best strategy category games in the play store and this game developed by the Supercell company.

The task of this game is to build your village using the resources gained from attacking the villages made by other players through player fighting features.

The main resources of this Clash of Clans game are gold, elixir, and dark elixir. Also, in this game, you are given many defense systems to secure the village you have created.

Many people like and play this Clash of Clans game, as it is one of the best strategy games, but a common question everyone wants to know is it possible to change my name in Clash of Clans?

So in this article today I am going to tell you about two ways to change the name in the Clash of Clans game.

In which the first method is the easiest, in this you can change your name first time in Clash of Clans, and use the second method if you have already changed your name once in Clash of Clans.

So if you want to change the name of the village in COC, then you just follow the Methods given below.

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How To Change The Color Of My Name

Recently I encountered someone with a green colored name. I saw that it is possible to change your name , and I maybe want a colored nickname too. How do I accomplish that? In the same way as in normal chat ?

I do not want to test it myself before I know for sure, due to the change-it-once policy.

Screenshot :

As you suspected, you accomplish this the same way as changing text in the chat box.

For completeness, the code to do that is:

< c######> name< /c>

Replace the ###### with the hex code color you wish to use.

Unfortunately, unlike the chatbox, you are very limited on the length of characters you can use.

There are a few basic colors that only require a single digit:

2 Red3 Green4 Blue5 Turquoise6 Pink7 Yellow9 Dark Red

If you want to use one of these colors, it will save you quite a bit of space to spend those characters on your actual name.

In case you have doubts, you can see that the name change is going to go through correctly before you confirm the change. Here is a screenshot of my game which shows the change to blue:

And again on the confirmation screen:

Other Details & Whats Next

lash Royale Hack Online

This is the first Clash Royale Gold Rush, so we dont know exactly what to expect. That said, so far it seems limited to 1v1 battles only. Meaning you cant earn more gold while doing challenges or the exciting 2v2 mode. Additionally, were hearing Supercell could offer different special offers each day during the event.

During the October announcement Supercell confirmed that Gold Rush wasnt the only idea they had in store. Were expecting a Gem Rush sometime in the near future, potentially around Christmas or in early 2018. Either way, take advantage of the added gold while its available.

The Clash Royale Gold Rush ends on November 6th and only lasts for three days. While youre here, take a look at these 7 things we want next in Clash Royale.

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Star Level Troop Preview

For quite a while now, players have been asking for a way to preview the star levels of the different troops. Supercell has honored your requests, and youll be able to preview all the star levels directly in the new card info screen.

To cycle through all the star levels, just tap the Star Level button next to the troop preview. Youll see the same preview of troop performing a good and a bad attack, except now he/she will perform that action in shinier skins.

Some star levels are really special one of my favorites has always been the 3-star Rocket. Whats so special about it? Check it out yourself!

Use Your Clan In Clash Royale

Many players have not realized it yet, or simply prefer to go by themselves. But the fact of having a clan will be another important point to continue increasing our gold reserves. In addition, we will have two ways within the clan to earn even more. The first method will be donating all the cards that we have saved that we will never use again, in this way we will win some free coins.

And the second option will be playing with the clan, both training and battle games . For example, training sessions can be played from Monday to Wednesday, so you will have these extra days to increase your coins for free.

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This Is How You Get Gold In Clash Royale

There is no doubt that, in order to continue advancing and improving our deck, gold is essential . And it is that, at a certain point, the amount that we will need will be much greater than at the beginning, since the higher the level of the cards, the more it will cost us to pay the price to continue improving it. Therefore, these are all the methods that we will have so that the coins in Clash Royale will not be a problem again.

Where Are Supercell Games Available

How To Get FREE Gold | FAST & EASY! | Clash Royale Tips

Our games are globally available for free on iOS or Android phones and tablets. To start playing one of our games, the game’s app has to be downloaded to the device via the Play Store or App Store . So far, we’ve launched five games globally: Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Clash Royale and Brawl Stars.

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Every Champion Card Coming To Clash Royale

Three champions will join the roster with season 29.

After dominating the ladder for over a year on Clash Royale, the legendary cards will soon let way to stronger contenders: champion cards.

This new card rarity will be collected by players who reach level 14, the latest level to be added alongside the other significant changes to the players progression during season 29.

The champion cards will bring an unique gameplay mechanic to the game: active abilities. Each champion will have an unique ability that will activate with a tap when the unit will be deployed. Itll cost elixir points, though, so although itll be strong, players will have to use it cleverly.

Since the champion cards will be very strong, only one will be able to be included in decks and one only to be deployed during a game. Still, they will likely cause a significant shift in the upcoming seasons meta, and the players who reached level 13 will be able to look forward to farming more XP, Star Points, gold, and champion cards to upgrade.

One will be given for free in the upcoming seasons free version of Royale Pass with a Wild chest rewarded upon reaching level 30. One champion card will be guaranteed in Wild chests.

Heres every champion coming to Clash Royale alongside season 29, on Nov.1.

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