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Mens Gold Tungsten Wedding Bands

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Pro: Durability And Strength

Mens Tungsten Wedding Band with Rose Gold and Diamonds by Heavy Stone Rings, TAHAGI 8mm

Many grooms admire the durability and strength of tungsten. Thanks to the hardness of this metal, a tungsten wedding band will be scratch-resistant and won’t bend as easily as other precious or alternative metals. Bonus: Tungsten’s shine won’t fade throughout the years, so you can expect the ring to maintain its luster long after your wedding.

Wedding Bands For Men

His aisle style will be complete with these wedding bands for men. Shop our collection of mens wedding bands to find the style thats right for him Featuring classic, unique and nontraditional wedding band styles! The perfect foundation for a lifetime of style, find the wedding band below with hundreds of options including both diamond and plain metal bands in multiple fits and finishes like yellow gold, white gold, and platinum that hell love! Find enduring platinum and gold as well as contemporary modern metals.

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What Is A Tungsten Wedding Band

Tungsten carbide is an ultra-durable and versatile material made from the rare earth metal tungsten. Modern Gents uses advanced technologies to mold tungsten carbide into jewelry thats both incredibly sturdy and stunningly beautiful. Thanks to these properties, tungsten carbide bands are one of the most popular trends in mens wedding rings right now.

Tungsten wedding bands are masculine yet sophisticated. These hypoallergenic rings for men are perfect for grooms who want a unique look for their wedding ring. Theyre harder and more scratch-resistant than even stainless steel, making them excellent for everyday wear as well as for more formal looks.

Another advantage of tungsten carbide is the wide variety of colors and finishes available. Black tungsten is our most popular choice, but youll find that our selection of mens black wedding bands offers such an amazing variety of unique rings that your problem wont be finding one it will be choosing one. If you are on the hunt for a mens ring thats unique but can also withstand the test of time, consider shopping our collection of tungsten carbide rings from Modern Gents Trading Co.

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Why Are Some Mens Tungsten Wedding Bands Black

A very stylish and popular pick when it comes to mens wedding bands is a tungsten ring in a black color. You should note, however, that the black color of a tungsten ring is typically not also made of tungsten.

Most black tungsten rings are made with a plate over the natural gray tungsten. While tungsten itself is very scratch-resistant, the plate that gives the ring the black color might not be. So just make sure that if youre looking for a ring that wont scratch, its made completely of tungsten carbide.

Shop Kohls for mens jewelry of all kinds, including tungsten wedding rings! Complete your accessories collection with mens watches, wallets, belts, and more, rounding out your whole ensemble with ease!

What Makes Tungsten Wedding Band So Unique

Mens Celtic Dragon Gold Plated Tungsten Carbide Wedding Eternity Ring

Tungsten rings are anti-scratch they do not get scratched, like gold and silver. Being one of the strongest metals ever know to man, tungsten rings are scratch proof.

Colour options Tungsten rings comes in an amazingly different colours for you to choose from. White tungsten gives the ring-finger a classic appearance, just like what you get with a white gold or platinum. In our collection, we have rings in black, red, blue, gold, koa wood, silver, black and blue, black and gold, and black and red tungsten rings . This spectacular wedding bands, comes in various kinds of finishing and polish depending on what suits you.

No chemical reactions With a tungsten ring, women do not have to worry about the sun, salt water in the beach, or while cooking and doing the dishes. And you do not have to remove them when changing your car tyres or doing manual chores at home. This is due to the fact that, tungsten used in making tungsten wedding bands has an inactive chemical composition .

No allergic reactions For people sensitive to other metals, tungsten rings are hypoallergenic they do not cause allergic reactions. Unlike other metals like gold and silver, tungsten does not cause allergies because of the low nickel in them which bounds tightly.

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Our Range Of Tungsten Rings

We here at Manly Bands invite you to take a look at our entire Tungsten Collection of manly wedding bands. We know there is more to picking out a wedding band than just finding one that looks good. It has to feel good, it has to fit good, and it has to BE good for what you need. Whether you are the lead mechanic at the shop, the head maintenance tech for the plant, or the best damned handyman in the whole house, you may need a ring that can take some punishment. Tungsten is there for you, bro.

Just start here: The Overlord. You cant get a ring that so perfectly honors one of cinemas most iconic bad-ass villains without Tungsten. That sleek, sexy shine blends with the deep, dark, menacing black carbon fiber inlay. This ring doesnt just promise the world a Force-Choke if they cross you, it promises to be able to take one itself.

And on the other side, you have The Peacekeeper. Solid Tungsten, with brushed metal. Silver, Blue, shiny, but subdued. This ring makes a statement, but not a loud and obnoxious one. It speaks of a quiet, but incredible inner strength, one that should not be questioned.

Perfect Fit Wide Array Of Sizes

From a small size 8 finger to large size 16 ring fingers, or any half sizes in between, our 8mm elegant tungsten gold wedding band is perfect for both men or women, no matter your hand size.

Our aim is to accommodate the ring fingers of all shapes and sizes providing you with a quality band to symbolize your beautiful union.

Size: from small size 8 to large size 16 fingers

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How To Care For Your Tungsten Wedding Ring

Mild soap, water, and love. Seriously just take it off while washing your hands and give it a little soapy love and it is very happy.

Just, try not to whack your ring against any tile floors, OK? Your manly swing + hard tile = a blow Tungsten may not survive. We all have our Kryptonite. Pliers and tile are Tungstens version.

Dont forget to stop by our ring size guide and get your Manly Ring Sizer to make sure you know your size first. Itll save a lot of headaches and pre-wedding fights. Trust us


Tungsten Wedding Bands For Men

Gold Plated Tungsten Ring

Tungsten wedding bands are durable and are a good choice, especially for men. Mens tungsten weeding rings are online at affordable prices. They are best for men, especially men who do manual works with their rings on as it wont crack or scratch. Tungsten wedding rings are very hard, made from the hardest metal on earth considerably harder than platinum, gold and even titanium. Tungsten rings are quite heavy and as such, has a weighty feel on the wedding-ring-finger and are a good choice for Mens tungsten wedding bands.

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Rose Gold Wedding Rings For Men

An essence as pure as a rose gold wedding ring unfurls through the innate feel and emotion that prolifically disperses through the shimmer of the metal alloy quite brightly when your man wears it at the center stage. Its a color and an aura so prominent that the rings no matter what the skin tone guarantee elegance and sophistication. Not an extravagant wedding ring choice to make, rose gold offers the utmost durability, strength, and scratch resistance with an imperial finish in a budget-friendly range. Not falling heavy on your pockets and still giving you the best of both the contemporary and modern jewelery world, it’s a deal worth a call!

Rose gold wedding rings for men-A State of the art craftsmanship

1)GAMA Rose Gold Tungsten Wedding Band For Men

It is the manly aura and the true men empowering spirits on display with the GAMA Rose Gold Tungsten Wedding Bands grooving your love with a charismatic appeal. A scintillating touch of grace and beauty yet again showers a deep sense of comfort, warmth, coziness, and compassion that brings into highlight the rough and rugged personality of a man. The polished shiny center with high-quality cubic zirconia diamonds gives it a comfortable fit inside. The luxe of the ring defines the state-of-the-art craftsmanship representing a marvel in the craft!

2)ETOS Tungsten Rose Gold Mens Wedding Band

3)SATON Tungsten Rose Gold Ring For Men

Wear brilliance and let your love have a sparkling delight

Tungsten Wedding Band Men Gold

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How Durable Are Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten carbide rings are highly durable, even more durable than platinum, silver and gold. As stated above, tungsten wedding bands are highly scratch resistant. Many erroneously believe tungsten rings are very brittle. Tungsten carbide are actually brittle cracks with enough force. But, the good news is that, tungsten rings made from high-grade tungsten carbide will only break with an extreme force , most times in line of work. Mens tungsten weeding bands are particularly preferred by men who work with heavy objects and machinery, and men who do manual job because of their break than bend properties.

Tungsten ranks nine on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness next to diamond, which is a perfect ten. Tungsten metal in its natural form, is a hard extremely dense metal extracted from scheelite ore. Tungsten, of all the metals has the highest melting point 6192°F. Nevertheless, tungsten can only become very tough when it bound with carbon to form tungsten carbide alloy used for making tungsten wedding bands.

Should I Choose Tungsten Or Gold For Mens Jewelry

Tungsten Ring for Men Wedding Band Gold Brick Pattern Brushed Beveled ...

Choosing between tungsten and gold comes down to personal preference. It is also worth comparing the various pros and cons to help you determine which material is best suited for you.

If durability is your main priority, opt for a tungsten ring. Tungsten is one of the hardest metals and incredibly resistant to scratches, whereas gold is more prone to show various signs of wear and tear. This can be particularly important when it comes to jewelry, as items like rings can receive quite a few bumps over the years since they are worn on our hands.

Likewise, tungsten is a great budget-friendly option without having to sacrifice quality. It weighs close to the same as gold but is much stronger and has the added benefit of being hypoallergenic. So if opting for something more contemporary is not an obstacle to you, tungsten is well-worth considering.

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Shop Online At Etrnl Now

Paying tribute to your love shouldnt be left to the wayside. Etrnl is the result of a longstanding commitment to conventional wedding bands with a difference. Moreover, were dedicated to strong, durable and long-lasting pieces that are designed to go the distance. Shop online for a variety of distinctive concepts that sit outside-the-box, all the while contributing to absolute functionality.

Etrnl offers delivery across Perth, Melbourne and wider Australia.

Are Tungsten Rings Waterproof?

Are tungsten rings waterproof? The short answer is yes. Tungsten itself is not soluble in water, and water cant infiltrate the surface of tungsten rings. However, we do recommend removing your tungsten ring before washing your hands in a sink or taking a shower. This is because there is a slight risk of the chemicals in tap water compromising the durability of the rings material. So, while theres no need to panic if you forget to take your tungsten ring off before showering, we suggest removing it when coming into contact with tap water to ensure its enduring quality.

Are Tungsten Rings Safe For Electricians To Wear?
Do Tungsten Rings Stretch?
How Long Do Tungsten Rings Last?
Can Tungsten Rings Be Resized?
How Can I Clean My Tungsten Ring?

Mens Gold Tungsten Ring

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Tungsten Rings That Make A Statement

For a black tungsten carbide ring with a unique yet classy look,The Elite is one of our best sellers, with a rose gold inner band that makes it a great match for any of our rose gold womens wedding rings and engagement rings. The Commander, meanwhile, cuts a dignified figure with its beveled edge design and razor-sharp blue tungsten inlay. Feel free to move beyond black, too. With options such as a brushed finish in rose gold, yellow gold or silver, we give every man the variety of choices that he deserves when he makes the ultimate commitment.

Black tungsten rings also make an excellent setting for a wealth of beautiful materials. If youre on the hunt for something a little more unique, our Voyager ring with an inlay of abalone shell is the perfect ring that will turn heads. The Bourbon is built to be worn proudly with a wood inlay made from whiskey barrels, while The Marksman is made with an inlay of genuine elk antler a ring for the man who loves to feel the timeless power of nature.

Con: Can’t Be Resized

Are Tungsten Rings Safe?

As another downside to tungsten’s hardness, wedding bands made from this metal can’t be resized. Attempting to adjust the metal will simply lead to breakage. This feature may present problems down the road as the band will never be able to be adjusted for a perfect fit.

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Perfect For Durability & Sensitivity

Tungstens durability also makes it the perfect pairing for unique inlays in a wedding band. You can see many examples in Brilliances collection of Tungsten Wedding Bands for menfrom unique engravings to mother of pearl and even genuine dinosaur bone wedding bands! Tungsten wedding bands are perfect to protect and showcase these alternative materials. On the other end of the spectrum, tungsten is also a great option for those with sensitive hands. 10-15% of people are affected by metal allergies, often triggered by metal alloys found in jewelry and coins. These alloys may only be present in trace amounts, but prolonged contact with the skin can lead to irritation, even rashes, depending on the severity of your allergy. Fortunately, tungsten is hypoallergenic, so a tungsten wedding band will not trigger any reaction.

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Find The Perfect Tungsten Wedding Band

At Modern Gents Trading Co., we dont just make quality rings. We make mens wedding bands that are both stylish and affordable for everyone. When it comes to your wedding ring, we dont want you to feel like you have to compromise in your values or in your budget.

Thats why we offer such a wide selection of tungsten wedding rings and engagement bands at prices that normal humans can afford. Plus, whereas many jewelers who sell overpriced gold rings would prefer if you never asked where they source their diamonds and precious metals from, every one of Modern Gents rings is made using ethically sourced materials free of conflict minerals.

These nearly indestructible rings are resistant to damage while still providing you with a comfortable fit day in and day out. Like all Modern Gents rings, our tungsten carbide wedding rings also come with a lifetime warranty protecting your ring against any and all workmanship defects. Need a ring size adjustment for a more comfortable fit? We offer a 60-day, no-hassle exchange policy on all of our rings. If youre ready to bring home a stunning band, shop our collection of quality tungsten rings at Modern Gents Trading Co. today.

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