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Where To Buy Gold And Silver Coins

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Industry Overview About The Gold Industry

How To Buy Gold And Silver Coins Without Getting Scammed

Gold price per ounce has seen massive growth over the past few years. At nearly $1400 per ounce, the average investor is not in the market for a bar that size, and even those who might afford would find it difficult to unload a bar that size to their local dealer.

This is why an average customer buys gold in one ounce form, and the cost to acquire gold in smaller quantities is higher. A lot of factors help to dictate the price disparity, not the least of which is the relative cost of minting a large bar of refined gold into one ounce coins.

These coins ship from large mints like the United States Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint of Canada to select authorized dealers, who in turn ship them to over 4,000 coin dealers in the United States alone before they find their way into the hands of a gold investor.

Have it in mind that there are shipping and insurance charges through each stage of the process, and before an investor receives his gold shipment, he may have paid brokerage fees, , or other ancillary charges.

Research has shown that a lot of dealers will not ship below a certain volume, while some will not ship above a certain volume. Certain dealers have different price breaks at different quantities. For example, one dealer may offer a discount for buying more than fifty coins, while another may offer a break at sixty.

Can I Buy Coins From My Bank

Depends where you live. If youre in Europe or Asia, check with your bank. Some banks offer gold products to retail customers. I know several people that have done this very thing in Switzerland, for example.

To find out if a bank offers gold coins for sale, just give them a call . One caution: make sure you compare premiums, so that youre not being overcharged. Also, inquire if they offer lower rates to existing customers.

If you live in the US, it is a common misconception that you can buy gold at a bank. Many people expect a bank to issue gold, harkening back to times of old, but today most physical gold is purchased from non-bank distributors. Even the US Mint requires retail customers go through an authorized purchaser .

Is Buying Gold Online Safe

Buying gold online is as safe as any other transaction you make over the internet as long as you know you’re dealing with a reputable company. The best dealers use SSL encryption and are PCI compliant. Plus, all their shipments are insured for their full value.

The most significant risk you face is purchasing from an illegitimate company that sells fake products, overpriced inventory, or simply runs off with your money. As with any online purchase, you are your first and last line of defense against scammers. You need to do your due diligence on gold dealers by researching them online.

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What Kind Of Bullion Are You Selling

Some gold and silver products are more valuable or in greater demand at a given time. Factors like whether its gold or silver, a coin or bar, and a government or private mint product will all play into resale value.

Generally speaking, bullion that demanded a higher premium upfront will fetch higher prices upon resale, though it does depend on demand at the time. One way to assure that you have a strong resale ability is to buy the most popular products.

Chuck Norris Five Principles

Should I Buy Gold and Silver Coins or Rounds?

Now you have a chance to protect your future with the first ever, legal tender, Chuck Norris 1 oz. silver coin. Struck by the New Zealand mint, the front of the coin is engraved with Chuck Norris 5 principles for life: Faith, Family, Fitness, Freedom, and Fight. The coin comes ready to showcase in a beautiful wooden box that includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

  • Producer: New Zealand Mint
  • IRA Eligible: No

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Silver Britannia Lunar Series

The Silver Britannia Lunar Series is struck by the Royal Mint from 1 oz. of .9999 pure silver. In addition to the special Shengxiao collection of coins to mark the Chinese New Year, the UKs Royal Mint also produces special annual versions of its Britannia silver bullion coins to commemorate the Chinese lunar new year.

  • Producer: Royal Mint
  • IRA Eligible: Yes

Buy Gold & Silver Coins

Buying gold and silver coins outside of a Precious Metals IRA can offer great advantages to help safeguard your assets. Coins can be shipped to the depository of your choice or directly to your doorstep. You may even qualify for free storage.

Goldco offers almost every precious metal product available, and when its time, well even BUY BACK your precious metals at the highest price, with our Goldco BuyBack Guarantee.

Take a look below at some of the most common coins we offer our customers. To learn more about any precious metals, call our Specialists at now. With established relationships with mints around the world, Goldco can help you find exactly the precious metals products youre looking for.

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American Gold Eagle Bullion Coins

Brilliant Uncirculated American Gold Eagles are produced more than the other types of Gold Eagles and contain a matte finish. Although brilliant uncirculated condition constitutes a coin with no signs of wear, scratching, or anything else that might indicate circulation, it is common for these coins to obtain breaks in luster, contact marks, or spotted surfaces all of these are results from the minting process and do not decrease the coin’s value as a brilliant uncirculated coin. Brilliant uncirculated American Gold Eagles are packaged in tubes of 20 coins, sealed by the US Mint.

Why Buy Precious Metals From Apmex

Where to Buy Gold and Silver Coins

APMEX, the leading Precious Metals dealer in the United States, understands the needs of Gold and Silver investors. Now surpassing 20 years in business, APMEX distinguishes itself through exceptional customer service, unmatched product quality and options, and a brain trust of resources to help investors develop their ideal investment portfolio.

Although Precious Metals can be part of a balanced portfolio, APMEX understands this investment isnt for everyone. It may not suit those who prefer to see their wealth confined purely to numbers on a page. Thrill-seekers may be disappointed to find that Gold prices and Silver prices dont fluctuate wildly at the whim of global stock markets, as many factors are involved in Precious Metals pricing. Unlike traders of buy-today-sell-tomorrow commodities, investors in Gold and Silver have been known to pass down their collections to future generations. They understand the unique value of an investment they can hold.

APMEX provides highly trained representatives to help you buy Precious Metals online. Whether educational purposes or simply for assistance navigating the website, click here and be one step closer to diversifying your Precious Metals portfolio.

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Buy Silver Bullion Coins

Silver was first used as a currency in 700 B.C. and has long held an honorable place in currencies around the world, from the Greek drachma to the British pound sterling. Silver is appealing as a safe haven asset, but also for its natural utility as an industrial metal and its aesthetics as a metal of beauty.

As such, silver bullion coins warrant just as much attention as gold bullion coins. When purchased alongside gold bullion coins, silver bullion coins can act as the “finishing touch” to your diversification strategy. Silver bullion coins can also act as the foundational building blocks of a precious metals portfolio, thanks to silvers lower price point when compared to gold. U.S. Money Reserve carries some of the most in-demand silver bullion coins for sale today, including the Silver Eagle and the Pearl Harbor Silver Coin.

Buy a silver bullion coin as a diversifier or as a safe haven. Either way, you’ll be joining a centuries-long legacy of silver ownership when you make your purchase. Shop online or call to place an order over the phone.

One Ounce Canadian Maple Leaf

Purity .9999 $50 Canadian face value

Backed by: Commonwealth of Canada

Can also be bought in half, quarter, tenth, and twentieth-ounce denominations

Special Note: Royal Canadian Mints advanced security measures make this the most secure gold coin in the world.

Can also be bought in half, quarter, and tenth-ounce denominations

Special Note: The Perth Mint produces a new depiction of the Kangaroo every year

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Who Mints Gold Bullion Coins

Since Gold Bullion Coins are backed by central governments, there are numerous sovereign mints that are globally respected for their products. Some examples of these mints are:

-United States Mint: Opened their doors in 1792, as per our Founding Fathers’ requests, and produced the very first American gold coin in 1795.

-Royal Canadian Mint: Founded in 1908, and released the first Canadian gold coin in 1912.

-Central Mint of China: Established in 1920, although the first gold coin in China was made around the 5th or 6th century BC.

-Perth Mint: Opened in 1899 but the first Australian gold coin was minted in 1800.

-South African Mint: The first South African gold coin was minted in 1817 and the mint opened in 1941.

Fast Secure Shipping Every Day

Photo of Festive gold and silver candy coins

Most orders ship the same or next business day after payment clears. Discretion is the first step of our security precautions, so the well-packaged order is not only insulated enough to keep items from moving inside, it is also devoid of any indicators of its contents. Return address information and other necessary details leave off the nature of the contents. On top of those sensible precautions, our shipping policy also includes:

  • Your order is picked and packed on camera
  • Triple-confirmed order accuracy at the point of packaging
  • Insurance for contents in transit
  • Tracking information so you can monitor your order in transit
  • Free shipping on orders over $5,000

These policies are designed to make buying silver coins online easy, safe, and cost-effective.

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Silver Coins For Sale At Apmex

Sovereign mints primarily mint silver coins, but a few private mints are contracted to produce Silver bullion coins. Silver coins have various finishes, from Proof to Brilliant Uncirculated , and a range of designs. The different designs can feature historical figures, animals, iconic sites and more. Whether it’s investment-grade Silver coins or unique display pieces, APMEX carries a wide variety of Silver coins available for purchase.

Selling Gold & Silver Bars

Gold and silver bars generally have high resale value, especially those bars that have been kept in professional vault storage.

Bullion bars produced by the most reputable mints and refineries have the strongest resale value. These bars come with a seal from the mint of origin, and sometimes include a serial number for easy identification and certification. With these bars there is low risk involved in buying or selling.

Browse our gold and silver bars

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Unbeatable Inventory & Selection

You will find the variety in stock includes popular brands of bullion as well as several currency coins, proofs, and even assorted poured silver objects.

No matter what form you prefer to buy silver in, you will find options that include convenient price breaks when you buy in bulk. It’s our way of making it easy for you to invest in bulk silver online.

A Brief History Of Silver Coins

Where Can I Buy Gold and Silver? | Coin Collecting Tips By Sahara Coins

For thousands of years, silver coins were synonymous with money. As one of the oldest forms of currency, silver coins were the foundation of trade in the ancient world. First used in Greece, Persia, Rome, India, and China, silver coins helped standardize trade across civilizations and they were used in circulation until late in the 20th century. The face value of modern coins that contain silver is now much lower than the value of the silver bullion contained in the coin. However, rare silver coins still have numismatic value, meaning collectors are willing to pay more for the rarity of the coin.

Silver was used in circulating currency in the United States up until 1964, while in Canada it was used in circulating silver quarters until 1968. In 1986, the United States government mints first began minting official silver bullion coins and silver rounds for investors, though commemorative silver coins had been produced since silver went out of circulation in currency. Today, silver has grown in profile as an investment, partly thanks to high profile silver investments made by the likes of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, and partly because of a long bull run on silver that started after the turn of the century.

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Purchasing Gold And Silver Bullion In Massachusetts

Date Submitted: 10/10/2019 06:49 AM

Average star voting: 5

Summary: Find the best local precious metals shops in Massachusetts, and also learn the sales tax ramifications of purchasing gold and silver locally in MA.

Match with the search results: Order Status Find Information Fast · Sell To Us Most Popular Products 800-735-1311 Shop By Golden Eagle Coins Buying Gold & Silver in Massachusetts.. read more

Do Banks Buy And Sell Gold Coins

The answer to the above question will depend on where you live. A lot of banks in the US sell gold coins but they would not usually publish information about it on their websites or advertise it openly for security reasons.

Banks like HSBC and Leader Bank sell gold coins but to get a comprehensive list of banks that sell gold coins in your location, visit the website of the US mint, and use their authorized dealer locator to find banks that sell gold coins around you.

You can also call your bank and ask them if they sell gold coins. Many banks would not openly advertise the fact that they sell gold coins but if you call them, they would readily offer you helpful information on how to buy gold coins from them.

Just like it was stated above, in some countries it is quite common to buy gold coins from banks however in the US it is not the case. Federal Reserve does not deal with individual customers and only sells directly to banks.

In very rare cases, some banks might offer commemorative series gold or silver coins but this might take place only for very limited time periods. So, if you want to buy gold coins from a bank in the US, this will not be possible because most US banks will not sell gold bullion coins or bars to the public.

While most banks hold a portion of their securities in gold bullion bars, these are not for sale to the public. It may be possible to buy gold coins from a bank in Switzerland and some other countries but not in the United States.

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The Best Places To Buy Silver Coins

Most silver coins are bought in one of two places: at a local coin shop, or online.

Believe it or not, youll likely find better pricing online than at a coin shop, even after factoring in shipping costs. Thats because the overhead at a brick-and-mortar store is higher. But thats just part of the difference between them.

Heres the pros and cons of your two basic options

The Best Gold Coins To Buy

Pile of gold and silver chocolate coins

There are a lot of gold coins on the market. But they all fall into two basic categories: standard bullion coins, or numismatic coins.

Bullion coins simply refer to gold coins that are made almost exclusively from precious metal, in this case gold. Their attraction is that they consist of highly refined gold and are viewed primarily as an investment. Some bullion coins have an alloy to make the coin more durable, since gold is a soft metal. Bullion coins are not regarded as a collector coin, which is a different class of coin .

You can buy bullion coins from a number of government mints that produce them each year. These are generally referred to as sovereign coins, meaning they are manufactured by that government. They also come with a face value . These face values are mostly symbolic at this point, since the gold content of the coin makes them worth a lot more than the value printed on the coin. But each government guarantees they will always be worth the amount stated.

Private mints also make gold coins, called rounds. While usually of good quality, they dont come with a face value or the same government backing. This makes them less attractive than sovereign gold coins, and thus the popularity of gold rounds is limited not high .

The best rule of thumb on whether to buy numismatic coins is this:

Unless you plan to become a coin collector, avoid numismatics and their higher premiums.

Add it all up and

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Gold Freedom And Hope

The 2021 Gold Freedom and Hope coin is struck by the Royal Dutch Mint from 1/4 oz. of .9999 pure gold. Minted 245 years after the Declaration of Independence, this coin symbolizes the growth and development of the United States, as well as its continued dedication to defending freedom at home and abroad.

  • Producer: Royal Dutch Mint
  • IRA Eligible: Yes

Silver World War Ii Victory

The 2020 Silver World War II Victory coin is struck by the Perth Mint from 2 oz. of .9999 pure silver and commemorates the 75th anniversary of the victory of the allied forces in World War II. Symbolizing unity and strength, the coin’s reverse portrays an American and Australian soldier marching in unison against a backdrop of allied aircraft. The design is surrounded by an olive branch symbolic of peace and incorporates the inscription “WWII VICTORY 1945”.

  • Producer: Perth Mint
  • IRA Eligible: Yes

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