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Pear Shaped Engagement Rings Rose Gold

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What Are The Different Types Of Engagement Rings Designs

Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

At Michael Hill we offer a wide range of different engagement ring designs to account for the many different styles and personalities of the men and women who wear them.

Most engagement rings feature a central stone, usually a diamond – though gemstones such as sapphire and morganite are also popular. Some engagement rings feature a centrepiece with a cluster of smaller stones that are set to give the look of a larger stone, or to create a unique shape, called cluster engagement rings. Engagement stones come in a range of cuts, including pear, round brilliant, princess, oval cut and more. These can be set in a solitaire style, with the stone taking centre stage on a white or yellow gold band, or in a halo style, surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds for added sparkle. Vintage-inspired engagement rings are also a popular choice, offering a uniquely romantic charm.

Pear Cut Engagement Rings

Discover and shop Wallace Bishop’s unique range of Pear Cut Engagement Rings in beautiful styles, and precious metals including Halo, Cluster and Multistone set in 9ct or 18ct Yellow Gold or White Gold.

Our beautiful Pear Cut Engagement Rings hold sparkling, naturally sourced diamonds, ready for your special moment.

Shop more Engagement Rings online or in-store at Wallace Bishop.


Rose Gold Pear Shaped Moissanite Wedding Set


Pear shaped Moissanite engagement ring set vintage art deco rose gold unique engagement ring women Diamond wedding Bridal Promise gift

Mollyjewelryus Rose gold Pear shaped Moissanite Wedding Set Parameter


METAL: available in 14k or 18k solid yellow gold, white gold, rose gold

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How Do I Choose The Right Diamond Cut

Choosing the right diamond cut for your engagement ring is a deeply personal decision, so be sure to follow your heart and select the cut you love, rather than what might be fashionable or popular.

The cut you choose will depend on the style you like, whether that be contemporary or traditional, classic elegance or maximum impact. A round brilliant or princess cut diamond is a timeless choice, while a pear or emerald cut diamond in a halo ring setting can give a more contemporary feel. When selecting your diamond cut, make sure you choose something you will love wearing for a lifetime. For more information on diamond cuts, consult our diamond guide.

Pear Shaped Engagement Ring Rose Gold

9X7 Pear Shape Morganite Engagement Ring

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Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

Whether theyve already said Yes or youre looking for a piece to take their breath away when you ask the question, selecting an engagement ring is a momentous and deeply personal occasion. Choosing a womens or mens engagement ring signifies the beginning of the wedding preparations, and the start of your married life. To find the perfect engagement ring, its important to focus on the style and personality of the wearer and select a piece that will not only suit them, but that they will love to wear for a lifetime. Consider if their style is modern or vintage, opulent or simple, and select the stone, cut, carat and setting that best matches their style. You may decide on a round brilliant cut diamond set in a white gold band for a timeless and simple style, or a pear shaped diamond or oval cut sapphire to make a modern statement. Whatever design you choose, keeping your partner front and centre while making your selection or involving them in the process will ensure you find a piece they will treasure forever. To get started choosing an engagement ring your partner will love, view our helpful guide.

Rose Gold Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

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What Is The Best Setting For A Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

The best setting for a pear shaped diamond is a six-prong setting: two on either side, and a supporting prong each at the tip and base. While it carries a sense of divine strength, the pear shaped diamond ring does need more protection than other diamond cuts, thanks to its v shape. Ensuring the pears point is protected with a well-placed prong will minimize risk of catching on clothes and hair, and ensure its edge is fortified from chipping. The pear looks stunning with white-gold prongs, but its setting can be any precious metal. White gold, yellow gold, or a rose gold pear engagement ring all provide a sense of character, warmth and radiance.

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Vintage Inspired Rose Gold Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Set: Shanel & Tempest
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    What Is A Pear Cut Diamond

    Named for their shape resembling a pear fruit, pear cut diamonds sometimes referred to as teardrop diamonds have a round edge and a tapered tip, for a unique and elongated look. Pear shaped diamonds are a type of brilliant cut, meaning they are cut for maximum sparkle.Pear cut diamonds have an old-world romance , but are on-trend to this day thanks to their unique, pointed shape, large look, and the ability to elongate your fingers.

    Finding The Right Engagement Rings For You

    Shopping for the right antique, new or vintage engagement ring can prove daunting.

    Whether youre looking for that perfect Art Deco engagement ring, an antique Edwardian period engagement ring or a fashionable contemporary alternative, its important to choose a style that speaks to you.

    Rings have long been signifiers of marriage and committed relationships. The modern diamond engagement ring can be traced back to 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria commissioned an expensive diamond ring for his betrothed. Diamond rings subsequently became extremely popular among the European aristocracy. Later, during the Victorian era, the popularity of diamond engagement rings had filtered down to the middle class, owing to the increasing accessibility and affordability of gold and diamonds.

    Victorian-era engagement rings were simple, frequently set in rose or yellow gold. The diamonds were five-set in a band or solitaire. In 1886, Tiffany debuted its innovative six-prong diamond solitaire engagement ring, while Cartiers Solitaire 1895 engagement ring resembled delicate lace. Victorian-era engagement rings also saw other gemstones accompanying diamonds small seed pearls and moonstones were popular. Other sentimental and romantic motifs such as hearts and stars took hold as well.

    When you’re ready to mark your momentous occasion, find a vast collection of engagement rings on 1stDibs.

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    Rose Gold Pear Diamond Engagement Rings

    Shop our enchanting engagement ring collection at Diamond Heaven and give your partner the perfect proposal.

    Our stunning collection of Engagement Rings are available in a range of settings and styles. From White Gold Solitaire Rings to Rose Gold Diamond Rings, you will be sure to find the perfect Engagement Ring.

    Our Engagement Rings are completely customisable so you can give your partner the ring of their dreams. Get engagement rings with 0% finance and a 12-month warranty. This includes wedding rings too.

    Book a consultation with our specialists and view our collection of Engagement Rings in person at one of our showrooms. We have a number of showrooms in the UK Birmingham, London, Manchester, Glasgow and Cardiff.

    At Diamond Heaven, we’ll be sure to help you find the perfect engagement ring you’ve always dreamed of.

    Is A Pear Shaped Diamond Good

    14k Rose Gold diamond engagement ring, containing round diamonds 3/4 ...

    Thanks to its 58 facets, the pear shaped diamond is one of the most dazzling cuts. Many use a curved wedding band for a pear engagement ring to complement the diamond’s elegant shape. The pear shaped diamond can look larger than other shapes due to its elongated naturemeaning you get more dazzle, with less diamond. No matter what you choose, your pear diamond ring will make an impact.

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    What Finger Is An Engagement Ring Usually Worn On

    While the engagement ring is often worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, also known as the ring finger, this may vary depending on your culture and beliefs.

    In many countries around the world, engagement and wedding rings are worn on the right hand, and the increased popularity of mens engagement rings has meant many men choose to wear their engagement ring on their right hand, and their wedding band on their left hand.

    Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

    Pear shaped engagement rings are trending for all the right reasons. feature stunning curves that meet at a point, creating a teardrop shape with unique faceting that allows for maximum, scintillating sparkle. A pear shaped engagement ring is a chic yet classic design that’s made to last and be on-trend for a lifetime. A pear shaped engagement ring pairs excellently with a for a truly timeless, classic look. They’re also stunning with eye-catching , chunky metal bands, and modern open rings.

    To peruse our favorites, check out our all-inclusive on the most popular pear shaped rings. For further questions a pear shaped engagement ring, please contact our jewelry specialists who are happy to help you via phone, chat, virtual or in-person appointment.

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    How Do You Wear A Pear Cut Diamond

    Pear cut diamonds are worn in two different ways. Brides commonly wear a pear shaped engagement ring with the tapered end, or tip of the diamond, pointing away from the hand and towards the fingernails like a beautiful raindrop suspended in time. Others wear their pear shaped ring with their tip pointing towards your hand. By flipping the way these rings are usually worn, you will instantly have a unique and contemporary aesthetic. Its entirely up to your personal style and which look you prefer.

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