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How Much Does We Buy Gold Pay

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Im Ready To Sell My Precious Metals Items Where Do I Go From Here

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You can jump directly into our Payouts Catalog which provides easy-to-use filtering to help you find your specific items, as well as a comprehensive listing of all the other precious metals we buy. All products are listed with up to the minute pricing so you can see exactly what the payout will be for each listed bar or coin. You can also use the ‘Sell to Us’ area while navigating through the variety of products within our store.

How To Sell Gold Coins Gold Bullion And Gold Bars

You might be wondering if theres any difference between selling scrap gold, gold plated jewelry, or other forms of gold, as opposed to selling gold coins, bullion, or bars.

The short answer is no.

Buyers are more concerned with the qualities of the gold youre selling than what form youre selling. To them, it all comes down to melt weight and purity.

Of course, the exception here is if youre selling forms of gold that have numismatic value, such as rare coins, antique gold jewelry, and so forth.

But for the vast majority of gold, your best bet is to start with Cash for Gold USA.

Cash For Golds Price For Gold Calculator

If you know some of the details of the gold you have to sell, you can get a fairly accurate idea of how much you might get paid by Cash for Gold USA.

The front page of the website has a gold calculator so that you can get an estimate based on todays price of gold on the spot market. Its about 2/3rds of the way down on the right side. See it outlined in red below:

If you know the weight and karats of your gold, you can get an instant price . Of course, the price is not binding and does not reflect the actual payout. Youll have to submit your gold for an actual appraisal before a dollar amount can be locked in.

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Selling Gold Coins Vs Selling Other Types Of Gold

The process for selling gold coins is quite different from that for selling gold jewelry, such as a gold wedding band or engagement ring.

As weve covered in our guide to selling gold jewelry, there are many merchants that buy gold jewelry. For example, if you have a gold wedding band that youd like to sell, youll usually be able to sell it online or offline to a local jewelry store or pawn shop.

Gold coins, on the other hand, are more of a niche item. To be more precise, gold coins are a type of gold bullion . As such, theyre usually treated as an investment or store of value, rather than as a consumer gold item.

How Much Is 18k Gold Worth

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18k gold consists of 75% gold and 25% some other metal. Since it is less pure than 24k gold, youll get less money for an item that is 18k gold than one that is 24k gold.

To find out how much money your 18k gold item is worth, all you need to go is:

  • Look of the current spot price of gold in grams
  • Weigh your 18k gold and multiply that number by 0.75. This will tell you how much pure gold you have.
  • Multiply that number with the current spot price of gold.

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Do All Items Get Melted Down

While most of the gold we buy does get melted down, about 5% of the items we see do actually get polished, repaired and resold. By buying gold with the intent to resell, we are able to offer higher prices for these items. We also buy and resell diamonds and bullion.

Here are some of the things we consider when determining if an item can be resold and a premium price offered:

  • Are there any diamonds in the piece? We always pay a higher amount for items with diamonds.
  • Is the piece from a brand name like Tiffany or Cartier? Again, we always pay a premium for high-end brand name items.
  • Is there a resale market for this item? Items that are still in style and purchased in the last few years, antique jewellery, and staples are the most likely to fit into this category.
  • How heavy is the item? While we pay a premium price for heavier jewellery, often this gold was purchased and popular when the market value of gold was much lower and the piece more affordable. Heavy jewellery are usually melted downs. Smaller pieces with a high degree of craftsmanship and intricacy are more likely to be resold.
  • What kind of condition is the item in? While we do repair many pieces before reselling them, this does add to our cost. Some items move from the online store to the melting pot based on condition.
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    Why Investors Like Gold

    Gold has a proven track record for returns, liquidity, and low correlations, making it a highly effective diversifier, says Juan Carlos Artigas, director of investment research at the World Gold Council.

    These qualities are especially important for investors:

    • Returns: Gold has outperformed stocks and bonds over certain stretches, though it doesnt always beat them.
    • Liquidity: If youre buying certain kinds of gold-based assets, you can readily convert them to cash.
    • Low correlations: Gold often performs differently from stocks and bonds, meaning when they go up, gold may go down or vice versa.

    In addition, gold offers other potential advantages:

    • Diversification: Because gold is generally not highly correlated to other assets, it can help diversify portfolios, meaning the overall portfolio is less volatile.
    • Defensive store of value: Investors often retreat to gold when they perceive threats to the economy, making it a defensive investment.

    Those are a few of the major benefits of gold, but the investment like all investments is not without risks and drawbacks.

    While gold performs well sometimes, its not always clear when to purchase it. Since gold by itself doesnt produce cash flow, its difficult to determine when its cheap. Thats not the case with stocks, where there are clearer signals based on the companys earnings.

    Where Does The Money Go: Our 2017 Gold Purchase Audit*:

    How to make money on YouTube in 2021 (and how much I earn)

    91% Payouts for their gold made directly to our customers. We pay a minimum of 80% on all scrap jewellery and much more for bullion, premium jewellery, and large amounts of gold. In 2017, our average payout for refined gold was 91% of the market rate of gold.

    4.8% Wages, Rent and Overhead.

    2.7% Marketing and outreach

    2% Profit

    0.5% refining cost

    Our business is based off volume and we help people cash out on millions of dollars of gold every year. We strive to keep our costs as low as possible while still offering the highest level of expertise and a safe place to sell valuables.

    Other businesses that pay less often have much lower volumes and much higher costs per dollar of gold they bring in.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About How To Buy Gold

    • How do I store my gold?

      Once youve purchased your gold, youll also need to find a safe place to store it. There are several options to consider, including the following:

    • Bullion dealers. Many gold dealers will also offer a storage service where you can keep your gold bars or coins for a fee, so ask about the storage options available when you make your purchase.
    • Safety deposit boxes. You can rent a safety deposit box at a bank to securely store your gold bullion.
    • Secure vault storage. For high-level security, you may want to research vault storage companies near you and the storage options they offer.
    • At home. You can also choose to store your gold at home. This obviously may not be as secure as some other options, so you may want to get a home safe installed. Youll also need to update your home and contents insurance to make sure your precious metal is covered by your policy .
  • Do banks sell gold?

    Some banks do sell gold to customers, but many do not. Canadas Big 5 banks TD Canada Trust, CIBC, BMO, RBC and Scotiabank all sell gold and other precious metals. If youre interested in buying from a bank, talk a local bank representative to find out what your options are, and make sure your investment comes with a secure way of storing your precious metals. Youre also more likely to get a better price if you are a customer of the bank youre buying gold from.

  • Disclaimer:

    What Is A Gold Spot Price

    The spot price is the price that gold will sell today on the spot. The gold spot price is used by gold buyers to set the price they will offer you for your gold today.

    Gold spot prices is the value of gold to be delivered immediately after purchase is called the spot price, calculated as the average net value of all currently traded gold futures for the next month.

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    How Should I Pack My Precious Metals

    We recommend that you pack your precious metals to protect them from other items within the package and from the items moving around within the box. Coins and bars that are lose in the packaging could damage each other during the journey to our facility. Using materials that will securely anchor the items to the center of the box can help prevent movement from occurring during shipment. This also allows us to easily locate all the items within the package when it arrives at our facility.

    Are There Other Online Gold Buyers Worth Considering

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    Yes. There are certain niche buyers in the marketplace who may be a better fit for your gold selling needs.

    Weve mentioned rare gold coins and antique jewelry. Some of those can be quite valuable, way above the melt price youd receive from a gold buyer only interested in weight and karats.

    There are literally thousands of specialists who know the market for rare gold coins, antiques, heirloom and estate pieces. They have the connections and can offer you top dollar, or they can assist you in a competitive auction situation if warranted.

    To truly know the value of what you are selling, its advisable to get an appraisal by a member of the American Society of Appraisers, the International Society of Appraisers or the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers.

    Appraisals should be done on a flat fee and should range from $100 to $400, depending on how long the appraisal takes. Simple rings may take no more than an hour but larger pieces with elaborate settings and multiple gems could take three or four hours to appraise.

    Appraisals, often conducted for insurance purposes, determine the retail replacement cost of your jewelry, not the resale price.

    If youre getting an appraisal with the idea of reselling, then ask the appraiser if he or she can also give you a resale price estimate.

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    How Much Does Gold Exchange Pay For Gold And Diamonds

    For your Gold:

    There are 3components which determine the price of gold:

  • Weight
  • Purity
  • Current market gold price.
  • If you have bullions and coins, Gold Exchange will pay you 98% to 100% of the gold spot price, for gold jewellery we will pay you 85% to 100% of gold spot price. The higher the purity, the more value your gold items are worth.

    If your jewellery or gold item is not 24ct pure gold then there are other metals in your jewellery. The gold table below will help you understand how much actual gold content there normally should be in your jewellery:


    Private And Confidential Yes But

    First, when it comes to privacy and confidentiality, there are two issues to consider: buying and selling.

    When you buy precious metals in the US…

    The transaction is almost always private. There is no reporting requirement from a gold dealer to the IRS of what we sold to you, unless BOTH of the following conditions exist:

    1. The transaction exceed $10,000 AND

    2. Actual cash is used to make the purchase.

    In this highly unlikely event, a dealer would be required to file a Form 8300 with the IRS, as well as a Suspicious Activity Report with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network , due to regulations under the U.S. Patriot Act and Anti-Money Laundering rules. Your transaction is also confidential. The payment methods on our website are all encrypted. We also do not sell your email address or any information about you whatsoever to any agency, public or private. One other exception: when you sell gold or silver inside an IRA, this triggers a reporting requirement from the custodian on what is called Form 5498, which discloses all of your IRA investments each year. This is ostensibly so the IRS can track your basis and properly check your calculations for taxes owed at the time of withdrawal.

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    Are There Hidden Fees

    We pride ourselves in being an honest business and we are transparent about our fees. You will be able to see a full tally of what we will pay for your items and any associated fees, prior to confirming your intent to sell. We take care of the costs of shipping and ensuring the metals as they are transferred to our facility.

    This Is The Melt Price

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    This value is what is known as the melt price of this particular chain. The melt price refers to the actual price that your jeweler would receive from a refiner if they chose to melt it down and just be paid for the value of the gold.

    The melt price, like the gold price, changes on a daily basis, but as long as gold stays stable in price, it will pretty much remain the same for any given period of time. Keep in mind that the melt price does not take into consideration any other factors, such as labor to create the piece, any stones that may be set into the piece, or any margin for profit that will be added on at the point of sale. Well discuss these points below.

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    How Much Is Rose Gold Worth

    As with regular gold, how much your rose gold is worth will depend on its karat.

    18k rose gold contains 75% gold. To determine how much your 18k rose gold is worth, just find its weight in grams and multiply that by 0.75. Then, multiply that number by the current spot price of gold.

    14k rose gold contains 58.3% gold. To figure out how much your 14k rose gold is worth, find its weight in grams and multiply that weight by 0.583. Then multiply that number by the current spot price of gold.

    Tax Implications Of Selling Gold

    You may incur some tax liabilities when you sell some forms of gold. There are no tax reporting requirements when you buy.

    Bullion dealers are required to file IRS reports when certain thresholds are met. An IRS 1099-B form must be filed in the following instances:

    The reason these items must be reported is that all of them currently trade or used to be traded on commodity exchanges.

    IRS regulations require brokers to report all proceeds from stack and commodity transactions. Reporting also only applies if you sell at least the minimum quantity that is equal to the quantity of a commodity contract for the object.

    Form 1099-B reporting requirements do not apply to any other coins such as American Gold Eagles, American Buffalo, Austrian, Australian , Chinese or any fractional bullion gold coins.

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    How Much Does We Buy Gold In The United States Pay

    See WE BUY GOLD salaries collected directly from employees and jobs on Indeed.

    Please note that all salary figures are approximations based upon third party submissions to Indeed. These figures are given to the Indeed users for the purpose of generalized comparison only. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures.

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