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When Will I Get My Golden State Stimulus Check

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California Golden State Stimulus Timeline – When Will I Receive my $600 CA Golden State Stimulus
  • Your California Adjusted Gross Income is $1 to $75,000 for the 2020 tax year.
  • You have wages of $0 to $75,000 for the 2020 tax year.
  • You are a California resident for more than half of the 2020 tax year.
  • You’re a California resident on the date payment is issued.
  • You cannot be claimed as a dependent by another taxpayer.

Click here for a complete list of qualifications.

How Does Eligibility Differ For The Golden State Stimulus Check From The Payments Made By The Federal Government

There are two main differences in the eligibility requirements between the two types of direct payments.

The first is based on income. The checks sent by the State of California are going to workers making $30,000 or less, while at the federal level the cap for individuals was set at $75,000.

The second difference relates to the types of identification needed to qualify. To receive a stimulus check from the federal government, one must have a Social Security number. This left immigrant residents in California without federal aid.

Rather than requiring a Social Security number, California requires a recipient to have an individual tax identification number , which workers use when filing their taxes. The decision was made to use the ITIN numbers to support immigrant and mixed-status families to receive benefits that they were unable to claim from the federal government. Some advocacy organizations have stated that they appreciate that these changes were made but highlight that much more could be done by state lawmakers to fill the gaps faced by these workers and their families.

California Stimulus Checks: See When Your Zip Code Will Receive A Payment

Stacks of cash are seen in a file photo.

More than 1 million Californians who qualify for a Golden State Stimulus check but havent received one yet could see a payment as soon as this week.

Thats because the state is preparing to distribute another round starting this Friday.

A total of 1.15 million payments valued at $857 million will be sent out in this latest batch, according to the California Franchise Tax Board.

The disbursement includes 400,000 payments that will be directly deposited into bank accounts this Friday, as well 750,000 paper checks that will be mailed out starting next Monday.

For those anticipating a payment, officials note that it can take several days for direct deposits to show up in bank accounts, and up to three weeks to receive a check by mail after its sent.

Under the GSS II program, California has been sending out checks of up to $1,100 $600 for an individual plus an extra $500 for a qualifying dependent to eligible residents who earned $75,000 or less last year. The funds were approved by lawmakers under the states last budget.

To date, California has issued about 4.5 million Golden State Stimulus II checks, valuing $3.2 billion, according to the Franchise Tax Board. Of those, the state distributed 3.3 million payments through direct deposit and 1.2 million more by mail.

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Golden State Stimulus Payment: How Much Will You Get

$600 Golden State Stimulus check

According to the FTB, you will get a $600 one-time payment if:

– you receive the CalEITC- you do not receive the CalEITC but are an ITIN filer who earned $75,000 or less in 2020- you filed a joint tax return, you or your spouse is an ITIN filer and you earned $75,000 or less in 2020

$1,200 Golden State Stimulus check

According to the FTB, you will get a $1,200 one-time payment if:

– you receive the CalEITC, are an ITIN filer and earned $75,000 or less in 2020

– you filed a joint tax return, you receive the CalEITC, you or your spouse is an ITIN filer and you earned $75,000 or less in 2020

Through the Golden State Stimulus, we are already sending $1.6 billion to 2.5 million Californians who need it the most – and were just getting started. These $600 payments have put money back in the pockets of Californias families – helping them make ends meet.

Office of the Governor of California May 6, 2021

California Department Of Social Services

Track The Status Of Your Stimulus Check With The Get My ...

The California Department of Social Services provides additional information on the Golden State Grant Program and the most up-to-date answers to many of your questions, including:

  • Do I qualify of the Golden State Grant Program ?
  • How will I receive the Grant payment?
  • When will I receive the Grant payment?

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How Much Money Will I Get

For most Californians who qualify, you do not need to do anything to receive GSS II other than file your 2020 tax return. If you still need to file, you can find different options for filing online, on paper or in person before the deadline on Oct. 15,

If youd like to see if you qualify, or estimate the amount of your GSS II, you can go to the Franchise Tax Board estimator. If you have a Social Security number and meet all the GSS II requirements above, you should receive $600 if you had no dependents, and $1,100 if you claimed at least one dependent. Note that some of the payment amounts change depending on whether you received GSS I, whether you have an SSN or ITIN and if you are married filing separately.

Tracking My Golden State Stimulus Payment

Most recipients will be getting their payment by direct deposit with most of these electronic payments expected before October 15 . Two million payments went out yesterday, so here’s hoping yours is en route to your bank account right now.

The payments are going out every fortnight, with most going out before that October 15 date. The next batch is going out on October, according to the authorities.

In general, if you filed after August 20 then count on waiting at least 45 days for your return to be processed and a check issued.

If you don’t have direct deposit set up then you will receive a paper check, if you do, then the money will be wired directly to your account.

The physical checks are coming out on a different timeframe, which is based on your ZIP code.

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Return An Erroneous Payment

If you received the Golden State Stimulus payment and believe this is an error, please review the eligibility qualifications above to verify this is an erroneous payment. Once verified, follow the instructions that correspond to the payment received:

Direct deposits:

  • Contact your financial institution and advise that you are refusing this payment.
  • If there are issues with the payment refusal with your financial institution, contact us.
  • Paper checks that have not been cashed:

  • Keep the stub attached to check. Do not endorse the check.
  • Include a letter of explanation, including recipient taxpayer name and identification number and stating you received the GSS payment erroneously.
  • Mail the original check and letter of explanation to:

    ATTN: Golden State Stimulus FundFranchise Tax Board

  • Paper checks that have been cashed:

  • Send a personal check or money order payable to Franchise Tax Board.
  • State ââ¬ÅErroneous GSS paymentââ¬ï¿½ on the check/money order memo area.
  • Include a letter of explanation, including the recipient taxpayer name and identification number and stating you received the GSS payment erroneously.
  • Mail your personal check/money order and letter of explanation to:

    ATTN: Golden State Stimulus FundFranchise Tax BoardRancho Cordova, CA 95741-3070

  • Golden State Stimulus Ii Eligibility

    Will I get the Golden State Stimulus check soon? Heres what you should know

    The state of California is in the process of sending stimulus payments to about 9 million eligible people. In previous rounds, the FTB sent payments to about 4.5 million people.

    • $600 payments will be made to qualified taxpayers with a Social Security number, an Adjusted Gross Income between $1-$75,000 , and didn’t receive the first round of Golden State Stimulus payments.
    • $1,000 payments will go out to qualified ITIN filers making $75,000 or less and have one or more dependents.
    • Additional payment for families with dependents. Eligible families who file with a Social Security Number with one or more dependents are eligible for an additional $500.

    If you are wondering how much you could receive from the Golden State Stimulus, the FTB has a tool here.

    If you have questions, you can contact the FTB about the Golden State Stimulus:


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    Financial Burden Can Fall To Caretakers

    Sydney Chandler manages the finances and healthcare of her cousin, Chris Batiste, who is paralyzed. Batiste breathes through an apparatus and communicates with Chandler through a laptop, blinks and head movements.

    Chandler, who is a Los Angeles-based writer, said she was livid to learn that SSDI recipients were left out of the state stimulus. To her, it was just another obstacle in the arbitrary and bureaucratic maze that people with disabilities face in trying to attain a liveable income.

    Caretakers often carry a significant financial burden. Batiste receives $975 per month in SSDI, and Chandler said she contributes over $1,000 more each month to help cover his rent and full-time nursing.

    If it wasnt for me, he would be one of the homeless, Chandler said, and youre telling me that you couldnt set up a portal for SSDI to input their information?

    This article is part of the California Divide, a collaboration among newsrooms examining income inequality and economic survival in California.

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    How To Know If You Qualify

    In order to receive a payment via the second Golden State Stimulus check, you will have needed to make 75,000 dollars or less last year and that will allow you to receive 600 dollars, as well as an additional 500 dollars for those with at least one dependent.

    Those recipients of Social Security could also receive a check, with the condition being that their SS is not part of their income and you have an adjusted gross income of 75,000 dollars or less.

    In order to determine who is eligible, the state of California is looking at residents 2020 tax returns. Those taxpayers eligible for the payment are therefore urged to submit your return before October 15.

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    You Receive Your Ca Tax Refund By Mail

    California began issuing batches of stimulus payments by direct deposit back in late August but only started sending paper checks out by mail earlier this month. As a result, those who typically get their state refund through the mail should expect a delay possibly even through the new year.

    Additionally, where you live can also affect when you get the payment, as mailing times are based on the taxpayers last three digits of their ZIP code.

    The Franchise Tax Board provided the following timeline of when it expects mailed payments to go out:

    Last 3 digits of ZIP code/mailing time frame

    • 000-044: Oct. 6 through Oct. 27
    • 045-220: Oct. 18 through Nov. 5
    • 221-375: Nov. 1 through Nov. 19
    • 376-584: Nov. 15 through Dec. 3
    • 585-719: Nov. 29 through Dec. 17
    • 720-927: Dec. 13 through Dec. 31
    • 928-999: Dec. 27 through Jan. 11, 2022

    You Receive Social Security Or Other Benefits But No Extra Income

    Get My Payment tool to track stimulus checks now live on ...

    People who receive Social Security, CalWorks and CalFresh benefits, Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Payment/and Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants, State Disability Insurance and VA disability benefits, or unemployment income generally do not qualify for a GSS II payment if those benefits are their only income source, according to the state, noting that those forms are not included in AGI.

    However, if the recipient has other sources that do count as adjusted gross income, they may qualify to receive a stimulus check.

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    When To Expect Your Golden State Stimulus Payment

    According to the FTB, these are the time periods in which you should expect to receive your Golden State Stimulus payment, depending on when you filed your tax return:

    1. If you filed taxes between 1 Jan and 1 Mar

    If you filed your taxes between 1 January and 1 March, your stimulus check will arrive after 15 April: within two weeks of that date for direct-deposit recipients and within four to six weeks for paper check recipients.

    2. If you filed taxes between 2 Mar and 23 Apr

    If you filed your tax return between 2 March and 23 April, your stimulus check will arrive after 1 May: within two weeks of that date for direct-deposit recipients and within four to six weeks for paper check recipients.

    3. If you file taxes after 23 Apr

    If you file after 23 April, direct-deposit recipients will get their check within 45 days of their return being processed and paper-check recipients will be paid theirs within 60 days of their return being processed.

    The FTB has a useful wait time dashboard letting California taxpayers know how long it will take for their tax return to be processed after filing.

    Golden State Stimulus I

    California signed the Golden State Stimulus I, which includes $600-$1200 cash payments to eligible residents.

    Eligibility is based on your 2020 tax return . You will need to file your 2020 California state tax return by October 15, 2021 in order to receive your California stimulus check.

    Use the below guide to learn more:

    Am I eligible for the California Stimulus I?

    You should be eligible for the Golden State Stimulus I, if you are a California resident and:

    • You received the California Earned Income Tax Credit on your your 2020 tax return
    • You have an Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers and have an adjusted gross income less than $75,000
    • Your household is enrolled in the CalWORKS program, or are a recipient of SSI/SSP, or are enrolled in the Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants

    Those who both received the CalEITC and have an ITIN with an adjusted gross income of less than $75,000 will receive a $1,200 payment.

    The CalEITC is a credit for low to moderate income individuals and families. Californians that earn $30,000 or less annually may be eligible for the CalEITC.

    What do I need to do to get my stimulus?

    Eligibility is based on your 2020 tax return , so you will need to file your taxes to get your stimulus payment.

    You will need to to get your California stimulus check.

    The stimulus payment will expire on November 15, 2021.

    When will I get my California stimulus I check?

    • Direct deposits: up to 45 days
    • Paper checks: up to 60 days

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    How Much Will Californians Receive

    Californians that didnt qualify for the first round ofGolden State Stimulus and earn less than $75,000 and cant be claimed as a dependent on another taxpayers return will receive up to $600. Both those who qualified for the first round and second round of Golden State Stimulus and have a dependent will receive an additional $500.

    Those who file using an ITIN and make less than $75,000 and claim a dependent on their tax return could receive $1,000.

    More Californians will receive up to $1100 through the Golden State Stimulus with checks going out this week. Luisa tells her story of how the stimulus helped her with economic security during the COVID-19 pandemic. #CAcomeback

    Office of the Governor of California

    What Is The Golden State Stimulus

    Where is my Golden State Stimulus check? Find out if you’re eligible here

    California is supporting low-income residents with a one-time payment of $600 to taxpayers who qualify for the California Earned Income Tax Credit during the 2020 tax year. There is also a $600 payment available to taxpayers who file their taxes using an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number and earned $0 to $75,000 in 2020.

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    Some Updated Info For Californians On Ssi Who Are Waiting For Their Golden State Grant Checks

    It seems the California senate budget committee is aware of the federal foot-dragging to get stimulus money out to people on SSI. The feds seem to be also less than forthcoming when it comes to working with the California government to get the Golden State Grant out to California residents on SSI.

    The committee is proposing a bill called AB 213, which would empower the state government to issue the $600 checks without further federal involvement. The payments would be added to each recipients regular monthly SSI payment. Hopefully this will speed things the fuck up!

    You can read a simple summary of the proposed bill below. Its at the end of the PDF.

    How To Check The Amount

    California has an online tool that allows residents to see if they are eligible for Golden State Stimulus II and to check the estimated payment amount.

    The tool asks a series of questions, including a persons tax filing status, adjusted gross income reported on their 2020 return and whether they have any dependents. It then provides an estimated monetary figure.

    Those who are eligible for a stimulus check may receive the funds in more than one payment, the estimate notes.

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    Contacting The California Franchise Tax Board

    The CFTB can be contacted through three main methods for any taxes or Golden State stimulus checks.


    Representatives can assist California residents from 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time, Monday to Friday at 800-852-5711. For those residing outside of the US, 916-845-6500 can be used.


    By signing into your MyFTB account, you can chat with representatives from the CFTB, weekdays between 8 AM to 5 PM.


    Requests can also be handled through the mail. Those wishing to send questions, documents, or any other communications to the CFTB can address their correspondence to:

    Franchise Tax Board

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