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Is 14k Or 18k Gold Better

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Reasons To Choose 14k:

14K vs. 18K Gold

There are a few different factors that will help determine if 14K gold is right for you. First, if your significant other works with their hands, 14K might be the way to go, as its more durable than 18K. Additionally, some styles can only be made in 14K gold because they need the added durability that 14K offers. This brings us to the second reason to choose 14K since it has less gold in it, its more affordable, which makes it a great option if youre looking to maximize your budget. Finally, if your significant other prefers a softer yellow gold color, 14K yellow gold engagement rings are the way to go.

What Type Of Karat Is My Gold

Each piece of jewelry is stamped with the karat designation somewhere on the piece. For jewelry pieces, you probably will need a magnifying glass to find a two-digit number with a k or kt after it. If you dont see a two-digit number but a three-digit number instead, place a decimal point in front of the numbers and youll have the percentage.

  • .999 = 24k
  • .585, .583, or .575 = 14k
  • .417 = 10k

If neither of these options is available to you, Bellatory recommends other tests that you can do to determine the purity of gold.

Is 14k Or 18k Gold Better For An Engagement Ring

Now that we have discussed expense, color, maintenance, and durability, you may have a good idea of whether or not 14K or 18K rose gold is right for your engagement ring. The decision is truly up to you. Your preference in color, your budget, and your lifestyle will all help you decide which rose gold is the one you want for your engagement ring.

That being said, most engagement rings and wedding rings are made with 14K rose gold as it is the more popular of the two. Its deeper rose color, incredible durability, and affordability make it a wonderful choice for an engagement ring.

If you have decided that rose gold is the right material for your ring, browse our selection of rose gold engagement rings, all made with 14K rose gold, to discover the style that is your perfect match.

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Final Thoughts On Gold Vs Platinum

If you still cant decide between gold and platinum, dont worry. Were here to help! If you have the budget, go for platinum. It is a classic, high end metal that requires less upkeep and keeps diamonds more safe! However, if your budget does not allow for platinum, then gold is a great precious metal that has been used in engagement rings for hundreds of years! At the end of the day, all rings require some minimal upkeep and maintenance so make sure you purchase your rings from a company that has a lifetime warranty and will re-polish, clean, and re-plate your rings for free for life, like we do.

If you have any questions on your rings metal choice, please dont hesitate to contact me and ask your question. My name is Krish and youre welcome to call and ask for me personally. Id love to help answer any questions you have about gold vs platinum!

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Why No Jewelry Is Made Of Pure Gold

Most Popular Jewelry: Is 10k Gold Better Than 14k Gold

All jewelry made of gold counts as fine jewelry, but not all gold is created equal.

The problem is that pure gold is a very soft metal. On the Mohs hardness scale, which measures various elements strength, gold is at a mere 2.5about the same as a human fingernail.

Any gold jewelry made from this metal would scratch and dent easily. Rather than lasting generations, a gold ring made of pure 24 karat gold wouldnt hold up for more than a few months.

Thousands of years ago, jewelers realized they could mix solid gold with non-gold metals to create a strong yet beautiful blend perfect for any gold piece.

To distinguish the gold percentage, jewelers developed the karat system.

Source: Blush & Bar Nadia X Infinity Ring

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Which Gold Type Should I Buy

Both 14k gold and 18k gold are excellent choices for engagement and wedding rings. When choosing the gold type, it all comes down to personal preference, lifestyle, and budget.

If you want an affordable and durable piece able to stand up to your daily activities, 14k gold would be an ideal choice for you. Typically, 14-karat gold provides a great balance between beautiful color, durability, and good value for money.

On the other hand, if youre looking for something more elegant and youre okay with swapping durability for a richer and more vibrant color, you cant go wrong with an 18k gold piece, as long as you treat it with lots of love and care.

Bear in mind that while 14k gold is more affordable, it can also cause some skin allergies due to the higher percentage of nickel and other metals. Therefore, if you, or your fiancé, are sensitive to these metals, you might find that 18k gold is a better option after all.

However, if you prefer white gold over yellow, you dont have to be concerned with this allergy aspect. The rhodium coating of white gold rings prevents the actual alloy from coming into contact with skin, making it safe for everybody.

What Is 18 Karat Gold

18 karat gold consists of 75% gold and 25% alloy. In its raw form, 18k gold has a richer yellow tone compared to 14k due to the higher gold content. Although 18k gold is relatively softer than 14k gold, it is suitable for use in jewelry with proper care and some common sense.

The main difference between 18k vs 14k yellow gold is in price. In terms of physical appearance, 18kt yellow gold may appear with a more saturated hue compared to 14kt yellow gold.

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Im Having My Ring Engraved Should I Choose Gold Or Platinum

Gold, palladium, and platinum can all be engraved without any issue. Another common question we get is what metal choice to pick if getting a ring engraved. The answer is, it doesnt matter! We engrave all of our rings for free so make sure you think of something good, and if you need help, here is a list of the best ring engraving ideas.

Which Gold Is More Expensive 14k Or 18k

14K vs 18K Gold? What Should You Choose?

Due to the higher percentage of gold, 18k will be more expensive than 14k. When looking for a diamond engagement ring, you can compare the prices in 18k and 14k. The difference will be an average of $100 to $200 depending the store and more important on the price of gold in the market. You can find daily gold prices at KITCO

At my store OSCARGAMA JEWELRY I produce all my rings in 14k but you can buy an upgrade to 18k for $75.

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Avoid Contact With Chemicals

Believe it or not, repeated exposure to chlorine can cause your gold jewelry to become weak and brittle. Not only that, but other types of harsh chemicals can dull the golds shine over a period of time. To avoid this, either remove your jewelry or wear protective gear when handling various products.

We hope this article gave you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

K Vs 14k Gold What Are The Differences And Which Is Better

From a technical point of view, the differences between 10k vs 14k gold lies in their ratio of gold purity. Heres a little trivia: 10k gold is 41.7% gold and this is the lowest ratio for a metal to be considered gold in the US.

As a consumer, you will probably be more interested about the practical differences between these 2 metals. Obviously, 10kt is going to cost less than 14kt as the alloying metals used are generally cheaper.

If you have owned gold jewelry before or have a keen eye, you might notice that 10k pieces look a tad paler compared to 14k. This is due to the lesser gold content used in 10k. On this note, I also want to point out that 10k jewelry are more likely to cause skin irritation to people with a nickel allergy.

The other key difference between 10 karat and 14 karat gold is their usage in jewelry manufacturing. If you are buying fine jewelry or a diamond ring, the lowest karat metal that most businesses offer for their settings would be 14kt. On the other hand, 10kt gold is usually used in less prestigious jewelry pieces.

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Advantages Of 14k Gold

14K gold has several advantages. First, its affordable. Because pure gold makes up 58.3% of the metal content of 14K gold, an engagement ring made from 14K gold will usually cost slightly less than the same ring made from 18K gold.

For example, this 2mm solitaire engagement ring from James Allen costs $560 when 14K gold is chosen as the metal. In 18K gold, the exact same ring from James Allen costs $680.

Second, 14K gold is fairly durable. Gold is quite a soft, malleable metal that scratches, bends and warps easily. This means that the purer a gold engagement ring is, the easier it becomes to scratch it on door frames, desks, tables, the ground and other surfaces.

While 14K gold isnt as durable as platinum or palladium, its more than durable enough for the average person. Its also significantly more durable than 18K gold, making it the better choice if your fiancé-to-be has an active lifestyle or works with her hands.

Third, while 14K gold isnt as pure as 18K gold, its relatively high pure gold content means that it retains the warmth and rich color that people associate with gold. Although it can look slightly dull when compared side-by-side with 18K gold, 14K gold looks stunning on its own.

Finally, 14K gold is ubiquitous and widely available in the world of engagement rings. Its by far the most popular type of gold for engagement rings, accounting for about 90% of all rings sold in the US, UK and other Western countries. This makes it an easy option to find.

K Vs 14k And 14k Vs 18k

Platinum vs 18K White Gold

The most noticeable difference between each karat option is the gold color. Because pure gold is naturally yellow in color, the higher the karat, the more yellow the metal will appear.

For yellow gold, this means 18k will have the richest yellow color, while 10k and 14k yellow gold will look slightly lighter or whiter in color.

For white gold, there actually isnt a color difference upon first glance. This is because our white gold is rhodium plated, per the industry standard, in order to achieve a brilliant white color. Many customers enjoy how white gold wears into its natural, slightly yellow color over time. Others will decide to re-plate their rings every few years .

Finally, with rose gold, youll notice 10k is the most pink, while 18k has a slightly warmer, more subtle pink gold hue. To learn more about the different metals we offer , check out our blog post on the best metal for your wedding band.

While all gold rings will scratch and scuff over time due to the soft nature of precious metals, youll find that the gold content in 10k and 14k is slightly harder than in 18k however, 18k is a denser, and therefore, heavier metal and will feel a bit more substantial on your finger. If you plan to remove your wedding ring before any manual labor or exercise , youll be just fine with any of our three options.

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How 14k Gold Is Made

Gold is mined from the earth. All gold starts out as yellow gold. White Gold, Black Gold, and Rose Gold are created through metal mix-ins and/or plating. Well talk more about these various gold color options a little later.

Pure gold is referred to as 24 karat gold . 24 karat gold has NO other metals mixed in. Gold of lesser purity has its purity expressed as the number of parts that are made up of gold. 14K gold contains 14 parts pure gold and 10 parts other metals. That makes it 58.3% pure gold.

Copper is the second largest ingredient in 14k gold. Zinc is another common mix in, but its added in much smaller quantities.

Before digging into additional information, I should mention that theres a difference between karats and carats. Karats is a measure of gold purity, while Carats is a weight-based measurement used for diamonds. The term Karat is often abbreviated as either k or kt.

Kt Vs 18 Kt Yellow Gold:

Yellow gold has a warm, rich look that’s resurging in popularity for engagement rings. Extremely versatile, it lends itself to a number of styles but here’s your first choice: 14k or 18k yellow gold?

The difference between 14k and 18k yellow gold is the amount of gold each contains. 18k yellow gold contains 75 percent gold and 25 percent alloyed metals, and 14k yellow gold contains 58 percent gold and 42 percent alloys. The proportion causes a slight difference in appearance and price.

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How Is 14k Rose Gold Made

Rose Gold has a unique coloring that ranges from pinkish to reddish. The coloring is created by adding Copper to yellow gold in various ratios. If you increase the Copper percentage of the alloy, youll get a metal mixture that has a more red, Copper-like, appearance.

If you dial the Copper and add more gold, you may end up with a beautiful strawberry blonde gold that has a pretty pink tint to it. As with White Gold, you can get 14 karat Rose Gold, along with a variety of other purity levels, but 24k Rose Gold doesnt exist. Rose Gold has to be an alloy, but 24k gold is pure gold without anything mixed inwhich is why youll never see 24k Rose Gold offered .

If youd like to learn more about this popular metal, read the article that I recently published covering Rose Gold in great detail.

Platinum Scratches Easier Than 14k Gold

14k vs. 18k Gold: What does it mean and what’s the difference?

Despite being more durable, platinum is actually a softer metal than 14k gold. This means it will scratch a little easier than 14k gold. However, an important thing to note is that when gold is scratched, the gold is lost . When platinum is scratched, the platinum only gets moved from one place on the ring to another. And, it develops something called a patina finish . A lot of people love and desire a patina finish!

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K Vs 18k Gold What Are The Differences And Which Is Better

There are 2 school of thoughts between consumers when choosing between 18k and 14k gold.

There are jewelry businesses and elites who feel that 18k gold is more prestigious than 14k gold because of the higher gold content. To these groups of people, any grade lower than 18k gold would be frowned upon as cheap.

Having higher gold content means the wedding ring or jewelry item is going to cost much more. Besides being more expensive, 18 karat white/yellow gold is also softer than 14 karat gold. This means it is more susceptible to wear and tear.

Personally, I belong to the other camp of people who think 14k is better. This is because I dont get bothered by social stigmas and I value practicality over what others think. The truth is, most people will never be able to tell 14k jewelry apart from 18k gold jewelry.

One of the downsides of 14k and 18k gold is that a small group of people may be allergic to the alloy materials. Nickel, a metal used to strengthen the material, can cause allergies or skin irritations .

The other downside of adding a higher composition of alloys is that the jewelry piece is more vulnerable to tarnishing overtime. This affects both types of 14k and 18k gold. The severity of tarnishing also depends on body chemistry and the environment the jewelry is worn in.

That said, dont let this information turn you off from 14 karat and 18 karat gold. The benefits far outweigh the cons of using 14k or 18k gold for your wedding band or engagement ring.

The Pros And Cons Of 18k Gold For An Engagement Ring


  • 18k is the purest forms of gold used practically in jewelry making
  • It boasts a warmer and a more vibrant gold-tone than 14k hold
  • Low risk of skin allergies thanks to the higher percentage of pure gold in 18k gold


  • Its purity makes it noticeably soft, and it scratches/ dents easier than 14k gold.
  • Not ideal for persons leading active lifestyles
  • Its expensive and maybe up to 200% more expensive than 14k gold

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Karats And Nickel Allergies

Nickel is sometimes used in gold alloys, and it is found in greater concentration in lower-karat gold.

This is why people allergic to nickel can be more sensitive to a 10K or 14K piece, whereas nickel-containing 18K or 22K jewelry might not induce an allergic reaction even though the metal is present in the alloy.

If you have a nickel allergy, 18-karat gold would be preferable than 14-karat jewelry. Keep in mind that if you are too sensitive, you might need an even higher karat.

If you are allergic but would rather have 14K jewelry, look for pieces that do not contain nickel. Usually, such jewelry is labeled nickel free.

Is 14k Or 18k Gold Better

2 Pieces Stainless Steel Screw Ring Core 14k gold 18k gold ...

If youre considering purchasing18k gold jewelry, you may also be looking at 14k gold jewelry pieces as well. If youre trying to make a decision of which to purchase, and wondering is 14k or 18k gold better, keep in mind these two distinctions. 18k gold will be more expensive compared to 14k gold because 18k gold has a higher percentage of pure gold. 14k gold has 58.3% pure gold in its mixture. If your decision comes down to price, then 14k gold will be more affordable. If youre looking to buy a piece of gold jewelry for a special occasion, not intended to be worn excessively, 18k gold is traditionally purchased more because of its rich vibrant gold color and delicate material. A perfect example of 18k gold jewelry items would bean engagement rings.

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