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How To Print Gold Foil

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How To Print Gold On Black Paper

How to make a gold foil print using the minc

Have you ever seen gold ornaments on a black jewelry case?

There is a reason why they choose this color combination. It looks downright exquisite. The same applies to gold ink. If you are printing black cardstock or papers for invitations or any other purposes, going with gold color ink will make it pop even more.

However, getting gold lettering is not as easy as it may sound. You need to know the exact color combination to get the proper color.

Even after that, it might not come out as good as you hope unless you know the proper way to print gold on black paper. And that is where we come in.

In this guide, we will give you step-by-step instructions on how to properly print gold on black paper to make sure you get the desired effect easily.

Other Settings For Your Foil Artwork

Although the most important step to foiled artwork is splitting out your layers, there are still some other guidelines we need to make you aware of:

2mm of bleed
Supplied as PDF, embedded AI, EPS, TIF or JPG

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How Does Gold Foil Printing Work

When you want to use gold foil to make your products stand out, you must know more about hot foil stamping. This process involves creating specialized dies known as metal dies. These dies are made in the exact shape of the design you want in gold foil. They are then heated, and a machine stamps them on the desired surface. This process requires you to include a separate machine to your production line.

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Things You Need To Know Before Starting

Again, the foiling process I am going to outline below will work on pretty much any normal copy paper or cardstock. So if you want plain white labels to put into a holder, or red cardstock tags to fasten to a basket, this tutorial will work. But after testing lots of different clear sticker papers, here is exactly what you need to make clear, gold foil stickers:

Chipboard Tags | Milcoast Clear Sticker Paper | Foiling Sheets

You guys know I am a die-hard Avery devote when it comes to printable papers and labels. But when I tried this technique using my beloved Avery clear glossy paper and labels, it either 1) melted the paper or 2) didnt transfer the foil. Ive been stocking up on a variety of the Milcoast waterproof papers for other projects and am LOVING these products. If you want to do this technique to make clear stickers, this is absolutely the paper I recommend.

The other product you will need here are foiling sheets. These seem really scary and overwhelming, but I promise you they are not. Not only do you get a ton of foil per tube, but it comes in lots of colors. I bought this metallic set for this project, but Im planning on grabbing this set to do some holiday projects later this year! If you arent a craft hoarder like me, you just need a single tube in the color you use most!

Foiling Sheets: Metals | Vibrant Colors | Pastels

Alrightlet me show you how this works!

How To Print On Foil Paper

Gold Foil Print on Black Tee Using Anajet mP5i

If you check the shelves of an office supply center or a craft supply store you might see a selection of specialty papers for home printing that was previously unavailable. Foil papers and other media were formerly only in the realm of custom printing. Now, however, you can find foil paper coated with a printable surface that allows you to print anything from your computer onto it that you can print on plain white bond paper. Foil papers require special settings and handling, but following a few guidelines will net you a shiny print job.

Buy foil paper that is made specifically for the type of printer you have, such as an ink-jet printer. There are foil papers for laser-jet printers as well, but most people have ink-jet printers at home.

Open the file on your computer that you wish to print on the foil paper. It can consist of text or graphics.

Set the printer parameters on your computer according to the directions on the foil paper package. Usually you will have to set the printer for photo quality or best quality. You can do this through the application that opened the file to be printed or the printers software.

Wet the tip of one finger on a damp sponge and touch it to a small area on the corner of your foil paper. Repeat the process on the other side of the paper on the same corner. The sticky side is the printable side.



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Step 4 Cut The Foil To Size And Foil

The next step is to cut the foil to size and place it on your print. Then I use a transfer folder with my minc.

Next I feed the print through my minc. I use a minc though many people DO use laminators. I believe the swordfish 40352 A3 Armoured 660 Laminator one is good because its one that you can adjust the heat on something you cant do on a normal laminator and typically most people find that they dont heat up hot enough for foiling.

Once its through I leave it for a minute or two just to cool down before peeling off the foil.

Next I peel off the foil and check the results.

Things To Look For When Buying A Laser Printer

  • The most important thing to look for is check the thickness of the paper the printer will take as a lot of laser printers will only take thinner paper with a low weight. The thickest Ive found a laser will take is 220 gsm which for me works however may not work for you if you want to foil 300gsm card. My printer definitely wont take this thickness Ive tried!
  • Some people say you should only foil with a mono printer i.e. just black toner. I have found that my colour OKI works much better than my mono Brother printer so a colour printer isnt necessarily a deal breaker in my book.

Anyway I hope youve enjoyed this short blog post about how to make a gold foil print. You may also find my other post useful about artwork specifications.

Let me know if there is a specific topic you would like me to cover in these blog posts!

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Where To Get It Printed: Gold Foil Mugs And More

As business owners, we love to send clients gifts or just have some promotional items on hand for events and trade shows. If youre not going to work with a local printer, there are plenty of great online printers that you can work with. Some printers specialize in just one particular item, while others offer a variety of services.

What they print: stationery, wedding pieces, school/home, gifts, and gold foil printing

Pricing: $15 mug $10 for 8×10 foil prints

What they print: apparel, bags, drinkware, key chains, magnets, pens, toys

Pricing: $10 per mug, 12 order minimum

What they print: t-shirts, hoodies, bags, mugs, aprons, posters, phone cases, apparel

Pricing: $11 per mug

What they print: Apparel and drinkware

Pricing: $5 per mug

What they print: stationary, promotional items, stickers, decals, apparel and bags

Pricing: $25 for 100 business cards

What they print: t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, kids, phone cases, mugs, hats

Pricing: $21 for 1 shirt, price per shirt goes down after 6 shirts

What they print: lanyards, flash drives, bottles, pens, tote bags, cups, etc.

Pricing: $2-3 each

What they print: green office products, custom printing and packaging

Pricing: too many different options to name just a range!

What they print: wholesale products of all kinds

Pricing: varying, but wholesale pricing discounts!

What they print: bags, drinkware, office, apparel, home supplies

Pricing: $5 each

Hot Foiling Cold Foiling And Digital Foiling

How to Gold Foil using your TONER PRINTER instead of a laminator!!!!

These 3 printing techniques have different ways of transferring metallic elements, which affect the amount of shine and texture. Foil printing has evolved from a slow manufacturing process to the latest digital equipment that is capable of fast foil printing with more customisation options than ever before. Let’s take a look at the 3 different foil printing techniques, how they work and why they were invented.

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The Printing Process: Foil Stamping

While Im away on vacation Im running a series of guest posts on the various printing processes, from digital printing to engraving. Ive asked some designers and printers to share their expertise and lots of photos to fill you in on what you need to know about different stationery printing methods. Today were talking about one of my very favorite specialty printing methods foil stamping!

Invitations by Paper Bloom

Gold Foil Is Stunningly Beautiful But How Do You Print It

Graphic Design, Logo Design + Branding, Understanding Graphic Design

Who isnt crazy about gold foil print these days? Its a request I am seeing trending, and a lot of my clients have many questions pertaining to how this all works.Authentic Gold Foil To print a true gold, you need to work with a printer that offers gold foil printing methods. If gold embossing or foiling is the printing method used, a true metallic will be the outcome. CMYK Version of Gold Foil If the design looks gold on screen but is printed with a laser or inkjet printer using CMYK , the design will look orange-yellow.

Do you see the difference? The first image is a yellowish hue. It has a golden tone, but doesnt actually reflect metallic. The second printing example is true gold foil imprinted on the page. Heated foil is fused to the page using special printing techniques. *Gold foil glasses image source: Honey & Bloom

Alternatives? Another option is working with a printer that offers special metallic inks. Metallic is not a standard option when printing digitally, but many professional presses do offer this service.

Want gold foil on your website? If you plan to use your gold graphics on the web only , a gold foil design can be rendered digitally and look incredible. Example below.

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Subtly Luxurious Or All

Even simple designs dazzle with the gilded finish of Gold Foil Business Cards. Add it to text, logos, designs anywhere you like. And the velvety Soft Touch finish of the Super paper lets Gold Foil really shine.

  • 18pt Super paper stock
  • Tactile, shiny metallic foil anywhere you want it
  • Foil both sides at no extra cost
  • Choose round or square corners
  • Print a different design on every card, free!
  • Available in Standard, MOO and Square sizes

Choose your size

Choose your paper

Choose your coating

Choose your finish

Choose your special finish

Choose your corners

How To Foil Art Prints Diy Tutorial

Gold Foil Printing Tutorial

Foil prints are so beautiful that they seem extremely difficult to make. The truth is foiling elevates your project instantly, and the actual process is a lot simpler than youd think! Are you as excited as Im to try foiling? I hope you are because Im going to show you in a few simple steps on how to foil prints, and create gorgeous art.

Ive had my Minc Machine for a while now. And honestly, I was scared to use it. It looked very intimidating because I had no idea how to use it. My foiling machine stayed on its box for longer than Im willing to admit.

Lately, Ive been on a quest to do things scared, so I opened the box and decided to give foiling a try. To my surprise, foiling art prints was easier than I thought not to mention extremely satisfying! Thats why I want to show you how to create foil art prints using a few supplies and following some simple steps.

Grab the Dream Big Printable FREE, by filling out the form below:

Prefer watching over reading? Feel free to watch the video below see the step-by-step tutorial to create this How to Foil Tutorial. All the tools I use are linked below.

Quick note: This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience ! Read my full disclosure policy here.

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When Should I Use Foil Printing

Because most of the time the customer buys according to how nice package looks, foil stamping goes with any product that you want to market as high-end.

Skincare products

Makeup Packaging

Chocolate bar

and the list can go on. If youve got a box, foil can go on it without question!

Gold Foil Vs Gold Print

Although they may seem interchangeable to laymen, there are significant differences between authentic gold foil and simple gold print. Knowing these differences is important in deciding which process fits your current needs.

Gold print is made of metallic ink, which is simply metal particles suspended in a liquid that settle on the surface you print it on. Gold print has a light sheen but lacks the true luster of gold foil. However, there is more room for customization because you have more control over the transparency of the ink, its gradience, and opacity. Gold print is not as durable as gold foil.

Gold foil involves a complicated process that involves more work. Because of this, gold foil costs more to incorporate on labels or printed material. However, gold foil doesnt lose its lustre as easily as gold print. The metallic nature of gold foil also makes it more durable than gold print. Gold foil is also more alluring because its shinier than ink. If you want to make a statement with your printed products gold foil is the ideal choice.

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Movement In Our Printer

No matter the machine or process used for foiling, from us or anyone else, there will always be a movement for where the metallic foil can land. Micro-movement is an attribute that is unavoidable and should be taken into consideration when designing your artwork. Our tolerance is 1.5mm out in any direction. The cause is due to the paper moving around in our printers. For most peoples artwork this won’t be an issue, and you’d find it hard to notice, but on some very intricate designs, it can mean we have to come back to you and suggest some tweaks to make it printable. You can see our example above which illustrates two scenarios of the foil landing 1.5mm out in different directions.

Step : Place Your Print Inside The Transfer Folder

Gold Foil DIY Prints

Make sure the image is facing up, and the foil transfer sheet is completely covering the design with the shiny side up.

Gently close the top part of the transfer folder over the project making sure the foil sheet is still well covering the design.

Pro Tip: make sure the whole design on your print is covered.

If you dont want certain parts of your design to have foil, you still need to cover it with a piece of paper. The laser toner will react with the heat and will get stuck to your transfer folder.

This will ruin your transfer folder! As you can see in the image above, some black parts are showing. Thats because I didnt cover one of my designs entirely and part of it got into the transfer folder.

I had to replace my transfer folder after I completed this tutorial because this black part of the design was getting imprinted into all the prints I was foiling!

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Print Projects Stand Out

The whole point of using foil printing in print projects is so that it stands out from the competition as a more premium option. Studies have shown that the more appealing something looks, the more likely it is that consumers will pay attention. By implementing foil print in your project, youll differentiate yourself from those that havent used this method.

Using foil printing also means that youre creating something that demands the readers attention while making it much more difficult to easily put down and ignore.

Where You Should Use Foil Printing In Your Designs

Theres nothing more satisfying than seeing your design come to life once its been printed and foiled.

Simple business cards can look instantly impressive with a dash of bronze foil, brochures can be thrown into the premium bracket by adding a silver sheen and implementing a unique foil colour, such as red, has the ability to instantly commandeer attention. This can make somebody choose one product or service over another.

There really arent any limitations when it comes to foil printing, so consider adding foil printing to the following:

  • Invitations:Whether its for New Years Eve celebrations or Christmas, invitations can benefit from foil printing which gives off a shiny look.
  • Packaging:Regardless of whether you have stickers, labels or even boxes, foil printing can up the luxurious factor. In fact, a good example is to check out wine labels, as the ones that stand out the most often feature a touch of foil.
  • Custom Business Stationery: Make your business seem more upscale by adding suitable coloured foiling to things like reports, envelopes, letterheads, business cards and more.
  • Promotional Materials: For marketing materials like brochures, catalogues, leaflets and booklets, adding foiling instantly makes seem more valuable, aspirational and a lot more enticing for people to pick up and read.

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What Is Gold Foil Printing

Few things showcase the elegance and sophistication of your product or event like gold foil. Do you want to market your product to more upscale clientele? Try using embossed gold foil for the labelling. Do you wish to make it clear that your event is a high-class happening? Try sending invitations with printable gold foil to your attendees.

Aside from elevating product labels and event invitations, gold foil may also dissuade forgers. Gold foil is difficult for counterfeiters to replicate because to do so, they need access to high-quality foil stamping machines.

But how does gold foil printing work? Where can you print gold foil? How is it different from simple gold printing?

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