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Is Platinum Better Than White Gold

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Long Term Maintenance Of The Metals

Platinum vs. White gold

Platinum and white gold metal do not wear the same way, nor do they appear the same way once you use them over the years.

Without a doubt, White gold is a great and valuable choice however, you need to be aware of what happens to it as time goes by to help you make a better choice. as earlier mentioned, white gold is not made out of pure gold. When making white gold, it is usually mixed with nickel, silver, or other white metal with 24k yellow gold. The white gold is then rhodium plated to give it its whiter look making it look similar to a platinum piece at a glance.

Here is the thing, depending on how often you wear your ring, the rhodium plating would wear off, and you will begin to notice the yellowing color on the jewelry when you begin to see the yellow color, you have to take it back to the jeweler to have it rhodium plated again. You have to pay for this service every time you do this. If you choose to buy white gold jewelry, a big part of it is maintaining it, which might not be so convenient for you because of the cost over time.

Platinum is one of the purest metals having at least 95% Platinum. It wears away differently compared to white gold it does not change to yellow instead, its brilliance begins to dim and creates a natural patina. In this state, the Platinum ring looks shinier and glossy. You can take it to the jeweler to have it polished this would restore it to its original look.

White Gold Vs Platinum: Purity

First things first, you will rarely find a ring made of 100% pure gold or platinum. When used in jewelry, these metals are alloyed with other elements to create a more durable, workable metal. Most platinum alloys contain between 85% to 95% pure platinum, with the rest made up of metals such as copper, palladium and cobalt. Any alloy with less than 80% platinum is not considered platinum and cannot be marked with the platinum stamp.

White gold alloys, in comparison, have a lower percentage of pure gold. 14K white gold only consists of 58% pure gold while 18K has 75%. The rest of the alloy is made up of metals such as silver, copper and nickel.

Why is purity important?

The difference in the percentage of purity is one reason platinum is much more expensive than white gold. Put simply, there is more precious metal in platinum alloys than there is in white gold. The other metals that complete the alloys are not valuable and their impact on the overall price is negligible.

Going back to white gold alloys, the percentage of the metals used in the alloys can affect the resulting color of the white gold. It also enhances the durability and strength of the gold, making it suitable for lasting pieces of jewelry.

What Is The Difference Between White Gold And Platinum

White gold and platinum appear to look identical, with many unable to tell the difference between the two metals, there are some differences which could effect which one you buy.

Although you wouldn’t know it, the main difference comes from the colour of their natural properties. Before being modified, platinum has a natural white hue, while gold is a little more yellow. To successfully craft a white gold ring, you need to combine gold, alloys and a rhodium plating, which makes it appear white.

When comparing both options, white gold is cheaper than platinum. This is because 18ct gold rings have 75% purity, whilst platinum has 95%. Alongside, this platinum is stronger than white gold, despite being a softer metal. As it’s a softer metal, it does mean it can be scratched easier, however, this isnt necessarily a bad thing. Many customers really like it when the metal looks a little worn, as gives jewellery an antique look, which as we know is very popular right now.

However, for the perfectionists who want to make sure that their ring is scratch-free, re-polishing the ring will restore its original beauty. A platinum shoulder set ring with a halo diamondThe everyday wear-and-tear isnt just exclusive to platinum rings, jewellery made with white gold will slowly revert to its original yellow colour.

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White Gold Vs Platinum: Ring Settings And Prongs

Gold in its pure state is a very soft, malleable metal that is not recommended in the use of everyday jewelry. However, when alloyed with other metals, it becomes much stronger and more durable. Platinum is a very strong metal and is ideal for everyday jewelry.

However, these two metals are not similar in their durability. Platinum is more malleable whereas white gold is more brittle. Platinum reacts to impacts and knocks by bending and giving way, while white gold wont bend but may crack if dealt a hard-enough blow.

How does this affect a ring setting?

When a white gold ring is struck, the prong may resist the blow, crack outright or weaken. If the last two occur, the gemstone will be in danger of falling out if the ring sustains more blows. If a platinum ring is struck, the prongs may bend, move or flatten out. This can cause the gemstone to slide out of the mounting.

What Makes 18ct White Gold White

White Gold or Yellow Gold: Which is Better Engagement Ring?

Surprisingly, 18ct White Gold is not actually white! The natural colour of White Gold is off-whitealmost straw-white. Most 18ct White Gold jewellery receives a plating of Rhodium to whiten the item. Most items of 18ct White Gold undergo this process once polished. As a result, the item of jewellery has a mirror-like surface. In contrast, it is the surface of Platinum itself which is mirror polished. For anyone interested in a precious metal immune to a change of colour, we recommend Platinum. Over time, 18ct White Gold loses its Rhodium due to wear. The underside of an engagement ring in 18ct White Gold, reveals the true colour of the metal over time.

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Differences Between White Gold And Platinum

Most rings or wedding bands are made from one of three metals: platinum, white gold or yellow gold. For diamond engagement rings or wedding rings, the popularity of platinum and white gold has increased dramatically in recent years.

We have often been asked by customers what the differences are between white gold and platinum.

Will Palladium Be The New Metal Of Choice

Diamond Education

Both jewelers and consumers are asking themselves is this a trend? A phase? While it is hard to answer one of the best ways to analyze it is simply to

The graph above shows the search volume for the different metals over the last five years . Interestingly, just by looking on this graph, it seems that palladium rings might have been a passing phase, platinum engagement rings are quite steady and white gold engagement rings show a clear rise!

However, by adding another graph to the equation, the chart of gold prices over the past 5 years, we can correlate the increase in demands for white gold engagement ring in direct relation with the fact that gold prices are getting “back to normal” and with it as mentioned above the decrease in desire for palladium.

To Conclude, it seems that while some referred to palladium as a possible replacement for platinum, it was actually a replacement for gold when prices where high! Is this also how you feel?

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Which Setting Types Are More Durable For Engagement Rings

For durability we recommend bezel settings, or designs featuring heavier claws. Bezel settings withstand heavy wear and re-polish very well. If you are at all heavy-handed or clumsy, avoid fine claws or delicate details regardless of whether you choose 950 Platinum or 18ct Gold for your wedding ring.

The Embrace engagement ring is durable in both White Gold and Platinum

White Gold Vs Platinum: Density

White Gold vs Platinum… What Is a Better Metal for Your Engagement Ring?

Platinum is a very dense metal and much heavier than gold. Platinum is about 60% heavier than 14K gold and about 40% heavier than 18K gold. So, if you have a ring made of 18K white gold and an identical sized one made of platinum, the platinum ring will be almost one and half times heavier than the white gold ring. Because you pay for these precious metals in ounces or grams, it goes without saying that the heavier ring will be more expensive.

In terms of comfort, a platinum ring will feel heavier than a white gold ring. While some prefer the solid, substantial feel of platinum, others may opt for a slightly less heavy white gold ring. There is no right or wrong here as it totally depends on individual preference.

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White Gold What Is It

Not everybody knows it, but white gold doesnt exist naturally. Its made from yellow gold mixed with white metal alloys like palladium or silver.

Afterwards, its given a beautiful coating with a rare, silvery-white metal called rhodium. This final rhodium finish gives white gold its luminous sheen.

Benefits Of White Gold:

  • Affordable – a similar appearance to platinum for a fraction of the cost.
  • Eye-catching shine – the rhodium coating provides a shiny and smooth finish.
  • Comfortable – white gold is a lightweight metal making it comfortable for everyday wear.
  • Can be engraved – add your own personal message.

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Is Platinum As Shiny As White Gold

Platinum is exceptionally shiny, as is white gold when its new. However, as weve already highlighted above, white gold does have a tendency to discolor quickly. Because platinum is naturally white, it never discolors.

This means its much easier to polish platinum, and it doesnt need to be replated, unlike white gold.

When new, both white gold and platinum are hard to tell apart. Only when worn for some time will it become apparent what is white gold and what is platinum.

Platinum Vs White Gold: Skin Sensitivity

White Gold or Platinum, Which is Better?

Platinum is hypoallergenic. This is where the purity of platinum really is worth the splurge for some people. It wont cause skin reactions and itchiness.

White gold, however, is often made with nickel, which Is an inexpensive metal known to cause allergic reactions in some people. Make sure you find out whether your partner has any allergies to nickel before purchasing a white gold ring. If they have generally sensitive skin, you may want to buy an 18-karat ring to reduce the chance of unpleasant reactions.

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Platinum Vs White Gold: Value

Platinum is traditionally seen as highly valuable and prestigious to have. It has a high price tag and is a durable metal. This means it will retain its value over the years and will still be worth a high cost in the future. Itll remain an impressive piece for years to come.

Due to its purity, platinum needs skilled, masterful jewelers and metalsmiths in order to bring out the best of this precious metal. It takes time and effort to create, from when it is mined to when it is fitted for a diamond. Platinum also requires maintenance over the years which may cost you.

All of these factors taken into consideration make platinum two-and-a-half to five times more valuable than white gold.

White gold is typically less valuable. Its often made with inexpensive materials such as nickel, is commonly mined, and can be made by any number of jewelers. While it is gorgeous, there is less prestige than comes with platinum.

However, higher karat white gold has a higher value than lower karat, so if you want a valuable white gold ring, consider purchasing one fashioned with 18-karat gold.

Does That Mean White Gold Isnt Great For Active Wear

On the contrary, durability is one area where white gold outshines platinum. Platinum is less hard than 14K white gold and scratches more easily. But when white gold is scratched, the scratched metal leaves the surface of the ring, clinging to whatever scratched it. Its lost forever. Platinum, on the other hand, can scratch, but, keeps its metal, creating a patina. This patina can be polished off to restore the metals original shine.

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Is Platinum Better Than White Gold

One of the most common questions that we receive from clients is whether platinum is better than white

One of the most common questions that we receive from clients is whether platinum is better than white gold, this is usually because they have heard that platinum is more durable than white gold, and because of the perception that platinum must be better than white gold because it tends to cost more.

The reality is that every metal alloy used to manufacture jewelry has its advantages and disadvantages, however most of the time the differences are so minor that the decision to choose platinum or white gold for an engagement ring, should probably come down to a preference over the appearance of the ring.

Where To Buy Platinum And White Gold Rings

White gold Vs. Platinum

Most jewelers will offer a selection of platinum and white gold rings.

We recommend browsing online retailers like James Allen first to get familiar with white gold and platinum ring prices.

James Allen lets you create your own ring in any metal. Plus, prices are up to 40% cheaper than physical jewelers.

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Celebrity White Gold Engagement Rings

Kate Middleton

One of the most famous white gold rings is the wedding band that belongs to Kate Middleton, as her ring is made out of a very special gold: Welsh gold. Upon their engagement, the queen gifted the couple a piece of welsh gold to make their wedding bands with. The royal family has a tradition of using Welsh gold, which began in 1923. Welsh gold is extremely rare and valuable, so it is no wonder it is deemed fit for royalty!

What Is 999 Platinum

999 represents the fineness of pure Platinum. Frequently purchased in Bullion or Coin form, investors choose Platinum as a store of valuean alternative to currency, stocks, shares and bonds.

Example of 999 Platinum. 1oz coin. Photograph copyright

Jewellery does not tend to be made in 999 Platinum. To explain, Platinum jewellery requires additional materials to harden the surface or to improve the flow of the molten metal during casting.

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White Gold Vs Platinum Price

Just like there are the four C’s of diamonds, there are a variety of factors to consider when it comes to choosing your engagement ring metal. Cost is one of main Cs of metals. There are two things to consider when looking at price: cost of buying and cost of care. If you’re looking at sticker price, white gold is the more budget-friendly option. We generally recommend purchasing white gold so you can maximize other aspects of your engagement ring, such as the diamond.

White Gold Vs Yellow Gold

Is A Platinum Ring Better Than White Gold

The main difference between white gold and yellow gold is the color. White gold is mixed with white metals like nickel, while yellow gold is mixed with yellow metals like copper. White gold has a lustrous white look and yellow gold has a luminous yellow tone. Some prefer the golden tone of yellow gold, while others prefer white gold. The color of gold you choose should be based on your personal preference.

There are a few other small differences between white gold and yellow gold. Yellow gold is more hypoallergenic than white gold and its easier to maintain. You may be able to reduce your diamonds Color by a grade or two, because the diamond will still look white in relation to the yellow gold setting. White gold is slightly stronger than yellow gold, making it more durable.

The cost of white gold and yellow gold is relatively the same, as theyre both made of gold and other alloy metals. 14K gold costs less than 18K gold, no matter the color.

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White Gold Vs Platinum: Which To Choose

White gold? Platinum? Learn which one of these two very different ring metals best suits you.

White gold rings and platinum are two gleaming white metals that play up the brilliance of their set diamonds. Theyre both beautiful and sturdy: neither ring metal tarnishes, corrodes, or rusts. You cant go wrong with either classic, but which ring metal best fits your lifestyle?

White gold and platinum look so similar so whats the difference?

Does Platinum Make A Good Investment

Like gold, platinum is thought to be a worthy investment, as youre highly unlikely to make any kind of loss. However, it isnt completely risk-free. As with anything, the price can fluctuate depending on demand.

However, the demand for platinum is only increasing, so theres money to be made by savvy investors.

The price of platinum doesnt affect the price of gold, and vice versa. Because of that, investors are recommended to have a diverse portfolio of investments across gold, platinum and silver.

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White Gold Vs Platinum

Which is better? The answer might not be as simple as you think. This guide will walk you through the pros and cons of each and help you decide which is the better choice for you.

Which is better? The answer might not be as simple as you think. This guide will walk you through the pros and cons of each and help you decide which is the better choice for you.

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