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How Much Is One Gold Krugerrand Worth

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Gold South African Krugerrand Price Charts

$50000 Fine Gold South Africa Krugerrand 1 oz 36g Coins each $2000 worth

Originally minted in 1967, the alluring 22-karat South African Krugerrand coin consists of one troy ounce of pure gold. Research historical pricing data and track the latest prices with our interactive gold Krugerrand price charts.


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How Much Is A Krugerrand Worth Asked Liam

How much is a Krugerrand worth?

1 ounce Krugerrand: $1756.85

How much is a Krugerrand worth? Asked LiamRead the interview: scroll further down

Ask a Krugerrand question for free or sell your Krugerrand gold coin to reDollar. We offer both educational information about Krugerrand coins and a fast and reliable way to sell coins.

How To Buy Gold Krugerrands

Buying Gold Krugerrands is an easy and simple process. You can buy them online for Delivery or Storage using the BUY button or you can call our office to place your order over the phone.

We sell Gold Krugerrands and all major bullion bar and coin products and you can pay by bank wire, by credit card or by debit card.

We make a market in Krugerrands and offer fully insured delivery to our American clients throughout the United States from our depository partner vaults in Delaware.

Insured delivery of Gold Krugerrands, including monster boxes, to homes or offices is also popular and many clients do both – take delivery of some Gold Krugerrands and own the rest in Secure Storage.Many of our U.S. clients opt to store their Krugerrands in fully insured, offshore Secure Storage jurisdictions. We specialize in offering U.S. clients access to allocated and segregated bullion storage in secure nonbank vault partners in safer jurisdictions in the world such as Zurich, Hong Kong, London, and Singapore.

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The History Of Gold South African Krugerrands

The Krugerrand is named after Paul Kruger, a former President of the South African Republic in the late 1800s. Kruger is famous as the South African leader of the Boers against the British Empire in 1899-1902 Boer War.

The Rand in the coins name comes from the South African currency, the Rand which is itself named after the world-famous Witwatersrand gold reef in the Transvaal, the largest gold producing area in the world.

In the mid-1960s the South African Chamber of Mines devised the Krugerrand as a way of selling South African gold to retail investors internationally. The first Krugerrands were minted in 1967 but only mass produced for the international market beginning in 1970.Rand Refinery produces the coin blanks for gold Krugerrands which are minted by both The Rand Refinery and The South African Mint Company.

The Rand Refinery is a private company owned by four leading South African gold mining companies, namely, Goldfields, AngloGold Ashanti, Harmony and DRDGOLD. The refinery, located in Germiston, east of Johannesburg, is the largest single gold refining and smelting site in the world and has refined more than 25% of the worlds gold mining output.

It is regarded by gold market participants globally as one of the worlds premier precious metals refineries.

Is Krugerrand Gold A Good Or Safe Investment

1976 Krugerrand Value October 2020

The short answer is yes. Gold is whats known as a safe haven investment, and Krugerrands are a highly sought-after type of gold. By investing in the commodity, your money will surely appreciate.

To better understand the safety of your investment, its useful to know why gold is considered such a safe investment. For thousands of years, gold has been a popular form of currency for everything from jewelry to money.

Although golds value will skew in the short term, the value remains nearly stable for long-term investors. By investing your money in gold , you insulate your money from the more precarious ups and downs of the market. You may never see as big a high as you would with investing in other forms of commodities, but you will also never see an extreme low.

You can trust your gold investment will never be worth nothing. Golds value often rises as other currencies falter because it is seen as such a safe bet during times of economic insecurity.

Like other forms of gold, Krugerrands do not appreciate each year the same way other stocks and commodities might. But in the long-term, Krugerrands have risen in value significantly. In the past 20 years alone, Krugerrands have appreciated by 50% per annum, compared to golds 25%.

Does that mean Krugerrands are the best outlet for your gold investment? That may depend. After all, there are several ways to buy gold, and each comes with its pros and cons.

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How To Determine Gold Krugerrand Values

How much any given South African gold Krugerrand is worth can be quite erratic all over the board. This owes to the short-term volatility of the gold bullion market. It would be impractical to list fixed prices for South African gold Krugerrands here as the quoted prices would already be out of date before this article was even published. So, how do you find the current gold Krugerrand values?

One way to find out what gold Krugerrands are worth is to contact a reputable bullion dealer, such as Gainesville Coins. The experts at Gainesville Coins keep their fingers on the pulse of the fast-moving gold Krugerrand market every day and can provide you with up-to-the-moment prices for Krugerrands, which fluctuate in value from one moment to the next.

Check the product details for prices on South African Gold Krugerrand coins for sale below:

For more information on gold Krugerrand values, contact Gainesville Coins today. Please call us during normal business hours at 482-9300 if you have any questions before you buy gold Krugerrands.

How To Buy And Sell

The gold Krugerrand can be bought for a few percentage points over the spot price of gold and sold for a few percentage points under the spot price of gold from specialty bullion and coin dealers throughout the United States and the world. In fact, gold Krugerrand is often far easier to transport, store, buy, and sell than gold bars, making them a preferred form of storage for gold investors.

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How Much Is A Krugerrand Coin Worth Today Asked Alexander

I got a set of Krugerrand coins in a very nice wooden box. I tryed to do some research and found out that Krugerrand coins sell for the gold price. Is that true? And if yes, how much is a Krugerrand coin worth, today? And Alex, is it possible to sell just one coin or is that bad for the whole set? As you see, the set comes with a silver bar. Can you tell me more about it?Alexander from Indianapolis in Indiana

Dear Alexander, you own a very nice set of Krugerrand coins celebrating 40 years of minting. Generally you are right, a Krugerrand coins sells for the gold value. The gold value of your coins equals more or less the gold price and differs between the weights of your Krugerrand coins. An ounce is more worth than a half ounce but the whole set shows a higher value.reDollar appraiser, Alex Fordham

Design Of Gold Krugerrand Coins

Unboxing 5 Gold 1 Oz Krugerrands from JM Bullion

1-oz gold Krugerrand has serrated edges. On the front of the coin is a profile of Paul Kruger, an early president of the Republic of South Africa. The Afrikaans words Suid Afrika appear, along with the English South Africa. The back of a gold bullion Krugerrand coin features a male springbok. This medium-sized brown and white gazelle has long been regarded as a national symbol of South Africa. There is also a date stamped in two sections on either side of the springbok image.

1-oz Krugerrand is 1.3 inches in diameter and 0.11 inches thick. Gold Krugerrand coin has a gold fineness equal 0.9167. The coin is actually 1.09 troy oz. because its 11 parts 22-karat gold alloy and 1 part copper added to make the coin more resistant to damage.

In 1980, three smaller sizes of gold bullion Krugerrand coins were issued, with weights 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz.

1-oz gold Krugerrand coins remains today one of the most popular means of private ownership of gold along with American Eagle coins and Silver Maple Leaf coins

Gold Krugerrand value is based upon its gold content plus a premium. Gold Krugerrand of different sizes fetch different premiums. Gold Krugerrand Value is also affected by factors such as condition and special preparation, such as proof coins.

Why Krugerrand Gold Coins?

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What Impacts The Valuation Of Krugerrands

The gold market is valued in several ways. Among the influences for the valuation of gold are:

  • Demands of the industries that rely on gold: Businesses like jewelry, technology, and more rely on a steady supply of gold for their dealings.
  • Changes in gold reserves: Central banks and government stockpiles of gold can affect the supply and demand of the market for gold.
  • Private investors and investment funds: Gold is a commodity that is traded around the world therefore, the price can be influenced by things like economic and stock market shifts, interest rates, and more as gold-owners buy or sell accordingly.

Get Exclusive Customized Charts

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What Are The Benefits Of Owning A Gold Krugerrands

  • Gold Krugerrands contain 1 troy ounce of investment grade gold
  • Gold Krugerrands are a legal tender coin backed by the South African government
  • Reverse: Will vary by year. Includes the date, weight, and purity
  • Sales tax-free in the U.S.
  • The Rand Refinery and South African Mint are respected international refiners and mints
  • Gold Krugerrands are available at competitive pricing and premiums
  • Gold Krugerrands are portable, internationally liquid form of financial insurance

Top Dealer For Medium Orders

How Much Is A Gold Krugerrand Worth

Provident Metals

Investors who are ready to add gold bullion to their portfolios can be expected to make purchases of Krugerrands that are larger than average but still not as large as they could be. If you believe that a medium-sized order is in your future, take a good look at Provident Metals.

Provident Metals is a leading distributor of domestic and international coins and bullion, and one of the companys specialties is gold Krugerrands. Prices on the website are continually updated, and discounts are provided for off-quality coins.

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A Briefing On The Gold Krugerrand

South African gold Krugerrands became the first modern bullion coins when they were first introduced in the late 1960s. Within a decade, they were becoming the most widely traded form of gold for private ownership and held a vast majority share of the bullion coin market for a long time. However, this changed during the heart of the 1980s.

1978 Krugerrand gold coin

Thats when international embargoes and economic sanctions were placed against South Africa in response to its now-abandoned system of racial segregation known as apartheid. Gold buyers and private investors in other countries were not allowed to buy Krugerrands through their Gold IRA, for instance.

This wasnt the only reason the South African Krugerrand lost its market share. In response to these embargoes, other nations began creating their own bullion programs to satisfy the demand for investment-level precious-metals coinage. Still, the Krugerrand remains a popular investment vehicle that offers speculators and collectors alike many tremendous opportunities for long-term gains and timeless enjoyment.

The Krugerrand was first minted on July 3, 1967, to sell South African gold to investors and collectors worldwide. Rand Refinery supplies the gold, and the Krugerrand is produced by the South African Mint, which is the only entity in the world authorized by the South African Reserve Bank to strike the Krugerrand and other South African legal-tender coins.

Top Dealer For Small Orders


If you are confident in your research or have prior experience investing in gold Krugerrands, you may want to place a small order for multiple coins, and the best place for this size order is BGASC. This fast and reliable company offers a wide variety of Krugerrand coins to satisfy both casual and serious investors. You can jump into a new collection with 1/10-oz. Krugerrands or 1/4-oz. coins, or you can buy a full complement of the standard 1-oz. coins. Another reason why BGASC is perfect for small orders is that you receive a bulk discount for buying as few as three coins at a time.

BGASC ships all of its orders with full insurance underwritten by Lloyds of London, and the company has never received a complaint through the Better Business Bureau.

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Krugerrand Errors And Varieties

Krugerrands are struck to exacting standards, and therefore its relatively difficult to locate many errors and varieties among these coins. That having been said, some exciting oddities have come out of the Krugerrand series, and those that exist can bring remarkable prices and a fair amount of collector demand, too.

One of the most notable are the underweight-proof gold Krugerrands of 2011. A small but indeterminate number of these 2011 proof gold Krugerrands have the correct overall weight but contain less gold content than they were supposed to have. The mistake is attributed to unspecified issues that changed the amount of gold in the planchets during the production process. Collectors should also always keep an eye out for the stray doubled die, off-center strike, or other garden-variety error and variety.

Collectibles From The Mint Of South Africa

1 oz South African Krugerrand Gold Coin BU | Bullion Exchanges

Paul Kruger is the South African Mint figure represented on the Krugerrand gold bullion coin. These bullion coins, made by the government of South Africa, fetch market prices and are part of a wide selection of collectibles on the gold market. You can find it among a vast variety of eBay listings with different mintage marks and years of distribution.

What are precious metals used for?

Currency metals are only a category of metals that we use today. Metals play an important role in society and have since the Iron and Bronze Ages. By the time metals were formed into currencies, they were considered rare, and only highly trained smiths could create them. Manufacturers still use those same metals today. You?ll find silver in cell phones, gold in industrial machines, and copper in a majority of the homes that stand today. You?ll find that precious metals make up collectibles, jewelry, and raw bullion products like bars or the Krugerrand 1-ounce coin.

Does the date on a Krugerrand coin matter?

  • Condition – The condition of a coin is weighed against its age, the numbers produced, and how sure the maker?s identity is.
  • Weight – Every coin is weighed by the spot price of precious metals, and this price is found in the gold exchange.
  • The metal – The actual metal in a Krugerrand 1-ounce coin is a factor, be it gold, silver, white gold, or platinum.

How important is a coin?s maker?

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Gold Krugerrand Coin Legacy

First introduced in 1967, the Krugerrand is considered the oldest 1 ounce gold coin regularly minted available for buying, selling, or trading. At one point in 1980, the 1 ounce Krugerrand made up over 90% of the gold bullion coins that were offered on the world market. Today over 50 million Gold Krugerrand Coins have been minted and sold to gold bullion coin buyers across the world.What makes the Gold Krugerrand unique is that there isn’t a published legal tender value on the coin. South African considers the value of the coin to be the current spot value of gold. This was done purposely as the government wanted to encourage personal ownership and investment into gold.

Final Thoughts On Krugerrand Gold Coins

Owning physical gold is undoubtedly an investment, both financially and materially. Something like Krugerrand gold coin can become a much easier avenue to gold acquisition since they are easy to manage and can help you build a gold investment portfolio without breaking the bank or needing to figure out drastic storage options.

But buying Krugerrands should never take all your money. Not only do you want to be protected from disreputable sellers, but a proper gold investment is just one part of a balanced investment portfolio.

Although this may all seem too confusing, we can help. If youre interested in understanding what Krugerrand gold coin ownership means, we have years of experience that can inform your decision. We can assist you in determining what sort of considerations there are around investing in Krugerrands, gold, and more.

Let us know if you have any questions, and one of our friendly staff members will be more than happy to help connect you with the resources you need to start your gold investment journey today.

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Buy Gold Krugerrand Coins At Low Premiums

1 troy oz gold South African Krugerrand coins was first conceptualized in 1964 as a legal tender bullion coin marked only with its weight in gold. The coin was created as a means for the private ownership of South African gold bullion coins by the general public and was first minted at the South African Mint on July 3, 1967.

Composition and Design

Gold Krugerrands are designed to be durable and are therefore .9170, or 91.7% gold, with the remainder being copper. These popular gold coins also appears closer to an orange shade than coins alloyed with silver. Each one-ounce coin weighs 33.93 grams .

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