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24k Solid Gold Necklace Womens

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Womens 24k Gold Jewelry

14K Real Solid Gold Turquoise Heart Lock Necklace for Women
  • $50.00saleReg. $125.00

    Danecraft 24k Gold Over Silver 7 in. Herringbone, Oval, Twisted Diamond Cut Chain Bracelet Trio Set

  • Danecraft 24k Gold Over Silver 7 in. Rope, Figaro, Oval Chain Bracelet Trio Set

  • Danecraft 24k Gold Over Silver 2 mm Flat Curb Chain Necklace

  • Danecraft 24k Gold Over Silver Beaded Station & Curb Chain Double Strand Necklace

  • 24k Gold Over Silver Pressed Flower Heart Pendant Necklace

  • $32.00sale

    Danecraft 24kt Gold Over Sterling Silver Polished Click Top Hoop Earrings

  • $30.00sale

    Danecraft 24k Gold Over Silver 18 in. Figaro Chain Necklace

  • Danecraft 24k Gold Over Silver 16 in. Oval Beaded Station Chain Necklace

  • $20.00 – $24.00sale
  • Primavera 24k Gold Over Silver Herringbone Chain Bracelet

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Finding The Right Necklaces For You

We are fortunate to know much of the worldâs long and dazzling history of necklaces, as this type of jewelry was so treasured that it was frequently buried with its owners.

Lapis lazuli beads adorned necklaces unearthed from the royal graves at the ancient Iraqi civilization of Sumer, while the excavation of King Tutâs burial chamber revealed a sense of style that led to a frenzy of Art Deco designs, with artisans of the 1920s seeking to emulate the elegant work crafted by Ancient Egyptâs goldsmiths and jewelry makers.

In ancient times, pendant necklaces worn by royalty and nobles conferred wealth and prestige. Today, wearing jewelry is about personal expression: Luxury diamond necklaces exude confidence and can symbolize the celebratory nature of a deep romantic relationship, while paper-clip chain-link necklaces designed by the likes of goldsmith Faye Kim are firmly planted in the past as well as the present. Kim works exclusively with eco-friendly gold, and these fashionable, fun accessories owe to the design of 19th-century watch fobs.

K Solid Gold Necklaces For Women

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