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Yellow Gold Wedding Bands For Her

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Finding The Right Rings For You

Best Montana Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring | Round Cut Yellow Gold Sapphire Ring

Antique and vintage rings have long held a special place in the hearts of fine jewelry lovers all over the world.

No matter their origin or specific characteristics, rings are timeless, versatile accessories. Theyâve carried deep meaning since at least the Middle Ages, when diamond rings symbolized strength and other kinds of rings were worn to signify romantic feelings or to denote an affiliation with a religious order. Rings have also forever been emblematic of eternity.

Over time, rings have frequently taken the form of serpents, which have long been associated with eternal life, health and renewal. Italian luxury jewelry house Bvlgari has become famous for its widely loved Serpenti motif, for example, and its Serpenti ring, like the other accessories in the collection, began as an homage to jewelry of the Roman and Hellenistic eras. The serpent is now a popular motif in fine jewelry. Jewelry devotees have long pined for rings adorned with reptiles, thanks to antique Victorian rings â well, specifically, Queen Victoriaâs illustrious engagement ring, which took the form of a gold snake set with rubies, diamonds and an emerald . Designs for Victorian-era engagement rings often featured repoussé work and chasing, in which patterns are hammered into the metal.

Why Trust Your Women’s Yellow Gold Wedding Bands With Greenleaf Diamonds


Manufactured with genuine gems like diamonds, emerald, sapphire, and other stones.


Our stones are completely natural and responsibly mined.


Our friendly experts are always here to answer any concerns.


We have thousands of happy customers.

Embolden Your Sparkle With A Gold Diamond Wedding Band

Looking for the perfect wedding ring but dont know where to start? Helzberg has curated the most desirable wedding rings and bands to point you in the right direction.

Timeless and refined, yellow gold is a sophisticated band choice for men and women. Whatever your taste, whatever your budget, we have a comprehensive collection featuring enduring favorites and trending wedding ring designs.

Bring a scintillating glitter to your finger with a yellow gold diamond wedding ring. The warm hue has an elegant look that brings out the fire of a glittering white diamond.

Honor your joyful journey with Helzbergs stunning selection of wedding rings, anniversary bands and gorgeous ring enhancers in precious metals. While popular trends come and go, our rings have an infinite quality as special as your one-of-a-kind love story.

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Shop Elegant Women’s Wedding Bands Only At Jcpenney

Wedding rings signify your long-lasting commitment to your loved one. Explore timeless and classic women’s wedding band collection only at JCPenney. Each band stands for expert craftsmanship and designed to reflect both you and your partner’s personality and style. Celebrate true connection with diamond wedding bands for women. They are bold and represent pure luxury. They also add an extra zing on the wedding day! If minimalism is more your style, go for a simple wedding band. It’s understated, subtle and does not take attention away from the engagement ring on her finger.

For the vintage romancers, rose gold or gold wedding bands for women make a perfect pick. The soft gold hue will complement the crisp white wedding dress and will add a dose of elegance. We also have a great selection of women’s white gold wedding bands for modern verve. And finally, honor your timeless bond with women’s wedding ring sets. At JCPenney, we have wedding bands that stands for love in all its form. Bind your love forever with beautiful rings today! Shop now and save more with JCPenney. Free shipping available.

Are Yellow Gold Wedding Rings Out Of Style

Wedding Band in 18ct Yellow Gold

No way! Yellow gold is the classic wedding band color and its actually spiked in popularity in the last few years. Yellow gold looks great on warm skin tones, and well compliments diamonds as well as warm colored gemstones. Our yellow gold bands also come in a variety of finishes, like hammered, satin, and matte! So, you can make this traditional color just as unique as you are!

Couples often wonder which of our 100% recycled precious metals is best for their beautiful wedding band. And, if youre looking for a warm colored metal, we have two options! Yellow and rose gold. Each metal has its own unique style which could make it perfect for you. Learn more about yellow gold here!

Pro tip: Make sure you match your engagement ring metal to your wedding band metal, so they wear evenly. Any color 14k works with other 14k color! But, you shouldnt wear gold with platinum or palladium.

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