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What Is The Latest Version Of Aol Desktop Gold

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Welcome To Email Desktop Gold

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Installation and Uninstall Guide is also included in this section.

Whether you’re using Windows 7, 8 or 10 Mac OS, you can take advantage of the AOL desktop experience.

Problems- We have fixed So Far!!

  • AOL Desktop Gold login Error
  • Sbcglobal email not working
  • AOL Gold Desktop Icon Disappeared
  • email sync problem
  • AOL Gold Desktop Flash Player Problem
  • Sbcglobal email is not downloading to Outlook
  • Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold
  • Unable to send sbcglobal-net emails
  • AOL Desktop gold Update
  • Sbcglobal email Password reset Errors
  • AOL Gold Download Install

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  • About AOL Desktop Gold
  • Immediate $olution To Fix Aol Blerk Error Code 5 With Easy Instructions

    AOL Email is one of the leading web email services. It has a number of features who access easily at any place. Through this, you can easily share messages, documents or files, etc.AOL Blerk Error is not a big issue. It is a temporary error and it occurs when there is an issue in loading messages from the AOL server. If your mind is stuck, How to Resolve or Fix AOL Blerk Error Code 5? Here, In this article, we mentioned troubleshooting steps to fix AOL Blerk Error Code 5.

    How To Install Aol Desktop Gold

  • After downloading this tool on your respective device, you need to install AOL Desktop Gold using the following steps:
  • For installing the application, you first need to locate the AOL gold downloaded files.
  • Next, click on the downloaded AOL desktop Gold setup file, and tap on the AOL gold install icon
  • Select Run on the next screen.
  • Tap on Install Now and you might be prompted to import your email along with uninstall older versions of AOL desktop
  • For any help contact the AOL experts via contact numbers for instant help.
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    S To Update Aol Desktop Gold

    After completing the necessary system requirements, try to update Aol desktop Gold manually.

    However, if you still facing AOL Gold update error. Then, try to find the associated reasons and resolve them or reinstall aol desktop gold. Once the error is fixed, run and update AOL Desktop Gold software.

    In most of the cases, we see that the main causes for Aol gold update going failed. Because of your valid subscription is expire with Advanced Plan membership.

    How To Resolve The This Page Has Moved Message

    Aol Desktop Gold Download

    Firstly,make sure you dont panic while facing the issue. If you come across the issuethis page has been removed during the sign-upprocess or signing-in to your account. This error message indicates that thepage you are trying to open is currently updating.

    Butit has nothing to do with your sign-in credentials, this is a script error thatcan be fixed.

    Ifyou are trying to open a bookmarked page and this issue occurs, waiting is thebest option as it is under updating process. To manually fix this, follow thesteps given below:

    • First, go to
    • Now sign in to your AOL Gold email account.
    • Enter your AOL username and then the password.
    • Finally, click on sign-in.

    Once you are done performing the troubleshooting process and then try to open the page again. You can also connect with experts to get an apt resolution.

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    Why Can’t I Update My Browser

    Firewall settings and other security software could also prevent Chrome from updating properly. Adware or malware may be another source of the problem, with variations of the Urgent Chrome Update pop-up plaguing some users as it tries to hijack the browser. Be sure to restart after you install the software.

    How To Update Aol Desktop Gold Software On Windows And Mac

    With all the technical specs in your computer or laptop- let us update Desktop Gold software. If you have landed here by ignoring any of these above essentials then, surely- the process wont be smooth for you. And, most likely youll end up having another error on your desktop screen.

    Therefore, after you abide by the above procedure its time to update AOL Gold. We suggest to make your choice based on device OS and follow the steps as given.

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    Troubleshooting Aol Desktop Gold Problems

    Look at the below three biggest AOL Desktop Gold problems encountered by the majority of users. To help the users in fixing these issues, we have described some best solutions for it. Check it out.

    Unable to Open AOL Desktop Gold

    If you are trying to access the AOL Desktop Gold from your system and every time you get an error message saying that Cant open AOL Desktop Gold, then go through the below troubleshooting tricks to resolve the issue:

    Step 1: Firstly, you have to check your internet connection. Make sure that you have a stable and high-speed internet connection.

    Step 2: Run any antivirus software on your computer or laptop whatever you are using for a quick scan and remove the suspicious file from it.

    Step 3: Unable the third-party security software.

    Step 4: Remove all the contrary files from your computer.

    Step 5: Uninstall the corrupted drivers from your system.

    Step 6: Renew the AOL Desktop Gold software.

    Step 7: Make sure that your system fulfills all the requirements that are needed to install the AOL Desktop Gold.

    Step 8: Delete corrupt or damaged files from your computer.

    Step 9: Delete the browsing history from your system by accessing the browser settings.

    Still unable to access the AOL Desktop Gold then we suggest you connect with our professional support team by either calling us at our helpline number or leave your message in a chat window to fix the issue immediately.

    AOL Desktop Gold is Not Responding

    S To Download Aol Desktop Gold


    Desktop gold for AOL advantage plan members

    • Sign in to the My Benefits page
    • Go to AOL Desktop Gold under All Products
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to

    AOL Desktop Gold- subscription or trial period

    • Log in to My accounts page
    • Under Desktop gold, click on Get Started
    • Follow the on-screen steps to download AOL Gold

    Use official AOL signup confirmation email

    • Check your inbox for an email with the subject line Get started with AOL desktop Gold
    • Click on Download AOL Desktop Gold or Update now once you view that email
    • Go to the download folder and click to save
    • Follow the installation steps to get started

    If you come across any trouble while you are trying to then dont think twice before contacting AOL Tech support.

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    Troubleshooting Guide When Aol Desktop Gold Not Opening Or Not Working

    Here are some quick and simple troubleshooting steps you can follow if your AOL software is not working or not opening.

    Solution 1: Check and update the application

    One of the best features AOL Gold is that it updates automatically. But if there is an error with the software then the updates will not be downloaded. In that case, you will have to manually check and see if there are any software updates that need to be completed.

    Solution 2: General settings

    Whenever you update Windows or any other application, there are certain changes made to the computer settings. These changes can affect the smooth functioning of AOL Desktop Gold. Check to see that there are no changes in the settings that could disrupt the working of AOL. You can also try to restore setting back to when AOL was working or opening.

    Solution 3: Check the Add-ons

    It is possible that some add-ons that are installed on your system are incompatible with AOL Desktop Gold. The best thing to do is to disable these add-ons and run a scan of your system

    Solution 4: Download install file

    When you see the message saying AOL Desktop Gold has stopped working or opening you can follow the steps below to download AOL Gold and run an updated install file:

    • Go to the AOL website and download the updated install file.
    • Open the file and run it on your system
    • Go to the AOL icon and open Desktop Gold after running the installer.

    If You Have Trial/subscription Version Of Aol Gold:

    • First access the AOL My account page and then open the My Services menu
    • Next, go to subscriptions
    • Click get started under the AOL desktop gold
    • Now, confirm email from official AOL signup confirmation.
    • Open the email you receive on your email
    • Now look for the download folder and click Save.

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    Install Aol Desktop Gold

    Users around the world are chattering about AOL Desktop Gold new innovative features and enhanced security. Such features include an automatic update service, two-step validation, custom fonts, and options for text.

    Through testing the compatibility of this program with your Mac, users can easily Install AOL Desktop Gold from their official website. Despite having so many excellent features, while using this software, users often face some flaws.

    One such common problem is the absence of the AOL Desktop Gold icon. This problem may occur if users accidentally deleted the program from their desktop or due to the existence of some malicious viruses and also after updating the new version of AOL Desktop Gold.

    If you want to from your browser window, but you don’t have an idea, how can you do that? This blog will tell you all the ways AOL Desktop Gold Software can be quickly installed. AOL desktop gold is its latest version and you can only download it to your desktop. Before downloading and installing this program, you must have Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7. AOL mobile gold can be downloaded to your computer in three ways.

    Ways to Install AOL Desktop Gold: If you’re an AOL advanced plan user, if you’ve entered AOL advanced plan, go through the steps below:

    1. Go to and sign in to your account.

    2. Scroll through the “AOL desktop gold” option under “All Items.”

    3. Tap on the Download now.

    When you are on the trial of AOL desktop Gold:

    Manually Troubleshooting Aol Desktop Gold Update Errors

    AOL Desktop Gold Download

    If you cant find the sign of your AOL Gold update not working above, you may ask Desktop Gold experts for direct assistance.Another way, you can start with the following troubleshooting steps and resolve your AOL update issue.

  • Reboot your device to create more space in RAM and then, try starting AOL Desktop gold update manually.
  • If AOL Gold update error still appears on screen then, go to Control Panel-> Windows Updates-> and, enable automatic update option.
  • Disable Firewall from Control Panel as, this system security might consider AOL update as security threat to your PC or Mac device.
  • Perform a Disk cleanup action to resolve AOL Gold update not working error.
  • Check the cables, router, modem, and Internet service. If you find fault with any of the peripheral, please replace or fix them immediately.
  • Most importantly, if your AOL Gold is corrupt, install AOL Desktop Gold on the device.
  • Note: Generally, AOL Desktop Gold updates automatically. However, if it fails the above process will surely help you.

    In case, you are still struggling with AOL Desktop Gold update problem- ask desktop gold link team for more tough and advanced solution.

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    If You’re Still Using Aol Watch Out For This Phishing Scam

    A not-so-novel phishing scam is targeting AOL users into submitting their authentication information in the garb of keeping their account active.

    Details about the scam were revealed by BleepingComputer after an email received by a couple of their relatives who were long-time AOL users, raised red flags.

    Unless you verify this account, it will be closed in 72 hrs,” warns the unimaginative phishing email, which features official-looking AOL imagery and language.

    Request For Call Back

    Unable to contact the AOL Desktop Gold professional experts during working hours for the troubleshooting tricks? Fill the form with your details and leave your query in the message that you want to ask from experts. Our experts will get back to you as soon as possible with the best solution to the problem. CALL NOW!

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    Not Able To Download Aol Gold Windows 10 Get The Solution Here:

    Windows 10 users often come across an issue while downloading this application. So, if you are also the one troubled user, read the below-given instructions and try to fix the trouble:

  • Firstly, check if the proper network connection.
  • Clear cookies and caches from your system.
  • Adjust the browser settings and start the downloading software again.
  • Contact AOL Gold support for any help if things get complicated.
  • Mail Programs: Mail App

    New 18.5 inch All in One V5 Pro Portable System! (Low Profile Version)

    Mail programs are computer applications that can check your email from multiple accounts. You can view all your mail as one inbox or look at one email account at a time. These apps are handy if you have multiple business email accounts or if you want to seamlessly check business and personal email at the same time.

    For example, Windows 10 offers the Mail App. To set up your Mail App, click on the start menu, which is the Windows icon in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. Scroll down to Mail and then click on it.

    When the app opens up, click on Other Account and enter your AOL email and password. You can add other email addresses as well. Follow the prompts to finish setting up your account. The Mail App will check your AOL email and deliver it to your inbox.

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    How To Set Up An Existing Aol Account On A New Computer


    One of the most tedious aspects of buying a new computer is getting everything set up. Even if you transfer your files and other important business documents, you may still need to manually configure your email addresses. If youre using an AOL account for business or personal email, you have a few options for setting up your account.

    Your options include:

    • Using a browser to visit the AOL website
    • Using a mail program
    • Using AOL Desktop Gold

    Each option has its pros and cons the best option, ultimately, is the one that works best for you and your business.

    Minimum System Requirements To Download Aol Gold

    Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.Processor- Minimum 266 MHz or faster Computer ProcessorScreen Resolution- 1024 * 768 or higher screen resolution recommended.Memory Minimum of 1 GB RAM, 512 MB free hard disk space.Internet You must have active Internet connection.

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    S To Reinstall Aol Desktop Gold

    1) When you meet the previously mentioned prerequisites, you can visit the AOL Desktop Gold official site and snap to download the most recent programming variant for your gadget. Save the ‘arrangement record’ on your PC.

    2) Run the record as head, for this snap on ‘.exe document’ and continue straightaway.

    3) Concur with the ‘Security and Wellbeing Spring up’.

    4) The installer won’t work.

    5) After this, you need to tap on the ‘do’ fasten to do the task whenever you are finished with the wizard.

    6) Enter the username and secret key for the AOL Desktop Gold login.

    7) Continue with the onscreen rules to do the job.

    Thus, these are some basic rules that can assist you with the AOL Desktop gold reinstall current part. AOL is an astonishing mixture of numerous attributes that can share the best email and perusing experience with its client. Thus, witness the extraordinary degree of dependability, security, and quality involvement in AOL Desktop Gold download on your gadget. However, in case you are in any uncertainty or disarray in regards to the AOL establishment for current individuals, reach out to the specialists. The experts will propose the most ideal answer for your concern and ensure that nothing hampers your AOL experience.

    Thanks for Visit.

    Please Follow These Methods To Fix Aol Desktop Gold Wont Open

    What is the Latest Version of Aol? â Desktop Gold â Steemit

    So here are the methods to troubleshoot AOL Gold Wont Open Issue. Perform these steps prudently.

    • Scan your system with the help of antivirus and delete any suspicious file found.
    • Make sure that your computer meets all the system requirements for the installation of AOL Desktop Gold.
    • Delete all the incompatible files from the system.
    • Check the internet connectivity.
    • Upgrade AOL Desktop Gold software, if available.
    • Try to remove the browser cache from browser settings.
    • If any of these doesnt work, reinstall AOL Gold from official site:
    • Select the AOL Desktop Gold option and go to uninstall the program.
    • After downloading the software, upgrade AOL Desktop Gold by fixing the newly downloaded file.
    • At last, reboot your computer after the installation process is over.

    So, this is the simple method in the case of AOL Desktop wont open. In case of any trouble related to these steps or linked to the AOL, then contact AOL support. Experts will deal with your issue and try to solve it as soon as possible.

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    Problem With Solution If Aol Desktop Gold Not Responding

    One of the most common issues AOL Gold users face is AOL Desktop Gold not responding, Sometimes, AOL Desktop Gold stops responding to any command given by the user. There are many factors due to which this problem occur with AOL Desktop Gold software. In this blog, you will know the steps to fix this issue.

    AOL desktop is not responding issue can be one of the most common issues for the internet.

    Here are the below AOL Desktop Gold Not Responding Error:

    Quit the program from task manager-

    Whenever you see the stopped working or not responding message, while you open up the aol desktop program.

    You should quit the program and restart it.

    For windows users-

  • Press CTRL + ALT + Delete button all together.
  • Now select your AOL desktop application, and click on end program.
  • Now you will see a pop window, here you need to click on the end program.
  • Once your AOL desktop program will disappear from the process tab, you need to reopen it.

    For Mac Users-

    If you are using a Mac computer, you need to follow the instructions given below to quit the program.

  • Right-click on the AOL desktop icon, available in the task manager.
  • Your Device is not compatible with the program

    Have you checked the device compatibility for your AOL desktop application? Is your device compatible with it or not?

    Because, If you are using an older computer. Which has lesser hardware than required by the aol desktop application requirement? It can be a major reason behind it.

  • 266MHZ processor or faster than it.
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