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Rose Gold Engagement Rings Vintage

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Rose Gold Engagement Ring

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What Is Rose Gold And What Makes It Popular

You will find vintage style engagement rings made in many different styles and various metals, but rose gold remains one of the most sought-after metals to use for vintage rings.

Rose gold is a soft, golden-tinged shade of pink that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Its a special alloy that has copper and silver as its base metals, which gives the color its distinctive hue.

What makes it popular is its warm, feminine charm that gives a very romantic vibe. Its also low-maintenance, does not require rhodium plating, and is more durable than white or yellow gold or platinum.

Not only does this metal look great on any skin tone , but it also has a vintage feel to it thats perfect for traditional brides who love to stand out.

Bonus: 2 Of My Favorite Designs With Non

While diamonds are a girls best friend, there are other alternatives that are more affordable with colored gemstones. Ive seen plenty of ring settings throughout my career and these are a couple of vintage style rose gold engagement rings that caught my attention.

This antique rose gold engagement ring features a magnolia style halo with a southern twist. I particularly like this ring design when it is matched with a green emerald center stone. The subtle milgrain around the center stone adds a touch of class to the overall appearance.

This retro style filigree 14k rose gold engagement ring has a very feminine vibe in its appearance. With a pink saphhire center stone that is held in place by double prongs, this ring also has surprise accent stones by the sides to emphasize the beauty of the center gemstone.

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The History Of Rose Gold

Rose gold can occur naturally, tinted pink by copper, but is mostly created intentionally by mixing copper and gold together. Rose gold production truly began in 19th Century Russia, when a precise alloy of gold and copper was blended by master jeweler Carl Fabergé, who used it for his legendary Fabergé eggs.

Fabergés brilliance laid in his ability to absorb different styles and creatively blend them, from Art Nouveau to Louis XVI to Rococo. Fabergé was also an expert in contrasting the color and texture of the materials he used so as to emphasize their individual qualities. In his Rose Trellis egg, he used emeralds against rose gold filigree to create tiny, delicate rose blooms against a lattice of green leaves. Fabergé was a trendsetter, his eggs still in high demand. His seal of approval to rose gold made it a desired material for use in jewelry across Russia and Europe. Fabergés Rosebud Egg, now housed in the Fabergé Museum in Russia.

How To Clean And Care For Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Vintage 1 Carat Morganite and Diamond Engagement Ring in Rose Gold ...

Cleaning and caring for a rose gold engagement ring doesnt have to be complicated! With how often youll end up wearing your engagement ring, its no wonder it builds up all kinds of residue from everyday life. So how do you maintain that rings beauty for years to come?

Every few months, give your lovely little ring a warm soaking bath of soap and water to reduce buildup. Simply soak for a few minutes, rinse off the soapy mixture , and then dry your ring off with a jewelry cloth.

While other cleaning mixtures can work as well, youll also need to consider the gemstones on your ring. Cleaning protocol will be different for different stones, depending on how porous and durable they are. When unsure, we always recommend consulting with your jeweler. Many jewelers offer professional ring cleanings, too!

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What Is Rose Gold

Pure gold is a very soft metal, easily warped and damaged. Because of this, gold jewelry is typically an alloy blended with another metal to strengthen the gold. When gold is blended withcopper or a mixture of copper and silver, the result is rose gold with a distinct pink or reddish hue. The exact color will depend on the overall alloy percentages, with a greater amount of copper create a darker, more distinct reddish tone. If the gold has a very light hue it may be referred to as pink gold, while darker tones can be called red gold.

Rose gold is popular for a reason, and it has many good points for couples to consider..

Twist Style Pave Retro Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

If you love a break and continuity and the idea of a simple ring with a twist, this one is for you! This absolutely stunning ring features a center diamond that is flanked on both sides by a curved band that gives a modern edge to this vintage look.

As with any other Brian Gavin rings, the use of super ideal cut melees allows light to be refracted and reflected in a dazzling display of sparkle. If you long to stand out from the crowd and make a bold statement of your own, look no further than this piece.

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Dont Forget The Importance Of Choosing A High Quality Diamond

GIA certified loose diamond listing on

With all this talk about vintage and rose gold, its also important that you select the right diamond to go with the setting. Keep in mind the 4 Cs when you shop for a diamond.

If you havent heard of them before or need a refresher, the 4 Cs are cut, clarity, carat, and color.

Cut quality is the most important attribute you need to pay attention to because it impacts the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond. Obviously, you want to buy a diamond with the best cut quality if you want a lively diamond and this is even more important because the rose gold metal will cause the diamond to stand out.

Clarity is something that many people misunderstand and get too hung up over. In general, as long as the diamond is eyeclean and the inclusions dont pose any durability issues, it is perfectly fine to choose an SI1 or VS2 diamond instead of paying for higher grades.

Carat weight is a measurement of the diamonds metric weight. Most women do like larger size diamonds because of the bigger presence on their finger. So, you probably want to go for the largest possible weight possible without compromising other aspects of the 4Cs.

In addition to the 4Cs, you need to ensure that your diamond is accompanied by a certificate from a reliable lab like GIA or AGS. This ensures that its qualities are accurately represented.

Finding The Right Engagement Rings For You

Antique Art Deco Engagement 14K Rose /White Gold Ring Size 7.5 UK-O1/2 EGL USA

Shopping for the right antique, new or vintage engagement ring can prove daunting.

Whether youâre looking for that perfect Art Deco engagement ring, an antique Edwardian period engagement ring or a fashionable contemporary alternative, itâs important to choose a style that speaks to you.

Rings have long been signifiers of marriage and committed relationships. The modern diamond engagement ring can be traced back to 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria commissioned an expensive diamond ring for his betrothed. Diamond rings subsequently became extremely popular among the European aristocracy. Later, during the Victorian era, the popularity of diamond engagement rings had filtered down to the middle class, owing to the increasing accessibility â and affordability â of gold and diamonds.

Victorian-era engagement rings were simple, frequently set in rose or yellow gold. The diamonds were five-set in a band or solitaire. In 1886, Tiffany debuted its innovative six-prong diamond solitaire engagement ring, while Cartierâs Solitaire 1895 engagement ring resembled delicate lace. Victorian-era engagement rings also saw other gemstones accompanying diamonds â small seed pearls and moonstones were popular. Other sentimental and romantic motifs such as hearts and stars took hold as well.

When you’re ready to mark your momentous occasion, find a vast collection of engagement rings on 1stDibs.

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Where Is The Best Place To Buy Vintage Rose Gold Engagement Rings

When shopping for diamond rings, the two most important things I look out for are craftsmanship quality and diamond selection quality. Obviously, when I choose a vendor to work with, I look for the ones that can fulfill both criteria at a competitive price point.

In my opinion, the best places to get a vintage rose gold diamond engagement ring is to go online and these are the retailers I personally buy from and recommend:

Brian Gavin: They specialize in super ideal cut diamonds across a range of different cutting styles. More notably, their 810 ring collection has some of the most well crafted rose gold settings in the market. Dont miss your chance to check it out!

James Allen: One of my favorite retailers because of their superior video technology and top notch customer service. These features make shopping for a diamond fun and easy. If you are looking for a fancy shape vintage diamond ring, they are the best place to check out first.

White Flash: A vendor based in Texas, Houston. White Flash is well known for their super ideal cut diamonds that are carefully curated for the best light performance and sparkle. They also have a breathtaking collection of designer and inhouse rose gold designs that are crafted with very high standards.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement rings are delightful pieces of . First crafted in the early 19th century, rose gold engagement rings are incredibly charming. Rose gold is a precious metal that is created from pure gold mixed with other alloys like copper. Learn more about rose gold in our .

Rose gold engagement rings feature a distinctive pinkish hue that complements a diamond’s sparkle. A rose gold engagement ring is an excellent choice for those interested in both form and function: they are as durable as they are beautiful. To discover more rose gold engagement rings, check out our highlighting the 10 rose gold styles selected as employee and customer favorites. For any questions on a rose gold engagement ring, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of jewelry experts who are here to help.

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What Makes Them Popular

Here are a few of the reasons we think theyre so in demand.

1. Unique

Be it intricate and detailed filigree or stylized geometric shapes, vintage engagement rings have unique designs that you cant find in any other type of engagement ring.

2. Timeless Style and Glamor

Vintage engagement rings give you that Breakfast At Tiffanys vibe its just peak glamor! The best part? Your ring will always be on trend! Vintage rings never go out of style.

3. Brilliant Craftsmanship and Value For Money

Given how much detail goes into it, a vintage-style ring is crafted to perfection. And you will always have a lot of options even within a small budget, whether you want an extravagant ring studded with diamonds or a simplistic and classic cut.

Beautiful Rose Gold Engagement Rings Were Obsessing Over

Buy a Hand Crafted Filigree Antique Vintage Engagement Diamond Ring ...

Who doesnt love the romance of rose gold engagement rings?! We love how rose gold bands exude warm vibes, reminiscent of the most perfect summer sunset.

They give off all the feel-good vibes, and they look gorgeous on every complexion. Basically, you cant go wrong with rose gold, which is why weve rounded up 70 of the prettiest rose gold engagement rings we could find .

Green Wedding Shoes product selections are curated by the editorial team. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. If you would like to support GWS, please consider shopping through our links!

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Top 8 Unique Vintage Rose Gold Engagement Rings

We dont want to make the other metals jealous, but rose gold is extra special and we are going to tell you why. Firstly, its a romantic warm color that makes any skin tone look radiant- a few years ago people were even dying their hair rose gold left and right! Secondly, it looks amazing with both white and yellow gold, adding extra spice to your jewelry collection. The “tri-color” of white, yellow, and rose gold has been a hit on the fashion scene for several years now- we dont see that changing anytime soon.

Rose gold gets its color when you mix pure gold, copper alloys, and a small amount of silver. A typical formula may look something like 74 percent gold, 22 percent copper, 4 percent silver- the more copper, the more red the piece and the less copper, the more pink. Rose gold became popular during the Victorian age and the 1920s. Both time periods were full of highly artistic, lavish lifestyles. In the 1920s particularly, the stylish and fashionable women covered themselves with dazzling jewels. Inspired to add more color, jewelers of that time introduced highly creative designs favoring the use of rose gold to add warmth and femininity.

Extravagant Regal Floral Geometric Halo Ring In 18k Rose Gold

This phenomenal ring is one that deserves your attention. It has layers of gorgeous diamonds, and a geometric design lending the feel of the 20s to this timeless piece.

It is absolutely breathtaking with its highly detailed rose gold band setting and the melee diamonds along the shanks set the ring on fire. This masterpiece is truly unique and fit for royalty.

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Is Rose Gold Durable

Yes, rose gold is durable! In fact, rose gold is actually more durable than white and yellow gold. The inclusion of copper in the creation of rose gold is actually what gives rose gold its durability edge.

If you do opt for a rose gold engagement ring, youll notice the way it develops a petina over time, which gives the metal a vintage feel to it. We truly love the character that adds to a ring. However, if the petina look isnt your vibe, you can simply have your ring professionally polished.

The Quality Of Gold The Delicacy Of Blush Rose Gold Rings Are Romantic Whether Youre Set On An Antique Fashion

Episode 44 | 18K Rose Gold Vintage Engagement Ring

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Lets Wrap Things Up And Go Shopping

I hope this write up had provided you with some ring ideas you can consider buying and also insights into buying rose gold vintage engagement rings. Which of these designs did you like the most and what type of center stones do you personally prefer? Leave a comment below to let us know!

Remember, while the setting design is an important component, it only makes up half the engagement ring. Choosing a diamond is just as important as it usually accounts for the bulk of the rings cost. Make sure you spend some time to do your research and make your selection based on tangible data.

With that, have a great time shopping around and if you need help with a selection or a 2nd opinion, feel free to get in touch via email or drop a message below! Good luck!

If you want to buy high quality rose gold antique engagement rings at affordable prices, make sure you check out James Allen, White Flash, Brilliant Earth and Brian Gavin first! These are rock solid vendors with risk-free shopping policies.

Rose Gold And Classic Royal Styles

Rose gold was well-suited to gorgeous royal and Victorian styles , making it a popular fashion accessory. Elaborate brocade, nature-themed embroidery, and extravagantly rich materials are all accurate associations with British royal fashion and jewelry. Even modern royal designs harken back to Victorian finery. Queen Victorias own engagement ring from her fiancé Albert was an unconventional one in the shape of a serpent, with rubies for its eyes, a diamond for its mouth, and an emerald, which was Victorias birthstone. Their love inspired the Romantic Period , 23 years of a nation infatuated with their new king and queen and their love for one another.

Romantic Era jewelry was sentimental and nostalgic in style. According to the Gem Society, Romantic Era rings used good quality gold and featured intricate metalwork, as well as motifs like eyes, hands, hearts, anchors, crosses, arrows, clovers, love knots, garters, buckles, vines, and leaves. Romantic Era jewelry stressed abundance and ornateness, like pearls arranged in profuse grape clusters. Rose gold rings dating back to the Romantic Era, like this Italian one from the 1820s may seem a little roughly made to our eyes, but it is a gold ring with a high four clawed bezel, set with a sapphire, and required a good deal of craftsmanship to create its hoops and fleur-de-lis motif.

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