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Can You Buy Gold Bars In Rdr2 Online

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How to Get GOLD FAST in Red Dead Online! The BEST and Only Ways To Earn Gold Fast & Easy (RDR2)

You will find that things like shadow gem and malachite can sell for up to 3 gold each for rich characters who need items quickly. Play the Auction House. One of the greatest ways to make gold is to simply work the Auction House. Generally, you always go by the principle buy low, sell high, but it sometimes takes a bit more than that.

What Can You Buy With Gold In Red Dead Online

So what exactly can you buy with Gold in Red Dead Online? Well, its mostly used to purchase horses, weapons and clothing. Youll see a Gold Bar icon next to items that can be purchased in the Catalogue. Not everything can be bought in this way, but Gold will give you access to higher level gear. Hold down the left trigger/L2 button when looking at an item in the catalogue, and you’ll get the option to pay gold instead of cash, or to unlock it if you haven’t ranked high enough yet.

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Take Part In The Competitive Games

The competitive games award money in Red Dead Online depending on how well you perform, but the gold stays the same no matter how you place. The Takeover series gives 0.32 gold per match, and these only take five to ten minutes, so youre really raking it in. These also award a good amount of XP, essential for leveling and unlocking more cash boosting benefits and rewards.

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Theyre also just quite fun and actually take your mind off the grind while also letting you grind, though some can be a bit confusing. There are often bonuses on certain game types, so keep your eyes peeled for those if you want to get gold fast in Red Dead Online.

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Sell To A Trusted Gold Buyer

Finally, ensure you sell your gold bullion at the right place. Youre most likely to get the best prices selling online, as these merchants have lower overhead and can thus offer better prices.

You may also be able to find local bullion dealers in your area, in which case these dealers can also be a good option. Just be sure to thoroughly research the dealer beforehand, to ensure they are reliable and trustworthy. Its also a good idea to get a quote or approximation of your gold bullions value before you go in.

Whatever you do, try to stay away from local jewelers or pawn shops. While these stores can offer cash for gold fast, they wont give you good prices, particularly for investment gold such as gold bars and coins, which should be sold quite close to the market value.

Where To Sell Gold Bars In Red Dead Redemption 2

How to get gold bars in rdr2

In Red Dead Redemption 2, Gold Bars must be sold to a Fence. Whether or not the bars were earned through legitimate activity is irrelevant they are treated as illicit goods and must be sold as such. With that said, each Gold Bar sells for a whopping $500, which is a huge amount of money in Old West times. As a point of reference, all of the best articles of clothing come in at less than $50 each, and even the most expensive camp upgrade only clocks in at $450. Needless to say, $500 can go a long way.

As for where to sell Gold Bars, there are four different Fences available in the game, and anyone of them will be happy to take Gold Bars off the players hands. One is in Saint Denis, toward the towns eastern border, just around the corner from the towns local Trapper. Another can be found in the Van Horn Trading Post, just off the shore of the Lannaheche River. Theres also one in the outskirts of Rhodes, a short journey north from the main part of town. Finally, theres one more outside of the Emerald Ranch, south and slightly west of Emerald Station.

Not only will the Fence be happy to buy Gold Bars, but theyll also be happy to help offload any other ill-gotten gains in reward for various amounts of money. It wont be too long before players with a penchant for thievery will come to know the Fence well, especially if theyre looking to track down all of the games Treasure maps, which are most commonly sold at Fence locations.

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Use Treasure Maps To Find Cash And Gold

Treasure maps are a great source of income in Red Dead Online, though it takes a little bit of luck to make the most of them. There are three main ways to get treasure maps:

  • You will earn a treasure map every 5 levels The maps will be available to be picked up at the post office or at your camp as soon as you level up to a multiple of 5.
  • You can occasionally loot them off bodies. Revenue agents seem the most likely to drop them , though human enemies of all types will drop them from time to time. Im told that enemies in ambushes and hideouts have the highest chance of dropping treasure maps, though I havent confirmed this for myself quite yet.
  • You can encounter treasure hunters in the wild. If you find one, you can either buy the treasure map off of them, or simply murder them and loot the map.
  • Once you have a treasure map, you can access it by opening your satchel . Once your character reads it, a yellow smudge will appear on the world map. Travel to that spot to begin your treasure hunt.

    Polygon has already created a pretty decent guide to how treasure hunting works, so I wont repeat all of that info here. If youre struggling to figure out treasure hunting, heres a link to that article.

    Earning Gold Through Daily Challenges And Multipliers

    The way that most players can make Gold easily is through Daily Challenges and building Multipliers across days, weeks or even months for the best result. Daily Challenges are found in the Player Menu by pressing the left button on the D-Pad, and players get seven new ones to complete every day, each one with its own Gold reward. That means you dont have to complete all of them to get paid, but the more you complete, the more Gold youll get. Theres also an extra reward for completing all the Daily Rewards.

    Its also worth mentioning that as you buy new Specialist Roles, each one will add an extra three Daily Challenges based on that role. So if you have the Bounty Hunter Role unlocked, youll get an extra three Challenges every day based on hunting players and all the elements involved. Check every day and complete as many of them as you can.

    Theres also Multipliers involved. If you complete one Challenge per day at least, it builds a Multiplier that escalates every seven days you do this. By logging in daily you can raise the Multiplier to 2.5 times the standard in a month, vastly increasing the amount of Gold you earn.

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    Sell Everything To Everyone

    Everything you pick up, loot, hunt, and scavenge can either be used or sold. Full animal carcasses are best for Cripps, skinned ones go to the butcher. Break down small fish for food but sell larger ones to the butcher. Sell rare items you loot to the Collector, and sell samples you collect from animals for the Naturalist Role.

    Even weird parts of animals like feathers and wolf hearts can be sold to butchers they didnt waste anything in the old days. You can even sell wild horses you break to stables, sell herbs and dont forget to sell stuff like jewelry and pocket watches to the fences every now and again. You are an outlaw after all.

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    Infinite Gold Bar Glitch

    Red Dead Online Gold Bars – Best Ways to Make Gold in Red Dead Online – RDR2 Online Gold

    If you want even more money, theres a way you can end up with more money than you could spend.

    • Rockstar Games via Polygon
    • Rockstar Games via Polygon
  • First, pause the game and go to Settings > General and turn off Autosave. Back out, then create a couple of new saves one in case the glitch doesnt work and one to exploit the exploit.
  • Head to Limpany. Its the burned-out town located along the Dakota River just to the north of Flatneck Station and straight south of Valentine in New Hanover. Youre looking for the Sheriffs Station which is the southernmost building. Head inside and loop around to the left and find the lockbox under the desk.
  • Interact with the lockbox to open it, but do not pick anything up.
  • Look at the Gold Bar inside so that the prompt in the lower right corner of your screen changes to Gold Bar.
  • Pause the game and create a new save over one of the ones you created in Step 1. Back out one menu, then load the game you just saved.
  • Youll pop back into the game some distance away from Limpany, so make your way back to the Sheriffs Office.
  • Inside, youll find the lockbox open with the Gold Bar inside. Hold down Square/X and dont let go until your satchel is full.
  • The only limit to this is how many Gold Bars you can carry. If youve got the starting satchel, youll be able to pick up 30 which you can then sell to a Fence for $15,000. If youve got the Legend of the East Satchel, you can pick up 99 of them for a profit of nearly $50,000.

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    Fence Locations Where To Find In Red Dead Redemption 2

    There are four of them in the game in Rhodes, at the Van Horn trading post, in Saint Denis and at Emerald Ranch. The last one appears later on in the game you wont be able to find him in the first few chapters. The one in Rhodes is the closest to the starting area, which means youll probably visit him a lot. Not all of them will buy or sell the same stuff, so you might have to trek a bit before you sell off all your stuff. If you want more detailed instructions, check out our RDR2 fence locations guide.

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    Whats The Best Way To Make Gold On Youtube

    Easy WoW Gold! Top 8 Ways to Make Gold in BfA YouTube If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TVs watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. An error occurred while retrieving sharing information.

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    Can You Buy More Gold In Red Dead Online

    As of December 17, you can purchase new Gold Bars with real world money. The update is now live, and Gold Bars can now be purchased from the PSN Store or Xbox Store. We’ve listed the prices below:

    • 25 gold bars – $9.99/£8.99
    • 55 gold bars – $19.99/£18.49
    • 150 gold bars – $49.99/£44.99
    • 245 gold bars – $74.99/£69.99
    • 350 gold bars – $99.99/£89.99

    Cotorra Springs Train Wreck

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Gold Bar Glitch Make Money Fast

    The train wreck is in the valley near the only train tracks southwest of Cotorra Springs. Getting the gold bars will be slightly more difficult. Gamers will need to climb up the ledge to the east of the wreck and head south along the cliffside until there is a slope on the side of the mountain.

    Climbing up the slope is annoying, but players should be able to get up it eventually. At the top of the cliff, gamers have to jump the gap to the north. At the edge of the cliff to the north, there will be a railcar that players need to jump into to find the treasure.

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    Red Dead Online Gold Bars: How Microtransactions Work And What You Can Get

    Being stocked up on Red Dead Online gold bars means you have instant buying power, as they’re much more valuable than the virtual dollars you’ll be drip fed as you progress. You can use this bullion to shortcut your way to purchasing items without having to save up the much higher dollar value, but arguably more importantly you can invest it in certain special rare items in Red Dead Online that can only be obtained by spending gold bars. If you’re already aware of how things work in Rockstar’s other multiplayer world of GTA Online, then this virtual currency works in a similar way to the GTA Online shark cards you can spend real money on to keep your account topped up.

    You can actually earn Red Dead Online gold bars in-game by collecting gold nuggets through various activities, but you could find yourself playing for a very, very long time to amass the same number of bars that you can instantly purchase in one of these handy packages instead.

    Red Dead Online tips | Red Dead Online roles | Red Dead Online patch notes | Make money fast in Red Dead Online | Earn XP fast in Red Dead Online | Red Dead Online rank unlocks | Best Red Dead Online weapons | Red Dead Online best horses | Red Dead Online Showdown Series tips | Red Dead Online gang hideouts | Red Dead Online posse | Easiest Red Dead Online gold buckles | Switch your morality in Red Dead Online | Red Dead Online cameos | Red Dead Online Prime Gaming benefits

    Gold Bars In Red Dead Online

    The best-known way to get gold bars in RDO is through missions. Story missions, bounty missions, and stranger missions all reward gold bars. However, the reward is based on the amount of time the missions takes. This means that completing missions is notthe best wayto get gold bars fast in RDO.

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    Rockstar created the reward system to discourage re-playing activities for money and prevent missions from being farmed. Missions completed in under three minutes provide only XP rewards. Gamers will receive 1.6 gold nuggets per minute doing missions, which equates to ~100 gold nuggets per hour. One Gold Bar is equal to 100 gold nuggets. Gamers will have a lot more luck with the below methods.

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    Red Dead Online: How To Get Gold And Gold Bars Quickly In 2021

    We show players how to quickly earn and farm Gold Bars in Red Dead Online.

    Gold and gold bars are a vital part of playing Red Dead Online, allowing you to unlock new weapons, horses, jobs and more. However, earning Gold isnt easy, and certain paths will allow you to get it much faster than others. Well lay out how to get Gold and Gold Bars quickly in 2021 in Red Dead Online here.

    Buy Gold With Real Money

    Red Dead Online – BUYING GOLD BARS & FREE GOLD BARS & DOLLARS (Update & Microtransactions)

    Yes, as a premium currency, gold bars can be purchased with real money. The exchange rate isnt great, but you will occasionally find discounts that let you get more mileage out of every dollar spent.

    That means the absolute fastest way to earn gold bars in Red Dead Online is to buy them. Fortunately, there are other ways to earn them by just playing the game.

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    How Do You Get Gold Bars In Rdr2 Online

    You can also get more Gold by doing challenges regularly, as Red Dead Online starts awarding Gold Multipliers to players who complete at least one challenge every day. Do at least one per day for a week, and all the gold you start making will get a 50% bonus. Do it for two weeks, and itll rise by 100%.

    Red Dead Online Gold Guide

    Dollars and cents arent the only currency in Red Dead Online, no sirree. Gold Nuggets and Gold Bars are the coveted riches youre really after, and as youll no doubt have already discovered, they can be pretty hard to come by in large quantities. But fear not, for our Red Dead Online Gold guide will walk you through everything you need to know about these luminous bars of monetary delight, from what you can spend them on to how you should go about getting your hands on them!

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    Where To Sell Gold Bars

    There are a total of four fences that will purchase gold bars in-game. The first is the Emerald Ranch wagon fence namedSeamus. Arthur will interact with Seamus in the main storyline. Seamus will ask him to steal a stagecoach to prove they are worthy business partners. After the quest, Seamus will be available as a fence for wagons and other ordinary items.

    The second fence gamers can access is the Saint Denis Pawn Shop. Once the “Eastward Bound” quest is complete, the pawn shop will accept gold bars.

    At the Van Horn Trading Post, there is a third fence that players can sell their bars to. The NPC is named Silas, and he has a shop called Silas Crawford Wholesale & Retail in the middle of town.

    The final fence is located to the northeast of Rhodes. People can find him by taking the road that goes to the northeast from Rhodes to the Kamassa. The fence will be on the left side of the road halfway to the Kamassa River.

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