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How To Get Gold Cards In Clash Royale

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How To Trade Cards In Clash Royale Trade Tokens Explained

How to Level Up Cards in Clash Royale Faster!! – BEST WAY to Get Gold Fast in Clash Royale!!

Posted By | Kpld on September 3rd, 2018 .

;Clash Royale Trade Tokens Hi Guys Finally A new feature is coming in where you can;Trade Cards in Clash Royale and This;new feature Clash Royale Trade Tokens is coming in basically You can use Clash Royale Trade Tokens to trade cards of your choice including legendaries

You can Get them from Clash Royale Challenges, Clash Royale Clan Wars or The shop so come and take a look at this Clash Royale Trade Tokens gudie

Clash Royale Wiki Guide

Gold is a super important resource in Clash Royale, as it is the resource you need to upgrade the cards in your Battle Deck. You can obtain Gold from winning matches and opening chests, or by purchasing Gold in bulk from the Shop by using the Gems you save up. Without Gold, you’re unable to upgrade or purchase cards in the Shop.

There are a few simple ways for making some quick Gold and saving up for new cards to add to your collection and upgrades. Following all of these steps on a daily basis will put you on the path to some quick bank, and help make your battle deck stronger.

Opening Free Chests Daily

All the chest you obtain in Clash Royale give you a set amount of Gold, but the free chests that are available every few hours are one of the most consistent ways to profit. Even when you aren’t winning in the arenas, you can still obtain free chests throughout the day. Make sure you check every 4 hours to open up new free chests and receive some free Gold.

If you consistently do this throughout the day, you should be able to open anywhere from 2 – 4 free chests a day . Once you have two free chests on reserve to open, you won’t be able to obtain anymore until you open them up, so make sure you constantly open chests to get the most Gold you can per day.

Donating Cards in Clans

One Troop For Countering

Depending on what cards you got, it’s important to have a troop that’s good at clearing out multiple troops, fast. Perhaps the best card for this is Valkyrie, which is the perfect troop for countering against the Skeleton Army or other low-hitpoint troops. Simply drop her right in the middle of the action and she’ll clear things out quick. Bomber can also be used as an effective counter, but you’ll want to spawn him a bit away from the action due to his low-hitpoint. The Wizard can also be a useful counter troop, as his splash damage is effective against multiple troops. Skeleton Army can also be a good card to have for countering against Giants and the like, but keep in mind that Arrows, Fireball or a Valkyrie could easily clear them out.

This strategy gives you two extra card slots for cards of your choice, which could be a faster or hard-hitting troop, such as a Prince, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Dark Prince or Hog Rider, or another card that falls under the categories above. It’s entirely dependant on whatever strategy you want to try out, or which cards you prefer to play with.

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Clash Royale Chest Guide: How To Get Super Magical Gold And Crown Chests For More Gems Gold And Cards

Chests are probably the most important resource at your disposal in Clash Royale. They provide gems, card upgrades and gold to help you improve your deck and defeat your opponents. If you are new to Clash Royale, understanding the types of chests that are available, how to get them and what they contain can help you plan and build a better deck.

Weve put together a comprehensive guide of every chest found in the Clash Royale game, how you unlock them and what they contain, organized by arena. If you are interested in beginner strategy and tips for building decks and winning battles , you can check out our recent post with those, here. Or, if youve heard about the chest order algorithm weve got an explanation of how that works, here.

Moreover You Can Get Legendary Cards From The Following Chests

Things That Will NEVER Get Added in Clash Royale! Sell ...

a. legendary card from clan chest

b. legendary card from giant chest

c. legendary card from magical chest

d. legendary from free chest

e. legendary card from crown chest

f. legendary from silver chest

g. legendary card from the epic chest

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    How To Find Gold

    • Gold is found in every Chest except for the Epic and Legendary Chests. The amount varies based on the type of chest and the player’s current Arena .
    • Gold is also received when donating Cards. 5 Gold is awarded for each Common card, 50 Gold for each Rare card, and 500 Gold for each Epic card donated.
    • After fully levelling a Card , any additional copies will automatically be converted into Gold; with Common cards being worth 5 Gold, Rare cards being worth 50 Gold, Epic cards being worth 500 Gold and Legendary cards being worth 20,000 Gold.

    Chances Of Getting A Legendary Clash Royale Card

    The best way to get a legendary card in Clash Royale, is to wait for it to appear from a chest. This is one of those legendary chest clash royale tricks all the fans ought to know.

    There are different types of chest in Clash Royale, clash royale how to get legendary, and each of these has different chances of containing Legendary cards. These chances also vary depending on the arena that you are in with some types of chest guaranteeing specific cards and other bounties when gained in that area.

    The free chest or legendary chest appears every four hours, can be stacked, and takes 15 seconds to unlock. Other chests such as the Golden Chest or the Super Magical Chest require more work and luck. How to get a Super Magical Chest in Clash Royale? You either buy in a shop or you win the match

    Chances of getting a Legendary Clash Royale Card therefore vary depending on which strategy you are using.

    One unfortunate fact though is that you will only get legendary cards in clash royale from chests that you obtain from arena 4+. Prior to that, you can only earn Epic Cards. Moreover, there is never a guaranteed Clash Royale Legendary Card, meaning that you will always need to try your chances ois what my answer would be to your question of how do you get legendary cards in clash royale

    To put that into perspective, that means that one in every 400 cards from a free chest in this arena should be a Legendary card. That should answer you on how to get legendary cards clash royale.

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    The Best Card In The Game Is Mastercard

    The ability to pay your way to victory is just the sad reality about any of these freemium games. You can totally hold your own as you work your way through the early arenas, but if you want to be one of the very best in the world and battle in the Legendary arena, odds are you’re going to need to drop some MAJOR cash to do so. We’re talking thousands of dollars in the shop spent on gems to buy Super Magical Chests. Because believe it or not, there are people who have legitimately spent tens of thousands of dollars on this game to pay their way to the top. To even come close to their level playing for free would take months if not years of focused gameplay to even stand a snowflake’s chance in hell against a wallet warrior.

    Don’t have thousands of dollars to drop on a mobile game? Few do. Fortunately, you can still get some enjoyment out of those who do by checking out the TV Royale tab and watching some matches from the very elite Clash Royale players. Watching these matches can provide you some insight into new strategies, and help you to better understand how to effectively use and defend against Epic and Legendary cards.

    We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

    More refinement

    A Little About Legendary Cards In Clash Royale

    *BEST WAY to Max Out Cards in Clash Royale FASTER! – How to Get More Gold in Clash Royale!!

    Clash Royale is a highly popular and addictive real-time strategy game. The objective of the game is conquer your opponents towers and capture their kinds. How do you get legendary cards in clash royale depend much on your abilities which is based on the cards that you collect from chests.

    These chests are time-sensitive and released straight after battles. Of course, the most powerful of these are the Clash Royale Legendary Cards!

    But this quest on clash royale how to get legendary cards, is something you will understand more between battles. Where youll spend your time building and training your armies, creating/joining clans, and more. Youll then go into battle, before waiting for chests to open as a reward.

    Cards are used in Clash Royale when you go into battle. Youll have three battle decks wherein you can swap out different cards. Some of you might wonder on how to get free legendary clash royale? To those I say, the objective is to create a powerful hand, but keep in mind that the stronger the hero, the longer Elixir time you need to wait. Elixir is a time mechanism that refills during battle allowing you to place fighters.

    Its one of the most addictive and fun MOBA battle games, and among the view that offers surprising depth the longer you plan. The big draw back? Youll wait a long time for the chests to open anywhere between 3-8 hours. And fixing your way around on how to get legendary cards clash royale can be even more of a wait!

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    How To Get Clash Royale Gold With Ease

    In Clash Royale, you can earn Gold for free by:

    • Opening Chests.
    • Donating Cards.

    Assuming that you are a casual player in Arena 10

    Firstly, the easiest way to earn Gold in game is opening Chests . Try to open them whenever you can by playing a few battles every day to take all of that easy money. You can get about 80 Gold from every free chest, this means you can get about 320 Gold every day from opening Free Chest .

    Donating is the other way to earn Gold in Clash Royale. Find an active Clan at here to reach your daily request/donate limit.

    Some players think its stupid to give the hard-earned cards away, especially Epic cards. Yes, its pretty hard to get them but you can get XP and 5 Gold for every donated common card, 50 Gold for every Rare and even 500 Gold for every donated Epic card. Also, you can get those donated cards back whenever you want. The Gold is not taken from the player getting cards from you. Its just like you are selling cards but the buyers dont have to pay. Life is sharing guys!

    Assuming that every day you donate 8 Rares, which takes 80 spaces in total of the daily donation limit. The rest should be 160 commons . Which means, you can get up to 8×50 + 160×5 = 1,200 Gold every day by donating card.

    Assuming that you are just a normal player, who donates 5 Epic cards every Sunday, you can earn 2,500 Gold from those Epics . Besides, you can donate 8 more Rares and and 110 Commons, which gives you 8×50 + 110×5 = 950 more Gold.

    What Is The Best Time To Play Clash Royale

    Pretty much anytime between Monday and Friday. The downside to having the clan chest every weekend is that a lot of players drop trophies just before the event begins. By dropping down a few hundred trophies, theyre able to very quickly fill their chest by smashing lower level players for a couple of days.

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    Trade Tokens: Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

    Just wanted to take a second to share answers to the two most common questions Ive seen regarding Trade Tokens. I also wanted to clarify an error on my part .

  • You;are;able to request for cards you have not unlocked yet. Providing you have cards to trade in return of the same rarity and you are in a high enough arena to unlock them. You are;not;able to trade your last Legendary card. In other words, if you unlock a Bandit, you cant trade your very fist card, but instead have to wait until you get an additional card first .
  • If you have a card maxed, youll be able to hold exactly enough cards to trade . You will be able to carry an excess of 1 Legendary cards, 10 Epic cards, 50 Rare cares, and 250 common cards.
  • CWA correction: In his video earlier today he pointed out that gold was rewarded after he traded a card. In hindsight, that was only the case because my card was already maxed out. If you receive a card that you already have maxed out you will be awarded gold.

    Hope that helps clear up a little confusion! is right around the corner!

    How To Level Up Fast And Get Epic Cards In Clash Royale

    Clash Royale

    Hello my friends, in this post Im going to give you guys some very great advice on how to start and the fastest way to progress in this game. I get asked questions such as, How to level up quickly? How to get epic cards and How to move up in arenas quickly? So I thought I would summarize answering all of them in one video and give you guys the best tips and advice I can to optimize your Clash Royale experience.

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    How To Get Epic Cards

    Save up your gems. Do not use your gems to buy an epic card from the shop, that is a poor mistake I see a lot of players make. You should instead save up your gems and once youve saved up 500 gems, use those gems to buy a Bucket of Gold, which will give you 10,000 gold. This is, in my opinion, the best use of gems in the game. The 10,000 gold will then allow you to buy a total of 5 Epic cards from the shop if youre patient. Or, more importantly, you will need the gold to upgrade your cards. Cost of cards start increasing at a big rate per level, so save up your gold as well and use them to upgrade your most important cards. By upgrading your cards, you will level up quicker.

    This guide was submitted by Ash, check his YouTube channel at here.Okay thanks for reading guys. Dont hesitate to comment If you need any help! And please help me do a big favor by sharing this page with your friends, I really appreciate it!


    Joining An Active Clan

    You can take part in clan wars if you are level 8 or above. On Collection Day, you can battle 3 times with your own cards to earn Clan Cards. Moreover, you will use these Clan Cards to build a War Deck for War Day. On War Day, you can take up only one battle. The clan getting the most War Day victories will win the war. Coming 1st or 2nd will give away clan trophies so you can progress through the clan leagues. At the end of the War Season, youll receive a War Chest. Moreover, this chest is based on your Clan League and the highest-ranked war you have participated in.

    • You must have 10 participants to start a war.
    • If you reach Legendary Ist league, you will have a guaranteed legendary card in your War Chest!

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    First Question How Do I Level Up Fast And Unlock Every Card

    In order to level up, you obviously need experience points. There are three ways to obtain experience:

  • Level up your cards. The higher you level them up, the more experience you gain. In order to level up your cards, you need Gold.
  • Donate. Donating is extremely important. I know in Clash of Clans sometimes donating is optional for you and sometimes you avoid donating because you dont want to ruin your army composition. But in Clash Royale, its a bad idea to not donate. Its only a good thing to donate. By donating, you will earn Gold and Experience points. I recommend always donating, but do not donate the card youre focusing on leveling up. For example, if youre focusing on leveling up the Wizard, then donate everything except your Wizards.
  • Complete the in game achievements. Completing achievements will not only gain your experience points, but will also give you gems.
  • You will not only earn gems from completing achievements, but also from Free Chests and Crown Chests. So make sure to open those chests every day. You can make anywhere from 14 to 26 gems every day from opening these chests.

    Using Chest Tracker Apps

    How To MAX STAR LEVEL on any card FREE in CLASH ROYALE!

    If you want to play through the game without spending a dime but also want to plan out when you’re going to receive Gold, Giant, Magical and Super Magical Chests there’s an app for that!

    While it might seem random, there’s actually an algorithm which determines the order of the chests you receive. Every 240 Chests, you get three Giant Chests, three Magical Chests, 54 Gold Chests and the remaining 190 in Silver Chests.

    The Chest Tracker app helps you determine which Chests are coming up next. All you have to do is download the app and then sync up your chests with the chest tracker. This is best done by waiting until you receive a Giant or Magical Chest and then syncing the count to that chest. Depending on how long you’ve been playing the game, it might be difficult to find out EXACTLY where you are in the cycle, so your tracking of gold chests might be a bit off but those aren’t especially rare, and we’re more interested in tracking those Giant and Magical Chests!

    You can find Chest Tracker apps for both iOS and Android.

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