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Personalized 14k Gold Name Necklace

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Different Gold Purity Levels

Name necklace: 14K personalized nameplate gold jewelry collection

How do you know the amount of gold is in the jewelry piece youre buying? Every piece of gold jewelry mentions its purity level, expressed in Karats. Here are the most common gold purity levels:

99.9 999

The Karats signify the gold-to-metal ratio. Any higher-numbered Karatage contains more gold and the lowest Karatages contain the least amount of gold.

Which one should you choose? Pure gold is best for fine jewelry youll only wear occasionally.

But what about a gold name necklace, an item youll want to wear daily? You should always choose the type of gold you prefer. But a middle-ground Karatage, such as a 12K or 14K gold name necklace, is recommended for first-time shoppers.

Fine gold is soft but is resistant to tarnishing. Lower-level gold, such as 9K and 10K gold, are more durable but tarnish easily. Middle-level Karatages offer durable gold and are less likely to tarnish.

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Yes we have wholesale offers. If you would like to know more about the details, please message us

Fundamentos Y Conceptos De Growth Hacking

por IngenioVirtual | , Plan y estrategia digital

Growth hacking es, sin duda, uno de los términos de mayor actualidad en el marketing digital, el perfil del growth hacker es muy demandado por lo que representa, acciones de marketing con pocos recursos que contribuyen favorablemente al crecimiento de la actividad. En general, las compañías apuestan por las estrategias relacionadas con esa asociación, solicitando expertos en la disciplina.

Te contamos cuales son los aspectos relacionados con el concepto de growth hacking, definiendo exactamente qué es y cuál es el perfil del growth hacker, además de repasar algunas de las estrategias de mayor éxito.

Contenidos de esta publicación

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Shop Lockets Photo Locket Jewelry Gold Lockets Silver Photo Lockets And More Personalized Jewelry creates the finest Photo Pendants and Charms,Gold Lockets, Silver Lockets and other Personalized Photo Jewelry in the industry.We create lasting photo lockets and photo jewelry keepsakes using only the finest 14k gold,white gold and Sterling Silver. You send us your photos and using our patented technologywe laser engrave your pictures in color right on our gold lockets, silver lockets, locketcharms and most of our custom jewelry. The results are gorgeous gold lockets or silver photolockets that open to reveal your photos and can be worn as a beautiful photo or picture locket.

Soufeel Rose Carrie Style Name Necklace

14K Two Tone Gold Personalized Double Plate 3D Name Necklace

If you love the Carrie necklace but prefer rose gold, this is another popular option. This necklace offers the same beauty and subtlety. You can choose to spell out your whole name, your initials or just the first letter of your name.

Soufeel necklaces are popular because of their versatility. The Carrie style font is small and simple enough to layer with other necklaces.

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Soufeel Overlapping Heart Two

Want more than just one name? Soufeel offers a two-named necklace with an overlapping heart design, perfect for your loved one. Soufeel necklaces are popular because of their customization options. You can write out full names, use first letters, or initials.

Keep in mind, this is a 14K gold plated piece. You can choose either silver or copper as the base metal.

Definicin De Growth Hacking

De una manera sencilla, podríamos definir el growth hacking como una disciplina cuya finalidad principal es hacer crecer de manera rápida la visibilidad, el número de usuarios o los ingresos de una empresa con el menor gasto y esfuerzo que sea posible. Esto conlleva que las técnicas que se emplean tengan que hacer uso de la creatividad con los mínimos recursos.

El growth hacking requiere, a partes iguales, el uso de la analítica web, el desarrollo, la creatividad y la curiosidad para obtener resultados que sean tangibles en el crecimiento de un negocio.

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K Solid Yellow Gold Heart Name Necklace

Our designers added an extra-special touch to this design: Our 14k Solid Yellow Gold Heart Name Necklace is adorned with a gorgeous heart and curved flourishes that underline the name or word of your choice! This amazing necklace with name is made with 14k solid gold. It features:

  • One name or word
  • A matching 16 14k Gold Box chain
  • Longer 18 chain is available on request

K Gold Diamond Name Necklace

Custom made 14k gold name necklace wholesale in bulk

Meet our new collection: Onecklace Premium. Solid gold jewelry, diamonds and precious materials.This 14k gold name necklace has a 0.02 carat diamond set in the first letter of your name or on the dot of the letter i.This diamond name necklace is classy, timeless and goes with any outfit. Wear it every day and it will never discolor or tarnish. It is made of the best quality 14k gold and diamond, guaranteed to make you look amazing on every occasion forever.For a similar name necklace on a lower price point, check out our classic name necklace made from sterling silver or the rest of our name necklaces collection.Please note: if your name has an “i” or “j” in it, the diamond will go on the tittle . If your name doesn’t have the letter i or j, the diamond will go on the first letter, like on the example image. One diamond per necklace.

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K Gold Personalized Necklace

Why Metal Matters In Jewelry

The metal used to make your name necklace will impact its quality and longevity.

Most consumers are concerned about the appearance of their jewelry. While preferences are subjective, certain metals are more attractive than others.

Golds timeless yellow appearance is unique, compared to other metals. This not only makes gold a beautiful metal for jewelry but its individualistic characteristics attract more buyers.

Gold jewelry also has a specific feeling. Pure gold is heavier than higher-alloy gold. The jewelrys durability depends on the golds Karatage.

For example, you can feel the softness of a 24K gold name necklace and the durability of 10K gold. Real gold is very soft, even though its very dense. You can cause an indentation even when you bite into gold!

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Bonus Section #: What If You Cant Find A Gold Name Necklace

What if you cant find a name necklace you like made of gold? There are many other metal options. These include:

  • Copper
  • Pinchbeck
  • Brass
  • Bronze

Both silver and copper are lighter in weight. While these dont have the same famous yellow hue that gold has, they offer different benefits.

Silver is better for formal occasions, though it is appropriate for daily wear.

Copper has many practical advantages when used in jewelry. Its easy to manipulate, perfect for name necklaces.

Bronze is made by combining different metals, usually copper, tin, and zinc. Bronze is strong, great for detailed jewelry such as name necklaces, and is affordable.

Brass has a distinguished gold hue and is an affordable alternative to real gold. Brass is made from a combination of copper and zinc. This material is strong, great for sculpting , and is ideal for daily wear .

Pinchbeck is a metal thats made of copper and zinc and looks almost identical to gold. While its lighter in weight, it does tarnish over time.

Keep in mind, many of these material options arent ideal for formal wear.

You can also opt for a gold plated name necklace. These are made with another metal, such as silver or copper, and features a piece of gold wrapped around the metal.

Gold-plated jewelry is popular because you can use a higher-grade of gold, such as 20K and even 24K gold, and the piece is still durable. This is a better option for both formal and casual wear.

Youre Rarely Buying 24k Gold

Personalized Diamond Name Pendant Necklace 14k Rose Gold

24K gold is pure gold, not mixed with any alloys or metals. Pure gold is desired because it gives off an intense yellow hue. 24K gold is pretty rare this is why the price tag increases but also why most of the gold that you buy is a combination of different metals.

Most jewelry is designed to be worn frequently, such as your gold name necklace. This is why the gold you buy is a combination of alloys. Most alloys are cheaper in price, also helping to reduce the price of your gold jewelry.

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Best Gold Name Necklaces

Are diamonds a girls best friend? The latest jewelry trends are stating gold jewelry is more desirable. Thats why its expected the market worth of gold jewelry will increase to $480.5 billion by 2025.

While timeless pieces will always be trending, more consumers want individualistic jewelry pieces. This is why name necklaces are also rising in popularity.

When shopping for name necklaces, youll see necklaces in all metals and materials. But gold name necklaces are the most popular. Where can you buy the best gold name necklace? Here are over 10 recommendations with some gold buying advice.

  • Need more jewelry advice?
  • Features And Characteristics Of Gold

    Gold is one of the best metal options because its resistant to tarnish, rust, and corrosion.

    If you plan on wearing your gold name necklace daily, find gold mixed with other metals such as copper, silver, zinc, and nickel. Pure gold alone is too soft for everyday wear mixing other metals will give it more durability and strength.

    Dont worry, well go into more detail about this fact.

    There are several colors of gold. Gold changes color when other metals are mixed in. Well also go over this in a later section.

    You may also seegold-plated and similar labels. These pieces arent entirely made of gold a sheet of gold is wrapped around the metal. These signify the gold coating of the piece and these coatings have different standards.

    • Gold layering is the only one that has no standard. Your piece of jewelry could have a very thin layer of gold on it.
    • Gold leaf is when gold has been hammered extremely finely and is used for decorative reasons. Youll see this plating on 22K or 24K gold.
    • Gold-plated is one of the most common labels. A gold-plated name necklace has a thin layer of gold wrapped around the metal.
    • Gold overlay uses a thicker piece of gold to strengthen the necklace.
    • Gold-filled uses brass and copper, which is then covered in gold.
    • Vermeil is gold-plated sterling silver. This plating also uses a thicker gold covering.

    Silver is also a softer metal. Unlike gold, silver can also fall victim to tarnishing.

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    Different Types Of Gold

    Since most gold is mixed with different metals, this process affects its color. Thats why you see so many different shades of gold.

    The most common gold colors include:

    • Yellow gold
    • Rose gold
    • Green gold

    Gold naturally has a brilliant yellow color. Yellow gold accentuates its natural shade even more by combining copper, silver, and zinc.

    You can also opt for a white gold name necklace. White gold is mixed with platinum, offering a brilliant white hue. The platinum metal also strengthens the gold, making it durable and scratch-resistant.

    Rose gold gets its pinkish color because of gold is mixed with inexpensive copper. Thats also why rose gold is so affordable.

    Youll see green gold less commonly. This color is produced because of the gold and silver mixture.

    The physical performance is also an essential fact. If youre buying a gold name necklace, the jeweler will manipulate the gold so it spells out your name.

    The jeweler will use a higher-alloy gold, not pure gold. Pure gold is too soft for special designs. It can easily be deformed, risking the piece to lose its shape. In this case, your name necklace will be ruined.

    Youll also want to avoid 24K gold if your name necklace will have any gemstones. Pure gold cant grasp these stones, risking the stone falling out.

    Need More Jewelry Advice

    14k gold arabic name necklace custom with any name any font

    Gold necklaces are extremely popular, especially gold name necklaces. But if you want to buy a gold name necklace, its important to know all about gold and how to maintain your necklace.

    When youre ready to buy your necklace, there are several gold name necklace brands, options, and styles!

    Do you need more jewelry advice? We can help you with all of your jewelry needs. Continue reading our website!

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    Why Youre Going To Love This Necklace

    Whether its a special treat for yourself or a gift for someone who means the world to you, this necklace is perfectly personalized and ideal for wearing every day, everywhere you go. The gold offers a luxurious gleam next to your skin, and the unique design ensures that this piece stands out from the crowd. The Box chain is a nice touch just like the pendant, its just a little different!

    K Gold Double Thickness Classic Name Necklace

    Size guide14k Gold Double Thickness Classic Name Necklace14k Gold Double Thickness Classic Name Necklace

    • Certificate of Gold authenticity is attached to every order!
    • One name or word per pendant.
    • One capital letter per pendant.
    • The chain length mentioned at our website does not include the pendant.
    • The size of the pendant varies in accordance with the name and style.
    • The average pendant size is: 0.75 2 inch/ 2 5 cm.
    • to view this style’s special font.
    • Read about our Kids Safety policy.
    • Please feel free to with any special requests or questions.
    • Shipping to a non-US address takes 4-8 business days longer.
    • Due to current COVID 19 situation, you can now change your shipping address up to 48 hours after placing your order.

    Return Policy

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    K Gold Necklace With Name

    Impress someone that you love by creating a personalized 14K gold necklace with name on the front, just for them. Our collection of custom solid gold necklaces include a variety to choose from from 14k gold name necklaces to gold engravable pendants. The classic 14k gold bar necklace which can be engraved on the front and back with a name, date or message. New to the collection are 14k gold coordinate necklace, a stunning gift that can be personalized with the coordinates of a place you got married, engaged or another meaningful event. All our personalization is fast and can be delivered to you asap, so you will not miss an important birthday or holiday.

    Create A Custom Name Necklace Or Bracelet

    14k Gold Name Necklace on Storenvy

    Give the unique gift of a custom name necklace or bracelet from KAY. You can choose from a variety of metal colors when making a nameplate necklace. Add an elegant touch with cursive script or show some love with a name framed in a heart border. From celebrating a new mother to a pet, a personalized necklace is the perfect sentiment. Shop our selection online or stop by a KAY store.

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    Oak & Luna Pixie Name Necklace

    The Pixie Name Necklace has a large and rounded font, giving the necklace a casual yet stylish look. This necklace is perfect for all names up to 12 characters and looks wonderful on every neckline.

    Keep in mind, this is an 18K gold plated necklace, meaning its made of sterling silver with gold covering.

    Trending Gifts: Custom Name Necklaces

    Its no secret that personalized jewelry is a wonderful gift, no matter what the occasion. Its a gift that makes for a beautiful accessory today and a treasured heirloom in the future. This year, personalized nameplate necklaces are completely on-trend, making it the perfect gift for your partner, friend, or family member.

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