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Where To Buy Gold Jewelry In Mexico

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

New Mexico Sunstone! FINDING GOLD X

What are people saying about jewelry in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico?

This is a review for jewelry in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico:

“HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Messaged Zaven in the evening, not expecting an answer til the morning, but well within 10mins of sending the message I received a reply! The next day I Brought in my 2 rings to be resized and he was able to finish them same day at a very reasonable price. Rings were probably better than the day I received them. On top of that, Zaven was also very charismatic and funny. Overall a wonderful experience, will definitely return for any jewelry needs.”

Government And Private Mints In Mexico:

La Casa de Moneda de México | Mexican Mint

The Mexican Mint is one of the oldest mints in the Americas. Spanish Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza established this mint in 1535 by a decree from the Spanish Crown. The mint was the one which created the popular eight-real coins, succeeded by the silver pesos, which circulated all over America and Asia until the 19th Century. These coins served as a cornerstone for the modern national currencies of various nations around these parts of the world, among which the most popular ones are the United States Dollar, Japanese Yen, and Chinese Yuan. Coins are produced in San Luis Potosi since 1983. Today the ancient headquarter of the mint in Mexico City is the Museo Nacional de las Culturas. The main client of the mint is the Bank of Mexico.

Is Jewelry Cheaper In Mexico

Is jewelry cheaper in Mexico? Jewelry is precious to anyone who owns it. We all love sparkly diamonds, shiny silver, and dazzling gold. Many people claim you can get great deals on jewelry in Mexico. Jewelry prices convert in Mexico to the This information answers the big question, Is jewelry cheaper in Mexico?, no it is not.

Jewelry in Mexico is exquisitely made and this is one of the main reasons you should want to buy jewelry in Mexico. There are so many locations to find one-of-a-kind handmade pieces. You will love picking out a unique piece to bring home. You are more likely to be able to walk away with a piece at a great price by negotiating with the store owner.

Traveling to Mexico is a great place to take in local culture, tourist attractions, warm weather, and more. Mexico has breathtaking scenery and such a detailed and interesting history. Taking a trip to Mexico is great for many reasons and find good quality inexpensive jewelry should be at the top of your list.

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Gold Bullion Coin Mints

As mentioned above, gold bullion coins are preferred by many investors because they have the backing of central banks and federal governments. Additionally, these coins are issued by national sovereign mints and other state-owned facilities. The following are some of the most prolific issuers of gold coins:

Commodity & Futures Markets In Mexico:

Gold Plated Mexican Centenario Coin Pendant Chain ...

Mexican Derivatives ExchangeThe idea of MexDer was conceived in 1994 and it began functioning in 1998. This is an options exchange with a classic corporate structure located in the same building as the Mexican Stock Exchange. The board of directors of MexDer approved an electronic trading system project in September 1999. Before the MexDer moved on to the electronic trading system, the trade used to happen through an open-outcry market. From 2004 onwards, the exchange upgraded from its electronic grading system to the Spanish S/MART system.

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International Bullion Depositories In Mexico:

Global Shield ZoneGlobal Shield Zone

The company was established about 15 years ago. It’s the only company to be endorsed and certified by the National Security Commission through the General Directorate of Private Security to provide secure storage services throughout the national territory. The facility has the highest level of security in place. It offers three different types of security boxes – family boxes, premium boxes, and personal boxes. Customers can store precious metals, important documents, jewelry, and other valuables in these boxes. Also, there is an option of increasing the insured amount if the client wishes so. The stored valuables are insured by the National Provincial Group .

Featured Listings Los Cabos Jewelry Stores And Jewelers

Husband-and-wife owners Indira López and Isidro Sánchez, a master jeweler, create and fabricate unique jewelry that is far from traditional. These special and noteworthy pieces are different from others you will find.Address:Plaza Central, Miguel Hidalgo 1, Centro, 23400 San José del Cabo, B.C.S., MéxicoPhone: 146-9228

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A Gentle Reminder: Not Everyone Can Afford To Shop Local And Thats Ok Even So You Can Still Help Small Businesses By Following Their Social Media Accounts Interacting With Their Posts And Recommending Them To Friends

This post is part of my Shop Local series. Click here for more information!

Since moving back to Mexico City, a thing Ive realised I actually love is shopping. Shopping in person. And, as a reformed relapsed online shopper thats saying something.

Like, it literally doesnt matter what it isexcept jeans, of courseIll probably spend a day dedicated to buying it at one point or another. And my most recent obsession, beyond the trifecta of chocolate, books and coffee, is Mexican jewellery. Which is weird for someone who, until recently, only owned three rings and hadnt taken out her silver Taxco hoops since buying them in February 2017.

On the other hand, it makes perfect sense when you consider that Mexico is a jewellery lovers dream destination. Especially in Mexico City, where Im based, you can find indie jewellery designers at local bazaars, established names with their own storefronts and even boutiques where you can pick up pieces from several different brands. Not to mention the amount of sellers whove pivoted to online platforms since the pandemic struck.

So, if youre looking to pick up a piece of original jewellery that reminds you of Mexicoor you just want to online window shop to wile away the hourshere are the Mexican jewellery brands you need to know.

Best Place To Buy Good Quality Jewelry In Cozumel

Find Gold And Gems In New Mexico Part 1

I was very impressed. Last year I met Nundo the owner of the the shop. He took the time to educate me in the different types of silver and stones that were being sold and to know what I was buying, even though I didn’t buy anything from him. He didn’t have the ring I liked in my size. I had to find him again this year. I did!! It took some time walking in circles. There’s been some construction since last year with a wonderful new square with all kinds of shops and restaurants. Juan helped me this time. I found an incredibly beautiful Mexican silver bracelet and Nundo came out to thank me for coming back. Hopefully I’ll be back next year and can visit them again. Large inventory with a knowledgeable staff. They’ve been in business since the 1940’s.

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Is Gold Jewelry Cheaper In Mexico

Gold jewelry is not necessarily cheaper in Mexico. You are going to pay the standard conversion rate on any gold in Mexico. You can find some amazing pieces of jewelry in the small towns of Mexico. Dont let the price of the jewelry keep you from acquiring a masterfully crafted piece of jewelry that will make any outfit pop.

Buying gold, in general, is always a good investment. If you see a good deal or like a certain piece of jewelry, buy it. Gold Jewelry is a luxury to own and it may be worth it even if the price of jewelry in Mexico is around the same price you would pay anywhere else. You may be surprised to find jewelry pieces in Mexico that will impress pretty much anyone.

What Do We Offer At Our Silver Jewelry Online Store

Our vast assortment of products is made up of the following categories:

  • Bracelets. Our jewelry-makers use the hammering and oxidizing techniques in the accessories production and do inlay work.
  • Earrings. They come in various styles drop, hoop, and post earrings with either abalone shells or gemstones. We also sell silver clip-on earrings.
  • Men’s jewelry. We have plenty of accessories for guys, from heavy linked bracelets to elegant and sophisticated cufflinks.
  • Necklaces-chokers. This silver jewelry may be with or without pendants, either made of pure silver or embellished with semi-precious stones.
  • Rings. We have bands with different inlays and even those with a hidden compartment where you can store something really precious.

Most of our sterling silver jewelry is made in Taxco, a small town south of Mexico city and considered the silver capital of Latino America. The products we sell meet international standards and are 92,5% pure. The other 7,5% is copper, a metal commonly used in such alloys.

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Vaults And Bullion Depositories In Mexico:

Segumex Security Box

The company offers high-class safety storages for safe keeping precious metals and other valuables. It provides four types of boxes: Personal, Corporate, Deluxe, and Premium. The facility is protected with high security and uses fingerprint authentication and security codes for access. The facility is provided with 24/7 camera surveillance and armed personnel guard.


This company offers precious metals storage facility with the highest international standards of security, discretion, and service. The facility is secured with 24-hour monitoring and electric fence perimeter. It has a top-notch fire system in place, motion sensors inside and outside, and biometric access control. The security system is continuously audited. The facility offers 5 different sizes of safety deposit boxes. Its staff is highly trained and offers the best services.

StrongMaxSwiss Security Boxes

This is a leading company dedicated to providing first-class secure storage services. They offer tranquillity, security, and reliability by providing the best security technologies for protecting clients’ valuables and assets. Different size security boxes are available. The security system involves biometric fingerprint reader for controlled access, private viewing area, 24-hour camera surveillance, latest technology fire control system, insurance policy, latest generation alarms, seismic and impact sensors.

XecureFirst National Security

Buying Silver In Mexico

Pin on International Jewelry Collection of Jim &  Jo Webb

Recently, there were some interesting articles that discussed silver related issues in Mexico, like the unfolding of the “Peak Oil” scenario in Mexico and its impact on the Peso , the geopolitical picture , or the efforts for a remonetization of silver in Mexico . In this context it might be interesting to know where and how to actually buy physical silver in Mexico in an uncomplicated and unusual way.

Mexico is the world’s biggest silver producer. The country produced 2.95 tons of the metal in 2003 which amounts to almost 14 % of world silver production. Most of that silver comes from the famous mining districts in the Western Sierra Madre mountains in the states of Zacatecas, Durango, Sonora, Sinaloa, and Chihuahua. Mexico has a long tradition of beautiful silver handcrafts and artwork. Much of it comes from the city of Taxco in Guerrero state which is widely known as Mexico’s “silver city”.

So one way to buy physical silver in Mexico would be to simply search out an artworks shop, where, of course, a high premium has to be paid with respect to the silver price .

Part of the Salinas empire is the Elektra home appliance retailer which has several hundred outlets in Mexico and can be found in any major city. Inside every Elektra shop there is a branch of Banco Azteca, the financial services arm of Grupo Elektra.

Dirk Masuch Oesterreich

Dr. Dirk Masuch Oesterreich is a geologist and owns a geological consulting firm in Mexico.

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Buying Gold And Silver In Albuquerque New Mexico

The southwestern city of Albuquerque is known for its unique artistic and cultural heritage. This area of New Mexico was once believed to be the location of a famed city of gold and silver. In the present day, gold and silver in the form of bars, coins, and jewelry remain popular investment options in Albuquerque. There are a number of notable coin dealers located here.

Gold Bullion Bar Refineries/mints

The primary benefits to gold bullion bars for gold buyers are diversity and affordability. Gold bullion bars have lower premiums over the spot price of gold when compared to gold bullion coins, and the variety of options is far more diverse. Gold bullion bars are available not only in the aforementioned weights, but also styles including cast, hand-poured, and minted ingots. Gold bullion bars are struck continuously to meet the demand for gold, with the following refineries and mints representing some of the greatest refiners of gold bars:

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Gold And Silver Exchange

Gold and Silver Exchange, founded in 1978, is one of the oldest gold and silver dealers in the Albuquerque area. The staff has more than 70 years of combined experience in jewelry, precious metals, and numismatics. They purchase all forms of precious metal, including gold, silver, and platinum jewelry, flatware, coins, bullion, and scrap. Gold and Silver Exchange uses high-tech methods of evaluating metals which allow them to purchase unmarked items immediately, without assaying costs. They sell many forms of gold and silver items, including silver coins and gold bars. A small selection of their highest quality coins can also be viewed or purchased online.

884-9230Albuquerque, NM 87110

What Are The Noble Metals

Sterling jewelry tips pickers scrap antique art old Taxco Native Gold applied parts other outlets ne

Chemically, noble metals resist oxidation and corrosion in moist air. They also possess varying degrees of resistance to acids. This group includes the following elements: ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium, gold, silver, and platinum.

In addition to noble metal properties, gold, silver, and platinum posses the following characteristics:

  • These metals occur worldwide, but not in large enough quantities to render them less valuable.
  • Theyre considered precious metals and have been used as currency .
  • Many cultures, historically and currently, consider these metals beautiful, sensuous, and glamorous, which increases their appeal.
  • These metals also possess malleability, which makes them practical choices for jewelry making.

For all these reasons, the trio of gold, silver, and platinum continue to enjoy considerable popularity as jewelry metals.

Engagement ring with marquise and pear-shaped diamonds in platinum settings, with accompanying gold wedding band, by Lorraine Hughes, Dot The Jewellers. Licensed under CC By 2.0.

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Cabo San Lucas And San Jose Del Cabo Los Cabos Bcs

For an extra-special memento from your Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo vacation, opt for a piece of jewelry from one of the many jewelry stores in Los Cabos. Mexico is known for its silver and fire opals, but thats not all youll find at Los Cabos jewelry shops. Custom pieces can be made to fit whatever your whim or need may be. There are diamonds, opals, and various gem stones, set in gold, silver, and more. Many of these pieces are also available in duty free shops. Among those listed below are participants in the Los Cabos Magazine Prepaid Voucher Program, which can save you up to 50 percent, as well as independent jewelers and members of international businesses .

Are Diamond Rings Cheaper In Mexico

Are you looking to propose to someone and maybe plan on doing it while on vacation in Mexico? Well, congratulations and dont forget to have the finest ring in hand for the big question.

Diamond rings are really not any cheaper in Mexico than they are anywhere else. Diamonds are imported and a tax has to be paid on them. This makes diamonds about the same price in Mexico as anywhere else.

You may already have purchased the ring you want to give but you can always find additional exquisite pieces to top off your night! If you are planning on buying the engagement ring in Mexico, you will not be disappointed with the fine selection all over the area.

The actual style of art that goes into a diamond ring is where you are going to see a difference. You can find beautifully handcrafted styles of rings in Mexico. When you have a ring of such detail and pair it with a diamond, you have a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece to pass down for generations.

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Buy Gold Bullion Online

There is no precious metal in the world coveted more than gold. The famous yellow metal has been a standard by which wealth is measured for centuries, and as civilizations took the first steps out of the Dark Ages and into international trade in the Middle Ages and beyond, gold was there as the standard unit of commerce used by nations and people who spoke different languages. Despite language and cultural barriers, everyone understands the value of gold. Today, gold bullion remains a primary vehicle for private investment and the protection of wealth. The JM Bullion catalog contains a wide array of gold bullion products, some of which you can learn more about below.

Can I Bring Jewelry Back To The Us

Gold Plated Mexican Centenario Coin Pendant Chain ...

Ok, so you went on a shopping spree in Mexico on jewelry because you loved everything you saw and now you are worried about bringing it back home to the US? No need to worry, typically you can bring jewelry over the board with no extra taxes.

Clothing, jewelry, and household items are allowed from country to country. In some areas, you may have to pay a tax depending on the number of items you are bringing in. You can research all of the local laws and requirements for your specific traveling destination before you leave to make sure you dont run into any issues.

It is so exciting to buy things while traveling. Bringing home an exotic conversation piece can give you a great feeling and keep your memories alive!

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