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Where To Rent Bikes For Golden Gate Bridge

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Bike Route From Crissy Field And Across The Golden Gate Bridge

Adventure 008 – San Francisco, California (Day 1) – Surrey Bike Rental and the Golden Gate Bridge

The next section is from Crissy Field up to the Golden Gate Bridge.

1. Crissy Field: This area is flat and easy to bike on.

2. Crissy Field Avenue: This is where you will head up hill for the biggest hill of your ride. It’s only about three blocks and you are welcome to jump off your bike and walk it if it’s too steep.

3. Presidio Promenade Trail: This is where you will move from the street onto a dirt biking path. You can also stay on the street, but it’s a longer way around and you’ll have to cut through the busy Welcome Center parking lot.

4. Enter the Bridge: This is roughly where you will enter the sidewalks to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. to find information on when you should ride on the east vs the west sidewalk.

5. On the Bridge: You made it! You are now officially cycling on the Golden Gate Bridge!!

Bike The Bridge And Return By Ferry

1. Start from the Best Bike Rental Location to the Bridge!

1. Start from the Best Bike Rental Location to the Bridge!

1. Start from the Best Bike Rental Location to the Bridge!

Located only 3 miles away from the Golden Gate Bridge through a scenic beach bike path, it has never been easier to start your bike rental experience from our bike rental shop at 1772 Lombard street!

2. Bike across the famous Golden Gate Bridge!

1. Start from the Best Bike Rental Location to the Bridge!

1. Start from the Best Bike Rental Location to the Bridge!

Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge is a must-do in San Francisco! You can simply turn around and ride back at any point, or continue your San Francisco bike rental experience into Sausalito , a beautiful waterfront town with unique shops and restaurants!

3. Return by Ferry from Sausalito or Tiburon

1. Start from the Best Bike Rental Location to the Bridge!

3. Return by Ferry from Sausalito or Tiburon

For only $13/person you can take the public ferry from Sausalito back to San Francisco with your rental bike ! Taxis with bike racks are also available in Sausalito. Of course, you can always ride back from Sausalito and experience biking across the bridge again!

The Ferry Back To San Francisco

Be sure to check out our Sausalito Ferry Guide for links to current schedules and a guide to which ferry you want to take after biking the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. We also have tips for how to make the bike boarding process easy.

Some bike rental shops in San Francisco are closest to the terminal for the Blue and Gold Fleet at Fishermans Wharf, while those near the Ferry Building are closest for Golden Gate Ferry voyages.

The ferry crew will advise you where to stow your bikes on board.

Insiders Tip: If youre visiting during the summer months there are extra ferries added to the schedule in the late afternoon, when over 1,000 bike riders may be looking to return to San Francisco.

If you have theatre tickets or dinner reservations in San Francisco the night you make this ride, try to make your bike trip earlier in the day so you avoid the crush at the ferry pier after 4:00 PM.

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Sharing The Trail With Cars

A concern people have, especially parents and nonfrequent bikers, are cars. Luckily ~80% of the loop has dedicated paths for bikers and runners. The shoulders are quite wide when there is an absence of a bike path.

Once you get into Sausalito there are sections where you have to share the roads with cars. On any given day there are enough riders on the road that you wont feel alone.

Golden Gate Bridge Bike Rentals

Bike Rentals San Francisco
  • Blazing Saddles – Blazing Saddles is one of the bigger bike rental companies in San Francisco, offering rentals and bike tours. However, you will have to bike a few miles along the bay from their Fishermens Wharf location to get to the bridge. A basic bike rental starts at $36 per day.

  • Sports Basement – If you live in the Bay Area, Sports Basement is the best place to rent from because any money you spend on a bike rental here can also be used towards the purchase of a new bike through them. They also have a wide variety of bikes, from road to mountain to eBike, which is also great for out-of-town cyclists who want something more serious. A basic bike rental starts at $32 per day.

  • eBike rentals – Worried about conquering those hills? Get an electric assist bike for the day. Rentals start at $60 per day.

  • Bay Wheels – Owned by Lyft, you can find Bay Wheels stations all over the city, including a few in the Golden-Gate adjacent neighborhood of the Presidio. However, there are no stations to return them in Sausalito, so if you rent one of these, be prepared to bike back across the bridge to return it. Bikes cost $8-12 per hour to rent.

Most bike rental companies require you to return your bike to the original departure point but you can use a service to drop your bike off at the ferry and have someone else return it for you .

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Where To Go After You Bike Across The Golden Gate Bridge

What should you do after you cross the bridge? You have a few different options. You can either continue on to Sausalito , you can turn around and bike back to SF, or you can head up into the Marin Headlands for views of the SF Skyline, the Golden Gate Bridge, and beyond.

Here is a little more about each option.

Bike to Sausalito: If you plan to bike on to Sausalito, follow the map provided by your rental company. It will most likely take you along Alexander Avenue all the way into downtown Sausalito. This part of the ride is pretty easy and there isn’t often a lot of traffic once you are past the traffic around the bridge. The ride to Sausalito from the Golden Gate Bridge is about three miles.

Return to SF: If you don’t want to ride all the way to Sausalito, you can also turn around and head back into San Francisco. You can either bike around the Presidio and check out its attractions or you can head back to drop off you bike. You can also head out on a ride around San Francisco. The city is a pretty bike friendly place and your rental company most likely has a few options for you on their maps.

Your Route: Crossing The Golden Gate Bridge Into Sausalito

The bike ride from Fishermans Wharf across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito is by far the most popular and stunning San Francisco bike route. Starting from Fishermans Wharf, the route takes you along San Franciscos beautiful waterfront, across the bridge, and into sunny and eclectic Sausalito. There are quite a few beautiful stops along the way, so youll want to get an early start.

As you head out from Fishermans Wharf, youll cruise down the bike path winding along the waterfront. Check out the Aquatic Park Pier for expansive views of the Golden Gate Bridge, and in the distance, Alcatraz. Continue on the path to Fort Mason, which was built during the Civil War, and then head back down to the waterfront to follow signs to the Palace of Fine Arts. Park your bike and soak up some culture or continue on to Chrissy Field and Fort Point.

Getting hungry? Need some cold refreshments or hot coffee? Just before Fort Point, youll find The Warming Hut right on the water. They offer a variety of warm and cold drinks as well as fresh-made sandwiches to fill up your tank for the trek across the Bridge. Once you get to the bridge itself, dont be intimidated. This is likely the busiest section of your trip, but just take your time and play it safe. Dont forget to snap some photos to remember your journey!

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Biking Golden Gate Bridge: How To Cycle Across San Francisco’s Most Scenic Attraction

Cyclists looking to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge are in for a wild ride, and this guide will help plan the day.

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most famous landmarks in the United States, but there is a lot more to it than just the bridge. There is a lot more to see in the surrounding area. One of the best ways to explore it is by taking a bike and spending a couple of extra hours to take in the view of the bay, appreciate the local architecture, and enjoying some really good food.

There is nothing like exploring a city via bike rides. Most tourists speed through the major landmarks in a city and end up missing the less crowded, more quiet parts of a city. The Golden Gate Bridge area in San Francisco, in particular, has a lot of hidden gems.

Details & Maps For The Bike Ride From San Francisco To Sausalito

Bike the Bridge with Sports Basement!

I broke this down into three parts, so you can get a feel for what each section is like. I’ve also used the most common route, so if you rent from the Marina instead, you’ll just start the route from there.

The first map and description show what the route looks like if you are going from Fishermans Wharf to Crissy Field. The second map takes you from Crissy Field and across the Golden Gate Bridge. The third map is the route from the bridge into Sausalito.

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How To Bike The Golden Gate Bridge

Biking the Golden Gate Bridge has been on my San Francisco bucket list for a looooong time.

I will preface this with a disclaimer that I am not athletic at all. The last bike ride I took was over 5 years ago. Seriously.

So the idea of biking across one of the longest suspension bridges in the world was, wella wee bit intimidating.

Since Matt volunteered to watch the kids while my sisters and I had a kid-free day in the city, I decided it would be the perfect time to tackle this bucket list adventure!

And guys, biking the Golden Gate Bridge was not tough at all! In fact, Im ready and confident to do it again with the kids!

But one things for sure, biking the Golden Gate Bridge is not as simple as just picking up a bike and heading off into the sunset. Theres a million different bike rental companies to choose from, multiple routes, and of course, the question of what the heck to do once you make it to the other side!

So what do you need to know before you head out on your bike over the Golden Gate Bridge?

Read on for my very best tips for bike rentals, ferries, and putting all the logistics together for the very best Golden Gate Bridge biking adventure!

Once You’re Across Keep Exploring

Most people will continue downhill to Sausalito after biking across the bridge. If you bike across on the East side of the bridge, simply take a right and continue downhill until you see water on your righthand side again. If you bike across on the West side of the bridge, youll need to go up a small hill and turn right . Then, take a left and follow that road all the way down to Sausalito.

If you’re up for it, go a little further to Fish for lunch, down the Sausalito bike path to Tiberon to take the ferry back to SF from there , or challenge yourself with a ride up Hawk Hill for some great views of the bridge.

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Should You Rent An Electric Bike

Most of the companies offer a variety of bikes to rent, including electric bikes. Do you need an electric bike to get up the hills on the ride to the bridge and Sausalito?

The short answer is…maybe. Depends on your fitness level and how you feel about pushing bikes up hills -) The route is pretty much flat all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge from Fisherman’s Wharf…with three exceptions.

There’s a pretty steep hill just as you leave Fisherman’s Wharf and enter Fort Mason, but it’s not terribly long. You may have to get off and push it at least part way there, but most people don’t have a problem with that. And there’s a long, steep hill right after the Warming Hut at Crissy Field most people will have to push part of the way . Finally, there’s a long hill climbing up to the Battery East trail.

The bridge itself is actually a slight hill, but they don’t allow you to use the electric mode on the bridge. That’s not a problem, since the incline to the center of the bridge is mild.

Once you’re across the bridge, it’s downhill all the way to Fort Baker. But the worst hill of all is between Fort Baker and Sausalito. This is a serious hill see photos below under the Ride to Sausalito. At that point, I really wished I had chosen the electric bike! But you can also avoid it by taking the “old” bike route into town .

Note: electric bikes aren’t allowed on the Golden Gate Ferry from Sausalito to the Ferry Building, but they are OK on the Blue and Gold Ferry to Fisherman’s Wharf.

Awesome Golden Gate Bridge Bike Rental Tips

Rental Bike San Francisco, Best Price Renting Bike Sf ...

There are many options for bike hire or rental to cross the Golden Gate Bridge. So we created 11 awesome tips for bike hire or rental across the Golden Gate Bridge to make your trip a memorable and hassle-free experience.

Not many people can say they have bicycled across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco to Sausalito, which makes it a rare and unique experience. When we tell our friends we biked through San Francisco and across the Golden Gate Bridge we always get the same reaction wow that sounds cool!

And it is a really cool experience. You can bike all along the waterfront from Fishermans Wharf, across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito and then take the Ferry back to San Francisco. You can even get a good look at Alcatraz from the Ferry.

But to get the most enjoyment out of your bicycle rental it is best to have some info ahead of time so you know where to go, the best route to take, the best places to rent or hire your bike, the best times to bike across the bridge and a lot more.

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Sports Basement Rentals Covid : Wildflower Bloom Continues In Riverside State Park

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San francisco rental bikes for the golden gate bridge, plus carbon road bikes, full suspension mountain bikes, kids bikes, electric bikes, tandem bikes and . Pick up from locations in san francisco, north bay, south bay and east bay core gear day 1 night weekend . Sports basement is proud to offer bosch powered, pedal assist electric bikes. Shoes yoga mats tennis balls batteries propane canisters climbing rope crayons. Are you unable to reserve the item you want on the date you want it?

Bike Route From Fisherman’s Wharf To Crissy Field

Your ride starts in Fisherman’s Wharf. From here, you’ll cruise past Aquatic Park. You’ll then make your way through the Fort Mason Center, along the Marina Green, and along Mason Street near Crissy Field. It’s mostly flat with one hill . Here are a few additional call outs for this section.

1. Starting Point: This is where you will begin your ride in Fisherman’s Wharf.

2. Fort Mason Hill: As you enter Fort Mason, there is a steep hill you will need to climb. You can’t see the top when you first start. Although it’s steep, it isn’t very long and only takes a couple of minutes to bike or walk to the top.

3. Marina Green: After you exit Fort Mason, you’ll take a right and head toward the waterfront to bike along the Marina Green.

4. Palace of Fine Arts : If you want to visit one of our best free attractions, then make a quick stop at the Palace of Fine Arts. You can learn more about it here.

5. Mason Street: Continue along Mason Street, which is flat. You’ll have access to the bike path so will not have to ride in the street.

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What Should You Bring

Most bike hire and rental facilities include a helmet, bike lock, and a map. You will need to bring everything else you will need. You should bring a backpack and pack only what you need to keep the backpack as light as possible. Some items to consider are water, sunglasses, sunscreen, chap-stick, hat, gloves, camera, selfie stick, binoculars, and a windbreaker. You should also plan to wear closed toe shoes and dress in layers as the weather changes constantly.

Biking The Golden Gate Bridge: A Few Last Tips

Bike Rental Golden Gate Bridge: Bike Across the Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco California

Head Out Early | We picked up our bikes around 10 am, reaching the start of the bridge around 11/11:30 . Things were just starting to pick up, but not too crowded yet, even on the pedestrian side of the bridge. While the fog hadnt quite cleared, I would still recommend it over heading out later. Fewer crowds mean you can bike the bridge with ease, stop for pictures along the way, and enjoy some sun in Sausalito before you ferry back to San Francisco.

Limit Your Stops | If the bridge is busy, definitely limit your stops. Even with a dedicated bike lane, its not all that wide, and frequent stops will mess up the flow of traffic. Get one or two pics on the bridge, and save the rest for the viewpoints before and after the bridge.

Dress in Layers | It gets especially cold and windy out on the bridge, so be sure to follow San Franciscos golden rule and dress in layers! When you get to Sausalito it will likely be warm and sunny, so having an outfit that can go from cold to warm is key.

Have you conquered a bucket list adventure? Tell me about it in the comments!

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