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Gold Band With Oval Diamond

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Vault Oval Cut Mint Garnet and Diamond Band Ring, 14K Gold on QVC

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Stylize Your Oval Ring

Whether youre looking for a vintage look or a contemporary piece, youll come across oval engagement rings in all sorts of amazing styles. Choose from vintage selections or go for the classic route. The options are practically endless! You can also pick the kind of metal band youd like to accommodate the oval stone, from white gold to rose gold to platinum. Its best to consider what your partner wears most often so that the band will best match their style. For example, if they tend to wear silver jewelry all the time, an oval ring with a silver band is a safe choice. Meanwhile, if the designer is important to you or your partner, use the filter option to see what kind of oval rings your favorite designers have produced.

Pick And Choose The One

When you take a look at our selection of oval proposal rings on The Knot, youll understand why this cut is earning a reputation for itself. Browse our inventory of rings and find the ideal oval cut engagement for your partner today. Once youve chosen the perfect ring, youll be all set to drop to one knee and pop the big question.

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Oval Diamond Gold Band Ring

Additional Oval Cut Ring Collections

oval engagement ring thin gold band

Shah Luxury designs opulent bridal jewelry that beautifully incorporates oval cut stones into their collections. Carizza features intricate designs with mixed metals and mesmerizing halos that add glamour to the romance of an oval diamond. Promezza offers popular designs like braided bands and vintage detailing. A.JAFFE has been designing engagement rings of unmatched beauty and elegance. Oval cut rings are featured in their Classics collection with pieces that feature traditional styles, offering a unique twist on timeless classics. Le Vian, known for reviving the lost French art of the invisible setting, crafts luxurious designs in their Vanilla Gold collection featuring fashionable white gold with beautifully set oval stones.

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What Is An Oval Diamond Bowtie

While its moniker is cute and all, this dark area that stretches across the width of the diamond is caused by the diamonds pavilion facets reflecting your own shadow back to you, instead of catching the light. For real? Yep. Its your head blocking the light! Now, some ovals are cut better than others, so this bow tie effect wont be as noticeable, but this is just a matter of fact in elongated brilliant cut diamonds like ovals, marquises, pears, or radiants, which can all display a similar effect.

Some oval diamond bow ties are big and black. Others are whisper-thin dark lines. Others look more like scattered dark patches across the middle of the diamond. All oval cut diamonds all have some darkness in the middle of the diamond, the question is how much.

Popular Oval Cut Ring Collections

Gabriel & Co. handcrafts beautiful designs that embody the designers passion and artistic vision. For more than thirty years they have been creating pieces that prove they understand the why of jewelry such as simple solitaire rings with romantic oval cut diamonds. These beauties prove that all a ring needs to amaze is the stunning shine of precious metal and the remarkable beauty of a perfectly cut stone. Their halo designs take breathtaking oval cut stones and put them on a brilliant display with dazzling crowns of smaller diamonds. Entwined rings offer a treat for the eyes with unique bands that twist on themselves in intricate patterns.

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Oval Diamond Size Chart

Like all diamonds, oval cut diamonds are sold by carat weight rather than by size. You can use the chart below to convert a diamonds carat weight into its length and width measurements.

Note that because all diamonds vary slightly in length to width ratio, the chart below uses the average measurements of an oval cut diamond. If you choose a diamond with a long or short length-to-width ratio, it may have different measurements from those provided below. For the best looking oval cut diamond, we recommend sticking to our guidelines above and choosing a diamond with a length to width ratio in the 1.30-1.50 range.

Oval Cut Diamond Clarity

Oval Morganite and Diamond Ring, 14K Gold 5.00 ct on QVC

The GIA grades Clarity from best to worst:

  • IF Internally Flawless
  • I1 Inclusions 1
  • I2 Inclusions 2

Due to the shape, inclusions and blemishes are well hidden with Oval Diamonds. Near the rounded end or where the jewelry setting will lay, it is almost impossible to see imperfections.

This is why we recommend an SI1 or an SI2 for excellent Clarity with the best value. You can go higher in clarity, but the difference wont be visible to the naked eye, so your budget is better spent in another area like Cut or Carat weight.

In addition to evaluating the bowtie and receiving the Clarity grade, you should also carefully review an Oval Diamond yourself or ask for the help of an expert. Inspect photos and only trust a vendors eye cleanliness check if they also are checking it themselves . To learn more about the differences in oval cut diamond clarity, contact us.

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Ct Yellow Gold Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Drawing together timeless design with modern artistry, our collection of yellow gold oval diamond engagement rings offers you an exciting selection of unique rings, allowing you to find a design that speaks to love you share with your partner. Certain styles determine the overall silhouette and impact of your engagement ring, so take time to consider if a solitaire, pavé, halo, or trilogy design is the one for you. An oval diamond engagement ring is flattering and contemporary, perfect for those who love the curved edges and sparkle of a round cut diamond but want something a little more unique. Our designers draw creative inspiration from all over to bring you a diverse range of yellow gold oval diamond engagement rings, so explore our full selection of design styles below.

Finding The Right Band Rings For You

If youâre shopping for antique and vintage band rings, you likely know that this particular kind of ring is among the most versatile in jewelry.

You donât need a special occasion to dazzle friends with a flashy sapphire band ring or to make a statement with a wide band ring â this accessory knows no boundaries, and many different iterations have materialized over the years. Whether youâre seeking an unadorned modern sterling-silver band ring for everyday wear or dual gold wedding bands for the big day, there are lots of options waiting for you.

On 1stDibs, there are enduring antique wedding bands to be found dating from the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Jewelers who were active during the reign of Queen Victoria â specifically, the Romantic period â designed rings with large colorful gemstones and decorative motifs, while the jewelry of the latter era was all about the exquisite diamond, platinum and pearl creations made by such famous names as Cartier and Boucheron. Matching wedding bands, which may reduce the stress of wedding-band shopping if you prefer a traditional route, afford you and your partner the chance to have the engagement ring and wedding bands in the same metal and design.

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Do Oval Rings Look Bigger

Yes, oval rings have the illusion of looking bigger! One of the reasons why oval engagement rings have become such a beloved engagement ring option is the gemstones shape and subsequent flattering effect on the hand.

As with any elongated cut diamond, the length to width ratio tremendously effects how the diamond appears and gives the appearance of the gemstone being larger.

Due to the surface area being more spread out and the gem therefore becoming more shallow, an oval engagement ring will at least appear to be larger than other diamond cuts.

An Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring For Simplistic Sophistication

Yellow Gold 0.9 Ct Oval F

For those who love to keep it simple and sophisticated, a solitaire oval engagement ring is the way to go. A solitaire engagement ring is a ring with a sole gemstone at its center, most popularly a diamond, but dont be afraid of exploring other gemstones.

With the lack of accent stones, a solitaire ring shines a light on the gemstone itself. Its a great style if you want the stone to be the main star of the show.

These oval solitaire engagement ring styles are some of our favorites, due to their dazzling design, simplistic sophistication, and classic look.

If you love a solitaire engagement ring but think it needs just a little more flair, you might become a huge fan of halo engagement rings. Adorned with a ring of accent stones, any oval engagement ring can increase its wow-factor with the simple addition of a halo setting.

With a halo setting, the center stone is surrounded by a dazzling ring of smaller accent diamonds or gemstones. Not only does this create an even more eye-catching look, but the halo has the optical effect of extending the center stone size as well. Lets explore some of our favorite oval halo engagement rings and styles.

These oval diamond engagement rings only scratch the surface not literally, course of the amazing and stylish options we love.

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Oval Vs Round Diamonds

Although oval cut and round brilliant cut diamonds can look similar at first glance , there are several key differences between these two diamonds shapes.

The first is the shape. As youd expect from their names, oval cut diamonds are oval and round diamonds are round. But beyond the obvious, there are also several key differences in shape between oval cut and round diamonds.

The biggest of these is that round cut diamonds are always round. While there can be some slight variation in length to width ratio between different round cut diamonds, all round diamonds have either a perfect or near-perfect round shape.

Oval cut diamonds, on the other hand, come in a variety of oval shapes. Depending on the length to width ratio of an oval cut diamond, it may have a wide, normal or slender oval shape.

The second is the level of brilliance. A diamonds brilliance refers to the strength of its sparkle and fire. Oval cut and round cut diamonds are both brilliant cuts, meaning theyre designed to maximize the reflection of light and create a powerful sparkle. In fact, they both have the same number of facets 58, to be precise.

Assuming all other factors are equal, a round brilliant cut diamond will have a slightly stronger sparkle than an equivalent oval cut diamond. However, the difference between these two diamond shapes is very subtle, with both offering an excellent level of brilliance and fire.

This makes the round cut diamond almost 40% more expensive than the oval cut diamond.

Why Choose Othergems Diamond Rings

With over three decades of expertise in diamond sourcing, creation, crafting, and retail, the Othergems brand is a trusted engagement ring provider in New York and worldwide.

We offer a diverse selection of certified diamond engagement rings and other fine jewelry. You will find skillfully cut premium diamonds in creative settings, elevating romance and luxury, just as you or your loved one deserve it. Our oval diamond rings are classy, chic, and captivating in brilliant ways.

Contact us for your bespoke diamond ring design needs and other related inquiries.

Free Shipping

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What Is A Moval Shaped Diamond

Not all oval engagement rings are created equal. The moval is like the Bennifer of diamonds a cross between the marquise cut and an oval diamond. Its more elongated, with slightly rounded points. Its sometimes masquerades as an oval diamond, but when you see it in person, youll know. How does this come about? In lab grown diamonds, cutters sometimes cut the oval shape diagonally from the rough which can lead to pointed tips. Sounds like the best of both worlds, and while some people love them, many dont.

Gold Oval Diamond Band

Oval Lapis & Diamond Ring, 14K Gold Plated on QVC

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History Of The Oval Cut Diamond

Oval shaped diamonds have been popular for centuries. The earliest oval diamonds date back to the 1300s, though they arent described by name in literature until the 1800s.

In 1957, a Russian diamond cutter named Lazare Kaplan perfected the oval cut process. He had a knack for turning undesirable rough stones into gorgeous diamonds. His technique significantly improved the brilliance of the oval diamond. The process that Kaplan pioneered is what diamond cutters use to create oval cut stones today. The oval diamond consistently ranks as one of the most popular diamond shapes.

The Oval Cut Diamond Guide

Everything you need to get the best oval cut diamond for your budget

    We are reader-supported. Buying through links on our site may earn us commissions. Learn More.

    We are reader-supported. Buying through links on our site may earn us commissions. Learn More.

With celebrities like Blake Lively and Hailey Bieber rocking oval pave engagement rings, oval cut diamonds have gained popularity in recent years. Many of our readers have been looking for something like this stunning hidden halo oval halo ring. Well cover everything you need to know to find the perfect oval cut for whichever style you are looking for.

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How Much Are Oval Engagement Rings

A common factor when engagement ring shopping is the budget. Depending on where youre purchasing the ring, oval engagement rings can come in various price points. A typical 1-carat diamond oval engagement ring can be priced anywhere between $1,000 to $20,000 depending on the stones cut, clarity, and color.

Oval Cut Diamond Cut Quality

Engagement Rings ⢠18k Yellow Gold Oval Diamond Engagement Ring ...

The most important element in any diamond is the quality of its Cut, which impacts the fundamental beauty and structure of the stone along with its capacity to offer brilliance and fire. While the GIA provides Cut grading for some shapes, such as Round Brilliant Cuts it does not provide cut grading for Oval Cut Diamonds.

In this vein, standard cut parameters for an excellent Oval are unachievabledue to the Ovals complex and unique structure. Despite what anyone describes, there is no magic combination for table % or depth %. All Cut recommendations for Oval Diamonds should be regarded as widely general and usually subjective.

Above all, an Oval Diamonds beauty is determined by what youand the wearersees. Review Oval Cut Diamonds thoroughly. Rather than hoping to make a smart decision with your purchase, ensure that you do.

To offer a loose guideline for an excellently cut Oval Diamond, we provide our general parameters for Cut Quality below. Keep in mind that these parameters are general and should not be applied without looking at the diamond yourself and receiving an experts opinion.

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