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How To Print Gold Foil Labels

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Gold Foil Label Features

How to Add Gold Foil to Soap Labels and Stickers

Our gold foil label material is a metalized paper with a permanent adhesive. It has a shiny, reflective golden surface that is great for printing logos, text, and designs. The sophisticated and elegant effect also makes it ideal for marketing premium products, formal events and celebrations, or as attention-grabbing touches on packaging.

Our metallic labels can also be used as blockout labels. Blockout technology prevents light from passing through your label. This means that from the top, your label looks normal, but it’s masking any underlying text or imagery. Also called opaque labels, these are popular for covering up outdated or irrelevant information like incorrect address or return address labels.

Print Metallic & Foil Labels When You Need Them

When you need your labels now or you just need a smaller quantity, our are the answer. Our blank metallic labels are available by the sheet in more than 3,100 material, shape and size combinations. Simply order your labels online, customize with our free templates and print them from an inkjet or laser printer.

Our blank metallic labels are availabel in glossy gold and silver papers with a permanent adhesive. They’re great for branding products that won’t be exposed to moisture or oils. These foil labels are perfect for personalizing wedding favors, creating address labels for invitations, decorating party favors and so much more. Available in a wide collection of sizes and shapes, you’ll be able to find the ideal printable label for your project.

Popular Markets For Custom Foil Labels

To help you get a better idea of how custom foil labels are used, weve created a list of markets that we have found foil labels to be popular.

  • Food and beverage: Since foil labels can be printed in different ways, food and beverage labels can exude a premium quality with the products packaging without the product owner worrying if the foil label will deteriorate in moist or abrasive conditions.
  • Bath and beauty: Like food and beverage, products in the bath and beauty market face a variety of conditions that can lessen its labels quality. Tinted foil labels can help bath and beauty products differentiate itself with elegant packaging, yet remain intact in humid, wet environments like bathrooms and showers.
  • Health: Foil labels are compatible with a variety of health products like nutraceuticals, vitamins, and dietary supplements. In an increasingly competitive market, metallic looking labels can help attract consumers attention by making your health product look of higher quality.
  • Promotional: Coupons and piggyback labels arent doing their job if consumers dont notice them. Foil can help attract potential customers attention because of its eye-catching sheen. Promotional foil labels are more likely to stand out than labels without foil and can be applied to products, marketing collateral, or publications as part of your marketing strategy.

Need labels?

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Embrace Your Custom Foil Stickers By Adding Additional Features:

One of our add-ons is the embossed foil stickers, which will make your brand stand out in the market. The embossing is used by sprinkling some of the UV spots to shimmer the details. Therefore more than the embossed foil stickers, we offer spot AQ/UV solutions on the top of the sticker/ labels.

Give an Attractive Finishing to Your Custom Foil Stickers with The Help of Coatings:

Premium Custom stickers are coated with new coating features that make some of the best eye-catchy features in the market of the United States. Therefore, we offer two different types of coatings/Finishing, which are:

Print Design With Laser Jet

Foil labels for laser and inkjet printing

Once you have a design you like, you will want to print that image onto your cardstock or paper with a laser jet. For whatever reason, the gold foil will adhere to the ink from a laser jet but not an inkjet. If you are like me, and don’t own a laser jet printer, you can send your final design to a printer…. OR do what I did, which is much more economical- and photocopy your final design onto the paper. This option only cost me $0.13 USD per page to print. Per 8.5″x11″ page, I was able to print 4 invitations and 3 envelope templates.

Best Practices:

Don’t have a design where the line work is too fine, otherwise you don’t get a clean transfer and will see gaps in the artwork. You can see from my example on the next step how I had some trouble with the gold transfer as a result of poor printing quality and or fine line work.

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Execute Your Creative Concepts With Special Fx

Our Label Special FX creates true showstoppers: 100% custom foil stamped labels that realize your own unique creative concepts. Our print expertise is matched by our press capabilities, and this makes us flexible and ready for any type of custom label project.

We offer specialty label processes and finishing effects for greater label customization, for custom foil stamped labels that look and perform exactly the way you want them to:

  • stamped labels

Foil stamping is different from foil labels. Foil stamping uses a thin foil sheet and dies to create the metallic imprints onto various label materials while foil labels use a foil material as your base for printing.

Here are some quick expert tips for your custom foil stamped labels:


Especially for new artwork, do a hard proof first before committing to the whole press run. You can do similar proofs with different foiled areas on your choice of label material and get the opinion of others before deciding on your final foiled areas.Contact us for a discounted hard proof of your foil stamped labels.


So How Does Gold Foil Printing Work

Gold foil printing is done with the help of a laser printer, some gold foil transfer sheets and a laminator or a gold foiling machine. The image you want to foil has to be printed on a laser printer not an inkjet. This is because laser printers print using toner which is effectively plastic. Inkjet printers print using inks. When the laser print gets passed through a foiling machine the toner heats up and melts slightly and makes the foil from the transfer sheet stick to it – a bit like glue.

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Hot Foil Stamped Labels & Stickers

For more information on foil for labels, please see our blog post on the subject.

Hot foil stamped labels from an experienced label printer

Advanced Labels produces beautiful Hot Foil Stamp labels with over 25 years of experience. Adding gold foil labels to your product makes a statement about your brand, that gets noticed every time. Foil stamped self-adhesive labels are used to highlight and enhance your label packaging and design, which separates you from the many other products on competitive store shelves.

Hot foil stamping & metallic label design

With the addition of our state-of-the-art rotary hot stamping unit and flatbed foiling unit, our hot stamp printing capabilities are top-of-the-line. We can print up to 10 colors and varnishes, plus hot stamping and sculpted embossing. Combining these special finishes opens many exciting possibilities for label embellishment.

By adding our existing flat bed and rotary embossing capabilities to decorative foil stamping, you can add depth and dimension to your custom hot stamped labels. But we didn’t stop there. Advanced Labels has HP Indigo Digital Printing presses as well as high-quality flexographic printing equipment, affording our clients the opportunity for unbelievable print quality.

Hot foil stamp label advice and guidance

Get started today! Contact us for a hot foil stamped label quote and samples and discover how Advanced Labels can help your brand stand out among the rest. Click here to see our Product Gallery.

How To Diy Gold Foil Labels

HOW TO FOIL CANDLE LABELS | How To Create Beautiful & Luxury Foiled Labels With A Minc Machine

Start by typing your label names into a word processing software or set of templates. When setting the spacing, ensure you have enough margin around each set of words to cut them apart in the size you need. With the layout finalized, print the labels out onto the Milcoast Clear Sticker Paper according to your printer specifications.

Once printed, wipe the labels down several times with a fresh dryer sheet. Just rub the dryer sheet all over the paper. The gold foil will attach to any lint, dust or particles on your paper and this step is SUPER important to get clean foiling on your words only.

Next, cut a single sheet of foiling paper down into strips that cover your words only. While this isnt technically necessary, it reduces the risk of getting foil all over the rest of your paper and conserves your foil for future projects. That said, you dont have to be super precise herejust make sure each cut fully covers each set of words.

NOTE: You dont secure the gold foil to the printed labels in any way. Just lay the strips over the printed words. If your foil sheets curl up a little bit, dont worry, we will get them to lay flat in the next step.

Next, feed your paper sandwich through a standard laminator TWO times.

Once your labels have come out of the laminator the second time, go ahead and remove the clean blank cover paper. You should see that the foil is slightly melted down onto your printed words.

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Diy Gold Foil Printing For Invitations And Envelope Liners

As I begin the daunting task of planning my wedding, I realize how expensive wedding related items are. In an effort to save money where I can, I decided to make my own Save the Dates from scratch. After seeing some of the prices for gold foil invitations, I realized that I didn’t want to spend $3+ per card, only to have someone look at it, and eventually toss it in recycling. This was a simple process for me, as I had most of the materials already. In the end, this cost me roughly $.51 per Save the Date, including the envelope!

Custom Foil Stamped Labels

Make your products shine by adding depth, polished detail, and lustrous elegance with custom foil stamped labels with tinsel accents.

  • Free layout – Free proofing – Free shipping
  • No die cut fees for custom sizes – Other sizes available
  • 1 or 2 color standard printing – Custom full color also available
  • Custom foil stamped labels with various adhesive types and stunning stock options
  • Print a total quantity with multiple designs for a low fee
  • Even more elegant and eye-catching with embossing
  • Free layout – Free proofing – Free shipping
  • No die cut fees for custom sizes – Other sizes available
  • 1 or 2 color standard printing – Custom full color also available
  • Custom foil stamped labels with various adhesive types and stunning stock options
  • Print a total quantity with multiple designs for a low fee
  • Even more elegant and eye-catching with embossing
  • Coated Paper 2 $
  • Coated Paper -1 $

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Important Note When Designing Artwork For Your Custom Foil Labels

Your artwork previously printed on regular stock will translate differently on this stock. Playing with negative space, you can create a new look for your labels, because even the unprinted areas will have a depth to them due of the foil.

If you want best visibility, choose intense colors rather than pastel in your labels artwork to achieve high-contrast foil labels.

Aiming to create an interesting, artisan look? Since the labels have a foil base, the areas that you leave unprinted will truly popthis opens up a whole array of creative possibilities!

If you want to keep it clean and understated, using a monochromatic palette of highly-saturated colors for foil labels will produce simple and vibrant designs.

Foil is also great for framingthe brilliance of the tin is a useful factor in drawing the eye in for important messaging.

Overall, foil also works as the go-to label stock to support grandeur, distinction, and, style for your product packaging

Custom silver foil labels for Collection by Ms candle products. This is a sample of our signature Silver Metalized Paper with Gloss Laminate.

Custom Foil Labels 101

Creative Gold Foil And Printing Paper Tag Hanging Labels ...

Luxe and fanciful, custom foil labels are a popular choice when it comes to making your product packaging pop. Compared to regular paper and plastic film labels, this stock material is very conspicuous, for an elegant and classy presentation that will certainly grab more attention with careful artwork planning.

INKABLE TIP: If youd like to upgrade your labels to make them more high-end

For a rebranding or a big event that requires elegant and premium labels, you can use the same artwork shapes and print them on foil substrate, instead using paper substrate and a hot foil stamp. This is a unique aesthetic or special effect that you can only achieve with foil stock.

Can you keep your budget but get similar foil stamped results at a fraction of the cost? Yep, possible!

Witness, the Foil Stamped special effect created by using white ink underprinting. Stunning, classy labels that wont burn a hole in your pocket.

HOW TO: Print these in reverse.

Shiny foil would shine through on the unprinted areas, giving you that foil-stamped effect. The important thing here is to place a white ink area underneath all areas that shouldnt have the foil stamp effect to give the illusion of an opaque label material to make the foil more apparent. That is, if you want silver foil. For different foil colors, we can simply apply your chosen ink color on these unprinted areas WITHOUT white ink to change the foiling for you.

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Foil Stamping Creates Premium Metallic Detail Work

Foil stamping is a technique that is applied on top of the standard printing process to add metallic detail to your custom labels. We employ a process that uses a colored foil leaf of choice, a die, and pressure to create a colored metallic impression that is definitely one-of-a-kind.

We employ two types: hot foil stamping and cold foil stamping. The process of hot foil stamping involves the application of foil leaf using a heated die and pressure to release the foil onto the label material. Cold foil stamping, on the other hand, transfers foil onto label material using printing plates and a UV curing lampthis option is a great choice for various types of label materials because cold foil can be applied to temperature-sensitive stock.

Foil stamped labels can appear to be slightly raised, but these do not go through the embossing process. Embossed labels create a far more raised pattern however this process is often times combined with foil stamping for greater shelf impact. Please contact us for a free consultation if this is your first time ordering your custom foil stamped labels.

Our full range of capabilities and foil stamped label options guarantee best practicability with premium quality while keeping costs low.most quantity for the least amount of money

Materials: Paper And Film

Foil film and metalized silver paper are two types of materials that we often print gold and silver foil labels on. Printing on foil materials can be more cost-effective than cold foil stamping because it doesnt require that much setup, tooling, and equipment in the printing process. How you plan to use your label will help determine whether foil film or paper is appropriate for the labels design and function.

Differences between foil film and metalized silver paper:

  • Foil film is better suited for label applications that face moisture, condensation, friction or abrasion. Metalized silver paper is best suited for dry, cool applications because the label material can absorb liquid unless a laminate is applied. Even with a laminate, however, liquid can seep through the label layers over time.
  • When it comes to appearances, metalized silver paper isnt as shiny as silver foil film. Its important to note, however, that paper is less expensive than film so if metalized silver paper is adequate for your label application, then its not necessary to spend the additional money.

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How Foil Printing Is Done

At The Foil Printing Co. we use the digital foil method to print your awesome foiled prints. That said, there are two methods we use which depend on if you opt to have a soft touch laminate layer underneath your foil highlights to further enhance the matt to gloss contrast of the paper or print when compared to the mirror finish foil.

#1 – Prep your design and print files. We have a blog all about setting up your artwork for foil print, long story short, provide one page in your PDF of what you’re wanting to be printed in full colour/black & white and on the other page provide what you’re wanting to be your foil elements in 100% black. Don’t include your foil elements on the print only page or print elements on the foil only page.

Digital Foil Printing WITH A Laminate Layer

#2 – Depending on if you have chosen full colour/black & white print alongside your metallic foil, the first step is to print that. So we’ll load up our digital printers with your chosen paper type and print all of the full colour/black & white elements.

#3 – Next, remember that foil will stick to toner, this is where the microscopic laminate layer comes into play. Essentially, we need to seal off all of the colour print so that the metallic foil cannot stick to it. We load the printed sheets into the laminator machine and a soft touch layer gets applied over the print. If you’ve chosen a laminate but only need foil print over the top, then the first step would be to add this layer to the paper first.

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