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Mens Cuban Link Gold Chain

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Men’s Gold Cuban Link Chain

Mens Cuban Link Chain from Amazon | REVIEW

Buying Gold Chains At Blue Nile

Blue Nile is one of our favorite online retailers for many reasons. They operate mainly online, with a handful of physical locations in New York, California, Oregon, Colorado, and others.

Blue Nile is one of the oldest online retailers in the diamond game, which means they’ve built up a solid reputation.

Their gold chain options range in price, from under $500 to well over $2000. Blue Nile is great for having affordable fine jewelry, but also has high end jewelry for those with just a little bit more cash. You’ll also see more options in 18K gold than other retailers on this list.

They offer the most options as an online store in plain gold chains. You can also build your own diamond pendant and pick out your diamond as well as a variety of other gold pendant necklaces.

The only thing I wish they had was a lifetime warranty that covered routine maintenance. Instead, Blue Nile only has a manufacturer’s warranty that only covers design flaws. So, if you do buy from Blue Nile, just make sure you have a local jeweler to repair any breakages if they happen.

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Out In Style With A Cuban Link Chain 14kgold Necklace Or Cuban Link Choker

Featuring a wide variety of best-sellerhip-hop jewelry styles, Frost NYC is the spot for a diamond-cut Miami Cuban link chain. Our collection includes chunky Miami rope chainand curb link chain designs for those who want to take it back to the old school and classic hollow chains for street-style lovers who want to keep things simple. Pair your gold chainswith one of our Cuban link bracelets and sport your bling with everything from your urban-style white tee and jeans to the swagger-heavy suit and tie look.

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Are Gold Chains Hypoallergenic

You already know that gold is soft at its most purest form. But since most jewelry is mixed with alloy metal, it may be mixed with nickel or other irritants.

However, the amount of nickel content that 14 or 18K jewelry contains is minimal. Only those with severe metal allergies might be affected. In general, gold is considered a more hypoallergenic metal.

What’s The Difference Between 14k And 18k Gold Chains


Pure gold is made of 24 parts, but it’s too soft a metal for most jewelry. It’s mixed with other metals called alloy to make it wearable. In 14kt gold, 14 out of 24 parts are pure gold.

With 18K, 18 parts. The more gold content, the softer the metal, which means less durable. Stay away from high karat gold with dainty and delicate gold chain styles.

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Buying Gold Chains At Helzberg

Helzberg is similar to other mega jewelry retailers like Jared and Zales, but it’s one of the few jewelry companies that hasn’t been bought by Signet Jewelers.

When it comes to gold chains, Helzberg has a ton of them. They have over 100 different gold chain options, and that’s without any pendants. From unique byzantine chains to Miami Cuban link, they truly have it all.

Aside from the wide selection, Helzberg allows you to purchase a Lifetime Care and Jewelry Plan with their chains. This will cover broken or worn clasps, broken chains, and rhodium plating white gold chains. The cost of the warranty will vary based on cost of the chain, but here’s an example below:

How Can You Tell A Fake Gold Chain From A Real One

The FTC made a rule saying all gold jewelry that is at least 10K should be inscribed somewhere in the metal with it’s number karat followed by K or KT. This lets you know the whole piece is made of real gold. If it’s not stamped, it’s most likely fake gold.

You’ll most often find the karat stamp on the clasp usually, or a small charm near the clasp. If your gold chain came with a pendant, you’ll probably find it on the pendant itself. If you don’t have crisp eyesight, you might need a magnifying glass or jewelers loupe.

It’s possible to see other markings than the KT. If curb link chain is 14KGP , the piece is gold plated. Jewelers apply a very thin layer of real 14K gold overtop a different base metal, usually stainless steel or sterling silver.

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Miami Cuban Link Chains Necklaces

Each Cuban link chain in our jewelry collection is made with the highest quality construction, designed with a secure box clasp and prong and offered in 10-karatyellow gold, 10-karatwhite gold and 14-karatrose gold. You can customize your street-style look by rocking it solo or with a pair of our gold earrings. Make your Cuban link 14K solid gold chains stand out by adding one of the pieces in our gold pendant collection. Whether youre a dude who loves to floss in a genuine diamond chain or keep it low-key with a solid Cuban link chain, youll definitely find the perfect gold chainsto go with your hip-hop style wardrobe.

Shop our best-sellingCuban link chain necklaces today to complete your ensemble or add to your wardrobe wishlist. Made with real gold at Frost NYC jewelers, each solid Miami Cuban link chain is fully customizable, allowing you to pick the length and width. Turn your solid gold Cuban link necklace into a pendant necklace, too.

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About Us

At Frost NYC, we offer urban-culture inspired fine jewelry pieces to wear with your freshest gear. We have jewelry to match your style and taste, from iced-out bracelets to chunky Cuban link chains. Our team of expert designers can even work with you to create a custom one-of-a-kind piece.

K Gold Cuban Link Chains For Men

Is It Worth Buying? | GLD Shop | Miami Cuban Link Chain Review

As a man who loves accessorizing, you should seriously think about buying Cuban link chains. You cannot go wrong when you choose 14k solid gold chains for yourself.

A chain made of yellow gold is such a good choice because you can pair it up with so many ensembles. Choose to buy from So Icy Jewelry, as we can guarantee that the mens chains you buy from us are of excellent quality.

When you purchase a real 14k gold chain from us, you can be sure that your jewelry collection will last a lifetime. 14k gold Cuban chains are durable and retain their look and shine for years. Here is why you should get Cuban chains for yourself or someone you care about:

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14K Gold Cuban Link Chain – 6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm/14mm

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    Mens Gold Cuban Link Chain

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    They Are Excellent Quality

    As a man, the kind of jewelry you wear says a lot about you. Cuban link chains speak volumes about your taste in men’s chains. Since the cuban link chains are made from of 100% real gold, you can expect to get respect just by having one on.

    Make sure you buy your Cuban chains from a well-reputed jeweler who guarantees to give you value for money. There is nothing more frustrating than realizing that the chain you bought for a ‘song’ is actually substandard or fake. It is best to buy jewelry from a jeweler who uses the whole 58.30% of pure gold in their 14K Gold chains.

    14k solid gold chains are suitable pieces of jewelry because they go with almost everything. As a man who loves wearing accessories, you should add genuine 14k Cuban chains to your collection.

    Customer Service

    How To Style Your Miami Cuban Chain

    10K Yellow Gold Men

    A Miami Cuban link chain is a historic piece of jewellery, first appearing during the rise of the 70s hip-hop movement. These chains have become more popular thanks to their association with the music scene, and they are a great way to make a statement. Whether youre looking to elevate your everyday outfit with a chunky bold design or youre searching for something a little more understated, a Cuban link chain is a great versatile piece of mens jewellery to mix up your look. Style your chain on top of your favourite branded tee or try layering different styles of chains for a unique and distinctive finish thats sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.

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    Mens Cuban Link Gold Chain

    Buying Gold Chains At Ritani

    It’s possible you’ve heard of Ritani, either by another guide on the site, or as a vague name in the back of your head. Ritani was known as a ring setting designer for most of their time in the jewelry business.

    Ritani sells engagement rings, loose diamonds, and fine jewelry. But like James Allen, they don’t carry a wide selection in plain gold chains like Blue Nile or Helzberg.

    They also offer the build your own diamond pendant where you get to choose your diamond. They also have a bunch of different necklaces that come with gold chains.

    When you buy gold chain necklaces with Ritani, you get a free lifetime warranty. They ask that you sign up for it online within 45 days, but you don’t have to within that time frame. But you will have to sign up for it before you can use it.

    The warranty will cover all the routine maintenance for the chain and pendant.

    • Must sign up online to use
    • Not much choice in plain gold chains

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    Buying Gold Chains At James Allen

    James Allen is an online jewelry retailer that sells engagement rings, wedding bands, loose diamonds and gemstones, and fine jewelry. They don’t have a lot of plain gold chains like our other picks, but they have a lot of unique gold diamond pendants and necklaces.

    But as far as gold chains go, James Allen just doesn’t have many. Most gold chains found in the inventory come with a pendant and are on a box chain. They do have a Design Your Own Pendant using loose diamonds or colored gemstones. If we’re talking plain Jane chains, they’re going to come up short.

    One of the best things about James Allen as jewelry retailers is they offer a free Lifetime Warranty.

    Their warranty covers routine maintenance for your chains and pendants including rhodium plating, clasps and prong repair for those with gemstones.

    Sale Alert:James Allen, our #1 ranked online diamond retailer, is currently offering 25% OFF sitewide. to shop the sale and save big today.

    • Few choices for gold necklaces and plain gold chains

    Why Choose A Miami Cuban Chain

    Men’s Gold Cuban Link Chain – 3mm | Men’s Jewelry Unboxing | JAXXON

    A Cuban link chain is more than just a fashion statement, its an investment. These bold chains have held a strong fashion-forward reputation for decades, and its easy to see why. With a bold, blingy design that draws attention in all the right ways, theres no better accessory to sharpen your style. Crafted from solid 9ct gold, you wont regret investing in a Miami Cuban chain. Check out our handy Ultimate Gold Chains Guide for further information on styling and maintaining your gold chain jewellery.


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