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Engagement Rings For Men Gold

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Men’s Gold Engagement Rings: Bind Your Bond In Gold

The Best of All Worlds: 14K Yellow Gold Wedding Rings for Men

The purity and radiance of gold makes it the metal of choice when it comes to selecting jewellery for special occasions. Make the auspicious occasion of your engagement truly special and memorable with an exquisite gold ring. You will find the right one amongst the extensive collection of men’s gold engagement ring designs available at BlueStone. Choose from amongst a variety of rings made of yellow and white gold with varying purity. Whether you want a plain band of gold to bind your love or an elegant ring encrusted with a beautiful and bright gemstone, you will find it all in our assortment of rings. Browse our collection to be spoilt for choice while choosing the right ring for your prince charming.

Significance Of Men’s Rings

Rings hold a tremendous amount of significance in a mans emotional and fashion space. And rings for all occasions are making their presence felt in the mens fashion world to add more bling to their lives.

This simple yet elegant piece of jewellery is proudly adorned by men of all ages making them a part of the fashion brigade that was hitherto reserved for women.


Mens rings are simpler, elegant, and stylish. And even though they are not as glitzy, shimmery, and intricate as the rings for women are, designing mens rings is equally challenging a task.

In fact, the simpler the design, the more difficult it is to make it attractive and visually appealing. Our slew of artisans at KuberBox toil hard-to-find variations in design when all they are left to work with is plain metal and some colours.

Despite all the limitations, we strongly believe mens rings should look equally appealing and attractive to the woman’s gaze. After all, its that special lady that every man wants to impress, right?

Whether you love wearing rings or bands as an extension of your persona or are looking for one that can help you celebrate your love and commitment to your soulmate, we at KuberBox, have an astounding range of mens rings for you to choose from!


We get it that you aren’t into the yellow metal, but what about the white gold rings and the rose gold? They sure must resonate with your taste.


Yellow Gold: For The Classic Romantic

For those that have longed for their special day and planned every detail of the ceremonies to come since they could remember, yellow gold rings are the best. Theyre timeless and forever synonymous with marriage. For the super-traditional man, opt into this classic David Yurman ring. But, for those who might want to be a bit more daring, this Cartier ring puts a new twist on the classic shape.

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Shop Beautiful Gold Mens Engagement Rings At Vaibhav Jewellers

MEGREZEN Engagement Ring Stone Men Cubic Zirconia Wedding Ring Mens ...

In the world of jewellery, men and women have a lot in common. You can buy a gold engagement ring with a distinctive design in our section for guys. These works of art are made of 18 and 22K gold. In contrast, mens rings are bigger than gold rings for women because they have more space around them. So, a design with a group of small CZ stones is the right choice here. The shank of his ring may be left plain or carved to your liking. You may also combine white and yellow gold tones, which are now quite popular.

Men’s rings are more expensive than women’s because of their bigger and thicker size. They require a higher amount of gold usage, gemstones, or a combination of the two .

When it comes to weddings or engagements, solitaire diamond ringsare the most popular. On the other hand, Gemstone rings are becoming increasingly trendy right now. If you don’t like the navratna theme, go for a single stoned piece.

Vaibhav Jewellers is a one-stop store where you can get gorgeous gold men engagement rings at affordable prices. As we have given the traditional patterns a smart contemporary twist, these jewellery pieces will look just as well with a tuxedo as they would with a sherwani. The total weight of these gold rings, set with a CZ stone, ranges from around 2 grams to 10 grams , making them quite comfortable to wear for an extended period.

About Vaibhav

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Find Mens Engagement Rings & Mens Wedding Rings At Bevilles

If youre searching for a mens engagement ring, our collection is full of sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold and tungsten rings, all wonderfully crafted to capture the essence of style in the modern man, to symbolise devotion and the promise of marriage, and to match your partners wedding band if desired.

Then seal the deal with our mens wedding rings, which include both modern and timeless designs. This makes it simple to find something to suit your style and budget. Go traditional with a 9ct yellow gold diamond channel ring that features 10 diamonds dotted around it, or choose the timeless style that will forever symbolise your love with one of our Dora wedding bands, our exclusive range that offers elegant designs and precise craftsmanship.

Enchanting Gold Engagement Rings

Now, with your engagement just round the corner, its time you made a choice, and what better way to shop for your gold engagement ring for couples online!

Today, jewellers bring you a variety of designs in gold engagement rings from vintage to antique to Western to ethnic chic. Some of them craft classic patterns in precious metals, such as platinum, gold, or rose gold with various stones and cuts like solitaires, coloured stones, and semi-precious stones.

A gold engagement ring represents the sacred promise of a life together you make to your other half. So while choosing the engagement ring, make sure its special. Increasingly, men are going in for the gold engagement ring with beautiful big diamonds to pop the question!

In the past, couples would wear the engagement ring only till the wedding date, replacing it with the wedding ring. However, with the current trends of stacked rings, women wear the wedding ring along with the engagement ring on the ring finger. So when you buy your gold engagement ring for your woman visualise how it would look along with the wedding ring.

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Bario Neal Milla Square Rims Band

Courtesy of Bario Neal

This handmade square band has 14k gold rims with a platinum matte finish. Width options are 4, 5, 6, or 8 millimeters and can be custom engraved. Bario Neal is a sustainable jewelry brand, making all rings from either 100 percent recycled metal or fair-mined gold.

Trending Mens Engagement Gold Rings Collections

DOVEGGS Solid 14K White Gold Moissanite Engagement Ring for Men

When it comes to males wearing engagement rings, the stats dont lie in todays changing society. In recent polls, around 17% of men have claimed they wouldnt mind wearing an engagement ring. Depending on the person, they may find it just as flamboyant as their soon-to-be brides outfit, while some may find it more subdued. Men all across the globe want to be more engaged with their weddings, and this trend is only going to grow.

Vaibhav Jewellers has a wide selection of mens rings that are created and designed to meet the needs of todays men. Over time, we provide you with a wide variety of unique, beautiful, and enchanting rings to pull all the attention on your special day.

A few of them are:

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Find Out Why Men Get Engagement Rings And How To Find The Right One


Courtesy of Ben Bridge

This year, legendary jewelry house Tiffany & Co. released its first-ever line of engagement rings for mena collection of hefty platinum and titanium designs with a solitaire diamond and a signet silhouetteand the move was indicative of a major trend: More and more men are opting for an engagement ring.

We have seen a rise in engagement rings for menparticularly in the LGBT community, but this interest is growing for all couples, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, says Jordan Yoder, co-founder of Jordan Jack, an online retailer for mens engagement and wedding bands. A ring is a defining ingredient of this major life milestone. Its how we memorialize the occasion and communicate the change in relationship status to others in daily life.

Tonia Zehrer of Signet Jewelersthe powerhouse behind Jared, Kay, and Zalesagrees that the script has been flipped. Lately many couples have been opting for a non-traditional way of doing things, and men want bling too! she says. Theyve always shopped the classics, but now they want fancier diamonds, pearls, bolder chains, and more.

When engagement rings first came about centuries ago, they were symbols of ownership. The wearer was literally off the market, Yoder says. Couples are looking to take that back and redefine this symbol to showcase equality in their partnership and commitment to each other.

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Trending Latest Gold Rings Designs For Men

A perfectly engineered finish along with a chakra in the centre in the Depp Gold Ring Matt Gold Ring in a classy matt finish that looks elegant and also stylish with a curvy triangular design on the centre if you aim to be the style icon of the next generation, create a gold sensation with this ring: Kailash Gold Band. A versatile yet delightful design is on the Conrad Gold Ring a religious gold band with the beloved – Lord Ganesha sitting on the centre is the Gajanan Gold Ring with a robust design on the mound.

A stylish, yet decent design of gold ring for men, is engraved on the Keshin Gold Ring that will make heads turn wherever you go. Samuel Gold Ring for men is loaded with flashy designs on the centre and the mound area of the ring – handsome enough to be called a designer gold ring for men. You must wear the Orlando Gold Band and delight yourself with similar gold rings from our collection for those who love simplicity and soberness. There are simply too many wonderful options of gold ring design for males out there that you are sure to find one for every occasion!

Find the latest gold ring designs for men under the Heavy Gold Rings, Classic Gold Bands, and Religious Gold Bands collections for men, intended for anniversaries, weddings, engagement or even office wear simple types. Explore more here Mens Gold Kada, Gold Bracelets& Gold Chains for Men.

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Faqs About Mens Rings

Do men wear engagement rings?

Absolutely! Although engagement rings are still more commonly worn by women, they can most certainly be worn by anyone, irrespective of gender.

Historically, an engagement ring was given by a male to a female to show that she belonged to him. But modern relationships are shifting away from this one-sided sense of ownership, with more emphasis on equality and less on rigid traditions and gender roles.

As such, the trend for mens engagement rings continues apace, with more and more men keen to show their commitment and love. This includes celebrities like Johnny Depp, Ed Sheeran, and Justin Bieber.

Which finger should a mens wedding ring go on?

A mens wedding ring traditionally goes on the same finger as a womens wedding ring. In Australia, thats the fourth finger of your left hand. However, the customary finger varies from country to country, depending on tradition and culture. Also remember that the choice is entirely up to you. Its your wedding after all.

Gold Ring Designs For Men

Luxury Engagement Ring Zirconia Gold Wedding Rings For Men Crystal ...

Constant innovation in designs for gold rings is what Candere prides itself in. And with such constant innovations, we have been able to provide you with this incredible variety of rings that include plain, designer, as well as spiritual designs.

There are three designs in the sacred letter of Om engraved on the centre part of the ring: Om Shanti Gold Ring, Om Yagna Gold Ring, and Om Shakti Gold Ring – buying them during any religious or auspicious occasion is the best thing. There are several opportunities to buy gold during a year, and these religious gold rings are the best decisions to invest in.

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Engagement Ring Men Gold

How Should A Man Wear His Engagement Ring

In the US, women tend to wear their engagement ring on their left ring finger. In turn, it also makes sense as the engagement ring finger for men. But again, what’s considered traditional can depend on the wearer’s cultural roots. In Chile, for example, rings are worn on the right hand prewedding and on the left postwedding.

At the end of the day, it’s all about preference. If a guy chooses to wear an engagement ring and a wedding band, he might not want them stacked on the same finger depending on their size and style. He could move one to a different finger on the same hand or the other handâthe choice is really his. Then there are men who don’t like wearing any rings at allâor can’t wear them because they aren’t compatible with their job or lifestyle. In that case, there’s always the option of stringing the band onto a necklace . In addition, there’s also an up-and-coming male engagement ring alternative: an engagement watch.

As for where to wear it? Anywhere and everywhere . Like women’s engagement rings and wedding bands, male engagement rings are a symbol of commitment that tell the world they’ve found their person. Even if someone doesn’t realize your men’s engagement ring is just thatâan engagement ringâyou’ll know, and that should give you the warm and fuzzies. If the thought of wearing an engagement ring doesn’t appeal to you, that’s okay! But we recommend having an honest conversation about it with your partnerâpreferably before they buy you one.

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How Is It Different From A Men’s Wedding Band

In terms of meaning, it’s the same as the difference between women’s engagement rings and wedding rings: One says, “I’m getting married,” while the other signifies you’re already married. Some women and men choose just one ring to symbolize their union, in which case the wedding band or engagement ring doubles as the other. But men and women alike are welcome to don both.

In terms of style, the lines are a little blurred. Like women’s engagement rings , some men’s engagement rings have gemstones, while others are simple eternity bands. If you’re struggling to find jewelry labeled specifically as a male engagement ring, don’t be afraid to buy something marked as a men’s wedding ring instead. Honestly, most designs work for either purpose.

Tradition Of Engagement Rings

mens engagement rings – gold engagement rings for mens designs

Exchanging engagement rings is a tradition that dates back to ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians believed a circle to be a symbol of eternity. Braided reeds were made into rings and exchanged by wedded couples and worn on the ring finger on the left hand. In the 2nd century B.C., the ancient Romans started the custom of betrothal rings instead of giving a valuable object or money to the bride. However, giving the ring wasnt much about love as it was to declare ownership. It is believed that the groom gave a gold ring to the bride to wear in the betrothal ceremony and during special events, and then gave an iron ring to her to wear at home, which signified a legal agreement symbolising his ownership of her!

Times have changed since the ancient Roman practice started and so has the symbolism of engagement rings. More than being a formal agreement to marriage, an engagement ring has tonnes of emotions attached to it. It has become a symbol of love, devotion, and fidelity between a couple. It represents eternity, perfection, wholeness, and renewal as circles have no beginning and end. These characteristic features reflect in the exquisiteness of the rings in our collection, which is why you must buy men’s gold engagement rings online only at BlueStone, your one-stop shop for exquisite jewellery.

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