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American Express Gold Business Card

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American Express Business Gold Card Bonus Offer


New cardholders who spend $10,000 or more within the first three months of card membership receive 70,000 Membership Rewards points. Plus, you can earn up to $150 back on both U.S. advertising in select media and shipping in the U.S., for a total of up to $300 in statement credits within the first three months. You’ll receive the bonus points eight to 12 weeks after meeting the spending requirement.

Based on our valuation for Membership Rewards points, this offer is worth up to $700 when points are used to book flights through the American Express Travel portal. While thats a solid return among business cards, it isn’t the highest available. The Chase Ink Business Preferred card, for instance, offers 100,000 Ultimate Rewards points for spending $15,000 or more within the first three months of card membershipa bonus worth more than the American Express Business Gold, according to our points valuations.

$100 Delta Flight Credit

If you spend $10,000 or more on eligible purchases in a calendar year on your Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business American Express Card, you’ll receive a $100 Delta flight credit. This credit is valid toward Delta flight purchases or the flight portion of a Delta Vacations package, but you can’t use it for ancillary fees like checked bags or change fees.

Manage Your Cash Flow

The Amex Business Gold Card offers a few nifty options for business owners looking to finance a business:

  • Pay Over Time With the Pay Over Time option, cardholders can choose to pay for eligible purchases over time with interest, up to a specified limit each month.
  • The Working Capital Terms program American Express offers short-term financing to help card members pay vendor invoices and manage cash flow .
  • Business loans Card members are also eligible to apply for fast , fixed interest rate loans for working capital and short-term financing.

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American Express Business Gold Card Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Earn 4 Membership Rewards points per dollar on the two categories your business spends the most each billing cycle
  • Earn 1 Membership Rewards point per dollar for all other purchases
  • No annual fee for employee cards
  • Get 25% of your points back when you redeem them for flights through American Express Travel
  • An annual spending cap applies when earning 4 points per dollar on purchases
  • $295 annual fee

Bonuses & Rewards Explained

American Express Business Gold Card Annual Fee Membership Rewards®

The American Express Business Gold Card is loaded with a bonus rewards system and perks suited for business owners with significant expenses or frequent flyers.

Get 70,000 points if you spend $10,000 within the first three months upon account opening.

Dynamic Rewards Structure

The Business Gold Card from American Express has six categories where you can earn 4x points from any two you spend the most on. Categories include airfare purchased directly from the airline, gas stations, restaurants, advertising in select media, shipping and services from select technology providers. This is up to a limit of $150,000 per calendar year, then all remaining purchases get 1x in points. All other purchases outside of the bonus categories also get 1x points.

Amex Travel

You can offset travel costs by booking through the Amex Travel portal. Using your points through the Pay With Points feature grants you 1.25¢ per point for all flights on a single carrier of your choosing. The 25% points rebate can still apply to other carriers, but only for business and first-class tickets.

The Hotel Collection

Get access to the Amex Hotel Collection. This gives you $100 in room credit and an upgrade if youre staying at a partner hotel for more than two nights and booked it through American Express Travel.

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American Express Business Gold Card

Earn 70,000 Membership Rewards points after you spend $10,000 on eligible purchases with the Business Gold Card within the first 3 months of Card Membership.

Rewards Earning Rate Get 4X Membership Rewards points on the 2 select categories where your business spent the most each month. 1X is earned for other purchases. 4X points apply to the first $150,000 in combined purchases from these 2 categories each calendar year.
Cash Advance Fee This card does not offer cash advances

Bonus On Travel Redemptions

When you use your points to book flights with American Express Travel, you’ll get 25% of those points back. You can get up to 250,000 points back each calendar year this way.

This card also offers a nice bump in points right out of the gate with an introductory welcome offer. Just remember that you’ll have to meet the minimum spending requirement to qualify for the bonus.

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Purchase Return And Warranty Protection

The Amex Business Gold Card offers some potentially valuable purchase protection, return protection, and extended warranty. While youll want to check your cardmember agreement for all the details, you can potentially expect:

  • Purchase protection, offering protection on eligible purchases that are accidentally damaged, stolen, or lost valid for up to 90 days, and $10,000 per occurrence, and $50,000 per calendar year
  • Return protection, where Amex may refund a purchase in full when you try to return an item within 90 days and the merchant wont take it back valid for up to $300 per item, up to a maximum of $1,000 per calendar year
  • Extended warranty, where you can get up to one extra year added to the original manufacturers warranty, for warranties of five years or less

Tip: Complement With Amex Blue Business Plus

Amex Business Gold Card | American Express MOST UNIQUE Card

If I could get just one Amex business card it would be The Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express , which offers 2x Membership Rewards points on the first $50,000 spent every calendar year . This is a no annual fee card that should be a no-brainer for just about anyone.

This is a great complement to the Business Gold Card:

  • You can earn 2x points on non-bonused spending with the Blue Business Plus
  • You can earn 4x points in bonus categories with the Business Gold

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Is The Gold Or Platinum Delta Business Card Better

The best Delta card for you depends entirely on the value you’ll get from each card’s ongoing benefits. If you’re a frequent traveler and can use benefits like an annual Delta companion certificate and Global Entry/TSA PreCheck credit, it’s likely worth paying a higher annual fee to hold the Delta SkyMiles Platinum Business Card.

If you’re only an occasional Delta flyer, the Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business American Express Card is likely the better card for you. Read our comparison of the personal Delta Gold and Platinum to help you get an idea of which is right for your situation.

Pros Of The American Express Gold Business Credit Card

1: You Can Enjoy Flexible Spending Limits

Since this is a charge card, your limits arent preset. Depending on your financial situation, you can ask the card provider to increase your limit. In months when you have a large expense for which you dont have cash on hand, this card gives you an option to make the purchases you need to.

2: Generous Reward Structures Ensure You Earn Maximum Points

The American Express Business Gold card retroactively awards points on each statement based on which category you spent the most on in that month. This approach to providing rewards helps ensure your business earns as many points as it can each month. You can then use those points for purchases that help your business grow.

3: Provides Strong Benefits for Your Business

American Express provides useful tools for you to track your spending, save time during tax season, and manage your employees spending. This, in addition to the travel, purchase, and business coverage this card provides, is a great set of tools to add to your business.

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American Express Business Gold Card Overview

The American Express® Business Gold Card is an excellent choice for business owners looking to maximize their points-earning from a single card, with 4x bonus categories that automatically reflect your highest spending areas each month. However, the biggest downside is a relatively high annual fee with no statement credits to offset it. Card rating*: ½

*Card rating is based on the opinion of TPGs editors and is not influenced by the card issuer.

Over the past few years, American Express has heavily revamped its card portfolio by adding perks across its premium cards. While the exact changes vary by card, the theme is pretty clear: higher annual fees and more perks.

This card earns full-fledged Membership Rewards points, which can be transferred to any of Amexs 20-plus airline and hotel partners. With all these options to pick from, youll be able to find a transfer partner in any of the three major airline alliances and for many non-alliance airlines as well.

The Amex Business Gold Card offers a Pay with Points redemption bonus when you book your travel through Amex Travel. Youll earn a 25% rebate when paying with points through your Business Gold Card .

Redeeming Amex Membership Rewards Points

American Express Business Gold Rewards Credit Card Review

The Amex Business Gold Card earns Membership Rewards points. This is one of the four major transferable points currencies and is a favorite points currency for many.

These points can efficiently be transferred to airline and hotel partners, and for having the Amex Business Gold Card you also get a special rate at which you can redeem points toward the cost of airfare.

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Amex Business Gold Vs The Business Platinum Card From American Express

Despite the $695 annual fee, frequent flyers and businesses with large expenses may find that the American Express Business Platinum card packs a lot of value. It comes with complimentary lounge access to more than 1,200 airport lounges as well as a number of annual credits, upgraded hotel and car rental statuses to help offset the high annual fee and let you travel in style and comfort.

Thanks to the American Express Business Platinum cards latest upgrade, it provides a better day-to-day value with 1.5X points on up to $2 million in select bonus category purchases and up to $830 in new annual credits for popular non-travel expenses, like Adobe products and U.S. wireless telephone provider purchases. These valuable perks help make it a better-rounded product for business owners that dont travel as often.

The Business Platinums potential value more than makes up for the intimidating annual fee. But the Business Gold cards lower $295 fee and heavier rewards focus on local business expenses may be the more rewarding pick for business owners who cant justify the Platinums high annual fee.

Existing American Express Cards

Loyalty can have its benefits. If youre a current American Express customer with a positive relationship, you may receive a special offer for the Business Gold Card. These offers mean your approval odds are very high and you may even have a higher welcome offer than the public has current access to.

If you are offered a special offer, act on it as they are usually only available for a limited time, such as these limited-time best card offers.

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The Plum Card From American Express: Best For Financing

  • Paying early pays off: get a 1.5% Early Pay Discount, with no cap on what you can earn back.
  • High annual fee

Though this card isnt brimming with rewards benefits and does come with a hefty annual fee, if youre looking for a card that offers payment flexibility, The Plum Card® from American Express may be your answer.

In addition, with The Plum Card® from American Express, you can choose your billing cycle, opting for the beginning, middle, or end of the month a great option to help you spread your expenses out over the course of the month.

Paying early pays off: get a 1.5% Early Pay Discount, with no cap on what you can earn back. Though this isnt marketed as a reward, its akin to a cash back bonus.

With a $250 annual fee this card wont always pay off, but if you do need that extra time to pay, and the intro APR and prepayment discount work in your favor, you may find it outweighs the fee and helps you manage cash flow more efficiently.

Amex Business Gold Card Review

American Express Business Gold Card
  • Ben Schlappig

In the past several years, credit card issuers have become significantly more competitive when it comes to small business cards.

While many people may be familiar with the American Express® Gold Card , theres a business version of the card thats also quite rewarding, and which Id argue is one of the best business cards out there. In this post, I wanted to take a look at that card, which is the American Express® Business Gold Card.

In this post:

  • Bottom Line
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    Delta Skymiles Business American Express Card Benefits

    Option to Add Employee Cards to your account for no annual fee to earn more miles on qualifying purchases.

    Unlock what Membership has to offer with the American Express® App. Discover nearby offers, explore rewards, and get fraud alerts while easily managing your account from virtually anywhere.

    Take advantage of Vendor Pay by by enrolling your Card. With the Basic plan, there is no monthly fee for the first user. Additional fees may apply based on plan type and number of users.

    How To Maximize Your Rewards

    To get the most out of this card, use it to pay for expenses that fit into its six bonus categoriesyoull earn 4X Membership Rewards points spent on the two categories where you spend the most each month. For all other purchases, youll earn 1 point per dollar, which still adds up but may fall short of what you could make with another card on those transactions.

    Next, make sure to spend at least $10,000 on this card within the first three months of membership in order to take full advantage of the welcome offer, which we calculate is worth about $798.

    Its best to book your flights through American Express Travel using points, which allows you to get 25% of the points spent back. Doing this after spending the annual maximum of $150,000 in the 4X Membership Rewards points categories would allow you to recoup 150,000 points that would be worth as much as $2,310, by our calculations.

    Here are average and above-average spending scenarios to illustrate how to make the most of this card for reaping rewards. In all cases, our calculations don’t include the value of the 35,000-point welcome offer, or factor in the additional 1 point per dollar you’d earn for making purchases outside of the premium rewards categories.

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    Recent Credit Card Applications

    American Express doesnt enforce these credit card application rules:

    • Only one new credit card in 5 days
    • Up to 2 new credit cards in 90 days
    • Can own up to 5 American Express credit cards at one time

    It can still be a good idea to follow these three guidelines to maximize your approval odds. Too many recent applications can lower your credit score and even jeopardize your chances of qualifying for the welcome offer.

    Unlike the Chase Ink business credit cards, you dont have to worry about a 5/24 rule. Chase will most likely decline your business credit card application if you have opened at least 5 new credit card accounts in the most recent 24 months.

    You may consider the American Express® Business Gold Card because you dont qualify for any Chase business credit card offers at this time.

    How To Use Delta Miles

    Business Gold Card Amex in 2021

    You can redeem Delta miles for much more than just travel, but we recommend that you don’t the value you’ll receive from your rewards is almost always worth the most when used for flights.

    Insider’s valuation of Delta miles is based on the average value you’ll get when booking award seats. You can redeem Delta miles for flights on Delta as well as its SkyTeam alliance and non-alliance partners . In other words, you can get to just about anywhere in the world with Delta miles.

    Delta prices its award seats based on demand, season, cash price, and perhaps many other factors. To see how many miles a flight costs, you’ll have to search the exact date and time on Delta’s website.

    You’ll occasionally find excellent sale prices, both domestic and international. If you’re willing to let the deals guide your vacations, you can easily get many times the value Insider places on Delta miles. Coach flights as low as 2,000 miles one-way for domestic routes and 9,000 miles one-way for international routes crop up here and there.

    Another redemption option this card unlocks is the ability to use Delta Pay With Miles to effectively offset the cash price of a ticket with miles. You’ll get a value of 1 cent per mile, and you must redeem in increments of 5,000 . For example, if a flight costs $610, you could book the trip with 60,000 miles and $10.

    Other ways to redeem your miles include:

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    % Bonus For Travel Redemptions

    The Membership Rewards points that you earn with the card are a flexible, valuable currency you can use points in a variety of ways, including buying gift cards and merchandise and booking travel on the American Express website. You can also transfer points to one of American Expresss 22 travel partner programs.

    Redeeming your points for travel is probably the best option of all, because as one of the best benefits of being an Amex Business Gold card member you get 25% of your points back when you redeem points for eligible travel purchases, including airfare, through the American Express Travel portal. You can get up to 250,000 points back this way per calendar year.

    Essentially, this means the points you earn with the Amex Business Gold card are worth 1.25 cents apiece when redeemed for airfare, making them much more valuable than the average rewards card point.

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