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How Much Is Golds Gym Per Month

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La Fitness Personal Trainer Cost

How Much I Spend Per MONTH Running My Gym | Cost To Run A Basketball Facility

LA Fitness personal trainers cost $45 for a 1/2 hour session or $60 per hour. The cost depends on how many sessions you book, the experience level of the trainer, and pricing usually decreases as you book more sessions in advance. Your initial fitness assessment is free after you pay your gym-membership fee, which is around $35 monthly. They offer a fitness app to help you stay motivated as you train.

The Best Gyms For Your Wallet

Getting in shape can be expensive, with all the pricey exercise classes, gym gear and subscriptions. However, there are some gyms out there where you can get the benefits of working out without overly draining your wallet. If youre looking for a place to work out that wont break the bank, check out these deals from the nations most popular fitness centers. Be sure to select the membership option that best meets your fitness and financial needs.

If youre budgeting your gym expenses, make sure you also have a long-term financial plan in place. Speak with a local financial advisor today.

Goldsgym 12 Month Plan Prices

Joining Golds Gym on a 12-month plan is one of the best price memberships available. While you do need to commit to an entire years membership it does offer the chance to save some cash. For example, the monthly price for this Golds Gym membership is just $29. Better still, there is no enrolment fee either, making it one of the cheapest priced Golds Gym memberships. Also find out about their free trail membership here.

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The Cheapest Gym: Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is a spacious gym that has ample equipment at its more than 2,000 locations across the U.S. Planet Fitness prides itself in being the judgement free zone, or a gym where the occasional athlete will feel comfortable navigating. According to the New York Times, Planet Fitness can be summed up as a gym for people who dont like gyms. It also offers weekly aerobic and cardio classes to work with your busy schedule.

There are a few different membership options at Planet Fitness. A Black Card member pays a $1 start up fee, a $39 annual fee and a $22.99 monthly fee. While that will run you $315.88 a year, it comes with a few enticing benefits. The Black Card membership has reciprocity at any location around the world, so you can work out on business trips or vacations. With the card, you are also granted unlimited use of massage chairs and tanning beds, 50% off drinks and you can bring one guest per day for free. If youre planning on recruiting a gym buddy to motivate you, this might be the membership for you.

Planet Fitness also offers a base membership, which costs $1 to sign up, a $39 annual fee and $10 every month. Its the more cost-efficient option, though you lose access to the rest of the aforementioned Black Card perks. That means youll pay extra for tanning beds, massage chairs and more.

Additional Fees Free Trials And Membership Freezes

New year, new you: Gold

At the Totowa, NJ location, the Golds Fit classes are a separate fee. While all of the other group classes at this location are included with your monthly membership, some other locations charge additional fees starting at $35/class.

Golds Gym offers free trials for anyone who wants to try the gym before joining. You can fill in your information on the website for the location closest to you and have a trial pass emailed to you.

The free trials include access to group classes and all of the cardio and strength equipment, but they are not valid for individuals who were Golds Gym members within the past 6 months.

Also, if you want to freeze your membership, you may need to show a doctors note to prove you have an injury or illness that prevents you from working out.

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How To Save Money On A Personal Training Fees

For most people, it only takes one session to know if a personal trainer works well with you. When you’re ready to get started, here are some tips on how to save.

  • The best thing you can do is to book a long-term package of sessions that will help motivate you to stick with it and get the results you want.
  • Supplement weekly personal training with additional sessions at home, or by training at a public gym.
  • If you can get some friends together to train with you, then you can share the cost of booking the personal trainer among you all to make it even more affordable.
  • Get free estimates on from personal trainers near you:

    Reservation System Changes: No More Advanced Bookings

    We are excited to announce the removal of our pre-booking reservation system as of MONDAY MARCH 15th. Through these changes we will continue to enforce our mask/face coverings policy, strict cleaning protocols and adhere to maximum capacities to ensure proper physical distancing.

    What to expect:

    Free Body Assessment

    * Valid for local residents only

    * Filling out our online form gives us permission to contact you to obtain your free pass. Your information will not be given away or sold to third party companies. This pass will be valid for a duration of time based on the current promo of the month. One free pass per person and cannot be used again after being redeemed.

    Sign up below and a Membership Consultant will contact you shortly:

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    How Much Does A Powerhouse Gym Membership Cost

    A Powerhouse Gym membership will cost varying amounts because these gyms are owned by franchisees, but a Powerhouse Gym membership typically cost between $29/month and $49/month, with a ~$49 enrollment fee and ~$49 annual fee.

    There are not set prices because rather than gyms all having the same owners, Powerhouse Gyms are usually owned by different people across the continent.

    How Much Does A Fitness 19 Membership Cost

    My Condo in Bangkok | 350$ per Month | Pool & Gym | Near the sky train #livelovethailand

    Fitness 19 has a wide variety of membership prices, so you should check with your local Fitness 19 for exact prices. Generally, a Fitness 19 membership costs between $10-$25/month, along with a $39 annual fee, and a $25-$99 enrollment fee.

    You can check out your individual clubs membership options by finding your gym in this list.

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    Does Golds Gym Have Deadlift Platforms

    The Golds Gym I visited has two deadlift platforms. Neither of them was occupied while I was there, but depending on how many platforms your location has, you may have to wait to use one if you go at a busy time.

    If there are no Golds Fit classes going on, you can also do deadlifts there, but youre only allowed to use bumper plates in that area.

    How Can I Save Money

    Joining a community center such as the YMCA will usually be cheaper, but the facility may not offer as much as a health club like Golds Gym.

    Consider going to a gym that doesnt require a contract. That way, youll be able to break free anytime just in case.

    Many larger employers have fitness programs that the employees can take advantage of. Check with your local HR department to see if theres anything that you can take advantage of.

    Check with your local health insurance provider. Many offer discounts with local gym chains. Just show your health insurance card and youll be able to save some money.

    Gyms will love to advertise their services through the local newspaper. This is your chance to look for coupons to take advantage of.

    Consider paying in full as many gyms will give a great discount instead of those that pay month to month.

    Adding more family members to the membership can bring the cost down. Many gyms have group plans that allow family members to take full advantage of the gym.

    Check the local high school to see what their restrictions are when using their gym. You may find that you can use the gym during certain hours for nothing.

    Costco often has discount cards for gyms like 24 Hour Fitness. If you have a membership at Costco, look at the discounted gift card board for more information.

    If youre going to college, theres a good chance the gym on campus will be available for free.

    Consider negotiating a gym contract to bring down the costs.

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    Planet Fitness Personal Trainer Cost

    A Planet Fitness gym membership costs between $10 to $22 monthly with an annual fee of $40. Group personal training sessions are included free with your membership. A large facility like this one is open 24/7 and has tanning booths as well as massage chairs.

    You can get advice from a personal trainer at no additional cost on a first-come, first-served basis. They focus mostly on small-group training sessions. Planet Fitness does not officially offer private bookings for one-on-one training sessions.

    Anytime Fitness Personal Trainer Cost

    Anytime Fitness Vaishali

    At Anytime Fitness, you pay a monthly membership fee to join the gym that costs between $25 to $40 depending on the location. On the East Coast, their trainers could start at $35 per hour. On the West Coast, however, it can cost $35 for a 30-minute session. Many of their gyms won’t give you a fee schedule for their personal trainers until you come in for a fitness assessment and discuss your goals first.

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    How Much Does A Snap Fitness Membership Cost

    Snap Fitness is a network of gyms that are run by 100s of franchisees that set their own prices, so there isnt necessarily a great answer to this question. However, a Snap Fitness membership costs between $30-$60/monthgenerally, and have a $50-$100 initiation fee.

    Because Snap Fitness is just a network of franchises, which are owned by franchisees, as opposed to corporate owned gyms, you should look into your local Snap Fitness deals going on. Most Snap Fitness locations will have a deal of some sort.

    Equinox Personal Trainer Cost

    Equinox membership fees typically cost between $166 and $300 monthly. Plus, the personal trainer fees can be $110 to $160 hourly. Their exclusive gym membership includes unlimited group-fitness classes. Sometimes you can get a complimentary first session with a personal trainer.

    Equinox trainers offer intense strength building according to a tier structure. Equinox luxury workout centers feature spa-like facilities, as well as a Kids’ Club to watch your children for up to 2 hours at a time.

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    How Much Does A Gym Membership Cost7 Min Read

    Were all looking for ways to get active. The gym is the most popular way around the world, but how much does a gym membership cost?

    Gym memberships range in cost from $10/month all the way up to several hundred dollars per month, for some of the more exclusive gyms. Most standard gym memberships cost between $10 and $40 per month.

    The Cost Per Month At 7 Gyms And Fitness Studios: How Membership Fees Compare

    SMOKIN’ BACK DAY AT GOLDS GYM VENICE – Lil’ Smokey’s First Time at Golds

    Joining a gym might be more affordable than you think. Start Saving Now

    Why wait for the new year to resolve to get in shape? Across the country, countless national and local gyms and studios are ready to help you fulfill your fitness goals.

    You dont have to put off joining a gym because you think it will break your budget. In fact, GOBankingRates found starting monthly prices as low as $10 while comparing costs at seven national fitness chains.

    Still, if youre considering a new structured fitness routine, there are some financial questions to ask:

    • Is there a fee to join or a monthly membership fee?
    • Do I have to sign a contract?
    • Can I try out the gym on a free trial before signing up?
    • Is my membership good at just one location or all locations countrywide?
    • What is the cancellation policy?
    • Are online classes via your app included in the membership fee?
    • What extras are added to the base price, such as sales tax?
    • Is water free at the gym?

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    Does A Golds Gym Membership Work Anywhere

    Although the Golds Gym membership plans say they include access to over 700 clubs worldwide, that doesnt always appear to be the case. Ive seen some complaints of members in NJ being able to go to other Golds Gym locations within the state but not being allowed at facilities in other states.

    To be safe, if youre traveling out of state or internationally, you can ask your home gym for a travel pass that you can show at the front desk of another Golds Gym. The travel passes last for 14 days. Id also recommend calling the gym youre traveling to and making sure they accept them, as some locations dont.

    What Affects The Cost Of A Personal Trainer

    To calculate your total personal training sessions cost, consider the following factors and tips:

    • Location of Session Whether you train in a gym, at home, or if they run with you on a route around your neighborhood costs will be different. If you already have a gym membership and pay monthly dues, your training rates will likely be cheaper.
    • Length of Session Trainers commonly offer 30, 60 or 90-minute sessions that recur daily, several times a week, or once weekly. You may get more benefit from frequent training in shorter sessions. Others need longer sessions with more time in between them for recovery, and only you can work out what’s best for you with your trainer.
    • Number of Sessions Discounts are available up to 30% when purchasing training sessions in packages of 5, 10, or 20 or scheduling recurring weekly or bi-weekly training.
    • Group Fitness vs. Personal Training A one-on-one personal training session costs more than small group classes or sessions with a couple of friends.
    • Trainer Expertise Expert trainers can customize exercise plans for you that’s safe as well as effective. Their knowledge of recovering from specific injuries or surgeries will help prevent any injuries.
    • Trainer Certifications The two main certifications are the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. NSCA-CSCS and the NSCA-CPT . It’s highly recommended to pay the extra cost for a certified trainer.

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    How Much Does An O2 Fitness Membership Cost

    O2 Fitness offers a discount when signing up with a group of people. An O2 Fitness Membership costs between $24-$38, with a larger discount being awarded to those that are signing up with numbers. For someone signing up by themselves, it costs $38/month, while bringing a total of 7 people to sign up brings the price down to $24/month per person.

    There is also a $25 enrollment fee that applies per household .

    Golds Gym Paid In Full 1 Year

    Chuze Fitness Gym in Mission Valley, CA

    This is another annual membership, but with this plan, there is no enrollment fee and you have to pay in full. The plan costs a one-time fee of $499 and includes the same benefits as the EFT plan above.

    This plan works out to roughly $42/month, but when you add tax to the EFT plan above, its roughly the same amount of money per month.

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    Other Amenities At Golds Gym

    Those who become members of Golds Gym can also avail of the services of personal trainers who will provide the motivation and the instructions necessary so you can achieve and exceed your goals. All the training takes place in a controlled environment and will help you find the right workout to fit your schedule. Each gym also has functional training tools like rocker boards, kettle bells and training ropes, and their Cycle Studio allows you to pit skills against your friends while getting a workout.

    Golds Gym also has several programs aimed at improving your fitness, including the Golds Gym Challenge, webinar education and cycling events you can participate in to support various causes.

    For more information about Golds Gym, visit their official website.

    How Much Does A Genesis Health Club Membership Cost

    A Genesis Health Club membership costs between $30-$45/month, along with a large signup fee of more than $200+. These figures are not concrete, as some members have had success getting the initiation fee waived.

    As with most gyms, signing up for a longer-term contract can get you a better deal than shorter-term.

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    Cost Of Other Services At Golds Gym

    Aside from their regular gym equipment and classes, the Golds Gym also offers a lot of other services to their local patrons. They also offer personal training if you want a one-on-one session with a personal trainer. If you are a first-time PT client then the gym offers a 3-session personal training program for only $150. If you want to continue the program then you can pay $60 for a 1 time per week PT session. If you opt to go twice a week then the pay per session is only $57.50. You can also meet your personal trainer thrice a week and that will cost you $55 per session but if that is not enough for you and would like to meet your PT 4 times a week then the session cost is cheaper at $50 per sessions.

    Golds Gym also offers a Kids Club if you want to have your kids start early in staying fit and healthy. If you are already a member then you will only pay $5 per month for your Kids membership.

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