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How To Get Platinum Blonde Hair From Golden Blonde

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Best Blonde Hair Dye Platinum Dirty And Golden Blonde Hair Dye

How to get Platinum blonde hair from golden blonde

What is the best platinum blonde hair dye? Get more insight on platinum blonde hair dye, best dirty blonde dye, and golden blonde hair dye as discusses in this article besides how to remove these shades of blonde hair color dye.

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I Tried To Get My Client To Platinum Blonde But Her Hair Is Still Orange Why Is That

Either you used an inferior quality of bleach, or you did not apply enough product, or you are not saturating the hair enough when you apply.We recommend you use an Ugly Duckling bleach, They do work well and only require 20 Vol or sometimes 30 to do the work.There is absolutely no point toning until you have got the hair up to level 10.Nor orange, not yellow…pale yellow is what you need.See image below for how your client’s hair should look.

Correctly pre-lightened hair level 10. Hair by Elona Taki.

Fifth Step: Apply Purple Shampoo Or Mask

Now that you have toned, rinse.After rinsing, apply Purple Shampoo and Mask. You can apply it on wet .These products will add in purple pigments which will help kill any remaining yellow & help complete the transformation from yellow to ash blonde.These products are also low pH and will help close the cuticles as well as kill any remaining yellow.You need to use a lot of product and rub in really well to allow an efficient transfer of purple pigments into the hair. You can let the purple shampoo sit for around 5 minutes, then rinse.For the purple mask, you can leave it in for around 10 minutes, preferably under a plastic cap, with gentle heat.This helps the color transfer of violet pigments which kill yellow.Brilliant Blonde purple shampoo and mask can both be used as a maintenance product – to keep the hair ash blonde and stop it from turning yellow over time .

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Pearl Blonde Hair Color

Luminous pearl blonde is a blend of natural and cool tones that help control unwanted warmth. It works best with light to medium complexions. Especially if you have brown or green eyes, complement the look with a rich brown eyeliner smudged across your top eyelid.

DIY at home Hair Color: Garnier Olia 9.03 – Light Pearl Blonde

Do You Have Golden Blonde Hair And You Want To Go Platinum Or Ashy Here Ill Tell You How To Do It

Platinum blonde, Golden blonde, Shoulder length hair, # ...

If you want to know how to go from golden blonde to platinum or ashy blonde, you have come to the right place.

Because all my life, I have been blonde. Honey blonde, copper blonde, nude blonde, dirty blonde, and of course, platinum blonde.

My version of platinum blonde is my favorite.

Maybe because Im a Marilyn Monroe fanatic, even though I dont have a president to sing Happy Birthday to in a sexy voice.

But being blonde is a job 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Because once you get to your idea blonde, you should work to keep it.

Its most likely going to look a golden blonde, close to a yellow blonde. You may even note some orange highlights.

To take that golden tone to a platinum or ashy, you will need to use a toner.

Dont worry if you dont know what Im talking about. Remember that I am a blonde expert.

Thats why I will explain to you:

  • What type of toner you should use to achieve an attractive platinum or ashy blonde
  • How to get to platinum blonde in 5 very easy steps
  • 4 important pieces of advice before coloring your hair light blonde

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Can I Put My Ugly Duckling Ash Blonde Color On Bleached Hair

Yes you can do that. But you need to make sure that you have bleached very well and that you have got rid of as much excess yellow as possible.

The ideal bleached hair is minimal yellow, level 10.

If you apply ash blonde color on top of that, you should get excellent results.

Ugly Duckling has 2 ranges of ash blonde, regular ash blonde and blue based ash blonde.

For more information, go here.

Sally has been a hair colorist and trainer for many years in both the US & Europe. She currently does hair color training for Ugly Duckling. She also helps develop new & awesome products for the brand.



Butter Blonde Highlights With Smudged Root

Butter blonde tones are universally flattering on a wide range of skin tones, and they require much less upkeep with maintaining the tone than ash, ice, platinum, and cooler-toned hues. She also appears to have whats called a smudged root: a process that involves the colorist adding a glaze or demi-permanent gloss darker than the blonde color applied over your roots to soften any harsh lines from your highlights and to help make the grow-out look a bit more natural for those who prefer to only visit the salon for touch-ups a couple of times a year.

Courtesy of GemLites.

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Phase Ii: Toning And Conditioning

7. I can’t overstate the importance of toning in this whole process.

I remember the first time I went blonde, many moons ago. I used a store-bought color from the box, and there I was, yellow hair and dark eyebrows, thinking I was the hottest thing on the planet. Oh the humanity!

Thank god those days are gone. If you want to go blonde, toner is your best friend. It’s color, but it’s gentle enough on your hair, and you only leave it on for 5 to 15 minutes at most.

I mixed a bottle of Redken 09V Platinum Ice with a processing solution and slathered it all over my hair. It was a texture of a raw egg white – liquid but not runny, easy to apply. I massaged it into my hair, covering every strand.

Phase II: Redken processing solution and Redken Shades toner 09V “Platinum Ice.”

Tip #3

Watch the toning process closely. It’s pretty fast, so make sure you don’t overdo it, otherwise it might give your hair a grey or a violet hue.

8. I washed it off in 10 minutes and applied Olaplex #2 “Bond Perfector”. You’re supposed to leave it on for at least 10 minutes, it restores the hair bonds.9. After the Olaplex treatment I finally shampooed and conditioned my hair. Then I blow dried it to see the color more clearly.

The toner really helped counteracting the orange, but the hair just wasn’t light enough for it to work 100%.

How Do I Tone To Get Platinum Blonde Hair


Use the Intense toners if your hair still has a lot of yellow and more lift is required.

Use the Regular toners if this bis a regrowth application and the hair is already very nicely bleached and almost white.

All Ugly Duckling toners can be combined. You can also ad in “Clear”. It helps to lift up the hair by one more level.

Very often hairdressers do like to mix toners, and add in clear in order to achieve their favorite shades of platinum blonde.

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Medium Golden Blonde Hair Color

Medium Golden Blonde color is ideal for natural blondes or light brown gals who just want to brighten up their existing tone one shade. It is also great for brunettes with hazel eyes and golden or neutral skin undertones like for example Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley, and Jessica Alba. Some DIY kit suggestions you could try out include:

  • Garnier Nutrisse in 83/Medium Golden blonde. A beautiful radiant shade with neutral to ash undertones perfect for those who want to calm down the redness in their skin or revive its natural golden sheen.
  • Clairol in Shade 8G/Natural Medium Golden blonde. This medium blonde shade has neutral to warm undertones and compliments ideally those with green, hazel, or light brown eyes.

Can All Women Wear A Platinum Blonde Look

These days, Platinum Blonde is no longer restricted to Caucasian types.More and more women with darker hair and darker skin tones are opting for the Platinum Blonde look – Gwen Stefani above is just one example of this.In general, the combination of a darker skin tone and an icy white Platinum blonde look is a great combination.So you can go ahead and propose it to your clients whether they are naturally brunette or blonde.

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You Might Not Be Able To Go Straight To Platinum

Are you a brunette or redhead who is wondering how to get platinum blonde hair? Your best option may be starting with some peek-a-boo highlights and building up from there, Stanley advises. Dont expect to go from dark to platinum blonde in one visit! If this is attempted, your hair could end up with severe breakage. Youll most likely need to schedule three or four appointments to make the transition gradual and the process healthier on your hair, says Stanley. This steady progression will also help you get used to the blonde and assist in deciding if going full, bleach blonde is the right move for you!

Hair Color Trendshow To Get A Silver Blonde Hair Color

Golden blonde to platinum blonde ...

Doesnt it seem like every day theres another hair color trend popping up? With so many different hues out there, which one should you pick the next time you decide to dye your hair? Well, if youve ever thought about going platinum, youre going to want to hear about silver blonde hairan updated take on the classic platinum look. Keep reading to learn more about silver blonde hairwhich just so happens to be the hair color of the yearincluding how to get the look and how to maintain your beautiful new hair color.

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Icy Platinum Bleach & Tone

A bleach and tone service involves the process of applying bleach in section to the entire head to a pale yellow or white level and then applying a toner to get the desired undertone. This icy is achieved by using a purple or ash-toned glaze over pre-lightened locks. As mentioned, bleach and tone blondes should expect a high-maintenance and expensive salon routine because root regrowth looks stark compared to sectional highlights, hand-painted balayage, or super blended babylights.

Courtesy of Color Lux.

Light Golden Blonde Hair Color

Light golden blonde hair can be achieved at home by using a lifting agent or bleach and the hair dye of your choice or a hair dye in light golden color and a 30-40 vol. developer. Some good shades for this purpose are:

  • Garnier Nutrisse in shade 93, Light Golden Blonde. This a very light golden shade ideal for natural dirty blondes that want to go 2 shades lighter than their original color and add a neutral to warm golden tone to their hair.
  • Revlon Colorsilk in shade 75 warm golden blonde. This is a light golden shade with warm beige undertones rather than a greenish tint, ideal for those with light brown hair, dirty blondes, and ginger blondes that want a brighter yet balanced light golden color in their hair.

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Coloring Your Hair Platinum Blonde Without Hair Damage

You will need to be realistic. If you need to bleach your hair to get your platinum hair, you are going to damage your hair. The secret is to make sure that you dont damage your hair too much.

The only way to make sure that you dont get too much damage is to get your hair colored by a professional. They know how to color your hair and to make sure that you dont damage your hair too much. They also know what type of treatments to give your hair to repair as much of the damage done by the bleaching.

Dirty Blonde Hair Color


This natural-looking shade is a mix of brown and blonde. The wheat-colored look will look natural on fair to medium complexions and lightens up your look without too much drama. Accessorize with gold jewelry to bring out the hair color shades lighter tones.

DIY at home Hair Color: Garnier Olia 7.0 – Dark Blonde

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Fabulous Blonde Hair Color Shades & How To Go Blonde

Thinking about dying your hair blonde conjures a multitude of images, from the subtlest blonde highlights to complete transformations through the bleaching process. But regardless of whether you want to go platinum blonde from a dark natural hair color or simply liven up already-blonde tresses, the pros at Matrix can answer your questions and help you have way more fun going blonde.

Everything You Need To Know About Dyeing Your Hair Blonde

With summer season around the corner, you may be thinking of dying your hair a sunkissed blonde shade. Whether youre naturally blonde or have never-dyed virgin dark brown tresses, here is everything you need to know about going blonde.

Lisa Vallar, a colour technician with Capelli Hair Salon in Toronto has been working with colour and hair for 25 years and here is what she had to say about getting this coming seasons trendiest blonde shades.

She recommends first picking your tone , then deciding how dark or light you want to go with it. Then get consultations at several salons to see what it would take to get there.

Here are the trendiest shades for summer, how to get them and care for them.

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Color Lux Cleansing Conditioner

Using a color-depositing conditioner formulated for platinum blondes will help keep your hair fresher for an extended amount of time. Color Luxs Cleansing Conditioner in the platinum will help counteract unwanted warmth and keep brass at bay in between your salon appointments.

Courtesy of ImaxTree.

If Your Hair Is Dyed Darker Than Dark Blonde

How To Get the Platinum Blonde Hair of Your Dreams # ...

Sorry, you might have to bring out the bleach on this one. If the dye job is recent, you can use Color Oops, which will just remove the previous dye color, and bring you back to the color you had before you dyed it. But your hair will become very porous after this, and you will have to use a light golden blonde shadeanything darker than that will turn out brown! Bleaching is far more effective, but also damages the hair. You might have to go through a few bleaching processes in order to get your hair light enough, but when your hair turns orange, you can use a green-based toner to get that golden tone, or you can wait for your hair to get all the way to the yellow stage, and then use a dark golden blonde over it. But bewareyour hair will be damaged! Make sure to use a good protein conditioner.

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Dark Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

This dark brown hair with golden highlights is dimensional. It was created by hairstylist and master colorist Emily Alderson of Winnipeg, MB. You can see pops of brightness from the golden blonde hue, but the highlights dont overtake the rich brunette base, she notes.

For a dimensional color, Alderson says to make sure you dont over highlight. The dimension is created by painting lighter pieces, next to darker pieces. If your hair is already quite light, you may want to add some lowlights as well to bring back some depth.

Hair Colors And Lengthes Display

Googoo new clip hair extensions

The new “F”colors:

The new F-color hair extension is very soft and natural. The F-color has magical color effect. When the wind is strong, its colors appear a mixed color effect. When the wind is small, its colors appear the effect of intermediate colors. In addition, you can sew the clips to the front or back sides of the hair extension to creat more color choose. The color effect displayed by wearing it on the front and back is also different. F color hair extension gives you charming colors and amazing wearing effects.

Notes on how to use the hair extension:

Our hair extension is 100% human. It can wash, strengthen, curl and dye. We recommend controlling the temperature of the alignment plate between 130 and 150 degrees. Some colors can also be dyed to your favorite color. We recommend using light-colored hair extensions for dyeing. The effects of straightening and curling are different for different length. If you often curl it, we recommend that you better buy a size longer than your hair. Different sizes bring you different charming styles.

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Bronde With Ribbon Highlights

Bronde is a great option for those on a budget or those who dont want to fuss with frequent salon appointments to deal with roots. It adds just a touch of dimension and brightness to your natural hue without a huge investment or commitment. This bronde shade has a pop of blonde with cascading, ultra-thin ribbon highlights position around the entire head where the sun would naturally hit.

Courtesy of DP Hue.

Light Ash Blonde Hair Color

How to get long hair | Platinum blonde hair ð?ð?¼â?âï¸?

Light ash blonde hair color is a whiter shade of blonde that has an ashy, or gray, tint. It could be described as cool platinum, and looks best on lighter complexions with lighter eye colors. Lady Gaga has sported this hue, which can be achieved on lighter natural hair colors through balayage, or all-over color on those with darker natural hair colors.

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