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How To Buy Gold Jewelry From Dubai Online

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Gold Designs In Dubai

How to buy gold in UAE

It is obviously important to know exactly what kind of product will be available to you. The Souk has almost everything that one can think of, from proper full sets, to separate earrings, necklaces and rings etc. Pieces a bit different from regular are also available such as chains, anklets, headbands. Diamond rings and bangles are popular items. Moreover, items aside from jewelry are also available such as watches, cufflinks and even money holders.

Designs are ever-changing, with white gold in chromium designs showing up a little more recently. However, a lot of people are still fond of yellow gold and there is more than enough variety available for that as well.

To get the most fresh pieces, it is recommended to visit the Souk during the infamous shopping festivals if possible because that is usually when retailers have the most up to date designs.Furthermore, if you are a picky shopper or you have a certain design or item that you want to have made, this is the place that offers that as well!

In order to have custom made designs, a great tip is to get in contact a bit before hand or when you have a little time to get the best result and the least amount charged. It is also a good idea to have pictures similar to what you want to get made.

Beautiful Gold Rings For Women

A gold ring is one of the most sought after accessories. An elegant gold ring adds a dash of beauty and glamour to Indian ethnic look, as well as a casual look. The enticing selection of gold ring for women at Malabar Gold and Diamonds has rings for every occasion.

The collection has the latest designs of gold rings for women. There are chunky rings that are bold and can be flaunted with as a statement jewellery piece with any simple outfit. There are delicate rings with intricate designs. There are contemporary rings that go perfectly well with even a little black dress and the list is endless.

Beautiful gold ring design for women

  • Stylish rings with beautiful designs
  • Traditional, as well as contemporary design patterns
  • Rings in yellow gold and rose gold
  • Studded gold rings and rings in antique finish

If a ring is your favourite piece of jewellery, we have something for you. Our selection of ladies gold ring is specially crafted for the women who are head over heels for rings. The rings in yellow gold are inspired with traditional motifs whereas the rings in rose gold are more chic and modish. Gold rings put a great concoction of traditional and modernism at the forefront.

The Divine range comprises of rings flaunting divine motifs. The collection also comprises of antique rings and studded gold rings.

Know The Types Of Gold Choose Your Karat

Like anything that you want to buy, doing your research pays a lot. Gold is sold by the Karat and weight. The higher the Karat, the purer that gold is. This means that a 24-Karat gold is 100% pure gold. Because pure gold is soft, it hardens by mixing it with different metals such as silver, zinc, copper, and nickel.

Gold also comes in different colors which explain the type of alloys and the percentage of alloys mixed with it.

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Ct Gold Swarovski Zirconia Trilogy Style Engagement Ring And Wedding Band Suite Jodi Lr18425


  • Tracking code & signature on delivery

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  • Your purchases can be returned within 14 days

    You can return them by sending them via post or returning them to our London showroom

    Please read our returns policy for exclusion details

  • We guarantee that all of our jewellery, gemstones & diamonds are all ethically sourced

    All of our jewellery has a quality guarantee for the metal purity from the London Assay Office

    Gem-A and GIA Qualified Gemmologist

    None of our jewellery regardless of price has been previously owned

To Haggle Or Not To Haggle

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This is what it comes down to. The shopkeepers are trying to get as much money from you as possible, so it is of utmost importance that you try to pay as little as possible for what you are buying. Haggling is your best bet to do that!

The first thing is to buy only as much as youre comfortable with. After you have checked rates at all the shops, go back to the one with the lowest and bargain further. The trick is to have conviction in whatever you say and realize what is and isnt worth spending on, all while making sure you dont upset the seller. Also, be sure to ask for discounts on buying multiple pieces. Using these tips, you wont get ripped off.

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Know The Market Price

Gold is like stocks, their price fluctuates on a daily basis. So it is only prudent to know how much it goes for in the open market. Aside from your knowledge of gold, this is probably the most important factor you must know before proceeding to buy gold in Deira Gold Souk. By knowing market price, you are able to haggle with the vendors.

The Dubai Retail Gold Rate is a good place to start. Going prices in AED is posted at the market for going price.

take your pick!

Buying Gold In Dubai What You Must Know

There are factors you have to keep in mind when buying gold jewelry in Dubai, and they include the purity of the gold and its colour. The purest of gold is usually comes in a rich warm yellow shade. Gold that bears other shades of yellow are usually less pure and are commonly mixed with other metals.

In Dubai, gold is sold on gold price plus making charges unlike many other parts of the world where it is sold per unit. Making charges are not typically calculated as a percentage of gold prices, unlike elsewhere in the world, but it is set as a flat rate. Generally, the more intricate the piece of jewelry, the higher the making charges of the gold jewelry.

Purity of the metal sold in Dubai is strictly regulated by the Dubai Central Laboratories Department, and it has implemented a voluntary quality management and certification scheme known as Bareeq that gives recognition to shops that meet the good practice criteria for jewelry trading.

Since there are many options available to those wishing to buy gold in Dubai, there is a huge tendency for there to equally be shops that sell fake gold. So, to avoid falling victim to these chalatans, it is advisable to make sure that the shop you buy your gold from in Dubai has this Bareeq certification.

If you are planning to come to Dubai for the sake of buying gold, we have provided for you the best gold jewelry shops where you are guaranteed to get high quality jewelry at reasonable prices.

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Gold In Dubai Is Cheaper

If you are wondering if is gold cheaper in Dubai, the answer is yes! You can get the best prices for gold in Dubai

Dubai has always been favoured for its exemption from taxes. It is one of the main reason why people chose to move to the city, as well as buy gold. Due to the exclusion of taxes in the emirate prices for gold in Dubai have always been cheaper as buyers would only pay for the value of the gold jewellery. Although the introduction of the Value Added Tax in 2018 does levy a 5% tax on any items purchased, buying gold is still considerably cheaper in Dubai compared to other countries in the world. Also, tourists can claim VAT refunds in the UAE for all purchases made in the country.

VAT in Dubai is currently the only form of tax applied on any gold purchase. In other countries, for example, India, apart from VAT there are various other taxes such as goods and services tax and excise duty applied when purchasing gold jewellery which make it more expensive.

Ct Gold Ripple Chain With A Ring Clasp C

Buy Real 18K Gold Jewelry Online In Dubai,UAE


A stunning 22-carat gold ripple chain which is perfect for lightweight pendants. It is an ideal accessory for all occasions an appropriate gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries.

  • Weight: = 16 inches: 1.4g | 18 inches: 1.6g- Width 3.25mm 3.5mm | Width 1.25mm 1.5mm 22 carat gold | 91.6% gold purity- Hallmarked in the UK

  • Free delivery within the UK- Must be ordered by 3.30pm for same day dispatch- Tracking code and signature on delivery- Fully Insured

  • Purchases can be returned within 14 days- Please read our returns policy for exclusion details

A sparkling Indian nose ring with a hammered effect design available in 10mm, 11mm and 12mm inside diameter option. Hand-made in 22ct yellow with care and attention to detail.

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How Much Gold Can I Bring To India From Dubai

  • What is the permissible limit for a man wearing gold while traveling to India?All male passengers coming to India from Dubai can wear up to 20 grams of gold that should not cost more than Rs 50,000 as a duty-free allowance.
  • How much gold can female wear while returning from Dubai to India?Female passengers can wear up to 40 grams of gold that should not cost more than Rs 1,00,000.
  • What are the conditions to bring gold to India without any restrictions?If you declare your gold jewellery at customs and are also paying up the fixed import duty, there will be no limit imposed on the amount of gold you can bring to India.
  • What is the import duty on gold?The import duty on bringing gold to India is increased to 12.5% from 10 percent.
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    • Necklaces

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    Leading Online Gold Jewelry Shop Uae

    We are! One of the UAEs largest independent online retailers of certified gold & silver jewelry. We design and manufacture mens, womens, and childrens fine jewellery, including silver and gold pendants, necklaces, earrings, chains, and more. Apart from pre-designed jewellery, we provide personalized jewellery, ranging from heart lockets to name necklaces and pendants. Aside from the quality of the jewelry that we offer, we are recognized within the market for the quality of our customer service. We ship our products worldwide and even provide Free shipping to all locations across the UAE, including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah. To know more about us or place an order, reach out to us over WhatsApp – +971-588800024 or call us on +971-43311013.

    You Can Bargain The Making Charges Of Gold In Dubai

    Gold zook dubai 2014

    You can bargain the making charges in the gold shops in Dubai

    Another reason which strengthens the affordability of gold in Dubai is that you can negotiate the price of the making charges, which are charges applied for making the ornament. Making charges vary depending on the type of gold jewellery you are buying and the retailer you are buying from. While bargaining is somewhat challenging in bigger jewellery stores in the mall, you wont have the same concern in the shops in the Dubai Gold Souk. Depending on the gold price in Dubai and the amount you are purchasing, you can bring the making charges down by a significant amount.

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    Best Jewelry Stores To Buy Gold In Dubai Wholesale/retail

    Do you want to know the best places to buy gold in Dubai? If YES, here are 20 best jewelry stores in Dubai that sell gold wholesale and retail at good prices.

    Whenever gold is mentioned, Dubai usually comes to mind. The citys strategic geographical position, tax-free business system, and strict monitoring processes have turned it into a major hub where people go to buy high-quality gold jewelry at comparatively low prices.

    As one of the worlds great gold trading hubs, there is no doubt that Dubai has some of the best gold shops in the world. When it comes to buying gold of various types including bullion, bars, kilos or even jewelry, Dubai is the ideal destination. Dubai has a plethora of gold shops where you can indulge your passion for this much sought after precious metal.

    Best Jewellery Store In Gta

    Dubai Jewellers

    Jewellery is the pride of all women and at Dubai Jewelers we give you the opportunity to explore the world of jewelry. Since the times of kings and queens, jewelry was considered sacred and was always the center of attraction for them. With passage of time only the designs have changed but the importance of jewelry remained the same. To get the wide variety of jewelries, come to us, we have a vast collection which is bound to please you.Be it a gold chain, necklace, earring, wedding bangles in Toronto, Canada or even the birthstones, we have everything that you need. Named as Dubai Jewelers, we promise to bring you the raw gold exclusively available in Dubai. Gold from Dubai is popular worldwide and we are here to sell you the best jewellery in Brampton, Visit our Jewellery store in GTA Now.

    • icon #19, 2700 North Park Drive, Ontario, Brampton, L6S 0E9, Canada
    • icon

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    Best Time To Buy Gold In Dubai

    For the best offers and great deals on jewellery, it is best to shop for gold during the Dubai Shopping Festival or the Dubai Summer Surprises . If you are travelling from India, avoid going overboard as the maximum value of gold you can get back from abroad is up to Rs. 1 lakh for women and Rs. 50,000 for men.

    If you cant make it for the Dubai Shopping Festival or the Dubai Summer Surprises, shop for gold on a Saturday or a Sunday. These are the most stable times to shop and the best part is that prices of gold wont be traded on international exchanges until 2 am on Monday, so it is likely that you will get a good deal.

    Fast & Easy International Shipping

    How to Buy Gold in Dubai | GoldMoney

    With, you can enjoy a fast and worry-free shipping experience irrespective of your location. Most international orders are dispatched and completed within a span of 14 days.

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    Celebrate Life’s Special Moments With Liali’s Red Carpet Jewels

    Discover timeless elegance with meticulous craftsmanship on statement pieces

    Ornate and sophisticated, the new Red Carpet Jewels by Liali Jewellery are a womans perfect companion in celebrating the most special moments in her life.

    Featuring exclusive and one-of-a-kind pieces, the new collection matches the inner vibrance of its wearer through the sparkle of diamonds, the sheen of pearls and the vitality of gemstones, so she can feel like a celebrity as she enjoys lifes biggest milestones.

    The Red Carpet Jewels have been carefully crafted to reflect elegance and class while keeping in touch with the latest jewellery trends. A display of elite necklaces, pendants, drop earrings, large cuffs and bangles along with some cocktail rings, each design is embossed in charismatic details to make you feel special in your cherished times. Each piece designed to make a statement in sparkling perfection will highlight your signature moments. Be it a family wedding or a musical date with your beau at a libretto opera you will create enigmatic memories with Liali Red Carpet Jewels.

    Go Around In Different Shops

    Before settling for a piece, shop around. Most of the stores have the same pieces, they only differ in the price based on your bartering skills. You have hundreds of retailers to choose from.

    Another tip here, the shops in nooks and corners have better price rates because not much foot traffic passes through these areas. So its good to go to narrower alleys in the souk to find better deals.

    gold everywhere!

    Be sure to stick around the stores where the quality of gold being sold is closely monitored by the government. It doesnt hurt as well to ask about the quality of the gold from the shopkeepers. Is this gold fake or an imitation? is a regular question they get asked a lot of times so dont be shy to ask that. Anyway, a usual response from them is NO . They will assure you that if they sell fake stuff, their business will be closed down.

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    Make Payments In Cash

    For a seamless shopping experience at the gold souks, try to take cash along with you. Although shops at the Dubai gold souks have the option of paying by credit cards, they usually charge 1-2% extra for this convenience. Carrying cash can saving you thousands or not more when you purchase gold. If you dont like the idea of roaming around with a lot of cash you can try bargaining with the seller to waive off the added fee when negotiating the price, but its not a guarantee that itll work.

    Keep Exploring The Souks For The Best Deals

    The Old and the New Gold Souks in Dubai have many stores selling gold jewellery, therefore, the competition is tremendous. A hard task, but for the best deals, it is best to explore the ins and outs of the market for the best deals. Now, the price of gold is fixed and the only discount you can get on gold jewellery is on making charges, but these can vary significantly from shop to shop. Plus, exploring the markets will let you explore all the beautiful designs on offer and help you pick the perfect pieces to take home with you.

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