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Black And Gold Ceiling Light Fixture

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The Right Ceiling Light For The Right Room

NEW Lighting Fixture – Artika Europa 21 inch LED flush mount fixture

The second question is which room youre lighting, and what youre doing in the room.

In some rooms, its a good idea to prioritise bright, practical lighting. For example, you might want a bright ceiling light in the hallway to easily find everything you need before leaving the house. Your bathroom might also benefit from bright, clinical lighting for shaving or applying makeup in the morning.

Other rooms, such as a living room or childrens room, are multi-purpose. You might want to have bright general lighting when entertaining guests in the living room, or when playing in the childrens room. But once the guests leave and bedtime comes around, you might want to switch to softer mood lighting. In these rooms, a ceiling light with a dimmer can come in handy.

Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

What exactly are semi flush mount ceiling lights? They’re a type of light that hangs just a small distance between the ceiling and the body of the fixture. This style is often ornate, and can include details like crystal accents and exquisite brass finishes. Many of our most popular designs also include an art shade, a decorative addition that can be custom colored to match your room. Suspended just inches from the ceiling, these fixtures are a great source of overall illumination for the room. No matter what style you choose, with free shipping and free returns on our designs, our semi-flush ceiling light fixtures are a great way to brighten a space and add glamour. Consider these designs for kitchens, the hallway, entryway, or anywhere you need a bright amount of light.

Illuminate Your Home With Our Wide Range Of Indoor Lighting Styles And Designs

With options for almost any look and feel, you’re sure to find an indoor lighting fixture that suits any space. Put the perfect finishing touch on your bedroom or bathroom, or find the elegant piece youve been dreaming of for your dining room. Check out our selection of indoor LED lighting or low voltage lighting if you’re looking to reduce your energy consumption and lower your electric bill. If youre wanting to increase safety in your home, look for indoor stair lighting to help improve visibility during those nighttime trips down the stairs.

Not sure what youre looking for? Scroll through all of the options to spark inspiration and give you indoor lighting ideas for your home or office. We have something to fit any style including rustic farmhouse, mid-century modern, traditional, and industrial. From flush mount to pendant, chandeliers, and vanity lights, we have the perfect indoor lighting fixture for your home.

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Black Gold Light Fixture Ceiling

Dos And Donts For Mixing And Matching Lighting Fixtures

Possini Euro Design Modern Ceiling Light Flush Mount Fixture Black Gold ...

Your options are endless when it comes to illuminating a space. This can be both a blessing and a curse a blessing because you are guaranteed to have options available that meet your preferences, but a curse because the sheer number of choices you have to make can quickly become overwhelming. But, dont give up hope! I think these tips will help you navigate the lighting process painlessly and if were lucky, youll even have a little fun.

So lets start by talking about the different options you have to consider. Each space in a home or office has different lighting requirements, so if you know what space you are lighting, that will help narrow down your options. Here is a look at your options from the 10,000-foot level:

  • Material aluminum, black, brass, bronze, chrome, glass, gold, nickel, silver, wood
  • Finish polished, aged, brushed, distressed, satin
  • Type of Light accent, ambient, task
  • Fixture Type ceiling mounted, chandeliers, pendants, portable , rail, recessed, track, under cabinet, wall mounted
  • Style commercial, contemporary, country/rustic, craftsman/mission, crystal, tiffany, traditional, transitional, tropical

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Ceiling Light Fixtures As A General Light Source

When choosing a ceiling light fixture, the first question you need to answer is what its going to be used for.

As a general light source, a semi-flush, pendant light or chandelier located near the centre of the room can be a good choice. If you want to highlight a part of your décor, a ceiling track with spotlights might do the trick. If youre looking to light a workspace, such as a desk or a kitchen island consider a flush ceiling light located directly above the work area.

Black : Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights can transform the look of your home. There are so many ways to add ceiling lights to your home that youre sure to find a great fit for the look you want. We have a wide selection of ceiling lighting, from luxury ceiling lights, such as a chandelier, to modern ceiling lights and everything in between. If youre looking for something traditional, consider a ceiling light fixture such as a gold ceiling light or brass ceiling light that you can find in our collection. Put traditional ceiling lights into your home to freshen up your existing style or to kick off a whole new look. Another popular option is pendant lighting to create a statement in your space. Whether youre looking to retrofit existing lights or to add new ones, youll find what you need here.

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Remember To Mind Your Head

Our ceiling light collection has something for every kind of room. But before you decide, you should consider the height of your ceilings.

If you have particularly low ceilings, a pendant or modern chandelier could prove to be a bit of an obstacle. If so, look for flush ceiling lights, LED spotlights, or recessed lighting, so you dont risk bumping your head.

If you do have a high ceiling, however, our pendant lamps and shades are a great place to start. We have pendant lamps and shades available in various designs, letting you express your individual style.

Mixing And Matching Lighting Fixture Dos:

Black Sputnik chandelier Installation with Edison Bulbs – Modern Chic Light Fixture
Tip 1: Layer Your Types of Light

Layering light is the foundation of every well-lit space. Layers help create dimension, illuminate function, set a mood, and improve versatility of any space. Youll want to make sure to include at least two types of light: ambient, task and/or accent. Check out Kichlers description of each type of light and the reasons you should include each in your lighting design.

Bonus Tip: remember to control your layers separately. This will give you the most flexibility in varying the function and feel of your new space after the lighting is installed.

2: Create a Focal Point, then Dont Distract from It

Your focal point can be one light fixture a stunning chandelier or a unique lamp but it doesnt have to be. Lighting can be used as a tool to draw attention to any element in the room you want to be your focal point, such as a piece of artwork or a fireplace mantel. Track lighting and wall sconces are often used to complement, frame and direct the eye toward whatever you choose to be the center of attention.

3: Coordinate Across Rooms in an Open Floor Plan
4: Mix Finishes, Tastefully

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Mixing And Matching Lighting Fixture Donts:

1: Dont Try to Do Too Many Things in One Room

Like I said in the beginning you have LOTS of options. Trying to incorporate to many of those into one space can cause confusion and discomfort. Start simply with your favorites and the essential fixtures for illumination, and then add as needed.

Tip: create a design of your new space so you can see the total effect of the lighting in the room before you buy.

2: Dont Be Afraid to Try Something New

You are, after all, re-doing your space for a reason, right? Whether you are changing the function of the room, breathing new life into a tired space, or trying to create a new vibe, changing the lighting can have a dramatic effect. A new style of lighting will give you the best visual transformation, while the type of light and fixtures will most effectively create an emotive evolution.


3: Dont Stray Too Far Out of Your Comfort Zone

While I am all for trying something new, I caution my clients not to stray too far out of their comfort zone. Light fixtures are a significant investment that can make or break a room. If you are unsure in any way, take a picture of it and hang it in your new space. If after a few days you dont love it, choose a different fixture that you are sure to enjoy looking at every day. Because it is so important within your home or office, lighting fixtures arent a purchase you want to regret or have to re-do a few months down the road.

4: Dont Pick Your Light Fixtures Based on Looks Alone

Black And Gold Ceiling Lights

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Black Gold Ceiling Lights

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