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How Much Is 14 Karat Gold Per Gram

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How To Tell How Much Scrap Gold Is Worth

How to Price 10k, 14k, 18k, and 24k Gold!

If you’re looking for a way to bring in some quick cash for bills or whatever you need, your jewelry box may hold the answer. It’s easier than ever to sell your gold through online auction sites, pawn shops and jewelry stores, but you should first know what it’s worth. To calculate how much cash you can get for your scrap, you just need to weigh it and work a couple of basic equations.


After you have weighed your jewelry and learned some basic measures, you can do calculations to find the worth of your gold.

What Determines The Value Of 14k Gold

The value of 14-karat gold depends on the amount of pure gold in the alloy.

This means that in order to determine how much an item made of 14K gold is worth , you need to find out its weight and, considering the alloys purity, figure out the amount of pure gold in it.

Once you know how much pure gold you have, you can use current gold market prices to value it.

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The Gold Carat Calculation Formula

The 24k is 99.99% pure gold, and a standard using around the world. Other karats like 22k are calculated from 24K using the following formula: Desired Karat = * current spot gold rate Following is the calculation of 22K jewelry gold Let suppose, The current spot gold rate = 1767.07 USD 22K = * 1767.07 Similarly, you can calculate all other karats.

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The State Of The Ring

The state of your ring or other jewelry can affect the price drastically. If the ring is broken, scratched, or a piece misses, that will significantly decrease its value.

Pawn shops will often give you a lower price for the rings that are not in presentable state as they cant sell them immediately without reparation. Rarely, a few of them will melt it to something else. Most of them will calculate the cost of repairs or cleaning and decrease the amount you asked for.

Therefore, make sure to clean and polish your ring if you are skilled or have extra time. If not, check how much the repair is and calculate if it is payable to fix your jewelry before selling it.

How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Gold Per Gram

How Much Is 14 Karat Gold Worth Per Gram / How Much Is A ...

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We know that there are quite a few individuals who want to know how much do pawn shops pay for gold per gram!

There are lots of people who are interested in selling their gold. They do so because they are dire in need of money or to meet their other expenses.

Different rates are offered by pawnshops when it comes to selling per gram gold. In addition, these rates do not differ any matter you want to sell a gold bracelet, gold ring, or gold earrings.

Most of the individuals buy gold so that they can sell it in their future times or whenever rainy days and tough time arrives. A piece of gold jewelry is marked and identified in the form of personal adornment and worthy expensive commodities.

This is a reliable investment option that you can go for. Furthermore, gold prices are nowhere going down. So, if you have bought gold ten to fifteen years back and you sell it now, then we are a sure a huge sum of profit will be received by you.

You can see other required details now for your convenience:

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How Can You Tell If 14k Italy Gold Is Real

One way of verifying the originality of the gold is by checking its marks. All the 14K Italy gold chains feature the finesse marks instead of the karat marks. In this case, the 14K Italy gold will have the 585 mark while the 18K will have the 7500 mark. Sometimes the 14K Italy Gold is marked 14K Italy or just 585.

How To Find Out The Value Of The Gold In Your Jewelry

To figure out the value of a piece of gold jewelry, you need to determine how much the pure gold in it is worth, and this value depends on the precious metals price on the market.

The changes every day, and you can look it up on a variety of websites .

Keep in mind that the gold price quoted on commodity exchanges does not reflect accurately the money you could get for your jewelry if you decide to sell it.

To get a better estimate of the value of your gold, you can reduce its current market price by about 20%-30%.

The result will be the approximate price you can expect gold dealers to pay most of them will usually offer you about 80% of the market price of gold per gram.

Looking to sell your engagement ring or other diamond jewelry? Check out Worthy, which is an online jewelry auction platform you can mail in your jewelry and let Worthy organize the sale for you, sending you the money after the piece is sold.

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How Do Professionals Test Gold

The acid test is the cheapest method used to check gold. Experts start by scratching the touchstone using the gold that needs to be tested, leaving a streak on the stone. If the questionable gold is purportedly 14K, they will then make a parallel control streak using a piece of gold that is already known to be 14K.

What Is The Value Of Your 14k Gold

How Much is 14 Karat Gold Worth?

The value of your 14K gold depends on how much buyers are willing to pay for it.

Here, we are only discussing the value of 14K gold items when sold as scrap gold. However, retail prices for new jewelry depend on more than just the amount of pure gold in it factors such as the pieces design and brand also come into play.

One way to estimate the value of a 14K gold item is to look at gold market prices. Another way is to check what gold dealers pay per ounce or gram of gold.

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Calculate The Value Of 14k Gold

We will use 14k gold as our example on how to calculate actual gold content and its value. The same formula works for 10k and 18k.

EXAMPLE: Your 14k yellow gold chain weights 24.2 pennyweights

Step 1


Actual pure gold content value of chain. We then multiplied 14.1 pennyweights of pure gold times $67.45 per pennyweight and we get $951.05.

Can You Get More Money For Your 14k Gold

The above guidelines will be relevant to you if you are going to sell your 14K gold as scrap gold.

If, however, your gold pieces have antique value, unique design, or are valuable collectibles, you could try selling them at an online auction to see if you would get more money.

Another option is to offer your 14K gold jewelry to a jewelry store, which might either pay you in cash or give you store credit.

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How To Calculate The Value Of Scrap Gold

With gold climbing to all time highs it may be a good time to clean out your jewelry box full of broken chains and old rings. Of course you want to get the most for your items, and the only way to do that is to figure out what you have BEFORE you try to sell it. All the information you need to calculate the worth of your scrap items is mentioned below. You can also use our scrap calculator to get an approximate value for the amount of gold, silver or platinum in your items.

Today Gold Price Jewellery Calculator

2 Grams Of 14k Gold Is Worth How Much August 2019

Welcome to the Gold Jewelry Price Calculator. Here, you can calculate the jewelry price using any karat , any unit type and any currency of the world . The current Gold jewelry price is being provided in the local time zone of the desired currency. To view and calculate the price of Gold , select a unit , then enter jewelry making cost .Similarly, enter a tax amount in percentage and then select your desired currency, then enter quantity, and click on the calculate button. All the calculation is based on the real-time live rates, which is given above. A calculator is an essential tool for Gold buyers and sellers, e.g., Goldsmiths. It is being used to estimate the worth of Gold Products

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How Much Is A Gram Of Gold

This page displays the current gold price per gram for everything from 6k all the way to 24k gold. Prices are for grams and value is that of the US Dollar. Bookmark us now hit Ctrl+D. Please share and like this page as well.

How to use this page? Review the table below and find the karat you are seeking, then click on the gold type or the price to be taken to the karats page. More details can be found on the preceding pages, and if all else fails simply scroll to the bottom of the page and use our scrap gold calculator.

Detail Of Gold Jewelry Price Calculator

The process is described in the following image:1. Select a unit or weight. For example, gram, ounce, tola, etc 2. Enter the total number of units or weights, e.g., 1, 2, 3, 1.5, 2.5, etc3. Enter the cost of making that jewelry4. Cost of making jewelry can be in a percentage or an exact amount 5. Enter the amount of tax on both 6. Select purity or karat of gold 7. Select your desired currency like EUR, USD, INR, AUD, NZD, QAR, KWD, SAR, PKR, etc8. Click on the calculate button9. You see the calculated rate as shown in the image

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How Much Is A 10k Gold Ring Worth At A Pawn Shop

10K gold ringpricegold10K gold ringworthTips for Selling Gold Jewelry

  • Dont act on impulse. Carefully evaluate every piece of jewelry that you are looking to sell.
  • Get an appraisal. Have antique or intricate jewelry appraised before selling it to a buyer that pays by weight.
  • Know what you have.
  • Know the price of gold.
  • Get realistic.
  • Know the worth. You may love your jewelry.
  • Be informed. Think through how quickly you want to sell.
  • Be realistic. Again, we emphasize that the way you feel about your jewelrys worth may not align with current fair market price.
  • 24K

    How Much Is 14ct Gold Worth Per Gram

    Buying 10Kt vs 14kt GOLD !!!

    14ct gold rings

    You probably already know that the carat is the unit used to denote the purity of gold alloys. The higher the number, the more pure the gold, i.e. the gold alloy has more gold content and fewer other metals. In the USA, its spelt karat .

    The formula used by the gold industry measures carat purity as 24 x the purity by mass. This means that 24ct gold should be 100% pure or fine gold . So 14ct gold is 14 parts gold, 10 parts other metal. In percentage terms, thats 58.5% fine gold.

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    What Is The Price Of 14k White Gold Per Gram

    14k is 58% gold and there are 31.1 grams in a Troy ounce. Today gold is $1214/oz on the bullion market. That makes the gold content of 14k $22.83 today. Add the alloy, a bit of labor and some distribution costs for retail and $27/gram seems entirely reasonable, cheap even.

    Furthermore, what is the rate of white gold? Today 24 Carat Gold Rate Per Gram in India


    Regarding this, what is the price of white gold per gram?

    Gold Spot Price

    Live Metal Spot Prices Last Updated: 2/21/2020 5:00:31 PM ET

    Why white gold has no resale value?

    White gold has a lower resale value than yellow gold. The reason white gold is worth less than yellow gold is because alloy cost less but it also means the purity of your gold jewellery is diluted. Another big nono is to invest in white gold. Buy it if you like it and can afford it, but not to invest in it.

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    You Are An Individual And There’s No Rule Of Thumb About You

    Where youre getting the “only one” or ” a style made just for you,” you are paying for a work of art, not something that was mass produced. The fame and popularity of the designer will also have an effect the price youll pay for their design work.

    There really is no rule of thumb for figuring this stuff out, but now that you are armed with some information, I hope you feel more comfortable when shopping for jewelry and know what to expect.

    Get something that is as unique as you are.

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    Watch The Price Trend Of 14k Gold

    14k gold is a wide spread gold alloy in the United States. More valuable than 10k gold but not as much expensive as 18k gold which is a very exquisite gold alloy used by famous jewelers such as Cartier, Tiffany, Bvlgari and many other fine jewelry brands and fine jewelers. The price of 14k gold varies with the current stock market trends, so if you are very interested in prices you have to keep an eye on the gold price trend.

    Today 14k gold has a stock market price of $32.90/gram. What is a very high price if you compare the gold price trend since the past ten years or even decades. Important events such as the financial crisis in 2008 have influenced the gold price trend tremendously and also the fluctuations in the price of gold.

    If you want to sell your gold, be smart and learn more about the price so that you can negotiate on eye level with a buyer to get a fair price for your gold. Only if you know what you have and how much it is worth makes it possible for you to make an attractive deal and avoids of being ripped off. Sell with reDollar to make a fabulous deal. We pay the highest prices and offer our clients the best customer services. 24h/7 days a week.

    Current reDollar prices for 14K gold:

    • $29.64 per gram 14k gold
    • $45.95 per pennyweight 14k gold

    Dont Be Hurry Always Find The Best Price For Your Jewelry

    14 Karat Gold Price Per Gram / How to Calculate Scrap Gold ...

    Once you have got to know the actual and current price of gold per gram, after that, you need to start looking for those pawn shops and jewelers who offer desired rates to you. Contact those people who offer you the maximum and bigger prices. And avoid contacting those pawn shops that offer poor or you can say worst gold per gram rates to you. Moreover, you should remember this general rule of thumb that the gold market is always very competitive.

    You have to hunt for several buyers before you finally hand over and sell your gold jewelry to them. There is no need to sell your gold jewelry on merely getting a few of the offers. Take a bunch numbers of offers in your hand and then decide and plan out wisely.

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    A Brief History Of Gold

    Gold was first discovered in paleolithic caves as early as 40,000 B.C. and was simply referred to as golden nuggets. It wasnt until 3600 B.C. Where the first evidence of human interaction with gold as far value was used by the Ancient Egyptian civilization.

    Gold was very prevalent in Egypt and was used heavily by Pharaohs and temple Priests. This is where gold was seen as a metal only used by the very elite classes of society and members of royalty.

    In 1792 The United States Congress adopted gold and silver in its Mint and Coinage Act. This law set a fixed price of Gold and Silver in terms of U.S currency. Gold was once used as a standard unit of account for paper money and has steadily held its value to this day.

    Explanation With Lots Of Math

    Snake Chain, Machine Made in Italy 14kt

    What this means is that if the 20 gram chain is selling for $1,500.00 and $484.88 is the cost of the gold, the other $1015.12 includes the cost of the other metals, the labor, and the jewelers profit. What percentage is the cost of the other metals? The labor? And the markup from the jeweler? Unknown!

    All I can tell you with certainty is that if pure gold is selling for $1300/oz. and the weight of the 14k chain is 20 grams, then the melt price of the gold is worth $484.88. There is no way to know what the jeweler paid for the chain from the manufacturer. Furthermore, we dont know what gold was going for at the time of purchase. The jeweler might have bought it when gold was at $1200.00 per ounce. Or $1800.00 per ounce!

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    Wait Until And Unless Your Gold Price Goes Way Far Up

    Lastly, you can wait for the right time and then sell your gold accordingly. While you enter into this phase, there is no need to show any impatient attitude. Remain calm and wait for the right time to let gold prices go up and up!

    We know that gold prices fluctuate and change a lot. Keep a closer eye and sell your gold items at the most appropriate rates. We have seen this practice on an often and frequent basis that gold prices do get an increase on a long-term basis. So, just save and secure your gold items for the rainy days and sell it at the suitable offered price.

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