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Is The Gld Shop Real Gold

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Is 18k Gold Plated Jewelry Worth Buying

I Bought Shop GLD’s Solid REAL Gold For CHEAP! – Its a not good and heres why..

Although the plated 18k gold jewelry isnt made of solid gold, it is worth buying.

You may need to manage your expectations, but if you are shopping on a budget and willing to take good care of it, then the jewelry is worth buying.

For more details, please read this post: is gold plated jewelry worth anything?

The Gld Shop Shipping Policy

Do you know The Gld Shop can deliver to more than 220 countries in the world! For people in the USA you can get shipping for free over $30. You can get your goods delivered within 5 to 10 days.

You can opt for faster shipping such as Expedited and Overnight. If you are willing to pay a bit more and charges depend on the location.

For international deliveries, shipping is free if you order goods worth $125 or more. I believe only standard and expedited are available for most international shipping.

The Gold Shop Return Policy

This is one area where you can trust the GLD Shop. The company offers 14 days to make returns on products already purchased.

Keep in mind that not all products are eligible for returns. You may have to provide some proof of a defective or missing product to get a full refund of a purchased item. Products that are not returned within the 14-day return period are automatically completed.

Not all products can be returned, solid gold, for instance, cannot be returned because they are custom-made, but you can get such products repaired under the Warranty cover. Earrings are also classified as non-returnable products in GLD Shop. Earrings are classified as non-refundable for hygiene reasons.

All other customized-made-to-order items are classified as non-refundable products in GLD Shop. This should not be a worry to buyers because all customized-to-order products come with a Limited lifetime warranty.

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What Is The Return Policy

“Email us asap once returned!”

Gold Pres accepts returns/replacements within 30 days from the date the item was delivered, ONLY if it’s damaged or defective upon receiving. After the 30-day period, you will no longer be eligible and won’t be able to receive a refund. We encourage our customers to try the product in the first two weeks after their purchase to ensure it fits your needs.But in some circumstances, we will allow a ONE-TIME exchange in size, color, chain, and item of the SAME price with an additional cost of $15 for the shipping and handling fee. Return for a refund is subject to a 15% restocking fee, to be subtracted from the order total prior to reimbursement. Kindly contact us to start the process. Custom and solid gold items are not eligible for a return since each piece is handmade to order.

  • Please allow up to 5 business days after your return is processed for shipment of the replacement item or refund to be processed
  • To the comfort of our customers, we will provide a FREE domestic prepaid label.
  • Sales are final on purchases of limited edition, precious material or custom items. These made to order items are not eligible for return.

How Do You Care For Gold Plated Jewelry

gld shop tennis necklace white gold

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind for how to care for gold plated jewelry. Gold plated jewelry should be kept dry. When the jewelry is not being worn, remember to store it in a dust bag, or another type of felt material. Good storage boxes are lined with tarnish-proof fabric. Its important to remove your gold jewelry when applying colognes, perfumes, or other chemical products. As we mentioned, gold jewelry should be kept dry. If youre wondering if you can shower in gold plated jewelry, the safe answer is to avoid daily showers wearing the jewelry. Its okay on occasion, but not everyday. That will increase the chances of fading. Chlorine especially at elevated temperatures could be damaging and lead to color fading.

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What Does Gld Shop Sells

GLD sells everything to make you look great, and those are fashion products and accessories. Contrary to global perception, GLD shop does not limit itself to selling gold only apparel is also part of its collections.

GLD shop sells solid gold chains, custom-made pendants, and chains. They do offer a huge collection of heavy bracelets most found on celebrities. All products sold here are available on order. If your goal is to look like a celebrity, check out the companys collection of Cubans.

Some Answers To Frequently Asked Questions On Gld Store

The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about GLD Store

1. What is the Lifetime Warranty on GLD Store products?

The GLD shop provides a lifetime warranty on most products available in their stores. The lifetime warranty means you can get replacements for some products and sometimes exchanges or repairs for the trinkets.

Keep in mind that not all products qualify for returns, and you must be clear about the type of warranty available on a product before you complete the order.

2. Does GLD Shop Use Real Gold for its Jewelry?

Yes, GLD uses real gold for making its jewelry, and you can find golds from 14k to 18k jewelry here. The company also uses sterling silver and rhodium to finish some of its products. All materials used in making GLD shop products have been approved by the Jewelry Vigilance Committee.

3. Why is GLD Shop Using Sezzle Payment?

The Sezzle payment is used on GLD Shop for its products because it is the only option that allows installment payments for products. This installment payment does not attract any interest as long as you pay within the stipulated time.

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How Should I Store/protect My Jewelry

Jewelry should be kept absolutely dry. If your jewelry is not used frequently, keep it stored in the provided dust bag. Good storage boxes are lined with tarnish-proof fabric and have a separate space for each individual piece. If your climate is humid, place a small packet of desiccant crystals inside your storage area. Avoid storing the jewelry with rubber products. Always remove your jewelry when applying colognes, perfumes or other chemical products.

Chlorine, especially at high temperatures, can permanently damage or discolor your gold jewelry. Gently clean your gold jewelry with a soft polishing cloth. Be sure not to over-polish jewelry.

Is The Gld Shop Legit

GLD SHOP Diamond Cuban Link (Yellow Gold) Unboxingð¥ð¥â¼ï¸?

After some thorough research and reviewing, I could finally come to this conclusion.

The Gld Shop is legit and people wont be disappointed with them! They have been associated with numerous celebs and they are partners with NBA and Marvel. With such big accomplishments in their kitty, they definitely are not a scam.

Are you interested to know What makes them so popular with celebs like Cardi B and Trippie Redd?

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Cons Of Gold Plated Jewelry

  • It tarnishes

If you are looking for gold-plated jewelry thinking that the jewelry will not tarnish, you are mistaken. Gold plated jewelry tarnishes because the base metals, copper or sterling silver, tend to react with oxygen, hence tarnishing. Often, this happens when the gold layer wears off, and also because the base metals molecules are eventually transferred to the thin gold layer, resulting in the breakdown of the gold layer and subsequent tarnishing.

  • The plating can be chipped or scratched.

If you wear the plated jewelry every day, you will notice chipping and scratches after a few weeks. The gold layer could also flake off. This often happens because the gold layer is quite thin, and it can be scratched off easily.

  • Lower value

Because of the minimal amount of 18k gold plating on the base metal, the jewelry isnt really very valuable. Its value could also be low because the thin gold layer is susceptible to flaking and chipping.

  • Not safe in the water

Even showering with the gold-plated jewelry could mean the loss of the gold layer, gradually.

What Is Yellow Gold Is Yellow Gold Better Than Gold

Yellow gold is real gold, and yellow is the only naturally occurring color in gold jewelry. All gold jewelry starts as yellow gold. Yellow gold by itself, in its purest form, is not practical to use for crafting jewelry. This is why a mixture of metals, also known as alloys, is needed to craft jewelry because it creates strength and durability. This mixture of metals could be silver, copper, zinc, rhodium, or palladium. Combining these alloys with pure gold ensures the jewelry will not bend, scratch, or break easily. Just because mixed metals are added to pure gold, doesnt mean yellow gold isnt good quality. These alloys are what allows yellow gold to be crafted in jewelry successfully. When this phenomena was first discovered, that yellow gold in its pure state needed other metals in order to create long lasting durable pieces of jewelry, the terminology for gold changed. Once it was discovered that different percentages of pure gold could be added to alloys, this lead to the discovery of different karat varieties. This is why the question if yellow gold is better than gold is redundant, since a percentage of yellow gold is found in all gold materials. Even white gold. All real gold has some fraction of yellow gold in it. The main differences in gold are the color and the karat. The color is determined by the additional metals in the gold alloy.

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How Does The Lifetime Guarantee Work

Gold Pres is committed in providing our customers with the best experience and highest quality jewelry. As part of this commitment, we offer a Lifetime Guarantee add-on for all purchases.

If your product fades, breaks or is damaged during normal wear, for the lifetime of the piece, the guarantee entitles you a replacement for a new equal/same item:

  • For non-custom items, we issue a replacement for a maximum of 3 times ONLY.
  • For custom items, we will recreate the same item FREE of charge – ONE time only. Any further will incur a $45 repair fee.

If for any reason we no longer carry the item, you are permitted to exchange your piece to another of equal or lesser value.

*Lifetime Warranty does not replace lost or stolen items, and reserves the right to deny warranty in cases of obvious misuse*

Is Gold Vermeil Fake

The GLD Shop Makes Gold Jewelry For Famous Rappers Like ...

Vermeil Is Not Solid Gold

Even though vermeil has a lot of gold than gold-plated pieces, it is important to understand that it is not gold. So, its simply sterling silver with a layer of gold. You need to careful when purchasing vermeil pieces as they almost look like gold.

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The Gld Shop Return Policy

When you buy an item from The Gld Shop, you get 14 days to make any returns. However, not all are eligible for returns.

Solid gold items cannot be returned due to those being custom made. But, you can get them fixed or repaired with your warranty.

Earrings are also on the list of non-refundable items due to hygiene reasons. As well as all customized made to order items. But dont worry though, you do get lifetime warranty for every customized order.

Are Gold Plated Chains Waterproof

Gold plated items are not waterproof. When you continually subject your gold-plated chain to water or have it immersed for long periods, then the gold layer will come off.

To make the plating last longer, ensure that you remove it when youre about to interact with water.

The last thing you want is to have spent money on something that you love only for it to last a short time due to water exposure.

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Is Gld Really As Good As Gold

Gold bars in Fort Knox, many chose the GLD ETF as an alternative to physical gold – reddogreport.com

In 2004, the launch of the SPDR Gold Trust exchange-traded fund, under ticker symbol GLD, leveled the playing field of gold investing by allowing for a less expensive option than buying the physical metal. Ever since, many have come to equate GLD with actually owning gold, but the reality is a bit more nuanced.

GLD has grown to become the second-largest exchange-traded fund by assets, valued at $72.4 billion and backed by 40.8 million ounces of physical gold. The subject of much fascination, GLD has also been targeted by skeptics who question the ETF’s secretive methods and even doubt it holds all the gold in HSBCs vault in London. Jason Toussaint, the managing director and principal executive officer of World Gold Trust Services, spoke to Forbes and sought to dispel rumors by explaining how GLD works.

Since GLD debuted on Nov. 12, 2004, it has risen more than 280% to over $170 a share. The whole thesis was creating an efficient market for gold trading, explained Toussaint. The price discovery mechanism wasnt working effectively: storage, insurance, and transport costs and logistics problems prevented efficient markets. “The analog is that to buy one share of GE I don’t have to go to their sales guy, I press a button on my computer and I own it,” Toussaint said.

Bob Pisani at HSBC’s gold vault where GLD’s metal is kept – goldsilver.com

Will Gold Vermeil Rub Off

Ultimate GLD Shop Unboxing | Rope Chain, Tennis Chain & More

Gold vermeil is similar to gold-plated jewelry but the difference is that the layer of gold is thicker and the metal underneath is sterling silver. It will last longer than gold-plated jewelry, but can still tarnish if exposed to water, sweat, or perfume, or the gold may eventually scratch and rub off with wear.

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Is 18kgp Real Gold

18K Real Gold Plated or 18KGP refers to gold plated jewelry made through the process above depositing a thin gold layer on the base metal. The K value therein determines the percentage of gold in the plated layer. In this case, the 18k gold is a thin layer of gold that is 75% pure gold.

As mentioned above, the gold-plated jewelry such as the Cuban chain links is made of a very thin layer of high-quality 18k or 75% gold. The thin layer is about 1/1000 of an inch or even 3/1000 of an inch. The 18KRG, therefore, contains a layer of 75% pure gold.

Its also worth noting that there is another type of gold plating called the gold vermeil. Unlike the gold-plated pieces made of a real gold layer and a base metal made of a cheaper metal or an alloy, the vermeil is a special kind of gold plating with gold jewelry featuring the 925 gold stamp.

The gold layer on vermeils is also thicker than in plated pieces, and it contains a sterling silver base, hence the 925 stamp of authenticity. To be identified as vermeil, the gold-plated piece of jewelry must have a 2.5microns gold layer.

So, yes. 18k gold plated jewelry is real. It is also affordable and lasts a while.

So What Does The Gold Plating Mean

18Kgold-plated jewelry refers to the jewelry made of a thin gold layer over a base metal.

Sterling silver is one of the metals often used as the base metal. The gold layer is applied on the base metal through either electrochemical plating or chemical plating, a common jewelry manufacturing process used to create the jewelry that boasts that nice gold richness.

Today, the 18K gold plated jewelry has become increasingly popular in the competitive jewelry market today, not just because of the desirable design, the pleasure of wearing the alluring jewelry, or its reasonable pricing, but also because the 18K plated jewelry boasts an impressive level of hardness.

That said, the most common kind of jewelry made of 18k plated gold is the Cuban link chain.

As mentioned above, plated gold is significantly cheaper than solid 18K gold or gold alloys. Gold plated jewelry contains an ultra-thin gold layer that is as thin as 1/1000 or as thick as 3/1000 of an inch.

Still, confused about the 18K gold-plated jewelry? Think about that plated ring, chain, or bracelet as jewelry whose outer gold layer is made of 75% pure gold.

This percentage of gold only applies to the 1/1000 inch- 3/1000 inch golden layer and not the entire piece of jewelry. Therefore, this means that the gold-plated jewelry actually contains a thin layer of real gold.

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How Expensive Are Gld Shop Products

Since GLD Shop products are premium, it is expected that prices should be out of reach for many average shoppers. Quality here is always top-notch, and you can expect to buy the most original stuff.

Prices of products can start from about $35 for the smaller pendants and can rise to several thousands of dollars for heavier accessories and popular brands. You may discover that wristwatches with some encrusted gems are some of the most expensive items on the website.

For the custom-made orders, you should be prepared to spend a minimum of $2000. The actual price of a product will be determined by its quality, and a buyer will have such information.

Diamond Cuban Link Choker In Yellow Gold

Laughing Buddha â The GLD Shop

Choose length:

GLD’s classic Diamond Cuban Link Choker is now available in white gold. Get yours and create your own look. There’s no better statement.

This product is guaranteed for life – GLD will repair the item should you experience any defects in craftsmanship or breakage.

– Weight:

18k Gold Plated:

– 18k Vermeil

– 10k Solid Gold

– 14k Solid Gold

Stone/Diamond Specifications

– Gold Plated options come with CZ Stones

– Solid Gold options come with VS or VVS Diamonds

GLD accepts returns/exchanges within 14 days of the date your item was delivered. If you would like to return/exchange any item, please contact customer support via email , or via our customer support chat line.

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