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How To Pay For Wow With Gold

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Wrath Of The Lich King Dungeons

How To Pay For A WoW Subscription With Gold Using This One Weird Trick

Like with TBC, you want to limit the time you spend in WotLK dungeons. There are some nice items to be had but you wont be making as much as farming vanilla dungeons.

Not many people farm WotLK content though so you wont have as much competition on a lot of items from here.

DrakTharon Keep

Quick path back to the entrance after the last boss. Some decent zone drops like Brighthelm of Guarding. But most of the value is going to come from uncommon transmog. Even better if you can bring a skinner.


Enter through either of the entrances. Run the dungeon in a U shape and exit through the other entrance. Skip the last boss.

Halls of Lightning

Also has a quick way back to the entrance after the last boss. Relic of Ulduar drops a lot and will sell relatively quick most of the time.

Pit of Saron

You will only be farming this dungeon for the Battered Hilt. The transmog in here is terrible. The drop chance for the hilt is pretty low but because of the number of mobs in the Pit of Saron, it is not that hard to get. I seem to get one in about every 20 runs.

Always farm here on heroic so dont kill any of the bosses. Kill all the mobs around the pit, head out and reset.

World Of Warcraft No Longer Allows You To Buy 30 Days Of Game Time

Blizzard has made some curious changes to the way players can purchase game time for World of Warcraft, its aging but popular MMORPG. The options to buy game time in pre-paid chunks of 30, 90, and 180 days have been removed, leaving only the 60-day option. Youll of course still be able to purchase a recurring monthly subscription, however.

WoWhead speculates that the change may be a move to combat World of Warcraft bots that use WoW Token to pay for 30-day passes these can use their account balances to pay for game time, but thats not accepted as a payment method for recurring subscriptions. For their part, some players suspect its a revenue raising move by Activision-Blizzard, and are chafing at the inability to buy 30-day passes particularly players who only occasionally jump into the game from time to time.

However, these players arent out of luck in fact, they can still purchase the recurring monthly WoW subscription at a cheaper price than the 30-day game time pass, in fact then cancel it before the next months charges are made to their credit or debit card.

The key thing here, however, is that some percentage of players who only mean to play for a month will likely forget to cancel their subscription before theyre charged for the second, and then perhaps feel compelled to keep playing.

Blizzard does point out that subscription and WoW Token prices are unchanged, and that any already purchased game time will remain valid.

Gold Is Wows Currency For Exchange

Gold in World of Warcraft is a currency that is awarded in small quantities for completing quests and missions, defeating enemies, and selling unwanted items to vendors. It is used in the game to purchase things like armor repairs, crafting reagents and the use of flight paths that ferry players to various locations. It is also the currency of exchange on WoWs auction house.

There are professions you can train in to make money in the game. You can be an herbalist to pick useful plants an alchemist to make potions a miner to mine ore a blacksmith to craft armor a jewelcrafter, who can cut gems that can be socketed into certain items to augment them or an enchanter, who can enchant items to have bonus stats or effects.

Youll need things produced by many of these professions to optimize your character, but you only get two professions you can do yourself. Unless you want to grind on a second character to collect all the reputation-gated recipes for other professions, you will probably need to buy the stuff you cant make for yourself on the auction house. And if the price of the stuff you need exceeds whatever your questing and your followers are bringing in, you might want to sell some of your own trade goods or raw materials in order to finance your purchases.

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From The Auction House

When you purchase a token from the Auction House, you will receive a letter from the Auction House with the token.

Thank you for your purchase of a WoW Token!

To redeem your WoW Token for game time, right-click the item from your inventory.

We’d like to thank you for continuing to play World of Warcraft with us. Good luck in all of your adventures to come!

What Are Best Places To Buy Wow Classic Gold

World of Warcraft gold can now be used to buy other Blizzard items ...

If you are here, its clear that you want to buy WoW Classic gold. You wont find any unreliable sites mentioned on GameZod, so you can pick any name from the list above. We are well aware of scammers out there, and we understand how frustrating it can be to get cheated by someone on the internet. This is why we check out all the required details about the website before mentioning it on our platform for our users. We want users to have a safe experience while buying gold, which is why our team checks reviews and ratings on the site. If we notice any strange activity while doing research, we dont add it to the list on our platform. Only the best sites to buy WoW Classic goldget mentioned on GameZod. Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for us, as we want to build healthy relationships with our users. We motivate all users to check out the details properly before making a payment to avoid future conflicts. Its important to check the estimated delivery time mentioned on the site and read the details. Moreover, its important to check the method of delivery as it could become a problem if it doesnt suit you. If you choose one of the above-mentioned sites and take care of the things we discussed, you will have a safe and pleasant experience.

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Professions For Gold Making

There really isnt one profession that is the best for gold making, it all depends on your playstyle. If you are really serious about making gold, you want to have almost all professions maxed across many toons.

The easiest way to make gold with professions though is picking gathering professions. I would suggest having a character with herbalism and mining, and one with skinning at least.

Professions for farming Dungeons & Raids

For your transmog farming toon, you can choose between tailoring, enchanting and engineering.

Tailoring gives you Cloth Scavenging which will give you more cloth. Enchanting is for disenchanting BoPs and other items. Engineering is for the Loot-a-Rang if you like using that when farming. Personally, I have tailoring and enchanting.

Ready To Buy Cheap Wow Classic Gold

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How I Payed 2 Years For Sub With Gold

This is the anniversary of the 3rd year playing WoW by paying solely with in game gold.

I just wanted to preface this by saying it is very possible to play this game for free. Make sure you are a max level character and spend at least 2 hours a week farming for epic BoEs or mounts. I also found you can make a lot of gold on the new patch materials and crafting reagents, they sell for a lot on the AH. I dedicated about 10 hours a month on getting gold, give or take an hour.

You can also make a ton by buy cheap crafting mats and making stuff with professions. Low level transmogs can sell for a ton so look it up. I use TSM add-on which helps a bunch also, it tells you how much items go for based on average sell value, and also about how many items are sold daily. The Undermine Journal website has also helped me find what is really desirable on the server and what people will pay for certain rare items.

Sometimes its quality over quantity and you can score big on just one item, other times its the big cloth or fish hauls that will make you a lot, you just have to find your niche in the market.

Once you make a decent sum of gold, you can start playing the AH, buying low and selling high. For manipulating the auction house, a must have add-on is Auctionator this add-on lets you search through the AH without the clutter of small stacks taking up the whole list, just use the Buy tab in the AH interface.

Feel free to add your suggestion and tips,

Happy Hunting!

Guide To Obtaining And Selling The Wow Token

WoW Token Gold Farm – How to Pay For Your Sub in 8.3
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World Of Warcraft’s Wow Token Allows Trading Gold For Game Time

Blizzard will introduce tokens to World of Warcraft that players can use to buy in-game gold with real money, and game time with in-game gold.

Michelle Starr

Science editor

Michelle Starr is CNET’s science editor, and she hopes to get you as enthralled with the wonders of the universe as she is. When she’s not daydreaming about flying through space, she’s daydreaming about bats.

A new item shortly to be introduced to Blizzard’s World of Warcraft will allow players rich in in-game gold to buy subscription time for the game, and players who wish to pay real money for in-game currency to do so safely.

Called the WoW Token, the in-game item works similarly to EVE Online’s PLEX or Wildstar’s CREDD. It needs to be bought for real money via the World of Warcraft in-game Shop, though the exact pricing is yet to be announced.

The buyer can then sell the WoW Token via the in-game Auction House’s Token Exchange for in-game currency at a market price set by Blizzard, which will circumvent players trying to exploit the system.

It will also, Blizzard said, give players an option to effectively and safely buy in-game gold, while hopefully cutting third-party gold sellers off at the knees — a black-market system that relies heavily on hacked and stolen player accounts.

The WoW Token, Blizzard said, will be implemented in the game via a patch “soon”. You can read the full FAQ on Blizzard’s WoW blog.

The Burning Crusade Dungeons

TBC transmog is nowhere near as good as vanilla, but you should still farm some to diversify your auction house portfolio at some point. Some of it is still pretty valuable and sells pretty quick. I usually only farm TBC dungeons for a few hours a week. Rare patterns and plans can also drop in TBC dungeons that are worth a lot of gold.

Sethekk Halls

This is a really fast dungeon with a bunch of mobs. You can circle right back to the entrance after the last boss. You will spend a lot less than an hour to do your 10 runs here though, so I would do 10 runs then move on.


Also a quick dungeon with a path back to the entrance after the last boss. Lies right next to the Sethekk Halls so you can switch between the two.

The Mechanar

One of the best dungeons to farm for some quick and easy TBC era transmog and patterns.

The Underbog

The Underbog is another good and quick choice. You will get a lot of Mote of Life and various herbs. There are also gatherable herbs for chars with Herbalism

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Can You Play World Of Warcraft For Free

Yes, WoW has a Starter Edition available, but it comes with several limitations. For instance, you cant go higher than level 20, only have access to /say and /party chat channels, and more. In general, the Starter Edition is enough to get a taste of things to come in the full product, but nowhere near the full meal.

Its only through paid options that you get access to Expansions , the full level cap of 110, and a ton of social features, such as guilds. And, of course, a subscription gets you to access to World of Warcraft Classic.

An Overview Of How Much It Costs To Start Playing World Of Warcraft Classic Burning Crusade Classic Or Shadowlands In 2022

selling best offers euus bfa and wow classic boosts payment for> Payment for …” alt=”[Selling] BEST OFFERS [EU/US] BfA and WoW Classic Boosts >> Payment for …”>

Since its release in 2004, World of Warcraft has released 8 expansions! Fortunately, as a new or returning player, you dont need to buy each of these updates and games individually. So, what expansions do you need to buy? How much does it cost to start playing WoW?

In short, you can begin playing WoW Classic and all content up through the 7th expansion for the price of a monthly subscription. In the U.S., this will cost you $14.99/month for a single month, $41.97 for 3 months, or $77.94 for a 6-month commitment. If you want to play the most recent expansion World of Warcraft: Shadowlands you will need to purchase at least the Base Edition for $39.99. You can also buy the game with extra perks for $59.99 or $79.99 .

If you decide to purchase the game, make sure to check out my ultimate guide for new and returning World of Warcraft players!

When you purchase longer subscription lengths, you get a lower price per month, but you have to pay upfront. Each tier you move up lowers the per month price by $1.

So, if you opted to get two 6-month subscriptions, you would save $24 per year. Also, you would receive a couple of in-game rewards reserved for players with a 6-month subscription.

Subscription Length
£52.14 £8.69

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Cannot Buy Monthly Game Time Anymore Without A Subscription

It really sucks! I normally buy game time as it comes up because I do not want a subscription. I cant believe they took that away? What do you think?

You can do it by using a token, you cant via battlenet balance.

When you buy the token, youd have to convert to game time and not to bnet balance, they changed it so if you have an excess of bnet balance, youll need 60 days and cant do 30 and 90 or w.e.

So buy a 1 month sub and cancel it immediately. Works the same way. Whats the problem?

Why not just subscribe and play and then unsubscribe when you dont want to pay for another month?

I dont get people who manually purchased a month of game time from the store each month. Im assuming thats what were talking about here.

How do you handle Netflix or Hulu or Disney+?

If youre buying your game time with gold each month, just convert the token directly to 30 days of gametime. Another benefit of this is no sales tax charged like there would be on a balance purchase.

Yes, but it only works as long as you have a running sub I believe? Else you cannot login that character or use the AH.

I think you can buy a token with gold and just not use it / click it. Im pretty sure you can let it sit in your bag.

I havent done that personally, maybe someone can chime in with more detail.

Also, you can play for free on characters up to level 20. So maybe buy the token on a low level Alt and then let it sit in that alts bag. Log in and use it when you need to

Banned For Buying Gold On Wow Classic

World of Warcraft, a massive franchise that is owned and operated by Blizzard, is one of the most popular online role playing games of all time. More commonly referred to as WoW within the gaming community, it has been around since the early 2000s and only continues to increase in popularity. WoW does new expansions on occasion, providing players with new scenarios and quests to enjoy.

While there aren’t a lot of rules in place within the game itself, like every online roleplaying game, there are important things to consider, and certain terms of service that come into play. Without even knowing it, you could get locked out of your account. Notably, if you get banned for buying gold on WoW classic, you could have a hard time getting back into your gaming account. And it could take days or even weeks before you hear back from the Blizzard support team.

Getting banned for buying gold on WoW is stressful, but DoNotPay can help you understand what to do if this should happen to you.

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