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White Gold Square Engagement Rings

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What Is A White Gold Engagement Ring

18K White Gold 5 Carat Cushion Cut Moissanite Square Pillow Engagement Ring

A white gold engagement ring is a highly sought-after piece of jewelry because of its beauty and durability. White gold is an alloy thats produced when pure gold is mixed with metals like nickel, palladium, or silver. Alloys are known for making their base metals stronger, and white gold is an appealing choice to many because this ring does not show wear, and will forever maintain a brilliant white color. It will also never go out of fashion and remain forever versatile, making it a perfect choice for a ring that youll wear forever.

  • Why are white gold engagement rings so desirable?

    White gold is a good choice for an engagement ring because it is more durable than yellow gold, wont tarnish like silver, and is more affordable than platinum. Additionally, there are countless styles of white gold engagement rings available, ranging from the shine of a halo engagement ring to a traditional three-stone diamond ring and more. No matter the style, any stones you decide to pair with the white gold will stand out easily against the bright white of the ring.

    On top of it being a versatile metal, white gold engagement rings are also versatile when it comes to cost and customization. Because the setting typically costs less than comparable styles, buyers can invest more money into the diamonds and gemstones put on the ring, so they can get the ring theyve always dreamed of.

  • White Gold Moissanite Engagement Rings

    Bring a fabulous flair to their finger with a scintillating white gold moissanite engagement ring. Beaming flickers of fiery rainbow flashes, moissanite offers unrivaled brilliance with hardness just under that of a diamond. Paired with white gold, its effect is intensified, creating a truly exceptional look.

    Your cherished one deserves a ring as vibrant as your love. Our radiant white gold moissanite engagement rings will enhance your I-do moment and elevate your happy-ever-after..

    Engagement Ring Square White Gold

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    White Gold Square Engagement Ring

    Square Cut Engagement Rings

    White Gold Square Princess Cut Engagement Ring 14k S 7 Women

    A square cut diamond, commonly known as a ‘princess cut’ is a modern twist of a classic solitaire diamond and a popular style for an engagement ring. Offering breath-taking sparkle thanks to its design that maximises light distribution, a square cut engagement ring would be the finishing touch to your perfectly planned proposal.

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  • As low as£4,495.00Was: £5,995.00You Save:£1,500.00From £337.13 Per Month 0% APR
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  • As low as£1,495.00Was: £2,250.00You Save:£755.00From £112.13 Per Month 0% APR
  • As low as£2,250.00Was: £2,750.00You Save:£500.00From £168.75 Per Month 0% APR
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  • As low as£3,495.00Was: £4,750.00You Save:£1,255.00From £262.13 Per Month 0% APR
  • As low as£1,750.00Was: £2,750.00You Save:£1,000.00From £131.25 Per Month 0% APR
  • From £93.66 Per Month 0% APR
  • From £56.16 Per Month 0% APR
  • From £112.41 Per Month 0% APR
  • As low as£1,995.00Was: £2,250.00You Save:£255.00From £149.63 Per Month 0% APR
  • From £56.16 Per Month 0% APR
  • From £93.66 Per Month 0% APR
  • As low as£3,495.00Was: £4,995.00You Save:£1,500.00From £262.13 Per Month 0% APR
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  • From £126.56 Per Month 0% APR
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    Square Radiant Engagement Ring

    How Do I Choose The Right Diamond Cut

    Choosing the right diamond cut for your engagement ring is a deeply personal decision, so be sure to follow your heart and select the cut you love, rather than what might be fashionable or popular.

    The cut you choose will depend on the style you like, whether that be contemporary or traditional, classic elegance or maximum impact. A round brilliant or princess cut diamond is a timeless choice, while a pear or emerald cut diamond in a halo ring setting can give a more contemporary feel. When selecting your diamond cut, make sure you choose something you will love wearing for a lifetime. For more information on diamond cuts, consult our diamond guide.

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    How Do I Care For A Gold Ring

    At Michael Hill, all of our white, yellow and rose gold rings are made from a minimum of 10kt gold. This ensures your gold ring from Michael Hill will remain shiny and lustrous for many years, but it is still important to care for your gold jewellery. Regularly polishing your gold rings with a soft cloth will remove dust, dirt and oils that may build up over time and renew your rings shine. Contact with harsh chemicals should be avoided, so take off your gold rings before swimming in the pool or spa. We recommend taking your gold ring off at the end of the day and storing it somewhere safe, such as a jewellery box. You should also bring your gold ring into your nearest Michael Hill store for regular, professional cleaning.

    What Are The Different Types Of Engagement Rings Designs

    Gorgeous custom 14k white gold Champagne Sapphire Engagement Ring

    At Michael Hill we offer a wide range of different engagement ring designs to account for the many different styles and personalities of the men and women who wear them.

    Most engagement rings feature a central stone, usually a diamond – though gemstones such as sapphire and morganite are also popular. Some engagement rings feature a centrepiece with a cluster of smaller stones that are set to give the look of a larger stone, or to create a unique shape, called cluster engagement rings. Engagement stones come in a range of cuts, including pear, round brilliant, princess, oval cut and more. These can be set in a solitaire style, with the stone taking centre stage on a white or yellow gold band, or in a halo style, surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds for added sparkle. Vintage-inspired engagement rings are also a popular choice, offering a uniquely romantic charm.

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    How Do I Style My Gold Ring With Other Jewellery

    There are endless possibilities when it comes to styling your gold jewellery. Express your own personal style by wearing your gold ring in a way that feels best to you. This may be complimenting your yellow gold ring with other yellow gold jewellery, or contrasting it with white or rose gold rings. Stacking gold rings is a popular choice, with three or more gold rings worn on the same finger. A yellow, white or rose gold engagement ring is usually paired with a complementary wedding band, while men’s gold rings can be worn with a mens gold chain or gold bracelet for a tied-together look.

    Lab Grown White Gold Engagement Rings

    Lab grown diamonds are prized for their impressive makeup, minimal environmental impact and stunning sparkle. Physically identical to mined diamonds, these high-quality gems radiate beauty and fire when surrounded by reflective white gold. Whether you prefer a classic solitaire or double halo, our white gold engagement rings come in every shape and style.

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    Choosing The Perfect Princess Cut Engagement Ring

    Make sure they shine bright wherever they go by choosing one of the beautiful princess cut diamond engagement rings from F.Hinds. Among the collection of engagement rings here, youll discover matching or complementary wedding bands so both sit together effortlessly. You can shop our princess cut rings online or in one of our stores across the UK. Were here to help make sure you have the perfect ring for the perfect proposal, so if you need any assistance contact us and well be happy to help. You can also check out our Wedding Ring Guide for inspiration.

    /2 Ct Tw Composite Diamond Square Frame Engagement Ring In 10k White Gold

    18k White Gold Split Shank Square Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

    Select Your Metal: White Gold

    Service Needed

    Plan Terms and Electronic Delivery.

    4Allow ring sizing up or down two sizes.

    5Costs may vary depending on specific service, size and material type.

    Have a question about 1/2 CT. T.W. Composite Diamond Square Frame Engagement Ring in 10K White Gold?

    Item Not Eligible For Discounts

    Product Details

    Content + Care

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    Choosing Your Perfect White Gold Engagement Ring

    If they love a simple but timeless design, then a single solitaire ring in a princess cut, twist setting or with diamond-banded shoulders may be exactly what they desire. Or perhaps you think theyâd prefer an engagement ring that makes more of a statement? If so, a halo cluster, trilogy cluster or diamond and gemstone 18 carat white gold engagement ring would make for the perfect choice.Discover the perfect piece of jewellery for popping the question in our collection of white gold engagement rings. Plus, when youâve booked the date, you can come back to pick up your cheap white gold wedding rings, too.Shop from our range available online and in store today.

    White Gold Simple Engagement Rings

    The always-trending precious metal for engagement rings, white gold is an elegant option for todays bride. Its broad appeal makes it popular in modern, classic and vintage-inspired rings. Coveted for its clean, lustrous color, white gold is perfect for simple engagement ring settings that illuminate the diamond gemstone.

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    White Gold Engagement Rings

    When youve finally found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, its probably time to start shopping for the perfect engagement ring. We recommend putting some time and thought into this important decision since this piece of wedding jewelry will be worn forever! From classic diamond solitaires to multi-diamond wedding ring sets, there are plenty of styles out there that every bride-to-be will love. If youre looking for beautiful, unique, and contemporary styles that wont break the bank, take a look at our selection of white gold engagement rings.

    White gold engagement rings are made from an alloy of pure gold and other metals that have a silvery-white hue, such as palladium or silver. White gold is generally more durable than silver and less expensive than platinum. One thing to keep in mind is that wedding jewelry is seldom made from pure gold since pure gold is too soft to hold up well to everyday wear and tear. The actual amount of gold in any type of gold alloy whether white, yellow, or rose gold is indicated by the number of karats involved.

    How Much To Spend On A White Gold Engagement Ring

    2.51 carat Cushion Cut Lab Diamond Three Row Engagement Ring

    In the past, the traditional rule of thumb was to spend three months of salary on an engagement ring but times are changing. These days, before going shopping for a ring, modern-day couples are encouraged to set a realistic budget that factors in their financial situation, partners expectations, and the meaningfulness of the ring itself. To discover how much you might be able to spend on your white gold engagement ring, or for help setting your overall wedding budget, check out our Budget Planner.

    Whether you choose to surprise your partner with a white gold proposal ring, or pop the question first and go shopping together later, you can search through hundreds of online ring styles on The Knot. Simply sort by stone shape, ring style, metal, and designer to find the right option for you. Our article on How Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring provides helpful information on how much the average engagement ring costs and how to save money on this important investment. No matter what type of ring appeals to you, dont miss The Ultimate Ring Buying Guide for essential ring shopping advice.

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    Square Cut White Gold Engagement Ring

    What Karat Gold Is Best For Rings

    At Michael Hill, we are dedicated to crafting the highest quality gold jewellery, and all of our gold rings are 10kt and above. While pure gold is 24 karats, this is generally too malleable to be used in everyday jewellery, and is mixed with another metal such as silver, zinc or copper to create a gold alloy. The higher the karat of your gold ring, the more pure gold is present. Hence a 14 or 18kt gold ring will tend to come at a higher price point than a 10kt gold ring, though all are precious. Rings crafted from genuine gold alloys are high quality, and with proper care will retain their shine and colour for a lifetime.

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