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V Mount Vs Gold Mount

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Gold Mount Vs. V-Mount

V mount battery vs gold mount, it seems like quite a question, both two types have characteristics ideal for extended use and long investment, making them the finest choices for professional work. But the v-mounts may also produce significant power outputs, and they can be dispersed to various devices and adjusted accordingly. For example, Moman Power 99 14.4v lithium ion battery pack may provide the energy needed for the camera, studio lights, and even charging tiny gadgets like mobile phones or wireless microphones, as opposed to powering various equipment from diverse power sources.

Lack Of Reliable Locking May Also Lead To Less Reliable Charging

Another massive issue that can come with a battery that doesnt lock in place properly is a lack of reliable charging.

Some V-lock mounts link their charging mechanism to the battery being locked in place. If you accidentally unlock the battery, or it isnt locked securely, the charging mechanism wont work.

As one Reddit user reports:

Ive been 2minutes into a 5min take, and I just barely touch the REDbrick and the camera shuts down because of lack of power.


While AB mount batteries are the professional standard for US cinematographers, V-mount batteries have become more popular in recent years.

It should be no surprise, then, that Anton Bauer even launched their own line of V-mount batteries, called the Titon and Dionic XT series respectively, as well as converters from one battery mount to the other, which you can find here on Adorama.

I havent read as much complaints about these AB V-mount batteries.

However, I have heard some mention of the Titon line having some issues between the battery and the charger not 100% always working together. So you might want to look into this further before you buy.

High Capacity And Density Make It Worth Your Investment And Trust

V-mount camera battery packed with inbuilt rechargeable is ultra-mighty for high-drain devices like studio light with strong lumen output. And it can support several pieces of equipment at the same time, playing a strong backup role in a photography rig. Some people may wonder why the v mount battery is so expensive, and thats the reason.

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Coreswx Introduces New V

Hold onto your hats! B& H is excited to announce that CoreSWX has released a whole lot of power in a new wave of professional batteries and chargers, including Base, V-mount, Gold mount, and now B-mount models. The new models cover PowerBase EDGE, Helix9max, and Atomos AtomX battery product lines and Cube Plus, Mach4, and Helix charger product lines that will charge up your entire production day.

Why Might You Pick V

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There are a few compelling reasons why you might want to forgo the industry hype about the AB mounts and go with a V-mount instead. For starters, you might be limited to a V-lock system by your surroundings.

As one user reported:

most of my country is on V-lock so to have an AB system makes it difficult to get spare batteries quickly and makes your gear slightly less useful as part of a larger kit. My local rental house would like to change to AB but everyone else is running V-lock so they have to stick with it.

This can be an issue, especially when youre down on batteries and need someone on your crew to make a quick run or borrow a spare battery or two from a friend.

If you arent able to equip the batteries, its just like renting a lens but not having the right adapter to use it on your camera.

If you need extra V-mount batteries in a V-mount-area, you can at least borrow another from your local rental house or your fellow cine community.

The downside, however, could be expensive replacement fees if the battery suddenly stops working or something.

Another reason you might want to go V-lock instead of AB? AB can be a little more difficult to get set up, so if youre just doing a one day or two-day shoot, the likelihood of a V-mount failing you is pretty slim.

I could see prioritizing something easy to use over something complicated if you are just trying to get a few days worth of shooting in on a particular production.

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While we are unaware of a Tourism page that is specific to Mount Pleasant, there are neighboring communities that do have Tourism pages. A map of those communities can be found with our TripAdvisor Page for Mount Pleasant.

How To Choose

Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference and which system works best for you and your workflow. Some filmmakers may like the security and availability of Gold Mounts in U.S. rental houses, while others may prefer the international versatility that comes with V-Mounts.

In the end, either battery system is a great choice and will fill the needs of your job. Most importantly, theyll help you tell and create your projects and stories.

Cover image by Kryuchka Yaroslav.

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What Is A V

The V-mount battery was originally developed by Sony, and is also wildly popular and proven successful battery mounting solution for solo filmmakers to Hollywood productions. Just as it sounds, the battery mounts to a battery plate via a V-shaped locking mechanism male end on the battery itself and the female located on the battery plate.

It is a widely discussed debate on sets, with film crews and on multiple online forums, that many filmmakers express concerns on how secure these V-mount batteries are when mounting and locking onto a camera system. This concern is due in part to the fact that these batteries dismount by sliding upward. If youre operating on your shoulder, it is sometimes easy to bump the battery up while taking the camera off your shoulder and thus your battery can dismount from the camera.

In all honestly, I have only ever had one issue with V-mount batteries popping off, and that was in-between shoots when I was moving the camera from a static shot on a fluid head to shooting handheld. The camera was on at the time, so it immediately turned off, but I simply put the battery back on and got on with the shoot.

However, as I started doing shots when the camera should be mounted on a shoulder rig, or I was doing a more run-and-gun style approach, I moved my battery plate from a vertical position to horizontal.

Communities Near Mount Pleasant

Why I Switched from V-Mount to Gold Mount Batteries

We have created a list of 10 communities that are near Mount Pleasant.

  • Jump to our Gazetteer entry for Oakville
  • Oakville lies 18 miles < 1> to the southeast of Mount Pleasant
  • Note: The GPS coordinates that we are using for Oakville came from an uncertain source and they still need to be verified:< 3>
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  • Jump to TripAdvisor’s Tourism page for Oakville< 2>
  • Jump to our Gazetteer entry for Caledon
  • Caledon lies 15 miles < 1> to the northwest of Mount Pleasant
  • Note: The GPS coordinates that we are using for Caledon came from an uncertain source and they still need to be verified:< 3>
  • Jump to centered on Caledon
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  • Halton Hills lies 10 miles < 1> to the west of Mount Pleasant
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  • Milton lies 11 miles < 1> to the south of Mount Pleasant
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  • Jump to our Gazetteer entry for Erin
  • Erin lies 14 miles < 1> to the northwest of Mount Pleasant
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    Helix 9 Max Batteries

    The new Helix 9 Max line updates the popular Hypercore NEO line with even better performance and simultaneous dual 14/28V output with a 99% current efficiency rate and a high-voltage output up to 33.6V. The Helix 9 Max comes in 98Wh and 147Wh capacities in Gold mount, V-mount, and new B-mount models. The Helix 9 Max batteries all feature a bright status LCD, a 20A maximum output at 14-16.8V, and 10A output at 28-33.6V, depending on the voltage requirements of your gear. They also feature a D-Tap output and a 5V USB output for smaller accessories like smartphones and tablets. The B-mount models feature an aluminum release lever so they can withstand the rigors of cinema production. Meanwhile, the V-mount models also feature SMBUS communication for your camera or charger to view detailed battery information.

    An Inbuilt Protection System Provides A Great Sense Of Security

    Utilizing powerful power sources carries several hazards, including over-voltage, overheating problems, and over-current, which can harm the electronics and the battery, and bring you into great danger. Built-in protective circuitry is present in these professional batteries to guard against such failures. Like the Moman Power 99S 14.8 volt battery can provide high-performance stability due to the protection system design.

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    Core Swx Battery Adapter

    • Adapts V-Mount Batteries to Gold Mount cameras/Devices
    • Includes 2 x D-Tap/P-Tap ports
    • Allows V-Mount battery Charging on Gold Mount Chargers

    The Core SWX battery Adapter allows you to mount V-Mount batteries to cameras and devices with Gold Mount plates. This adapter also allows you to charge V-Mount batteries on PRO-X Gold Mount chargers. It also has 2 D-Tap/P-Tap ports.

    • 3-Stud for Gold Mount on Side 1, V-Mount battery Slide on Side 2
    • Ports: 2 x D-Tap/P-Tap

    So Which Should You Choose

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    Gold mount batteries and V-Mount batteries have similarities and differences from each other, but the showdown winner depends on you, on how you would use your battery and devices, Would you go for the reliability to handle outdoor video coverage? Or versatility, having to power multiple devices for your photography studio, without having so much effort?

    No matter what you choose, make sure to consider every other factor as well: From the capacity of the battery you need, the accessories needed, as well as travel regulations on battery transport, especially when travel is a constant part of your professional life.

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    How Is The User Experience

    Based on several users experiences, the Gold Mount gives more reliability for Steadicams, car mounts, field usage and in any application where movements are involved in the usage of your devices. Moreover, the 3-stud mounts tend to be more durable over time. The gold pins, being metal, does not wear over time despite the number of attachments and removal of the battery from your camera.

    Anton Bauer Gold Mounts

    What many cinematographers refer to as the Anton Bauer mount is called the Gold Mount.

    However, because the Gold Mount is more or less the industry standard, the Anton Bauer brand name has become a shorthand for the mount.

    The Anton Bauer Gold Mount has been around since the late 1970s.

    Its built with whats known as a 3-stud system, which uses three metal mechanical connecting points to safely lock the battery in place with a horizontal spring-loaded slider, which acts as an extra precaution.

    This way, even if a battery becomes detached, it wont slide off and fall to the ground as easily.

    Over the years, Anton Bauer battery mounts have been used for all sorts of camera rigs and setups. They are trusted to stay locked in among cinematographers to be used in high movement situations, like on Steadicam rigs or cameras mounted to cars, in harsh conditions, etc.

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    What Are The Key Features

    Secure Mounting

    A Gold Mount batterys most distinguishing feature is the three-solid mechanical connections that lock it safely on the camera-battery interface. Slid horizontally on the cameras holes, these mounts provide secure lock and contact for a secured connection, eliminating the risk of unintended disconnection. With this superior mounting feature, many users favor the use of Gold Mount batteries over others specifically for this.

    Heavy Duty Performance

    Engineered from a durable high-impact polymer, the Gold pins furthermore are rated for high currents. This allows them to withstand the power requirements of todays cameras. As compared to standard batteries, these batteries are rated with higher voltages, current, and capacity to withstand extended usage, and also certified to work high above the normal room temperature.

    Isolated Battery Cells

    These Gold Mount camera batteries are basically a package of individual Lithium-Ion cells packaged into a rigid casing based on the needed capacity your devices will need. However, even packaged into a single product, the cells are isolated from each other to prevent that any potential damage to a single cell will not affect the whole battery, making it continue to be functional, and will be serviceable.

    So Which Is Better Np

    Cine V Mount & Gold Mount Battery Plates | Kondor Blue

    While theres up to 140Wh capacity like the Moman Power 140 as a 16.8 v battery of strong output, even the biggest NPF-1000 now available on the market couldnt surpass most v mount batteries. NP-F series is much strong than the NP-FW series, which the former is 2-4 times larger than the latter. But when comparing to v mount, there is simply no comparison.

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    What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Gold Mounts

    Gold mount, which is called the Anton Bauer Mount as well, is frequently employed in American movies. Because of it has sturdy construction and reliable performance as the v mount video battery does. It is unquestionably a sort of practical power bank for many photographic missions.Due to its lower worldwide prevalence, it is regrettably less flexible than the v mounts. This particular mount type would be more favored in the United States. As a result, the decision would be influenced by where you were. In addition, since most manufacturers install a v-mount in its place, the gold mount might not be immediately compatible with your other accessories, such as monitors and LED lights.

    Pros And Cons Of Each

    As stated above, one of the nice things about V-mount batteries is how common they are.

    Meanwhile, the problem with Anton Bauer mounts is that they are not as likely to be compatible with other accessories, but thats nothing an adapter cant fix if your budget can spare one.

    While the Anton Bauer mounts are less common, they tend to be more reliable than the V-mount batteries and their vertical locking mechanism.

    While the V-mounts vertical sliding mechanism makes them easy to attach, it also makes them just as easy to detach, which is less than ideal for on the go shooting for shooting that involves a Steadicam or car mount.

    The AB mount, meanwhile, is more secure due to its 3-stud system with the horizontal lock.

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    Communities Also Named Mount Pleasant

    Using our Gazetteer, we have found that there are 157 communities that are also named Mount Pleasant – they are located in Alabama , Arkansas , British Columbia, California, Delaware, Florida , Georgia , Illinois , Indiana , Iowa, Kansas , Kentucky , Louisiana , Maryland , Massachusetts, Michigan , Mississippi , Missouri , New Brunswick, New Jersey , New York , North Carolina , Nova Scotia , Ohio , Ontario , Oregon, Pennsylvania , Prince Edward Island, Rhode Island, Saskatchewan, South Carolina, Tennessee , Texas , Utah, Vermont, Virginia , Washington , West Virginia and Wisconsin.

    For more information, see our Tidbits & Trivia Page for Mount Pleasant.

    Getting To Know Gold Mount Batteries

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    Originally developed by Anton/Bauer, Gold Mount batteries have been in the power systems industries since 1978. These are so inherent to the company that they are oftentimes marketed as Anton/Bauer Mount, even by other brands. Also called 3-Stud batteries, Gold Mount batteries are superior-performance power providers which have become industry standards over the years.

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    A Couple Of Reasons To Go Mini V

    The first user cases were our Canon C200 and C300 MKII camera rigs. I often shoot with either of these rigs, fully kitted out with a Ninja V recorder mounted on rear rails.

    I generally end up needing a video transmitter for producers and clients to look at my cameras output, often a Lectrosonics wireless lavaliere receiver and then Im typically utilizing a heavier lens like the Canon CN E 18-80mm t/4.4 with front support rods, handles and lens support. Add in the Zacuto EVF Pro for the LCD screen and a grip relocator, and my little Canon rig is now tipping the scale at 20-21 pounds when I include the weight of my normal-sized V-Mount batteries to power the camera and the Ninja V as well as the Accsoon Cine Eye video transmitter. In short, I needed to put my BTS/EPK rig on a diet of sorts and lose a few pounds as well as some bulk.

    Our second use case was that Ive been assembling a small handheld micro cine rig, utilizing one of our Fujifilm X-T3 cameras. I also wanted to use the Ninja V recorder with this rig, and I needed USB power to power the X-T3 itself and it would be nice to also have the option of another D-Tap available to occasionally power a Nucleus Nano follow-focus system. A regular-sized V-mount battery dwarfed the entire size of the rig, so going to a Mini V-Mount seemed to be the best way to try to assemble the rig and make it work.

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