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What Makes Gold Prices Go Up

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Reason Why Gold Performs Well

This is why & when gold & silver will go up – Don Durrett

Gold tends to perform well when people are worried about inflation and are worried about risks in the financial system. Investors are becoming more risk averse and are putting money in gold on the hope that they are getting a return on the investment. Analysts are fearing that the Fed will keep increasing rates in 2016 and there are speculations that it might have to go to negative interest rates.

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More than 20% of the global GDP is operating in a negative interest rate regime and more than $7 trillion of global debt has negative yields. The negative interest rates mean that people are paying the bank to hold their money or are paying the government to invest in their bonds. If it is costing you money to keep cash in bank, it is wise to invest in gold and create an opportunity to provide return on your investment.

Gold As Safe Haven Currency

Gold is a globally recognized form of currency, and it used to act as the worlds reserve currency before being replaced by the dollar. Youd be hard-pressed to find a country that will not accept gold, so you can imagine what happens when runaway inflation, political unrest, and natural disaster erodes the value of any national currency. When the future value or usage of paper currency is in doubt, people turn to what they view as the stable monetary form that they can use anywhere in the world: gold. Amid uncertainty, its the safest haven of all.

Generally, when the value of the dollar drops, the price of gold rises. This inverse relationship results in large part because gold is priced in dollars, so a lower-valued dollar means you need to spend more for the same amount of gold. From 2002 to the end of 2010, the US dollar lost over 33% of its value against the Euro. Gold made an inverse, more exaggerated move during this time, jumping from $278 to $1,420.

What Makes Gold Prices To Fluctuate

Gold prices show the real state of a country’s economic health. When the prices for gold go up, it signals an unhealthy economy. This is because investors tend to buy more gold, to protect their wealth from an economic crisis or inflation. And as demand increases, so does the price. On the other hand, when the prices are low, the economy is in perfect health. This makes real estate, bonds, and stocks more profitable investments. Hence the demand for gold is low. The key takeaways are that gold prices reflect the thoughts and beliefs of commodity traders. For example, if the general perception of the economy is poor, they will buy more gold. If investors think that the economy is great, they buy less.

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Investing In Different Forms Of Gold

As gold prices are affected by multiple factors, aspiring gold investors shouldnât be too quick to buy it is not a simple matter of just âbuying more gold when times are badâ. Investors need to work out how much gold is the right amount to buy, and how long they should be holding on to it. They should also consider what form their gold investment should take.

Note that the type of gold investment products you hold also carry different types and levels of risks which often can differ significantly. For example, owning physical gold in the form of coins or bullion, is the most direct form of gold investment. However, this requires investors to have proper insurance and means of storage. There is also the need to buy from trustworthy sources to prevent the risk of fraud, such as when other metals are mixed into a gold bar to reduce the gold content. Gold in its purest form consists of 99.9% of the precious metal.

Some investors prefer investing in Gold Exchange Traded Funds they are able to invest in gold without owning the physical commodity. Gold ETFs allow investors to track the performance of the gold market and trade them like stocks. However, as Gold ETFs may include shares in different gold-backed derivatives, how well they do would depend on the performance of their underlying assets.

Factors Affecting Gold Rates: An Investors Guide

Gold Price Down, Gold Demand Up. What Is Going On ...

From young, weâve been taught the value of gold from childhood stories of pirates, princesses, and leprechauns. We have grown to know its distinct yellow shade, and its perceived value as something to covet. As such, gold is one of the best-known assets or commodities in the world.

But if youâre thinking of jumping into the precious metals game, you must realise that goldâs monetary value is actually derived by several, often contrasting, market forces. So, before you go out digging for gold, hereâs what you should know.

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Factors That Influence Silver Prices

By its very classification as a precious metal, silver finds itself in a small group of valuable commodities that includes gold, platinum, and palladium. This beautiful white metal has always been in demand because of its unique characteristics and relative scarcity. While demand for silver has been constant, prices can fluctuate frequently. Following are 10 factors that affect changes in the price of silver.

Why Gold Is Different

Gold is different from consumer goods, or even ordinary commodities. So far as we know, mankind has been mining it for at least 5,000 years. Virtually all of the gold mined during this time is still in human hands. Toys, Christmas trees, food, and even cars are produced to be consumed. With these goods, there is very little accumulated inventory. What is produced moves quickly into the hands of consumers. Who then consume them.

But gold is not consumed. It may be fashioned into jewelry, but this product is only a quick trip to a refiner away from bullion. No one throws gold jewelry into the garbage, obviously. There is a vast accumulated inventory of gold. It would take decades of mining at the current rate to produce that much gold.

This is why gold defies all the conventional methods of analysis, such as supply and demand. What is supply? Its not just what comes from the miners and recyclers. What is demand? It is not just jewelry and certainly not just electronics.

Every ounce ever produced is potential supply. Everyone on this planet represents potential demand. At the right price, under the right conditions.

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The Markets Wisdom On Gold Is Flawed

The thinking on gold and interest rates is that when rates rise, investors will earn a higher yield on government bonds.

Lets say that you buy a 10-Year Treasury note that pays 3% per year. Thats double what the same bond was paying only two years ago.

Gold, on the other hand, does not pay any yield.

It logically follows that investors will pull money out of gold and put it into yield assets like government bonds.

And that would be bad for gold.

The Federal Reserve has been hiking rates since late 2015. That means that gold prices should perform poorly.

But the data tells a different story.

What You Need To Know About Gold Iras

Why The Price of Gold Keeps Going Up (w/ AK)

A standard IRA allows you to invest in funds and other products with a wide range of eligibility requirements. With these types of IRAs, you will pay both a brokerage and a management fee, depending on which company you use. There are also some IRA companies that offer the option to invest in gold iras and there may be a discount or no service charge. When you buy a gold IRA, the company will typically provide a full disclosure of their brokerage and management fees and charges.

Investing in gold IRAs provides you with tax benefits over other forms of investing in a retirement plan. The most popular form of IRA investing is the Roth IRA, which allows you to invest in any form of income, without having to pay taxes on them. In order to contribute to a Roth IRA, you need to have an employer-sponsored retirement plan. The tax benefits that you receive from the investment will depend on the type of income that you have and the tax rate that you are paying.

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Will Gold Price Go Up In 2021 Depends On These Factors

The historic case for gold prices to move higher is its usefulness as a hedge against inflation. If the cost of living rises, the price of gold usually follows suit. However, inflation hasnt been much of a concern in 2020 as developed economies showed relatively low and stable levels of inflation.

Most notably, the US Federal Reserve hinted throughout the months that inflation rates are the least of its concerns. But some experts and analysts believe that inflation rates are due for a rebound and investors are more optimistic that a bullish answer to will gold go upis the correct position.

Stock prices are also a factor in determining if a gold price increase in 2021 is likely. Major US stock indices soared to all-time highs and equity valuations certainly play a role in any gold price analysis. If investors believe that the gold price 2021 offers a better value versus some stocks that are up hundreds of percentage points then a rotation towards the commodity could be seen.

Perhaps most important, the relationship between gold and the US dollar is a key determinant for future gold price expectation. The two asset classes have shown historically an inverse relationship so when the greenback rises in value, gold prices fall and vice versa.


What Makes The Price Of Gold Go Up Inflation

What makes the price of gold go up? Part 1: Inflation

There are so many factors in what makes the price gold up that it can be scary. Before researching this topic, my own opinion was “anything bad for the economy”. That may be the case, but while a bad economy is often sufficient, it is far from necessary. Get ready to delve into the financially complex and yet strangely common-sense world of how inflation makes the price of gold go up. In future articles, I’ll talk about other factors from human psychology to trade wars.

What Causes Inflation?

There are two main causes of inflation: “cost push inflation” and “demand pull inflation”.

The first type, cost pull, causes the dollar to lose value due to the fact that companies have to pay more for things so they pass those costs on consumers, thus making products more expensive.

The second, demand pull, happens when manufactures reach the maximum amount of production of goods and services in spite of exploding demands.

Why Bother with what Makes the Price of Gold Go Up?

To some of us gold investors it seems like a natural question. Obviously, we want to understand what makes gold go up so that we can get the better of the market, or at the very least understand long-term trends. In my opinion, nobody can accurately forecast gold prices in the short-term.

When you look to 6-months to 5-year gold market trends, there isn’t much there. On the other hand, longer periods can be revealing.

Why Does Gold Enter the Inflation Game?

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What History Says About Gold And Interest Rates

Gold was in a major bull market in the 1970s. In fact, the price of gold rocketed from $50 to $835 during this period.

Thats a 16-fold increase in under 10 years!

But hold on, because interest rates were on the rise during this period as well. In 1971, the 10-year Treasury note hit a low of 5.5%.

By 1981, the same interest rate jumped to 16%.

If anything, this period shows that gold and interest rates often rise together.

Heres another example. While the 1970s saw the rapid rise of interest rates and gold prices, the 1980s was the exact opposite.

The 10-year Treasury yield peaked at 16% in 1981. By 1986, the same yield was more than halved to 7%.

And it was a similar story with gold. After its 1980 peak at $835, the price of gold slid to $335 in 1986.

Yet again, interest rates and gold moved together.

We saw this same trend play out recently as well.

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Worldwide Jewelry And Industrial Demand

In 2019, jewelry accounted for approximately half of the gold demand, which totaled more than 4,400 tonnes, according to the World Gold Council. India, China, and the United States are large consumers of gold for jewelry in terms of volume. Another 7.5% of demand is attributed to technology and industrial uses for gold, where it is used in the manufacturing of medical devices like stents and precision electronics like GPS units.

Therefore, gold prices can be affected by the basic theory of supply and demand as demand for consumer goods such as jewelry and electronics increases, the cost of gold can rise.

Inflation And Gold What Gives

In the last Supply and Demand update, we discussed some different theories which attempt to explain what causes the gold and silver prices to move. We mentioned the:

attempt to hold up a famous buyer of metal, while ignoring the thousands of not-famous sellers who sold the metal to said famous buyer.

Since then, Ireland has bought gold for the first time in over a decade. And predictably, most voices in the gold community see this as a bullish sign.

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1. Peter Schiff:As President & Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital, Schiff correctly called the current bear market before it began. As a result of his accurate forecasts on the U.S. stock market, economy, real estate, the mortgage meltdown, credit crunch, subprime debacle, commodities, gold and the dollar, he is becoming increasingly more renowned.

He recently was reported in Business Week as saying that People are afraid of the debasement of all the currencies. Whats surprising is that gold is still as low as it is Gold could reach $5,000 to $10,000 per ounce in the next 5 to 10 years.

2. David Rosenberg:Rosenberg, the former Merrill Lynch North American Economist and current Chief Economist and Strategist for Gluskin Sheff, an independent investment firm for high net worth individuals, believes that $3000 an ounce on gold may yet prove to be a conservative forecast.

3. Alf Field:Alf Field has been called the worlds best gold analyst. He is well known for his many spot-on predictions in the precious metals market and these are some of his determinations regarding the future price of gold:

a) In the 1970s bull market, gold increased from a low of $35 to a peak of $850, a massive 24.3 times the low price. If the current bull market was to be of the same order, then one could project an ultimate peak of $6,221.

c) Central Banks are Becoming Net Buyers:2009 was first time in 20 years.

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Why is the price of silver going up?

An individual retirement account is one of several types of IRAs. This type of IRA allows you to invest in bonds, stocks, and other assets, instead of having to invest in mutual funds and other products. A good gold IRA has a lower cost of investment than a standard or Roth IRA which invests solely in bonds, stocks, and mutual funds. However, there are differences between a standard and a hedge against inflationary climate.

There are several types of IRAs that an individual can open for investing. The most common IRA types include a standard IRA, a hedge against inflation, and a gold IRA. If you want to have the most flexibility with your investments, then you should invest in a standard IRA. To learn more about these different IRAs, as well as the pros and cons, we have looked at some of the more popular options.

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The Stage Is Set For Higher Gold Prices

Were currently in the 155th month of the bull market in stocks.

Thats the longest bull market in US history.

Weve seen stock prices become much less stable in the last few weeks. And rising interest rates is the main reason behind the stock market weakness.

If history is any guide, this means were entering a period when gold will perform well because:

  • Interest rates will continue to rise
  • Stocks will continue to weaken

I always keep 2% of my investible assets in gold. But during times of rising interest rates, I double this allocation to 4%.

My preferred way to add gold exposure is to own the SPDR Gold Shares ETF.

So no matter what you do, make sure to add gold to your portfolio.

And above all else, dont let rising interest rates deter you from doing so.

What To Watch For

Milling-Stanley expects gold to exceed $2,000 by the end of the year and he is not convinced the Fed will raise rates even if inflation climbs in subsequent years. Adding that President Bidens multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure programs will lead to rising deficits, interest rates will have to remain low. Contrarily, Lloyd expects gold to finish the year at $1,700. Radomski, however, expects gold to keep declining over the next several months, sliding to as low as $1,500 or even lower and then recovering to the $1800 range by year end.

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