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How To Unlock Gold Saucer Ffxiv

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Ffxiv: How To Unlock The Fenrir Mount

FFXIV 2.51 0548 Gold Saucer Unlock Quest

Nov 25, 2021 Source: IGGM

In FFXIV, Fenrir is the monstrous wolf of Norse mythology. It appears as the end boss of the Snowcloak Dungeon and is also a magnificent, rideable Mount. Although there are other wolf mounts, Fenrir is unique. You can only unlock it through MGP or Manderville Gold Saucer Points. IGGM will introduce the specific getting steps.

How to unlock Fenrir?

To unlock Fenrir, you need to get the Gold Saucer in FFXIV first. To do this, you need to complete the main story quest in level 15:

* The Gridanian Envoy

* The Uldahn Envoy

* The Lominsan Envoy

It depends on your starting zone. You can talk to the Well-Heeled Youth at X:9.6, Y:9.0 in Uldah, and then go to the Gold Saucer. Once you arrive, you can start farming for the Fenrir mount.

You can buy Fenrir mount from Gold Saucer Attendant NPC for 1 million MGP. It is worth noting that you cannot exchange MGP with FFXIV Gil, so you need to go to grind MGP.

How to grind MGP?

The most direct way to obtain MGP is to complete the weekly Challenge Logs in Gold Saucer. Many low-effort activities can be completed relatively quickly. In the AFK, you play Lord of Verminion 9 times with AI, and you can get 27,000 MGP.

Another way to earn MGP is Wonderous Tails. It is a cute, RNG-based bingo mini-game, you can participate in by doing certain dungeons, trials, or raids. The weekly rewards are usually MGP gold or platinum card, and you can get 30,000 MGP or 50,000 MGP immediately after use.


Preparing For Chocobo Racing

How to Obtain a Registration Form

After completing the prerequisite quest, players can register their racing chocobo. Over the course of the quest, players will receive either Fledgling Chocobo Registration G1-M or Fledgling Chocobo Registration G1-F depending on the preferred gender of their chocobo.* In the event you accidentally discard your registration form, or wish to acquire a new racing chocobo, a new registration form can be purchased from the Feathertrader NPC at Bentbranch Meadows in Central Shroud .

How to Register Your Racing Chocobo

After acquiring your registration form, speak with the Race Chocobo Trainer NPC at Chocobo Square to complete registration for your chocobo and give it a name.* A fixed fee in gil is required for each name change.

How to Enter a Race

To enter a race, speak with the race chocobo registrar NPC at Chocobo Square to select from the races available at your rating. Players who wish to practice the basics of chocobo racing can repeat the training course as many times as desired. It is also possible to enter races via the Duty Finder, providing that you have played through the chocobo race tutorial.* Please note that you cannot register for duties when queuing to enter a race.* When participating as a party via the Duty Finder, chocobo attributes will be synced to the lowest-rated chocobo.

All participants must own a race chocobo.

* These conditions apply to Chocobo Races and Chocobo Races .


Final Fantasy Xiv: The Best Ways To Farm Mgp In The Gold Saucer

While farming MGP in Final Fantasy XIV may seem daunting from a glance, there are several ways for players to efficiently and effortlessly earn it.

Manderville Gold Saucer Points, or MGP for short, is the currency unique to Final Fantasy XIV‘s Gold Saucer, the in-game arcade where players can earn an abundance of rewards. Prizes include eccentric outfits, unique weapon skins, and exclusive Final Fantasy XIV Mounts such as the adorable Korpokkur Kolossus and legendary Sabotender Emperador. Every activity in the Gold Saucer will reward players from modest to massive amounts of MGP. Indeed, those who spend their primary playtime at Final Fantasy XIV’s arcade zone are bound to earn whatever prize they desire relatively quickly.

However, many players may wish to spend minimal time in the Gold Saucer while working towards the unique rewards they can’t unlock anywhere else. Grinding for MGP can become tedious, especially when there’s so much other content in Final Fantasy XIV that players may have an interest in. While earning MGP in the Gold Saucer may seem intimidating, there are approaches that newer players can take to farm the Final Fantasy XIV currency as efficiently as possible.

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What Else Does The Gold Saucer Have

FFXIV Unlock Gold Saucer

GATEs and Fashion Reports might offer the most reliable MGP rewards, but theres plenty more to do.

Triple Triad is Eorzeas favorite card game, first introduced in Final Fantasy VIII.

You can face off against NPC players to build your deck and win MGP, or square off against other players for fun.

Cards can drop from dungeons and trials, too. So if you get hooked, you can keep building your collection outside of the Saucer.

You can play also Doman Mahjong or breed, train, and eventually race your own Chocobos.

The Gold Saucer also offers a ton of quick-time event-based games which can earn you considerably smaller amounts of MGP per time. These are based on classic arcade machines like Skee-ball, crane games, and strength tests.

These all have charming Final Fantasy-appropriate names, but the goal is basically the same for all of them.

You wont make millions from these smaller games. But theyre entertaining, and really contribute to the Gold Saucers richness as a game center.

And finally, if nothing above has caught your interest, you can even play the lottery.

Yep, seriously The Gold Saucer offers daily and weekly Cactpots, both with potentially huge rewards.

The Mini Cactpot is essentially a scratchcard you can play three times per day for an increasing MGP cost each time. Depending on the sum of numbers you reveal, you could earn up to 10,000 MGP so its definitely worth giving it a try.

The Jumbo Cactpot is the big one.

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Ffxiv Make It Rain 2021 The Great Horn Heist Walkthrough

There are not many quests in FFXIV that don’t have exact directions or indicators, which means this particular Make It Rain campaign is set to enrage at least a few people as they try to figure it out.

To start the event quest, talk to Ollier in Ul’dah to pick up The Great Horn Heist, a quest of intrigue and mystery in the Gold Saucer tasking you to sleuth out a thief among staff and guests. Ollier’s location in Ul’dah is marked below.

You’re going to resume the quest at the Gold Saucer, which is going to send you all over the map to pick up clues.

Once you speak to Ollier in the Gold Saucer, then speak to the nearby Anxious Attendant, you’ll be tasked with questioning NPCs about what they witnessed around the time of the theft. Most of them do not need to be done in a particular order, but there are two that require you to speak to another NPC before they’ll spill the beans.

Below is a map of the Gold Saucer with the order in which I talked to NPCs to trigger the quest conclusion, and their names along with numbers are listed just below that.

  • Brusque Brass Blade
  • Frantic Attendant
  • Choice Location
  • Once you’ve done all this, the game will tell you that “Your search has yielded all the pieces of the puzzle. It is now up to you to put them together.” It’s time to take the evidence back to Ollier.

  • The true culprit is still out there!
  • One of the attendant’s uniforms has gone missing!
  • If you’re so sure he did it, then where is the horn?
  • It’s you… Pipimaya!
  • Where To Unlock The Gold Saucer

    Go to Ul’dah and go southeast from the Ul’dah Aetheryte Plaza. You willfind a Well-Heeled Youth with a blue quest icon over his head. Talk to him tobegin the quest “It Could Happen to You”.

    Use an aetheryte to go to the Airship Landing. If the Airship Landing is not unlocked in your list of destinations, go southeast from the Ul’dah AetherytePlaza to reach the Ruby Road Exchange, and go south in that area to find aLift Operator. Talk to him and ride the lift to the Airship Landing.

    At the Airship Landing, talk to Elyenora and hand over the golden airship ticket from the Key Items section of your inventory, then say Yes to go tothe Gold Saucer.

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    Skinchange We Can Believe In

    The goal of this GATE is to find an NPC that looks exactly like an imp disguised as them. However, there are also many NPCs that look similar, so players must look carefully to make sure there aren’t any subtle differences such as scars or clothes. Players only have one shot to guess, so they should only guess if they’re absolutely sure.

    Final Fantasy 14 is available now for PC and PS4.

    Final Fantasy 14 Mounts List And How To Unlock Them

    FFXIV: Manderville Gold Saucer Quick Unlock Guide

    To say that Final Fantasy XIV is a massive game would be an understatement. The vast lands of Eorzea and beyond are filled with breath-taking locales, compelling characters, and dangerous monsters. However, the journey to visit these exciting vistas and people can be very time-consuming when traveling on foot. Thankfully, Final Fantasy XIV provides you with various steeds and vehicles that can help you trek through the world faster.

    There are over 200 mounts for you to collect and ride in Final Fantasy XIV, and many more will be added in the upcoming expansion Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. So we have compiled a list of every mount you can acquire in the game and how to unlock them. We will also be highlighting mounts that are no longer accessible due to being limited-timed exclusives in the hopes that they may one day be made available again.

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    Ffxiv Unlockable Hairstyle Guide List

    by Ashley Shankle

    Though most of Final Fantasy XIV‘s hairstyles are available by default, there are a handful that have to be unlocked by other means. Some of the easier hairstyle unlocks can be done with little effort, but getting them all is a trying and a potentially impossible effort.

    Below we’re going to go over all the unlockable hairstyles in FFXIV and how you can get them, though be warned that Viera and Hrothgar are essentially stuck with their default options!

    Note that trial players can unlock most of these hairstyles, save for a few exceptions, but they cannot make purchases on the Mogstation without upgrading their account.

    Modern Aesthetics Sharlayan Studies

    Alphinaud’s hair! This one certainly isn’t for everyone, but some characters can pull it off perfectly. Sharlayan Studies is only available through the Mogstation for real money, though. So if you want to rock this look, you’ll have to pay up.

    And that is the end for the current unlockable hairstyles in Final Fantasy XIV, as we march on forward to patch 5.4 in the coming weeks. Check out our other FFXIV guides, and have fun out there in Eorzea.

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    Final Fantasy Xiv Mounts: Gold Saucer Mounts

    These mounts are available for purchase using currency earned in mini-games at the Manderville Gold Saucer.

    Complete the Ishgardian Restoration sidequest “On Ehll Tou’s Wings”.
    Hybodus Obtain the “No More Fish In The Sea II” achievement by scoring 10,000 points during a single ocean fishing voyage.

    Ffxiv What To Do In The Gold Saucer

    FFXIV: How to Get The Fenrir Mount

    The Gold Saucer is working around the Manderville Gold Saucer points currency that you can earn through various activities.

    You can exchange these MGPs for prices by talking to the Gold Saucer Attendant in the Gold Saucer .

    NOTE: One of the quickest way to earn a lot of MGPs is to complete your Challenge Logs in the Gold Saucer!

    The Gold Saucer attractions include Chocobo racing, Triple Triad card game, Lord of Vermillion, Mahjong and Cactpot. As these are quite complex on there own we’ll focus on the other activities for this beginner’s guide to make sure you can start earning MGPs easily:

    • GATEs
    • Fashion Report

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    I Live In A Fake Casino Now

    I might have a digital gambling problem. Not really, but Ive spent entirely too much time in the Gold Saucer in the past few days. I have done the Leap of Faith and Air Force One GATE events ad nauseam, played every minigame, struggled through Mahjong, and discovered the joy of Triple Triad all to frantically rack up precious Manderville Gold Saucer Points .

    A few years ago, there was a Final Fantasy XV collaboration event in Final Fantasy XIV, and its currently running again until October 18. The event, A Nocturne for Heroes, originally ran in 2019 from April to May. Players had the chance to meet FFXV protagonist Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum in-game, play through a short questline, and collect his outfit as glamour. You could also pick up his car, the Regalia, as a four-player mount for a hefty price, which is why Im stuck in the Gold Saucer to begin with.

    Final Fantasy Xiv Mounts: Bozjan Resistence Mounts

    You can obtain these mounts by completing activities associated with the Bozjan Resistence.

    Mount Requirements
    Al-iklil Obtain the “A Complete History” achievement by gaining the “Annals of War”, “Annals of Archaeology” and “Annals of Liberation” achievements. “Annals of War” involves completing all “Bozjan Southern Front” entries in the field record. “Annals of Archaeology” involves completing all “Delubrum Reginae” entries in the field record. “Annals of Liberation” involves completing all “Zadnor” entries in the field record.
    Construct 14 Obtain 180 Bozjan Clusters from “The Bozjan Southern Front” PvE instance and trade them in to the Resistance Quartermaster in Zadnor.
    Gabriel Î A loot drop inside Southern Front Lockboxes which can be obtained from “The Bozjan Southern Front” PvE instance.

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    Final Fantasy Xiv Mounts: Miscellaneous Mounts

    This section is dedicated to mounts obtained through various forms of content that were too short for their own sections.

    A limited-timed mount was obtainable during the “Moonfire Faire” event which ended on Aug. 26, 2021.
    Legacy Chocobo A mount only accessible to legacy players who been subscribed to Final Fantasy XIV before it rebooted itself as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.
    Goobbue A mount only accessible to players who been playing Final Fantasy XIV before it was rebooted into A Realm Reborn. At Level 30, Legacy players will need to seek out the Wandering Minstral.

    Buying The Regalia Type

    FFXIV: How to Get to the Gold Saucer

    Completing the quest will reward you with Noctis outfit pieces, but if you want his hairstyle or the Regalia car mount, youll need to teleport to The Gold Saucer.

    At The Gold Saucer, an Ironworks Vendor NPC is selling the loot for MGP, a type of currency you can only earn within The Gold Saucer. The Regalia Type-G Title, which gives you the mount, is 200,000 MGP. The hairstyle, Modern Aesthetics – Lucian Locks is 20,000 MGP. The Triple Triad Noctis card is 10,000 MGP.

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    Ffxiv All Emote Unlocks Guide

    by Ashley Shankle

    Final Fantasy XIV emotes come in all sorts, and for those getting social in Eorzea, they’re a big part of messing around with friends or interacting with strangers without actually having to say anything to them.

    Emotes are further to the front of most player’s minds in FFXIV than most other MMORPGs just because of how many they are, how detailed they are, and because they function as a bit of a carrot on a stick for more socially-focused players. Why talk to someone when you can just pet or slap them? I dunno, but I love high-fiving Roegadyns in the butt.

    You start with plenty of emotes, but there are just about as many unlockable emotes in FFXIV that either fall into your lap or you have to go out of your way to unlock, sometimes following whole quest chains to get them. Further still, some require you buy them with real money or are tied to figurine purchases.

    We’re going to go over every single unlockable emote in FFXIV in this guide, along with exactly how you unlock them. This includes emotes that come from quest chains, as well as where to start the initial quest and the unlock requirements.

    The one odd emote that does not fit into any of the categories listed below is Fist Bump, which is only obtainable by having a friend use your campaign code for the Recruit a Friend campaign, which is perpetual. Your code can be found on the Mog Station.

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