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Men’s Gold Diamond Earrings

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Hoop Earrings For Men

custom jewelry – gold rings for men

Similar to studs, hoops are very wearable and versatile earrings for men. Plus, they can be a little bit more comfortable as they sit flat against your neck. This also means you can sleep in them easier. Regarding styles, go full pirate-life and embrace a big hoop. Alternatively, a mid-size and thickness hoop in gold or silver adds a dash of charming roguishness. Look for earrings called Huggies if you prefer something more subtle. These are smaller and thicker hoops that sit very close to your earlobe. Finally, sleepers are a thin, modest style that doesnt draw too much attention, and, as per the name, are great for wearing while you sleep.

A Wide Range Of Materials

Choosing an earring for male you should consider such factors as style, materials, type of the stone cut, shape and colors.In our earrings for guys we use sterling silver as alone and with yellow gold plating or black rhodium plating, with PVD coating, 10k, 14k and 18k white, yellow, rose and black gold, platinum and, of course, diamonds.

Buy Mens Diamond Earring Designs Online From Bluestone

Our mens diamond earring designs make it easy to shop for the best in the market. Choices are aplenty and you can choose from two solid classic metals in yellow and white gold. So classy that it doesnt get better than this!

Within these encompassing metals, there are many options for you to choose from. Lets take the case of single stone pairs. The Richie Earring for Him is a standard design for men. A design that uses 18kt white gold with a single-stone diamond is a must-have. Or take the Hesiod Stud. This stud uses 18kt gold with a single-stone diamond set in it. The Bien Earring is not a subtle option too. Using matt gold and single-stone diamond to give a subdued effect, the earring can be worn during the day and night.

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How Do I Choose Earrings For A Gift

A pair of fine jewellery earrings from Michael Hill is the perfect gift idea. Since you dont need to worry about sizing when it comes to earrings, they make a gorgeous and thoughtful gift without the hassle of exchanging or resizing.

At Michael Hill our earrings are made with quality metals, including sterling silver or minimum 10ct gold.

A pair of earrings featuring diamonds, pearls, or precious gemstones makes the perfect gift for significant birthdays and milestone celebrations such as graduations and anniversaries. You can also select earrings from our birthstone jewellery range, for a meaningful birthday gift.

Earrings from Michael Hill are a timeless addition to your own jewellery collection, or a lasting treasure to give as a gift.

How To Wear An Earring

Mens Small Micro Pave Gold Hip Hop Earrings
  • Work out what earrings best suit your skin tone and face shape.
  • Keep them small for everyday wear. Big earrings, if you want to wear them, are best for special events.
  • Coordinate it to your outfit theme.
  • Match the metal of your earring to other metal accents in your outfit.
  • The number of earrings you wear is up to you. Choose what youre comfortable with.
  • Take your earrings out, or wear small studs when at the gym or playing sports.
  • Keep your new piercing clean, and always sterilize your earrings when you change them.

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Be Cool With Mens Diamond Earring Designs

For the daring and the adventurous, there are plenty of options too. A favourite design is the Ramirus Stud for Him. This stunning earring is made of 18kt gold in a crisscross design touching the four edges of the gold setting. But thats not all. Right at the centre is a carefully crafted diamond stone. Have you also been considering the Entente Earrings for Him? Smoothing out the edges with a round design, the earring carries the peace symbol peppered with tiny dots of diamonds. This lends the earring the ultimate sparkle. They are indeed perfect for a party! The Kostandin Stud for Him is also an appealing choice for the man who loves to play it cool. Flashy, full of bling, and diamond sparkle all create the ideal wedding or glamour stud for wear! One that comes close to this is the Deonte Stud for Him. Geometric designs rule the earrings. Get crazy with this spectacular earring for the flamboyant soul.

There are more to explore. Take your time, browse through our range and spot the earring that is specially crafted for you. If you want to try them on before buying, choose our home try-on facility. We are glad to bring the piece to your home and let you try it on. If you need any assistance, give us a call or send us a chat. We are happy to help you find your twinkle.

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Colored Diamonds Yellow Blue Or Mix

Sure enough, white and black stones are undeniable must-have, but the jewelry was invented to add colors to the world of beauty. We offer such fancy colors as champagne, canary yellow, pink, blue and chocolate. Blue diamond earrings for guys are the breath of fresh air, while mens yellow diamond earrings create a luxury and exquisite image. Chocolate diamond literally adds taste to your style. Youre free to experiment with mixing colors for a more extraordinary look.

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Stud Earrings For Men

Studs are the most basic earring type and it is likely what youll receive when you first get pierced. The defining feature of stud earrings is that they have a straight post which goes through the ear, and a clasp at the back to secure it. As such, its an excellent choice for beginners. However, just because its a basic style, doesnt mean its boring. Studs come in all shapes and sizes and are made of any material from white gold and sterling silver, to surgical plastic and platinum. Keep it pared back with a simple silver ball or understated triangle, or opt for something dressier like a diamond or sapphire-centered crown.

Barbell Earrings For Men

TraxNYC Review: Mens 14k White Gold Prong Diamond Earrings #40613

Unlike other earring styles, barbells are generally reserved for cartilage piercings. Therefore, theyll often be used in places such as your tragus, rook, helix, or daith. While you can wear them in your lobes, barbell gauges are often larger than regular lobe piercings. Should you choose to get a cartilage piercing done, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, these are generally done in specialty studios using a needle, which is safer and less damaging than a piercing gun. However, because the needle passes through cartilage, rather than just flesh, the healing process is a little bit different. Finally, for any modification, you should do your research to make sure you pick a reputable practitioner with experience and positive reviews. Dont be afraid to ask for a consultation appointment before committing to the piercing.

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Mens Gold Hoop Earrings

Go For Gold With Mens Gold Earrings

Its 2017, but finding the right earrings for men has always been tricky business. Despite this range seeing soaring demand over the years, men still struggle to shop for earrings for the different occasions. Why is that? In India, while women enjoy endless retail options that are available at different price ranges, stores dedicated to selling mens accessories are too few and far between. Collections are limited, styles have not progressed with time and somehow, men have had to borrow from womens earrings to adapt and wear.

But with our new dedicated range of mens gold earrings, it greatly simplifies matters. Buy mens gold earrings online today from BlueStone.

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When To Wear An Earring

Just like any accessory, you need to consider both the occasion and your outfit when wearing earrings. They can be appropriate in most situations, so long as youve chosen the right kind. Novelty earrings may not be suitable in the office, but a simple stud might be. Of course, this depends on the dress code. On the other hand, your most expensive diamond earrings might not be the best choice to take on your backpacking holiday, but theyd be perfect at a wedding. Apart from the occasion, your outfit matters too. If youre already rocking pierced ears, then youre probably somewhat fashion-conscious. As such, matching earring styles to your clothes will be a breeze. If you want an all-rounder earring, a simple stud or small hoop will cover you for pretty much every outfit and event.

What Are The Popular Styles Of Diamond Earrings

Mens Yellow 10k Gold Simulated Diamond Large Circular Nugget Style Stud ...

Our most-loved styles of diamond earrings include diamond solitaire earrings, mini hoops, stud earrings, drop earrings adorned with diamonds, and huggie styles.

Diamond solitaire studs are a classic style that can be worn with just about any look. Choose the studs that best suit your personal style with various diamond cuts and carat sizes, as well as a setting of yellow or white gold. Our handy size guide will help you identify the perfect diamond stud size for you.

Mini hoops and huggie styles are also perfect to wear every day. From office wear to casual weekend outfits, they will dress up every look with subtle sparkle.

Drop earrings are a more glamorous style and are perfect to wear out at night, for a special occasion, or as part of your wedding day jewellery.

At Michael Hill we also offer a gorgeous range of coloured gemstone earrings adorned with diamonds, for an extra pop of colour.

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Flesh Tunnels For Men

Tunnels are not for the faint of heart. This kind of piercing is the next level up from regular ones. Not only does it require time, patience, and some discomfort to gauge up, but the effects can be irreversible without plastic surgery. Plus, the extreme look is not always accepted in the workplace, so keep that in mind before you commit. However, on the right man, with the right aesthetic, it can look appealing. The process involves stretching out the earlobe over a period of time with progressively larger gauge, or thickness, earrings. There are a few different methods, but all require a high level of hygiene and care to avoid infection, damage, and blowouts. Once youve got them to the size you like, there are many options for hollow tunnels or filled in plugs to wear.

Diamond Cut: Why Square Diamond Earrings So Popular With Men

We offer different styles, types of cuts and settings, shapes of the studs from simple round and hexagon to flowers or snowflakes But it seems the hearts of male customers are forever devoted to big square diamond earrings. The love for right angles and straight edges are in their veins. And its natural, as men square diamond earrings indeed provide the image of a strong, honest and reliable guy with masculine energy and apparent sense of purpose.

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Dangly Earrings For Men

Make a big statement with a pair of dangly earrings. This look is far bolder than the simple hoops or studs, but if youre the kind of man who has the confidence to pull this off, it looks fantastic. There are endless styles and options when it comes to dangly earrings. You could choose to wear a simple cross, silver chains, or go full extravagant with feathers and pearls. For inspiration on how to make this style work for you, look to celebrities like Harry Styles, Lil Nas X, or Neymar Jr. However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to dangly earrings. The first is that some styles can be heavy. As such, prolonged wear can eventually stretch the hole in your lobe. Additionally, because its a more embellished look, it may not be appropriate for all situations, such as work.

Diamond Earrings For Men

TraxNYC Review: Mens 14k Gold Prong Diamond Earrings #40689

Diamond earrings are a great way to bring some bling to your style. Simple diamond studs look great with a suit and for special occasions. Stars like Michael B. Jordan and Cristiano Ronaldo wear this look well. Very special events may even call for big diamond-encrusted hoops or snakes, similar to Lil Nas Xs outfit at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards. However, like any frosting, diamonds can become very extravagant, very quickly. Therefore, its essential to consider the occasion, your overall outfit, and your personal style. Your boss may not appreciate the look, but it will be right at home for a date night at a high-end restaurant.

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How Should I Style My Diamond Earrings

Its entirely up to your personal style, as well as the occasion youre dressing for, how you choose to style your diamond earrings.

Try pairing your earrings with a complementary necklace, bracelet, and ring, for a tied-together look that exudes elegance. If you have multiple piercings, you can also pair up your earrings for an on-trend look.

A simple rule of thumb to create an effortless, elegant look is to match the metals of your jewellery pieces. For instance, if your diamond earrings have a white gold setting, carry the white gold through to your necklace, rings, and bracelet.

Browse our wide range of beautiful diamond earrings at Michael Hill.

Tapers Earrings For Men

Edgier guys will love the look of a taper earring. This style can be either functional or just fashionable. Tapers are one method of stretching out the earlobe to be able to wear tunnels or plugs. However, you can get faux tapers which look just as good, without actually stretching your ear. There are a few different styles available. The most common is a conical shape, which looks a bit like a spike. The next includes curved tapers, such as spirals, circles, and crescents. Finally, you can also get elaborate shapes like anchors, hooks, or birds. Similar to tunnels, tapers are a more extreme look, which wont be to everyones tastes. Consequently, you may need to be conscious of when and where youre rocking this look to be socially appropriate.

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Men’s Gold Earring Designs: Something Grander For Men

Most commonly, men have been noted to put in that effort to wear funky earrings when it is party time! For the party boy, we have many options to choose from. Lets begin at the Savior Earring for Him. At first glance, it may seem simple. But look closer and notice the ring of bling around the centre gold? Thats a stunner party wear! If you want to take a bolder step, then we have for you the Kostandin Stuf for Him, the Deonte Stud for Him and the Antwan Stud for Him. These daring, bold and flamboyant designs will sparkle through the evening while you party the night away. Using multiple diamond rocks and a matt gold finish, these mens gold earring designs are the perfect choice for evening wear. Team them with your party shirts and denims. You can even wear them to cocktails in the evening! Go have a look for yourself.

For simple designs with no sparkle, we have muted designs for you too. The Braylon Stud for Him and the Felicite Earring for Him are simple yet classy designs. They feature no diamonds, and will not hog the spotlight. Understated yet present is the theme here.

We offer deals on selected pieces and have also kept our men’s gold earrings prices affordable so that you can own the piece you like without worrying about creating a dent in your pocket. If you wish to try the piece of your choice before you make a purchase opt for our home try-on facility. Worry not, you need not buy the piece you try on if you do not like it.

Buy Men’s Gold Earring Designs: Single Stone Designs

Mens Diamond Cluster Earring 14K Gold 1/2ct Single Stud

At BlueStone, we invite men to come browse our latest collection that will sure get many of you excited. There are several edgy options to choose from. If you are looking for simple wear, then our collection will interest you. Lets begin with the Merline Stud for Him and the Eastmund Stud for Him. Both the designs use 18kt gold and a single diamond rock. This has been a popular go-to choice amongst men simply because of the muted tone and simplistic style of it. You can wear it every day and it will blend with almost all casual and semi-casual outfits. Think about pairing it with your daily office pants and shirt, or even a pair of comfortable shorts and a T-shirt. Another mens gold earring design that works is the Deneb Stud for Him or even the Eclat Earring for Him.

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